Microsoft and Others Create ID2020 Alliance to Force Digital ID on All – Perhaps by Vaccine

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It sounds like the stuff of dystopian science fiction, only it’s not fiction. In fact you may have already heard about it and dismissed it as fake news, but it’s not. Microsoft has teamed up with, among others, vaccine alliance Gavi to create and force a universal digital identification on everyone, “from birth to death”.

NOTE: The Internet Patrol provides no opinion on the below, we are merely reporting information from actual original resources, as there has been a whole lot of misinformation about this. So here are the links to the actual site and documents. Are they real? Are they an elaborate ruse? We can’t say. For additional information see the Wikipedia entry for ID2020

The ID2020 Alliance is a group of very heavy hitters, with a very ambitious goal. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at who is at the helm of ID2020. According to documents stored on ID2020’s own server, their leadership includes:

  • Blythe Masters, CEO, Digital Asset
  • John Edge, Fintech Entrepreneur
  • Dakota Gruener, Forbes 30 Under 30, Formerly with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  • Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  • Elana Broitman, Senior Advisor, Office of Senator Kristin Gilibrand
  • Kim Cameron, Microsoft Chief Architect of Identity
  • Ann Cavoukian, Professor at Ryerson University, originator of Privacy by Design
  • Chip Dempsey, Chief Commercial Officer, Options Clearing Corporation (“the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization and the foundation for secure markets”)
  • David Treat, Head of Accenture’s Capital Markets Blockchain practice (Accenture is “a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.”)

id2020 board membership leadership

The ID2020 Alliance says that they are an organization dedicated to helping ensure that everyone is able to prove who they are (with their digital identity) so that they can be assured of “access to vital rights and services”.

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That sounds like a not unreasonable, perhaps even laudable, goal, right?

Except how do they intend to do it? If that “from birth to death” (a direct quote from ID2020) isn’t enough to give you pause, or their saying “The high coverage of initial contact through immunization services vastly exceeds the percentage of children globally who are registered at birth, and can be used as an entry point to provide children with privacy-protection, portable digital identities early in life,” (another direct quote, this time from this document on their site), perhaps this will get your attention:

The program will provide infants and children with a portable, biometrically-linked digital ID either at the point of birth registration or at the time of their immunizations


That document goes on to say that the implantation of the biometric data, which they euphemistically call “Initial biometric enrollment” will be done by child healthcare workers (CHWs).

So let us be clear: an alliance of heavy weights, including Microsoft, the Vaccine Alliance, and even a representative of a U.S. Senator, are looking at creating a world-wide program that would force digital identification on everyone at the moment of their birth, or shortly thereafter, by implanting biometric data.

And not just data relating to the vaccine through which the digital ID was implanted into your body (without, of course, your consent, as hey, you’re a baby), but also, and we quote, “immunization records, vocational training certificates, proof of residency, etc.” And dare we even wonder what that “etc.” is?

Well, you may be thinking, the ability to do this – that’s where the science fiction comes in. Surely that’s pie in the sky.

Nope. In fact, the underlying basis for such a scheme is already in place.

No less august an institution as MIT has already developed such a system funded by the Bill Gates Foundation.

“MIT engineers have developed a way to store medical information under the skin, using a quantum dot dye that is delivered, along with a vaccine, by a microneedle patch. The dye, which is invisible to the naked eye, can be read later using a specially adapted smartphone.”

digitial id identity in vaccine id2020

Explained MIT professor and author of the paper based on the development, Robert Langer, “It’s possible someday that this ‘invisible’ approach could create new possibilities for data storage, biosensing, and vaccine applications.”

And to tie it all together, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) already has a working relationship with GAVI and a commitment to work with GAVI. In fact, just a few weeks ago the U.S. government was urged “to maintain its commitment to working with GAVI.”

usaid gavi

And to make sure that they lock the market up tight, ID2020 has already created a certification mark, to show that they set the standard. “The ID2020 Certification Mark is an initiative by the ID2020 Alliance to create a trustmark for digital identities that meet our technical requirements.”

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft and Others Create ID2020 Alliance to Force Digital ID on All – Perhaps by Vaccine

  1. ABSOLUTE DRIVEL. Unfortunately, this article deliberately obscures major issues (pro and con). The idea has NOTHING(!!!) to do with tech giants injecting identity chips into children! Repeat: NOTHING TO DO WITH INJECTING ID CHIPS IN CHILDREN. (Now watch some troll excerpt just the prior five words.)

    FOR SHAME “The Internet Patrol”: this article should have been taken down immediately, either permanently or until completely rewritten. The editor who approved this should be fired and the author banned!

  2. Get ready for a war. The under class has been waiting for a reason to strike at the top and we are ready. There is only so far that we will allow human rights to be sacrificed in the name of upholding a flawed status quo. Prepare yourself. It is time for those who are below to be above and those who are above to be below.

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