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Update Your Apple Products ASAP

In an ongoing effort to secure its products against cyber threats, Apple has successfully addressed three new zero-day vulnerabilities that were under exploitation. These vulnerabilities, weaponized by cyber attackers, facilitated the installation of Triangulation spyware on iPhones using zero-click exploits in iMessage.

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iPadOS 17 Amplifies Stage Manager’s Functionality, Yet A Few Elements Still Fall Short

Apple introduced Stage Manager last year, an effort to cater to iPad users seeking a desktop-like, multi-window experience. While the Stage Manager’s debut provided this feature, it did so with notable limitations. With the advent of iPadOS 17, Stage Manager has shown significant improvement, although certain aspects leave room for longing.

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Anticipating Apple’s Exciting Lineup of New Products in 2023

Apple has been on a relentless innovation streak, constantly revamping its product range, and transitioning its Mac lineup to its own processors. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Apple has not held back in introducing new devices.

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Borrowing From Your Mac: The Scoop on Using MacBook Pro Chargers for iPhone Fast Charging

Let’s face it, we’re all in constant pursuit of that elusive 100% battery. And when we hear about ‘fast charging’, it’s like music to our ears. But here’s a poser: can you fast-charge your iPhone or iPad using a beefier USB-C charger from your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

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M2 iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Which Tablet Reigns Supreme?

As a member of the chosen people, I can tell you that we Jews are always looking for the best bang for our buck. So, when it comes to choosing between the 11” M2 iPad Pro and the iPad Air, which one should you go for? Let’s break down the similarities and differences between the two to help you make the right decision.

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iPhone 16 Rumor Roundup: A Glimpse into Possible Screen Size Innovations and the Long-Awaited Solid-State Buttons

Even though the iPhone 15 has yet to make its grand entrance into the market, whispers about its successor, the iPhone 16, are already making the rounds in the tech circles. One of the most intriguing rumors concerns a significant shift in the screen sizes for the Pro models, which would mark a departure from Apple’s standard modus operandi.

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Google Enters the Foldable Phone Arena: Introducing the Pixel Fold

In the ever-changing world of technology, the next big innovation is just a tweet away. Google recently teased its latest hardware device on Twitter, and it’s making waves in the smartphone market. Say hello to the Pixel Fold, Google’s entry into the foldable phone segment.

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2023’s Two Most Useful iPad Tricks

If this is your very first time using an iPad, everything may feel somewhat complicated initially. While the iPad used to feel more like a huge iPhone, Apple has altered the iPad’s operating system enough to separate both devices. But do not worry; the two ideas we’re about to show you will help you start to master your iPad in a snap.

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How to Make Your iPhone Work for You

Have you ever felt the weight of minor disappointment sinking into your stomach after purchasing the newest iPhone only to find yourself more disconnected from its new fancy features? Like every step forward in the advancement of these tools leaves you still two steps behind last year’s big update?

NSA is Telling Mobile Users to Turn Off Find My Phone, WiFi, and Bluetooth
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The NSA is Telling Mobile Users to Turn Off Find My Phone, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Here’s Why

The National Security Agency (NSA) is recommending that people who are concerned about privacy turn off Wi-Fi, Find-My-Phone, and Bluetooth whenever they do not need to use those services. Yes, this is the same NSA about whom we have written in the past, including for being spanked by the court…

IoT is taking over the healthcare industry
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How IoT is Taking Over the Healthcare Industry

The Internet of Things, commonly known as the IoT, is changing how things work in many fields. This is especially true in the healthcare industry where the IoT is gradually taking over many things from humans. Basically, IoT comprises many devices linked together via the Internet to perform certain tasks….

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Top Web Browsers for Android in 2020

Web browsers open a whole new world of infotainment to people. This gets even better as browsers have been customized to run on mobile devices. Since there are so many web browsers around, we have cut through the fat and handpicked the top web browsers for Android in 2020. Chrome…

How to look good in video calling apps
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How to Look Good in Video Calling Apps

As people continue to hunker at home and move business and personal interactions online, video calling has emerged as the perfect way of keeping in touch. However, video calls have come with certain challenges, and looking good during these virtual meetings tops the list. So, how do you make sure…

You need to protect your digital footprint
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How to Protect Your Digital Footprint from Prying Relatives and Friends

Whenever you sit down at your computer or grab your phone to chat with friends, search the internet, watch videos on YouTube, order something online, log in to websites, post, or comment on social media, you leave a trail of your activities. This trail is commonly known as a digital…

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Amplify Tablet to Tap Into Burgeoning “Education Market”

Having access to your kids and their data, in the name of ‘educational advantage’, is big business these days. As we wrote about recently, there is now a national database with the personal data of all k-12 children in some states, and children from select districts in others, and companies are being allowed to mine that data. Now meet the Amplify Tablet. The Amplify Tablet is the product of News Corp., and their educational division.