Disaboom: A Social Networking Site for Those with Handicaps and Those Living With Someone Disabled with a Handicap

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Our motto (“We patrol the internet for you”) gives us free license to dust off our Web compass, hack back vines and lianas as needed, and freely explore. Sometimes we must do this to bring to your attention what’s going on in the deep, dark recesses of the web-ridden web, so you can protect yourself from evil-doers. Sometimes we find brightly lit beacons of inspiration, and it’s one of these we are delighted to mention here. Disaboom is a social networking website for those with disabilities – it was created especially for the disabled – and for those living with people with handicaps.

Disaboom launched in the fall of 2007 as a social networking site with the mission to connect the millions of people around the world who are touched by disability. The site is aimed not just at those who themselves are disabled, but also their spouse, their family members, their caring friends and others who seek information. Founded by Dr. J Glen House, an MD with firsthand knowledge, himself a quadriplegic who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Disaboom has a staff expert in many of the forms that disability takes. Add to this the insight of community members, who share their personal stories and experiences, and the result is a powerful resource – a font of real, ever-increasing knowledge, expanding through the efforts of those who have been before where others now go.

Disaboom provides information, community and connection, so that everyone who has been touched by disability, whether disabled themselves or connected closely to someone who is, can create and maintain whatever active, engaged and rewarding life they choose. Disaboom is the perfect place for someone newly dealing with a disability to ask questions about not only their disability, but about how to go about simply living and doing things that so many of us take so much for granted. With this noble goal, we’re delighted to give Disaboom our ringing endorsement, and if you’ve found your life to be even tangentially touched by someone with a disability to check it out.

Check out Disaboom here.

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One thought on “Disaboom: A Social Networking Site for Those with Handicaps and Those Living With Someone Disabled with a Handicap

  1. Big fan of The Internet Patrol. I’m a career special educator and this is one of my buttons. May I introduce you to and urge you to use “People First” language?! The disabled is degrading and handicaps is disgusting, period. Try people with disabilities. It’s thoughtful, preferred and instructive to listeners and readers. Cheers!

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