Facebook Tagging of Photos and Facebook Facial Recognition: How it Works and How to Opt Out of Tagging

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“We’ve suggested tags for your photos!” says the face recognition on Facebook. There has been a lot written about the privacy invasion that is the facial recognition Facebook recently unleashed on its users, which pops up uninvited, urging tagging Facebook photos that you upload, tagging all of the Facebook users that it recognizes in your images. The photo facial recognition software that Facebook has foisted on you allows Facebook face recognition of anybody who has not opted out of it (and let’s face it, few people know how to opt out of it – in fact few people even know that the Facebook recognition photo tagger exists – until they run smack into it).

“We’ve automatically grouped together similar pictures,” Facebook’s automatic face recognition goes on to say when you upload photos, “and suggested the names of friends who might appear in them.”

As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, Facebook quietly turned on the facial recognition “feature” for everyone, without anyone opting in, and of course without telling anyone how to turn it off and opt-out of it.

Here is how to opt-out of having Facebook facial photo recognition suggest that a friend tag you when they upload a photo of someone who looks like you.

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And as we’ve previously written, tagging someone in a photo should only be done carefully, because it leads to the tagged person being spammed with every.. single… d*mned… comment… that is made on that tagged photo. Thank you, Facebook, for encouraging such a lousy practice.

(Here is how to remove yourself from a tagged photo on Facebook. While there take a look at the search terms that have lead to that article – people don’t want to be tagged in photos on Facebook!)

So, what does it look like when someone uploads a photo of you and you haven’t opted out of being ‘recognized’? What does it look like when you upload a photo, and Facebook suggests that you tag a friend in it?

We just uploaded several photos, and here, before we could go to the album, is what greeted us. Facebook is encouraging us to tag the people it has recognized in the photos – the flip side of that is that Facebook was able to do that because these people have not opted out of Facebook facial recognition photo tagging – again, this article tells you how to opt out of Facebook facial recognition tagging from the perspective of “I am in someone’s photo, don’t tell them to tag me”.

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Facebook’s “We’ve Suggested Tags for Your Photos”:

(Nice of them to point out “Friends can always untag themselves”they shouldn’t have to!)



We have yet to find a way to turn this off on the “I uploaded pictures and don’t want Facebook to suggest friends to tags” end, but if and when we do, we’ll be sure to post it.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Tagging of Photos and Facebook Facial Recognition: How it Works and How to Opt Out of Tagging

  1. I have another angle to this problem. When i upload some pictures to an album and this shit pops up it doesnt mather if i tag my friends or not. Whatever i do the photos get PUBLISHED right after this step. Therefore i cant add comments and arrange my pictures in the order i like before all my friends can see them. :(

  2. And that is why people like me, who value their privacy, keep away from Facebook. My paranoia (apparently justified) prevents me from trusting them. By law, ALL new features added to such sites should require a brief, understandable explanation of what it is and does, and a definite crystal-clear opt-in procedure for the end user.
    Many of my generation (’50’s) have no interest in these things, because we cannot figure out how to use them. You see, to us, a computer is a TOOL, not a TOY.

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