How to Manually Add a Reminder Alert on Your iPhone

how to manually create reminder iphone
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Siri has made it incredibly easy to set reminders on your iPhone. Want to be reminded of something you have to do at a certain time? Tell Siri to remind you when it’s time. Want to be reminded of something you need to do when you arrive somewhere? Tell Siri to set a reminder based on location. But what if you want to set a reminder manually – silently – without invoking Siri? Maybe you’re in a meeting, or church, or somewhere else where you don’t want Siri blabbing her loud mouth?

Sure, you can open the Reminders app, but there is no obvious way to actually – you know – create a new reminder!

Reminder App
reminders app

So, here is how to manually add a new reminder to your iPhone. First, find and open your Reminder app.

how to manually add a reminder

Now, tap on a blank line. This will give you a blank line with a checkdot next to it.

start new reminder manually iphone

how to manually add reminder iphone

Type something on that blank line.

manually add reminder iphone write on blank line

Now, see the little i in the circle to the left of the text that you just typed? Click on that.

how to set reminder iphone manually

This will bring up the settings for that reminder – for example, when you want to be reminded, or where you want to be reminded.

manually set details for iphone reminder

If you select “Remind me on a day”, you will then be able to set the exact time that you want to be reminded.

set manual time-based reminder iphone

If, instead, you select “Remind me at a location”, you will be prompted to select a location.

set iphone location based reminder manually

manually set location for iphone reminder

When you have your reminder set exactly the way you want it, click on “Done”, and you’ll be all set!

how to manually set reminder iphone done

how to manually create reminder iphone

As a reminder (heh, no pun intended), our tutorial on how to set locations to use with reminders on your iPhone is here.

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