Online Dating Site OKCupid Down – April 2017

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Popular online dating site OKCupid went down for the count early this morning, and continues to be unreachable despite OKCupid (also known as ‘OKC’) saying on Twitter that the site is back up.

okc still down

Said OKCupid in a tweet at around noon today (April 12, 2017), “OkCupid is back up and running! Start connecting with people you’ll really click with right now. Download the app:” However, many are still unable to reach the site.


okcupid website down error

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Online Dating Site OKCupid Down – April 2017

And OKCupid’s own status page reveals:

okcupid degraded performance service

Earlier in the day OKCupid had acknowledged on their OKCupid Twitter account that the site was down:

OkCupid is currently down, but we’re working to get it back up and running as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!

Have you been unable to log in to OK Cupid today? Have you been able to? Let us know the time and where in the country you are!

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Online Dating Site OKCupid Down – April 2017

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