The First of our T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Reviews

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  • The First of our T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Reviews


This is the first of our T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant reviews. While there are the inevitable Samsung Vibrant vs. iPhone questions, where we really want to focus in this first Samsung Vibrant review is on the vibrant performance of the Vibrant’s screen, as well as sharing with you some of its cooler features. And we answer the burning question: Does it really come with the movie “Avatar” included on it? We also tell you how to take a screenshot with your Vibrant!

Those of you who have known me for a while know that it took a lot for the Android G1 to pry me away from my Sidekick. Well, the Vibrant has taken that to a whole new level – it’s the first phone ever to be able to get me to completely give up a physical keyboard on my phone and go 100% touchscreen!

And what a screen it is!

In a word (well, three) the Samsung Vibrant’s screen is incrediblebrilliant – and, yes, vibrant.

And the phone itself is blazing fast.


The speed and splendid display are owing to the combination of the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and the Super AMOLED touchscreen which Samsung have built into the Vibrant (part of their “Galaxy” line of Android phones). AMOLED stands for “Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode”, and this screen offers 480 x 800 pixels, with a 16 million color depth.

The screen is also big – it’s got a bold 4″ display.

Big and gorgeous.

But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than write another 3000 words about the screen, here are 3 pictures to show you just how sharp, crisp, depthful, and gorgeous this screen is:

Google Maps:



Google Maps, Satellite View:



And just a really cute picture:



Images taken with the 5-megapixel camera render so beautifully on this phone, and the camera is pretty darned decent in its own right. This is a screenshot of a photo that I snapped with the camera – it is a photo of a screenshot from the phone; that screenshot is being displayed on my Mac’s screen. So, this is a photo of a screenshot on a computer screen, the photo having been taken with the Vibrant’s camera – pretty crisp, eh?:




That screenshot by the way, is of this screen, showing you some of the apps and other goodies that come native on the Samsung Vibrant (ooh look, there’s Avatar):

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The First of our T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Reviews




One of the niftier goodies which Samsung has built into the Vibrant isn’t an application at all. Rather, it’s easy access to toggle wifi, bluetooth, GPS, and muting your phone. Samsung has added those four settings right in the notifications screen (the screen you pull down from the top of your phone). Just look at this easy access! How convenient. How smart!




Another goodie that Samsung has included on the Vibrant is that it comes preloaded with the ThinkFree suite. ThinkFree is a Microsoft Office suite-compatible application for Android, so that you can open .doc file attachments and read them right on your phone. You can create an account through ThinkFree that allows you to keep your documents on their server, but you don’t have to, and the application works just fine without your doing so.




Finally – yes. Yes. YES! The full-length version of the movie, Avatar is included with the Vibrant phone. How they pulled that one off is anybody’s guess (although given the phone’s retail price, we have our suspicions). But it is indeed a perfect choice for showing off the Vibrant’s stunning screen and video capabilities. The Vibrant even offers a 5.1 channel surround sound effect (but only when using earphones, as you can see from the message on the screen below).

But look at the quality of the details in this image! Remember, this is on a cell phone!



Want one? Head on over to T-Mobile; if you’re due for an upgrade they can be had for $199 after rebate.

Or, if you’re fortunate enough to be a brand new T-Mobile customer, you can get the Samsung Vibrant on AmazonThe First of our T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Reviews
for only $99.00!


And while you’re waiting for it to arrive, go here for our article on how to take a screenshot with your T-mobile Samsung Vibrant.

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The First of our T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Reviews

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  • The First of our T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Reviews

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