Hate Meetup’s New Design? Here’s How to Still Find Group Calendars and Past Meetups with the New Site Design

new meetup site design tabs
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Wondering where did a Meetup group’s calendar go, and where the past meetups have gone? If you opted in to the new Meetup interface, you may find that you are no longer able to easily find the calendars and past meetups for the meetup groups to which you belong. We agree that the new site sucks! (If you haven’t already opted in to the new interface, count yourself lucky, and don’t do it!) (This article updated 1/19/18)
Note: Tell Meetup how you feel – we tell you how to contact Meeup at the end of this article.

meetup preview new interface

Up until the Meetup site redesign, it was extremely easy to get both the calendar, and the list of past meetups, for any given meetup group. You would just go to the Meetup group’s home page, and right there on the left-hand nav would be the links to both the group’s calendar and the listing of the group’s past meetups.

Meetup Group’s Calendar

old meetup site design calendar past meetups nav bar

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Meetup Group’s Past Meetups

old meetup site design calendar past meetups


It also used to be the case that you could go to a Meetup’s listing of upcoming meetups, and there would be a link for past meetups as well.

how to find past meetups


But with the new site design, both of those have vanished, at least for some people.

There are a couple of different ways you can still get to both the calendar and the list of past meetups for a meetup group. Here they are.

Method #1 for Finding a Meetup Group’s Calendar with the New Site Design

Go to the Meetup group’s home page and look at the ‘tabs’ (that’s what Meetup calls them, even though they are just links).

new meetup site design tabs

Click on the Meetups tab, and then find the calendar icon on the right side of the page, and click on it to see a calendar of that Meetup group’s upcoming meetups.

calendar icon

Method #2 for Finding a Meetup Group’s Calendar with the New Site Design

From the Meetup group’s home page, append “/events/” or “/events/calendar/” to the URL. So, for example, if the Meetup group is at:


…you would change it to:


or to:


…and then hit ‘enter’. This will take you directly to their calendar.

Whether you will need to use /events/ or /events/calendar/ seems to be dependent upon which OS and browser you are using.

Method #1 for Finding a Meetup Group’s Past Meetup Events and Activities

Go to the Meetup group’s home page, and add “/events/past/ to the end of the URL. So, if the URL for the group’s home page is:


…change it to:


…and then hit ‘enter’.

Method #2 for Finding a Meetup Group’s Past Meetup Events and Activities

Go to the home page of the Meetup group for which you want to look up past events, and then add “#past” to the end of the URL. So, if the link to the group’s homepage is:


…you would change it to:


…and then hit ‘enter’.

As with finding the calendar, which method will work for you seems to depend on which OS and browser you are using.

For each of these, be sure to bookmark the new link so that you can get to it more easily the next time!

Of course, you shouldn’t have to do this, so if you want to tell Meeup how you feel, here is their contact information.

How to Contact Meetup by Email, Phone, and Twitter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Meetup
Phone: 212-255-7327
Email: support@meetup.com

We suggest that you do all three.

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26 thoughts on “Hate Meetup’s New Design? Here’s How to Still Find Group Calendars and Past Meetups with the New Site Design

  1. This is a great article, however is does NOT address what i find the true issue, which is

    I CANNOT FIND THE GENERAL CALENDAR! I do not only want to see events posted in the groups I have joined, I want to see NEW events and meet NEW people! Why was this stripped away, for some Campy Ideal of Seperation that is a literal lock down for expansion and connection???

    I would So greatly love to hear if there is a way to access the former calendar format, NOT only the calendar of my subscribed groups.


  2. I am a Meetup Group Organizer since 2009. The new design in 2018 is the worst I have experienced & I am so discouraged to go on that I may just return to email-organizing without this provider.
    Why is Meetup destroying a portal that was easy to move around on? There is no home page that shows all options one click away. Now I have to click and search forever to get somewhere where I may not want to be. The calendar easily accessible from old the home page tab bringing up all my events fast with one click on one screen has disappeared (sometimes still visible from my mobile-link on the old meetup site).
    Getting back to a home page from any location on the site is not possible. I am searching constantly how to get where I want to be. Communications are complicated with members. Announcements for one event are mailed but not for another event I created. It fees as if a college student has started out anew in the world without prior real life experience. I am very frustrated with this site and disappointed as my group communications are suffering. Members are not encouraged to use the site & ask me questions I am tired of answering. Time for a competitor!

  3. I am here to join the majority of meetup users who are extremely disappointed with the new design. I have been an organizer for 3-4 years now and this new design makes it much harder to post events and even harder to find what is going on in the meetup currently or in the past. The layout is too spread out, the different tabs are hard to find and it doesn’t make sense where they are positioned. For most functions, like past/future meetups, members, history, etc I have to go through several steps. Before everything was concisely organized in one brief page from which you can easily click a button and it took you right where you need to be. I don’t understand who is getting paid to redo something that was working so nicely. And the design sucks both on desktops and phones alike. Horrible, just horrible.

  4. The new design is pathetic. I’ve been organizing events in Meetup for years. No longer can you style anything in your event description—no bold text, no italic, no way I can tell to even post a link to anything. Even if I place html based copy into the description, once I save the draft, it all runs together in a continuous, unformatted block. WTF?

    No way to do inline images either?? How about shared sponsors or hosts of events that want their logo seen. No chance.

    And how about a description of what image dimensions Meetup magically wants us to intuit and upload?


    You’ve wiped out nearly five years of time, money and effort that I’ve put into my group. My existing members can’t figure out why the ‘new’ homepage is different than the subpages. The prospective ones are treated to standard template. You also stripped out the customized background graphics that was one of the most identifier and attraction to prospective members. Unless you make improvements by February or revert back to the last template, I’ll migrate my existing members to another platform and grow my group there. Don’t expect me to renew my subscription.

    1. Perseus, Meetup does not, to the best of our knowledge, monitor our site. However, you can contact them at:

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/Meetup
      Phone: 212-255-7327
      Email: support@meetup.com

      We suggest you do all three.

  6. I had my group for almost 7 years. Since they changed the design I can’t get enough attendance to hold a meetup. They charged my card for 6 months right before they changed it and I have had ONE meetup in 3 months. It’s so bad. They also booted 1K of my members without warning leaving me with barely 1000. Sad to close my meetup group of years. Disgusted. HATE NEW DESIGN!

  7. If you have sponsors for your meetup, their sponsorship is now worth less. Previously they got good visibilty on the homepage, no more.

  8. I’m livid and abhor the new format. The removed functionality is beyond reason. Has ANYONE found a suitable replacement? I don’t want to go to FB but I’m so angry and over meetup I’m tempted.

  9. Oh and the help screens are useless. NEVER place designers in charge of functionality issues. Fisheye graphics don’t even look cool. Honestly, the app deserves to die

  10. Quiet possibly the worst ever screwup of a useful service. Whatever the reason they give (making it mobile friendly), as a group organizer it is now a mess. There is a reason that supermarkets don’t change the aisles where things are located. Nothing is in a logical place and honestly, I haven’t found the few tools that I need (which I formerly had available).

    The only thing that Meetup offers right now is an existing community and that is likely to subside and reduce given the mess they made. Someone come with an alternate system, please.

  11. I am shocked how many features we lost. Nothing makes sense anymore to me as an organizer. Members are complaining about not seeing comments and photos on the former ticker on the right side of the home page. It was much more convenient to manage the group and have members communicate.
    Why I hate the new design:
    – No home page providing an overview.
    – Unable to properly manage Attendance.
    – RSVP-numbers stay listed but total numbers are not shown up.
    – Cannot add individual guests a member brings along. I need this feature to provide equipment. We have seasonal tourists here in Southwest Florida and they are not signing up on the websites.
    – There is no homepage offering a total overview of our site that we have since 2009. I only have access to the previous desktop site through my profile, but once I click on any site tap to open up, it changes to a new design page that makes it time-consuming to get around.
    – The previous home page provided an overview of everything our meetup is about. The feature is lost for whatever reason.
    – As an organizer, I am extremely upset & am looking into other meeting options.

  12. It was a good alternative to Facebook. But I guess they are destroying their business, right now. It’s another case where they let a graphic designer, which has no clue of user experience, screw up the whole site. The new design is pretty much unusable. Time to look for alternatives. We pay $180 per year and are super disappointed in the lack of professionalism of this company.

  13. As an occasional user, I hate the new format! Too difficult to find photos from a past meetup. It takes several more clicks to get to where I want to go. Why?, just why?

  14. We are avidly looking for a replacement. We don’t even care if is missing features Meetup had. This upgrade is so frustratingly terrible. To think they did this so it would supposedly be easier on folks phones. Well there are PLENTY of ppl who used the desktop sited only. But they never seem to care what their users say at meetup. We hate them now.

  15. Absolutely hate the new meetup design, why the heck did they change it to this new thing. I cannot find anything!!! The old format was sooo much better, Meetup please bring it back.

    At current finding it difficult to find out who newly joined my group, or how to see the photos for past events.

  16. DITTO to all of the above. More Organizers need to voice their feelings. I hate it too, it’s so cold and unuser friendly. They say it’s to make it easier for mobile phone use, but my members and I agree that we mostly use it on a PC main the main. The lovely background wallpaper is no longer there/ The ease of seeing at a glance on one page the RSVP attendees, the links to mail the members, the previous events, useful at a glance for potential new members thinking of joining.
    For goodness sake why change the whole design of something that works?!!!! I’ll bet Meetup get a lot of dropout groups. If I had the know-how I would set up a new Meetup along the same lines as before and never change the whole format. Little changes to improve is fine. But the whole concept is now hidden from view and took much trouble to navigate. Those in the know in big business IT know that people get bored in seconds and move on very quickly if something needs navigation of a number of pages to get the answers, or to buy into a product. This is a big NO NO. CHANGE IT BACK MEETUP!!!!!!!!!

  17. It was stupid to fix something that was not broke. My group is now complaining that they no longer get the messages when a new meetup is scheduled. I don’t know what to tell them about how to fix it. New site is NOT user friendly. As the leader of a meetup group, it is much more difficult for me to know who’s coming and who changed their rsvp or added a rsvp. Please bring back the old version, or I may be tempted to just open a Facebook account for our group and drop meetup all together.

  18. I hate it! It’s HORRIBLE! I previewed it early and left multiple feedbacks, as did several other organizers I know, but clearly Meet-up designers don’t care. How stupid and short-sighted of them!
    Hate it so badly that I’m seriously considering shutting down my group, which would be a damn shame!

  19. I hate the new meetup website too. It is now impossible to keep track of attendance. It is much harder to find info about who posted or changed rsvp. TERRIBLE!!! Bring back the old format!!!

  20. I have been a MeetUp Organizer for a few years now and the new design absolutely sucks. It was so easy to use and looked just fine the way it was. This new design is a confusing mess. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I REALLY hope they go back to the way it was.

  21. This new meetup design takes away the community feeling of meetup.
    It is not user friendly and very frustrating.
    I no longer enjoy the whole meetup groups process and will not use it as much.


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