Amazon Lawsuit Settlement: Didn’t Get Your Notice of Credit? How to Find It

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If you didn’t yet get a notice from Amazon about a credit from the settlement of the anti-trust price-fixing lawsuit against Apple and book publishers, you may be wondering “Am I entitled to the Amazon credit from the lawsuit settlement?”. You may even have come to the conclusion that you aren’t going to receive credit from the settlement, even though you are sure that you purchased ebooks from Amazon before April of 2012. Well, just because you haven’t received the notice yet, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a credit coming. Here’s how to find out if you are getting a credit from that lawsuit settlement.

As Amazon says (and as you will see shortly, if you do have a credit coming to you), “Eligible customers do not need to do anything to receive these credits. If you are eligible, we have already calculated your credit and added it to your Amazon account. As long as you have credit remaining we will automatically apply it to your next purchase of a Kindle book or a print book sold by, regardless of publisher. The credit applied to your purchase will appear in your order summary. Eligible customers should have received a notification email from Amazon on March 25, 2014.”

Do you see that last bit?

Eligible customers should have received a notification email from Amazon on March 25, 2014.

But, we know people who did not receive the notice, and who nonetheless have been given a credit under the lawsuit settlement. So, here is how to check to see whether you have a credit:

1. Log in to your Amazon account

2. Go to this link, which will show you your Amazon credit for the ebook lawsuit settlement even if you haven’t already received your notice.

You will see something that looks like this:

Your Settlement Credit:

Available for use starting: March 25, 2014

Total Credit: $12.02

Used Credit: $0.00

Unused Credit: $12.02

Expiry Date: March 31, 2015

Based on billing history, some customers have received credits provided to both Minnesota and non-Minnesota residents. The above balance reflects the total credits.

Check whether you have credits from the Amazon lawsuit settlement here.

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