Handy Light App Offers iPhone Tethering – Which is Why It Was Banned

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The Handy Light iPhone app was an iPhone flashlight app with a difference: it enabled iPhone tethering. Tethering – using your cell phone as a modem to connect your laptop to the Internet – is one of the most demanded features on cellphones and, being not allowed on iPhones, has long been the Holy Grail among iPhone owners. In fact the desire to tether with an iPhone is one of the main reasons that users Jailbreak (root) their iPhones.

When Handy Light developer Nicholas Lee released Handy Light, there was care taken not to mention that the app allowed tethering, and so the application made it through Apple’s vetting process, and it was released for distribution in the app store.

But soon Handy Light became a victim of its own success, and as the reviews started pouring in, including reviews like “Yay Tethering!!!”, Apple caught on and pulled the app.

Let’s hope that Apple and AT&T catch on even more, and figure out a way to allow tethering!

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One thought on “Handy Light App Offers iPhone Tethering – Which is Why It Was Banned

  1. How can there exist someone so stupid as to crow “yay tethering” without realizing that they are destroying the very thing that they are so excited about?

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