iPad Keyboard Has Many Alternate Letters and Characters Available at the Touch of a Finger!

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You may be surprised to learn that the standard iPad onscreen keyboard has dozens of alternative letters and symbols from several different languages hiding behind its exterior. Wondering how to create an upside-down question mark such as used in Spanish? Put accents over a letter? Create a pound or degree sign? They’re all there, just a long key press away!

For example, hold down the letter ‘A’ to find alternate versions of ‘A’, as well as the combined “æ” used in some languages:




Holding down the letter ‘C’ gives you variations on the letter ‘C’ for other languages:

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Hold down the letter ‘E’ to get the extended versions of the letter ‘E’:




Similarly, long-pressing the letter ‘I’ gives you several other options for versions of ‘I’:

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The letters ‘L’, ‘N’, ‘O’, ‘S’, ‘U’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ also all reveal hidden treasures when you long-press them (hold them down):


ipad-keyboard-letter-L ipad-keyboard-letter-n ipad-keyboard-letter-o ipad-keyboard-letter-s ipad-keyboard-letter-u ipad-keyboard-letter-y ipad-keyboard-letter-z


And it isn’t just the letters that hide additional characters waiting to be revealed – not by a longshot!

Check out all of these alternate symbols and characters you can access by simply long-pressing on these keys:







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One thought on “iPad Keyboard Has Many Alternate Letters and Characters Available at the Touch of a Finger!

  1. SLIDE your finger to the alternate character you want. If you tap, you’ll get the letter that is “underneath” the pop-up alternates.

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