Paris Hilton’s Teen DFNCTS Hacker Pleads Guilty – Member of Defonic Crew Team Screen Name Club

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The teenager who hacked Paris Hilton’s Sidekick has pleaded guilty to the crime. The teen, a member of a hacking club called the Defonic Team Screen Name Club, or the Defonic Crew or DFNCTSC for short, will spend eleven months in a juvenile detention facility, and then two years of supervised release (probation). The youngest member of Defonic Crew, he is also prohibited from using any electronic device which could access the Internet, including a cellphone, computer, or, presumably, a Sidekick, for the duration of his supervised release.

The DFNCTSC member also pleaded guilty to making two bomb threats at his high school, and is known to have participated in the LexisNexis hack which compromised the confidential personal data of tens of thousands of people.

In an anonymous interview earlier this year with the Defonic Crew teen, he explained how he had managed to hack into both the T-mobile network which services the Sidekick, and Hilton’s account. Essentially he did it by tricking a T-mobile employee into revealing their password, although other accounts say that he tricked the employee into opening a virus-laden email.

Of course, we may never know the full truth. As Mark Rasch of security firm Solutionary Inc., and a former Federal computer crimes prosecutor, said of the case, “Investigations of computer crimes are particularly difficult because they always involve many different types of evidence from numerous locations, and they require cooperation from many different organizations. It’s hard work.”

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5 thoughts on “Paris Hilton’s Teen DFNCTS Hacker Pleads Guilty – Member of Defonic Crew Team Screen Name Club

  1. Wow, hacking has eveolved. Script kiddies are doing better and better. I don’t see the point in hacking paris hilton, but congrats,

  2. screw paris hilton. she got famous by being a skank and now she acts all offended.. DFNCSTC 4 LYFE!

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