BREAKING NEWS: NY State Attorney General Reaches Settlement With Spam King Scott Richter

scott richter spam king


In an exclusive story, the Internet Patrol has learned that the New York State Attorney General has reached a settlement with Spam King Scott Richter.

Under the terms of the settlement Richter must pay $40,000 in damages, as well as $10,000 in investigative fees. In addition, all of Richter’s email must comply with the Federal CAN-SPAM law; they must retain and provide to the Attorney General detailed customer information, purchase records, copies of any advertisements they send, and all complaints they receive; they are prohibited from using false identifying information when registering a domain name; and Richter must advise the NY AG if there is any change in their business structure.

“The most complex aspect of spam investigations is efficiently identifying and locating those responsible,” said New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. This agreement will allow us a measure of transparency into the practices of one of the biggest distributors of commercial emails in the world.”

Said Richter “Optin has been in compliance with the requirements of the Can Spam Act of 2003 before it was enacted. Our company adheres to all Federal and state statutes that pertain to email advertising, and we will continue to do so. ”

The lawsuit originally demanded $20million in damages from Richter, and the New York AG had sworn to bankrupt Richter and his operation. $50,000 is a far cry from bankrupting the Spam King, whose spam revenue has been estimated at several million, but still, one supposes that it is a step in the right direction. Maybe.

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: NY State Attorney General Reaches Settlement With Spam King Scott Richter

  1. Just another hollow lawsuit brought by Mr.Grasso.
    His only intent seems to be to achieve a level of notoriety which he seems to be achieving,but as what ?
    He begins with lofty headline grabbing statements cloaks them in civil law suits and then claims victory when he settles a case.
    This case is a wonderful demonstration of his “power” ,he begins claiming he will bankrupt the individual but settles for pennies .
    $50,000 is a long way from $20,000,000.
    Eliot Spitzer is a failure as a NY State Attorney General ,his lawsuits do not bring any change only headlines.
    Mr.Spitzer is also suing Mr.Grasso,former head of the NYSE,concerning Mr.Grassos pay package yet Mr.Spitzer failed to include the man who signed the contract ,Mr.H.Carl McCall.
    Mr.McCall is a very prominent member of the NYS Democratic Party Leadership and former NYS Comptroller.
    Mr.McCall went from his job as Comptroller to working on annd finally becoming Chairman of the NYSE Compensation Comittee.
    A rather cozy relationship and certainly worth investing at the level of Conflict of Interest,Ethics and Morality.
    The NYS Retirement fund which Mr.McCall was sole steward is second in size only to California.
    He chose where,when and how much to invest and then leaves that job and becomes Cairman of the Compensation Comittee of the NYSE.
    What “ism” is that ?
    Nepotism ?
    Favoritism ?
    Mr.Spitzer is a well funded circus show.
    He has shown no teeth.

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