How to See Examples of All of the Fonts on Your Mac

how to find examples of mac fonts
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You know that your Mac comes with all sorts of cool fonts – Apple fonts and otherwise – but where can you see a list of all of your fonts, with samples? Why, you can see examples of all of your fonts right on your Mac, with Apple Font Book, which is on your Mac right now!

Here’s how to see examples of all of your fonts:

In Finder, go to your Applications folder, and find the application called Font Book:

examples of apple fonts fontbook-1


Open Font Book, and you will immediately see a list of all of the fonts installed on your computer, with examples of what each font looks like:

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list samples all mac apple fonts


If you want to see what a particular font looks like, and know the name of the font, or the font family to which it belongs, you can also search for it by name:

search for font examples samples


Poor, unloved Comic Sans.

sample example of comic sans font



See how easy it is to find examples of your fonts? Once you know, that is.

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2 thoughts on “How to See Examples of All of the Fonts on Your Mac

  1. This looked like the very answer I needed…
    However, this info was last “updated” in 2014 – FIVE years ago.
    Computer apps seem to have changed a little since then !!
    The menus in my “Finder” were not the same, and when I search my El Capital by entering “Font Book” in the search mechanism behind he magnifying glass icon in the up right corner of my desktop, I was taken to my Mac dictionary which gave a brief description of pretty much the very app of font samples that you described.
    But with not samples what-so-ever.

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