Add a home button to your iPhone
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Miss Your Home Button on Your iPhone? Here’s How to Add One!

Do you find yourself missing your old iPhone’s home button? I know I sure do. The transition to newer iPhone models, without the physical home button, has left many of my friend group unimpressed by technological progress. I know that I often wish for the familiar, tactile experience of clicking a button. If you miss your home button like I do, well, you’re in luck! Here’s how to get it back (sort of).

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Apple’s Sideloading Shift: A Tech Game Changer for EU iOS Users

In a pivotal move, Apple, the tech giant renowned for its walled-garden ecosystem, is poised to open the gates. The buzz in the tech community is palpable: sideloading, a term that might sound like jargon, is set to become a household word among iOS users in the European Union. But what exactly is sideloading, and why is it stirring up such a commotion?

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Decoding the Icons: Your iPad as a Second Screen with Sidecar

Hey there, tech adventurers! Have you ever hooked up your iPad as a second screen using Sidecar and found yourself staring at those tiny icons on the side, wondering what on earth they mean? Well, you’re not alone. Let’s embark on a little exploration to decode these mysterious symbols, shall we? Oh, and don’t worry, there’s also a video guide if you’re more of a visual learner!

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Apple’s iOS 17 Expands Visual Lookup to Diagnose Car Issues

Apple’s forthcoming iOS 17 software update includes significant enhancements to its Visual Lookup feature, broadening its ability to recognize various symbols present on your car’s dashboard. This comes as part of a series of upgrades designed to improve the usefulness and convenience of this feature.

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iPadOS 17 Amplifies Stage Manager’s Functionality, Yet A Few Elements Still Fall Short

Apple introduced Stage Manager last year, an effort to cater to iPad users seeking a desktop-like, multi-window experience. While the Stage Manager’s debut provided this feature, it did so with notable limitations. With the advent of iPadOS 17, Stage Manager has shown significant improvement, although certain aspects leave room for longing.

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Report Highlights Scary New iOS Exploit via iMessage, Putting iPhone Security at Risk

Digital security firm Kaspersky has posted information about a recent cyberattack that targeted the iPhones of Kaspersky employees, which were infected with spyware that is part of a campaign the company dubbed, “Operation Triangulation.”

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Anticipating Apple’s Exciting Lineup of New Products in 2023

Apple has been on a relentless innovation streak, constantly revamping its product range, and transitioning its Mac lineup to its own processors. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Apple has not held back in introducing new devices.

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Behold! Mass Image Transformation on iPhone with iOS 16’s ‘Paste Edits’ Wizardry

So, gather round, all you photo fanatics wielding your iPhones, ready to capture life’s vibrant spectrum with a quick click. You know who you are, yes, the ones meticulously editing every photo to perfection. Picture this (pun totally intended) – iOS 16 has arrived, and with it comes a magical little trick that might just make you fall off your swivel chair.

Apple shifts focus to iPad media editing software
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iPad Refusing to Sip Juice? Try These 6 Quirky Tricks to Reignite Its Thirst

Oh dear, your beloved iPad has decided to play the stubborn child, refusing to drink up that sweet electric nectar? Well, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with six slightly offbeat yet practical ways to persuade your tablet to sip that electricity once again.

apple rumors of new iPhone in 2023
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Apple’s Rumored iPhone 16: Bigger Screen, More Models, and Solid-State Buttons

Apple has been the most dominant player in the smartphone market for a long time, constantly innovating to bring new features and designs to their customers. The latest rumor mill is churning out details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16, and it seems like the tech giant is planning to up the ante with their next flagship smartphone.

Siri call me the internet patrol
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Sick of Siri? You’re not the only one!

According to sources, the teams at Apple working on Siri and artificial intelligence are experiencing a great deal of chaos. Organizational dysfunction and a lack of ambition have hindered Apple’s efforts to improve Siri and the backend technology that powers it.

iOS 17 side loading means loosening control by Apple
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Rumors of Apple finally loosening the reigns for iOS 17

Apple may finally loosen its grip on its centralized operating system. Apple’s iOS 17 update is expected to bestow several new changes onto iPhone users, including the highly anticipated feature of sideloading apps.

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2023’s Two Most Useful iPad Tricks

If this is your very first time using an iPad, everything may feel somewhat complicated initially. While the iPad used to feel more like a huge iPhone, Apple has altered the iPad’s operating system enough to separate both devices. But do not worry; the two ideas we’re about to show you will help you start to master your iPad in a snap.

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Simple but effective tips for your iPhone

You may know a few of, maybe even several of these tips, but we bet there’s at least one in here that will be new to you! Swipe to remove a number in Calculator When you slip up using the Calculator, you do not have to remove everything and start…

iMessage lifesaving tricks for iPhone users
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The iMessage Life-Preserving Update

Apple’s latest iOS update has finally tossed out a lifejacket, saving us from us from the sinking feeling of an iMessage sent too soon. Again, these life-preserving tactics are features of the newest iPhone operating system release, iOS 16. Which, in this case, requires that both sender and recipient to…