How to Share the New Facebook Lookback

facebook lookback
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Facebook Lookback (or as we like to call it, Faceback) is a highlights video that shows you moments (posts, pictures) from your life on Facebook. Here’s how to share your Facebook Lookback.

Facebook Lookback is cool the first one or two times you view it, but it may be that what you really want to do is share your Facebook Lookback with your friends. Inexplicably, Facebook has neglected to include a way to share it (really, Facebook forgot to include a “share this” button??)

[UPDATE: As of an hour ago, Facebook has added a “share your movie” button to the Facebook Lookback]

facebook lookback

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Fortunately, someone over at github created some Facebook Lookback share code.

For those comfortable with code, check it out.

For those not comfortable with code, check back here soon, as we are going to put it up here as a link you can click.

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