How to Report Text Message Spam to T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and ATT

Isn’t it frustrating when you receive an SMS text message and it turns out to be SMS spam? Don’t you wish that you could report those spammers to your wireless carrier? Well, you can! Whether you want to report text spam to ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint – or any other North American carrier, it’s as simple as forwarding it right from your phone. Here’s how to do it.

The Other Review of the Android Sidekick 4G

As promised, here are our impressions of the new Android Sidekick, the first Sidekick with a touch screen, out this week from T-Mobile. The first thing to know is that this is one sweet phone, with the always-superlative Sidekick keyboard, which blows all other slider QWERTY keyboards out of the water, and blazing-fast 4G. There are already a few standard reviews out there – this review is the ‘other’ review, with missing tidbits and tips not found in those other reviews, like why is Gmail not syncing on the Sidekick 4G? And where is the flash on the 4G Sidekick? And does this version of the Sidekick still have those auto text macros (automatic word replacement) built in?

New Sidekick 4G with Touch Screen and Android from T-Mobile

We were as excited as anyone (and probably more excited than many!) to learn about the new Tmobile Sidekick 4G, and to get going on a Sidekick 4G review! So we rushed down to the T-Mobile store and got an inside preview of the new T Mobile Sidekick 4G, the first touchscreen Sidekick ever. The new Android Sidekick 4G from T-Mobile promises to be everything great in the Sidekick line, enhanced with the great Android OS, the touch screen, and front and rear-facing cameras!. So read on about the all new for 2011 Sidekick 4G!

Massive Sidekick Network Outage Hits United States

Users of the T-Mobile Sidekick have been without network coverage for as long as two days, with no relief in sight. Complaints started pouring into the Internet Patrol, as users found that the network was down, and they have no access to any data services (although they can still make telephone calls and some can send text messages – the Sidekick uses a data network provided by Danger, while phone calls and SMS still go out on T-Mobile’s own network).

New Sidekick Review: The Sidekick 2008 – a Sidekick Comparison of the Sidekick 08 and Previous Sidekicks

If you’re looking for new Sidekick reviews of the Sidekick 08 which do a Sidekick comparison between previous Sidekicks and the new Sidekick 2008, you’ve come to the right place! Video, stereo Bluetooth, and shells, shells, shells (you can even create your own custom shell)! The new Sidekick 08 has a lot going for it – but also a few things you need to know about that you may not appreciate so much.

A Review of the New Tmobile Sidekick 4, Actually Known as the T-Mobile LX – 3 Thumbs Up for This New Sidekick Cell Phone!

If you’ve been thinking of getting a new sidekick – waiting for the T mobile Sidekick 4 – wait no longer! The Tmobile Sidekick 4, actually known as the T-mobile Sidekick LX, was launched this week, and it was definitely worth waiting for! This Sidekick cell phone is a beauty! And with its amazing new screen – plus new features to take advantage of it such as screenshots and choice of font size – we say don’t bother waiting for the Sidekick LX’s little brother, the smaller Sidekick Slide.

Syncing Your Life with the T-Mobile Sidekick (and Get the Sidekick for Free!)

It’s no secret that I love my T-Mobile Sidekick (while the hardware manufacturer, Danger, calls it the “HipTop”, the only place to get it, T-Mobile, calls it the “Sidekick”). While legions are wondering whether their Blackberry service will go the way of the wind, or are dealing with getting their email to POP or iMap to their Treos, my Sidekick does everything I want it to do, and more.

How They Know if Your Sidekick Has Been Exposed to Water

As any Sidekick owner – be it Sidekick I, Sidekick II, or Sk3 – can tell you, if your Sidekick (also known as the Danger Hiptop) has been exposed to water it will preclude any chance of your getting your Sidekick repaired or replaced under warranty. But how do they know? Here, we show you pictures of the tricky traps that are hidden on your Sidekick let Tmobile know whether your Sidekick has been exposed to water.

Get Your Stuff Back with StuffBak! PDAs, Laptops, Cell Phones – Protect Them All!

Now this is a fabulous theft and loss insurance for your phone, PDA or laptop! It’s called StuffBak (because it helps you get your stuff back, get it?) and it’s kind of like those microchipping i.d. services for pets, only it’s for your portable electronic devices, such as your laptop, your PDA, and your cell phone! It’s basically loss and theft insurance for your portables! And through a partnership with The Internet Patrol and StuffBak, you can get a 10% discount off their already incredibly reasonable pricing!