The Perfect Earbud Holder to Wrap, Store and Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled!

the problems with earbud holders and cases
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Here at The Internet Patrol we get to handle a lot of tech products, and we have never, until now, found a good earbud case or earbud holder, providing a satisfactory way to wrap, store, carry, or otherwise deal with earbuds to keep them neat and from tangling. Until now. Clearly we were looking in the wrong place, because it turns out that the perfect solution isn’t in tech stores, it’s in your neighbourhood office supply store!

The Problem
the problems with earbud holders and cases


The Solution: The Lowly Binder Clip
binder clip


Now, we can’t take credit for this idea; we first learned about it in the brilliant video of 15 uses for binder clips (see video below), put out by Spotlight Use, a Japanese Facebook page.

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But we have to agree that it is freaking brilliant (as are all of their other ideas)! In fact, because those darned earbuds are such a pain to keep wrangled, we tried it right away.

Basically, you just slip the clip over the cord of the earbuds, right at the base of the earbuds, and then just wrap the cord around the handles.

This method works even if you have a hard microphone section on your cord, as you can just slip it inside the clip (so many other earbud case or earbud wrap “solutions” simply won’t easily accommodate earbuds with a microphone).

The Perfect Earbuds Holder!
earbuds binder clip

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And the really cool thing about this solution? (As if it weren’t already cool enough?)

You can clip your earbuds to the edge of your laptop or, as in the video, to your shirt, or anywhere else you want!

How Cool is This?
earbuds clip clipped to laptop

You can watch the video below, or here on Facebook.

You can ordered a pack of assorted binder clips on Amazon here (and we know you’ll want to after watching the video!)


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