How to do a Search by Name or Username

search by username
Share the knowledge is one of the oldest, and best known, dating sites in the world. But its longevity also means that its user interface (UI) is a bit old and clunky. One example is that it can be difficult to figure out how to perform a search by name – i.e. how to search by username.

One little known fact about is that it was actually founded by the same man who founded, Gary Kremen.

Why would you want to do a search by name? Maybe you met someone at a bar and they gave you their username, so that you can read their profile. Maybe a friend has said to you “Hey, check out so-and-so on”, or maybe you were contacted by someone on Match and after deleting their message you realize that you’d like to look at their profile again.

Whatever the reason, there are a couple of ways that you can search by username. Both of them are inobvious, which is why we are writing it up for you here.

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The first, slightly-more-obvious way to search for someone by username, is to go to the main search page, click on the “Search” drop down, and select the “Go Search” link:

search by name

This will take you to the default search form. Now, look way down in the lower right-hand corner, and you will see the option to search by username:

how to search by username

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The more direct way to search for a username on is to go directly to the “search by username” link:

direct link for search username

That link resides at, but we have hotlinked it for you here:

Search by username here

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