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2023’s Two Most Useful iPad Tricks

If this is your very first time using an iPad, everything may feel somewhat complicated initially. While the iPad used to feel more like a huge iPhone, Apple has altered the iPad’s operating system enough to separate both devices. But do not worry; the two ideas we’re about to show you will help you start to master your iPad in a snap.

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Simple but effective tips for your iPhone

You may know a few of, maybe even several of these tips, but we bet there’s at least one in here that will be new to you! Swipe to remove a number in Calculator When you slip up using the Calculator, you do not have to remove everything and start…

iMessage lifesaving tricks for iPhone users
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The iMessage Life-Preserving Update

Apple’s latest iOS update has finally tossed out a lifejacket, saving us from us from the sinking feeling of an iMessage sent too soon. Again, these life-preserving tactics are features of the newest iPhone operating system release, iOS 16. Which, in this case, requires that both sender and recipient to…

iPhone Shortcuts Apple Software App
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Making Your iPhone Work For You: Taking Shortcuts

Your iPhone is filled with useful capabilities that, when configured correctly, can transform it into a personalised tech-wand. You don’t need to be an expert to make the most out of your device; Apple’s apps and features are designed with the user in mind instead of computer-savvy gurus from Silicon Valley. To get started, set up and customise it so that it works for you and fits into your lifestyle.

iPhone Back Tap Shortcut Features Apple iOS
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Making Your iPhone Work For You: The Back-Tap

Welcome to the series Making Your iPhone Work For You, hosted by the honorable, Internet Patrol. We’re here to make your life simpler and give your personal aesthetic a tech boost. Your iPhone is filled with useful capabilities that, when configured correctly, can transform it into a personalised tech wand….

Apple Keyboard Shortcuts Text iMessage iPhone
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Make Your iPhone Work For You: Catch Phrases

The new release of iPhone’s operating system, iOS 16, is packed with so many new features, there’s no way to comment on all of them. Some of the leading iPhone experts have yet to unpack all of the personalization goodies hidden in gestures and long screen-presses. This series, Make Your…

iPhone Keyboard in Messages App. Create new iMessage. Globe icon.
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Making Your iPhone Work For You: More Texting Tricks

In our last article, we showed you how to change your keyboard positioning on your iPhone. This trick is super handy for those of us that seem like we’re constantly juggling. In this article, we’re going to cover a few more texting tricks to up-skill your text sending to stealth…

iPhone Keyboard in Messages App. Create new iMessage. Globe icon.
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Making Your iPhone Work For You: One Hand Texting

When the iPhone debuted in 2007, it ran an unnamed operating system. A year later, it had yet to take a title. The software was simply called “iPhone OS 1.” It wasn’t until 2010 that Apple scrambled with marketing to don it “iOS” for the release version 4. Over the…

parental control
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A Review of App Store’s Top Rated Parental-Control Apps

If you want to keep your kids safe online, you need a parental control app that watches all of your devices. The majority of the current parental control apps in the App Store do nearly all the same stuff with some nuances. You install a monitoring app on each device…

Apple's efforts to make their devices work to parent's advantage with built in Parental Controls
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Match iPhone Parental Control Features With Your Parenting Style

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to setting up your iPhone The best approach depends on your parenting style and what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking to limit screen time, for example, you might want to consider using the Screen Time feature in iOS 12. This lets you…

iPhone screen time limit Apple software parental control
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Everyone Benefits from iPhone’s Built-in Parental Control Features

Benefits of Using iPhone Parental Controls There are many benefits to using iPhone parental controls. With these features, you can control what your children can access on their iPhones and set limits on their use. This can help you protect them from inappropriate content and keep them safe online. In…

iPhone Notification
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How to Fix Your iPhone: Not Ringing

An iPhone may not ring for a variety of reasons, the majority of which are simple to address. Before deciding that an expensive repair is necessary for your iPhone, try these suggestions if your phone does not ring when someone calls. If your iPhone isn’t ringing, there are a few…

iPhone travel airplane mode Apple tips
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10 iPhone Tips for Blocking Out the *Hackers* During Holiday Travel

10 iPhone practices for blocking out the *hackers* during holiday travel this season. We can all agree that the holidays are cherished traditions, best spent with our family and friends. And for many folks, “family-time” means it’s traveling-time. Whether you enjoy the early morning hours at your local airport or…

add money to apple account on iphone
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UPDATE: FBI Responds to Apple’s 3 New Cybersecurity Measures

This is a continuation of a previous post. URGENT UPDATE: The FBI informed the newshounds at the Wall Street Journal that it opposed many of the new modifications introduced by Apple. Another online source indicated that the FBI was, indeed, unhappy with several of the proposed adjustments to the encryption…

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Professional Ways to Save Battery on Your iPhone

The majority of iPhones need to be recharged every few days, if not every day. Turning off services and features is one way to extend the battery life of an iPhone. Displaying your iPhone’s battery life as a percentage for easier monitoring is one simple way to get ahead.