Online Funerals – People are Dying to be in Them

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Yes, it’s really true – people are having Internet funerals. Online funerals have the advantage of allowing people who otherwise could not attend the service to tune in. But still, an online funeral? Why would anybody want to have – or attend – an Internet funeral? Do you really want to entrust the paying of your last respects to your wifi connection? It turns out that some people in England do, and here’s why.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the UK is experiencing the greatest brain drain of the last 50 years. Three-and-a-quarter million Britons now live overseas, and we’re sure many of them miss their families and friends, especially at holidays and family occasions such as births, marriages and deaths. We have marvellous news for those who cannot make the funeral of a recently-deceased UK-domiciled loved-one. Cue the online funeral, available by webcam and DVD, at Southampton and other crematoria.

In total, eight innovative crematoria are participating in the scheme to make available over the internet the cremation service to those who cannot attend in person, yet wish to pay their last respects. The cost is £75 ($175), and for this fee mourners will get a password to view a webcam discreetly-located in the chapel, streaming a time-delayed video of the service; for £50 a DVD is an option.

There are many reasons why you may have to miss the funeral of your Great Aunt Millicent. Maybe work commitments; financial pressure; or immigration services in your adopted country keep you away. Perhaps you and Great Aunt Millicent weren’t especially close. Now, though, as long as she lived – or more correctly, departed this world – near Southampton, Liverpool, Cambridge, Nottingham, Peterborough, Worthing, Redditch or Wokingham, you can take part, and say goodbye to your loved one, virtually, from your home.

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One thought on “Online Funerals – People are Dying to be in Them

  1. Oh my… what’s the world coming to? It seems that we’re losing the ‘personal touch’ on everything. What’s next… online births?!

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