How to Get Back the ‘Most Recent’ Stories View on Your Facebook Newsfeed Timeline

Well, Facebook has done it again. If you currently have your Facebook newsfeed sorted by “most recent”, and decide to switch to “top stories” to check it out, you may find that you can’t switch back again to the “most recent” news feed view, because Facebook has removed that option! Here’s how to get the ‘most recent’ view back – at least until Facebook blocks it.

First, we have to tell you that this only works to get the most recent view back in your browser, it does not work for the mobile app.

You will also note that Facebook tries to entice you to switch from the most recent view to the top stories view, by including “Viewing most recent stories ยท Back to top stories” right at the top of your newsfeed timeline – and of course they don’t tell you that you will be unable to switch back to the ‘most recent stories’ view!

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Now, why does Facebook keep shoving “top stories” in our faces, to the point of depriving us of the most recent stories view even if that’s what we want? (In fact, have you noticed how recently, even if you do have the most recent stories view, Facebook has decided that a recent comment posted to even a very old ‘top story’ qualifies to throw that story up in your feed as a ‘recent story’?)

Obviously the reason is money. It may or may not be directly related to Facebook’s recent stand on not allowing unpaid posts with promotional content, but it’s definitely all about the money. What makes a ‘top post’ is determined by Facebook, and you can be sure that highest on their mind is profit, both for themselves, and for their overmaster shareholders.

Ok, so if you have found your way here to this article, it’s likely you are frustrated at having lost your most recent stories view, and want to know how to get it back. Here’s how:

Use this link to switch your Facebook newsfeed timeline to the Most Recent Stories view

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How to Get Back the 'Most Recent' Stories View on Your Facebook Newsfeed Timeline
Article Name
How to Get Back the 'Most Recent' Stories View on Your Facebook Newsfeed Timeline
Facebook has done away with the option of most recent stories instead of the top stories view on your Facebook newsfeed timeline. Here's how to get it back.

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