How to Fix the Mac OS X Java Runtime Environment JRE Error

java runtime environment error mac yosemite
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So you just upgraded your Mac (probably to Yosemite) and now you are getting annoying browser errors that say “To view this web content you need to install the Java Runtime Environment.” More annoyingly, after clicking through to Oracle’s to “Download Java for Mac OS X” and installing it, you still get the error! Here’s why, and how to fix it.

java runtime environment error mac yosemite

The reason that you still get the “you need to install the Java Runtime Environment” even after you have installed it from that link is because… wait for it… that is the wrong link.

You see, that error is being thrown by Oracle, and so naturally it directs you to Oracle’s Java for OS X download page.

Where clicking “More info” on the Java Runtime Environment error takes you
oracle java for os x

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java for os x 2014 apple


To get Apple’s Java for OS X, go here:

Download Java Runtime Environment for OS X from Apple

Be sure to restart your browser after installing.

The Internet Patrol is completely free, and reader-supported. Your tips via CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal are appreciated! Receipts will come from ISIPP.

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93 thoughts on “How to Fix the Mac OS X Java Runtime Environment JRE Error

  1. Insanity is downloading Oracle’s update for Mac/Java over and over and getting the same message popping up. I am now on Sierra and hoping that your advice works even though the download on Mac doesn’t mention Sierra and does refer users to Oracle.

  2. thats a very nicely explained solution and resolved in one go. Just had to restart the comp once after mobile partner got installed. Keep contributing as it helps a lot.

  3. I have been dealing with this stupid thing for over a year!! How I never found this page is almost as frustrating as the pop up has been! Thanks so very, very much your help!

  4. This article led me to Apple support and downloading from Apple fixed the issue described. Thank you!!!

  5. Thanks dude, finally solved that riddle after unsuccessfully trying other measures short of a pale of water!

  6. My wife just had her mac updated to Yosemite by the school system and the JRE window popped up. She couldn’t get any work done because it popped to the front constantly. Thank you for the fix. The tech guy at the county office was talking about wiping her computer completely for a reinstall. This article saved a lot of time, effort and pain. THANK YOU!

    I wrote the link down for her to give to the tech dept. Hopefully this will save a bunch of teachers a bunch of headache.

  7. i never thought i would say this but F*CK YOU Apple!!!!!!! FIX YOUR DAMN THING!
    Every OSX update the same shit! Thank guys i was really close throwing my macbook outta the window. You guys saved someones life!

  8. Thanks for being informative and to the point. Fighting entropy one post at a time.

  9. Trying it out now.
    Very succinct information and well presented. Thank you for your support!

  10. Too good and hit the nail.THANKS a lot!
    do you also know how to get rid of do you want to allow incoming connections pop up if i open excel,doc,finder etc

  11. Thanks for this!
    Wasted about 15 minutes trying to get the other JRE to work with Android Monitor =/

  12. This was a perfect fix. I’m going to start looking to you guys for help in the future.

  13. I need help from Matrix, 2/20/2015
    I tried to get rid of the Java Runtime Env. error message using your fix in terminal hoping my problem had to do with the Facebook video chat too. Unfortunately, I did not include both lines of code for facebook after removing the offending code, so apparently I deleted Apple Facebook Services, which apparently I need. Now when I input your first line of code which is

    launchctl list | grep facebook

    What shows up in terminal is this

    when I redo the entire process, ( with my novice understanding of code) I now get an error message in terminal for the 2nd process saying “command not found”

    So how can I reinstall my apple facebook services, now that I have accidentally deleted it, as you have so clearly warned against doing in your fix.

    At least I will be able to discover whether the JRE error message was tied in with the facebook video chat but now I need another fix.

    BTW,The way people share and help each other online is wonderful. I just love people!

  14. Thanks for this – it was getting to be a real bore.
    Appreciate your thoughtfulness in posting this solution and fix.

  15. First, thank you so much. I just decided to upgrade my 2009 Mac’s OS. (Surprise! I like Windows, but realize I could not have achieved an OS upgrade so easily.) At this point in time, even Apple points users to the Oracle website. Consequently, the frustrating loop continued until I read your article. I really appreciate your help. THANKS!!

  16. Really do appreciate your particular kindness in letting us in on this. Well explained, too.

  17. YES! I stared at that damn error message for MONTHS. Fixed! Thank you a thousand times.

  18. Holy fuck had been frustrated by this for so long and it was so easy to fix!!! Thank you so much!

  19. This was awesomely helpful!! That error was maddening!! :-)
    Thank you!!!!!

  20. After months of suffering through this, I’m finally at peace :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  21. Thanks for your help! I have followed your steps, and hope, like all the other users before me, that I don’t have further problems! Great work!

  22. Pls. don’t make it so with obsolete JRE (this version is with many big security problems) :(
    Better way is to install JDK (not JRE!!!!) in latest version and after reboot is problem solved.

  23. Your suggestion worked very nicely, thank you. It is now possible to run Symantec on MacOS 10.10.3 again.

  24. I’m going to give this a try right now, it’s been driving me crazy! Thanks SO much…


  25. thanks! star! thought I had a virus as the error message was popping up even when I wan’t on line. urrgh. This seems to have solved it.

  26. IF you actually want to figure out what app is trying to run in the back ground and disable it… so you don’t have to install Java just to get rid of this annoying error message, here is the fix that worked for me.

    I had a similar issue to the OP. It turns out that I have a Facebook Video Chat plug-in that was requesting the JRE every time I started my Mac.

    Removing the plug-in using the steps below solved my problem, however, YMMV.

    Open Terminal and enter this command to see if the Facebook oakum-in is in the launch control list:

    launchctl list | grep facebook

    The result displayed will be similar to this, except will be replaced by your Facebook username:

    – 1 com.facebook.videochat..updater
    – 0

    To remove the offending process, enter the code, remembering to replace with your own Facebook username:

    launchctl remove com.facebook.videochat..updater

    The other Facebook listing is for Apple Facebook services, so don’t remove that, hope this helps!

  27. If this were on you would get an upvote! Perfect fix. Thanks!

  28. This is not working for me. I click download and it asks me to save a document, which will not even open.

  29. so what if after that i still get that message all the time? cause i did this and i still get it

  30. Thank you SO MUCH. The error message was making me nuts and, of course, the “update” didn’t work!

  31. Thanks soooo much! I have been getting this popup for months and I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to download it (from the wrong link, I’ve just learned)!

  32. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. This solved my problem. I couldn’t find this solution anywhere on Oracle’s Java site or Symantec’s site.

  33. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you. This error was driving me insane… I’d installed JRE a dozen times at this point.

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