Professional Ways to Save Battery on Your iPhone

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Will Young

The majority of iPhones need to be recharged every few days, if not every day. Turning off services and features is one way to extend the battery life of an iPhone. Displaying your iPhone’s battery life as a percentage for easier monitoring is one simple way to get ahead.

There are several features that make the iPhone smarter and ready when you need it. Background App Refresh is just one of these features. This feature examines the apps you use the most and cross references the most used apps with when you use them. Then, it updates those apps so that the most recent information is waiting for you when you open one of them again. For instance, if you check your social media accounts at 7:30 in the morning, iOS recognizes this and updates your social media apps in advance. The battery is drained by this useful feature.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone, select General > Background App Refresh, then select Background App Refresh > Off to disable it. Or on the other hand, flip the choice off for explicit applications as it were.

Purchasing an additional battery is yet another strategy for extending the life of an iPhone’s battery. Mophie and other accessory manufacturers offer external iPhone battery boosters with longer lifespans. An extended-life battery adds several days of standby time and many hours of use if you require so much battery life that none of the other ideas here are helpful.

Disable the feature that updates apps whenever new versions are released on iOS 7 or later. This is both convenient and draining on battery power. When the battery is fully charged, manually update apps; otherwise, disable automatic app updates.

Open the Settings app, tap iTunes & App Store, and then turn off Updates to disable automatic app updates.

Quite possibly of the best element presented in iOS 9 is the capacity to hinder privacy-infringing and creepy advertisers in Safari. Ad serving, displaying, and tracking technologies consume a significant amount of battery power.

Ads and cookies blocking doesn’t save as much battery power as other battery-saving strategies. Be that as it may, alongside a little lift in battery duration, the Safari program runs quicker and utilizes much less information.

Background Motion is one of the coolest new features introduced in iOS 7. It’s quiet. Watch as the background image and app icons move independently, as if on different planes, when you move the iPhone.

The phone appears more alive thanks to this parallax effect, which is cool to show off. In any case, it offers little practically and negatively affects an iPhone battery. Additionally, some people may experience less motion sickness if they disable this extra motion on their iPhone.

To switch off Background Movement in iOS 12 and up, open Settings, and go to Availability > Movement, and flip on Lessen Movement.

Open Settings, tap General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, and then enable Reduce Motion for iOS 11 and later.

Battery is saved when a phone locks automatically sooner. Regardless of whether the brightness is low or high, a phone always needs power to display something. Locking the phone is the quickest solution, but you can also set the auto-lock feature to lock automatically.

Choose the auto-lock option that best suits your needs. Anything other than Never increases battery life (the shorter the lock duration, the greater the battery savings).

Open the Settings app, tap Display & Brightness, select Auto-Lock, and then select a time between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to set the auto-lock.

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