Amazon Adds Affiliate I.D.-Embedded “Twitter This” to Amazon Associates Toolbar

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Amazon Associates rejoice (or not) – Amazon just added a “Share on Twitter” link to the Amazon affiliate toolbar that appears at the top of every Amazon product page, with the Amazon associate’s Amazon affiliate tag (i.d.) already embedded in the link, so that when you hit the “Share on Twitter” link, the Amazon link to whatever product it is goes out to all of your Twitter followers with your Amazon associate i.d. already embedded within the link. We’re just surprised that it took Amazon so long to jump on this bandwagon! (Ah, the downside of the inertia of an enormous, publicly held company.)


Amazon added the ubiquitous Amazon affiliates toolbar earlier this year. The toolbar automatically appears across the top of every Amazon product page whenever an Amazon associate is logged into Amazon, making it easy to create an Amazon affiliate link on the fly.

But the “Share on Twitter” addition to the Amazon associates toolbar is new – as in, it appears just within the last 24 hours.

When you hit the “Share on Twitter” link (and assuming that you are logged into Twitter with the same browser) it automatically pops you over to Twitter, with an affiliate link already pre-populated in your update box on Twitter – all you have to do is press “Update”.

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So, if you’ve noticed a sudden upsurge of people you are following suddenly hawking stuff on Amazon, that’s why.

And, of course, the Amazon affiliate-link Twitter spammers are sure to show up within, oh, a day.

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