Dadamobile Explains Those Charges from Dada and Mblox and What to do About Them

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Our Phone Spam, Collect – Courtesy of Mblox and Dadamobile article remains one of our most widely visited article, as so many people are searching every day for information about charges on their cell phone bills from Dada and Mblox.

Today Dada Mobile wrote to us, wanting to set the record straight. They were going to post this as a comment to the previous article, but we felt that as they had taken the trouble to respond, we would give them their very own article.

So here is what Dada has to say:

Hello all, it’s Dadamobile responding again. We appreciate people have taken time to
vent their frustrations and we don’t want anyone to think we aren’t listening –
even if it’s not so pleasant to hear.

We completely understand – there’s tons of spam out there, scams left
and right, and many people have become cynical of any service that
supplies ringtones, games or graphics for mobile phones. When a
dissatisfied customer speaks out because they find charges on their
bill for something they believe they didn’t request, it’s easy to
mistakenly paint the whole industry as a bunch of scammers.
We aren’t.

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We have improved our help-line services so that if you have a
complaint about our services you will find an informed, courteous and
responsive person on the other end of the line to try and help you.
Call our customer service help-line at 888-214-0381 and you’ll see!
If you prefer, try writing to us on our complaint form online:

We want to remind everyone about how our system works to protect you
from any unauthorized charges on your mobile phone. It works like
this every time:

(1) you enter your mobile phone number on the Web page, (2) an
automatic text message is sent back to that mobile phone containing a
special PIN code, and (3) unless you respond to the text message with
a confirmation or you enter the PIN code on the website, you won’t get


If you, or someone in possession of your mobile phone, do not
specifically ask to subscribe, no charges will ever be made. Period.
Of course, if you let someone else use your mobile phone, your account
or your PIN code, you are putting yourself at risk.

And just to be sure you remain aware of the charges, we send out
periodic reminders via text message informing you how to unsubscribe.

It’s that simple.

We really disagree with anyone, in this or any other thread, who says
he or she does not carefully read messages that seem like spam. Sorry
folks, I take issue with that one. If we send you a message informing
you of the service and how to unsubscribe and do everything reasonable
to make sure you aren’t billed for something you don’t want, it is not
OK for you to ignore it and then blame us.

Here’s how you can help prevent mobile phone scams:

(1) keep track of who has access to your mobile phone, your number and
your account, (2) read all text messages you receive completely and
respond accordingly and (3) review your mobile bills carefully and
report all unauthorized charges to your carrier immediately!

It’s obvious we can’t prevent every scam, no matter how much we would
like to do so. But we hope it is clear that our business will grow
when we have satisfied customers, so that’s our primary goal.
And, by the way, we do have hundreds of thousands of customers who
never complain. Can we do better? Always. Do we listen to you? Always.
That’s why we’re here, in this forum.

Thanks for reading this far :-) and let us know if you have problems
by calling our customer service people or using the [Page no longer available – we have linked to the version instead]. Our goal is to have satisfied customers!

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The Internet Patrol is and always has been free. We don't hide our articles behind a paywall, or restrict the number of articles you can read in a month if you don't give us money. That said, it does cost us money to run the site, so if something you read here was helpful or useful, won't you consider donating something to help keep the Internet Patrol free?
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197 thoughts on “Dadamobile Explains Those Charges from Dada and Mblox and What to do About Them

  1. In South Australia I had NO joy with my telephone provider(Virgin Mobile who are carriers for Optus Mobile). Virgin referred me to Optus. Optus (hopefully) blocked all Premium SMS’s but said they would not refund the $’s fraudulently attained (!). No one else has access to my mobile (cell phone), I DID not subscribe to dada/WAALA – or whatever they want to call themselves.
    Believe me, I am not finished yet. I hope Australia’s customer service is taken as seriously as it appears to be in North America.

  2. I had the exact same experience as a lot of people on here. Dada Mobile deducted $15.50 from my PRE-PAID (!!) credits on my mobile account without any authorization. When I called Optus to complain, I was instructed to call Dada Mobile support. Their customer service rep (who had an African accent) advised me to send an email to [email protected] detailing my complaint and request for a refund. I’m still waiting!

    It’s despicable that Optus has taken no measures to protect its customers from these thieves. The internet is littered with reports about unauthorized charges by this company. Despite Waala’s assertions to the contrary, there is no doubt that its business practices are suspect and deliberately designed to entrap and defraud.

  3. Simply call At&t; they will credit the charges and also cancel the subscription and block future mobile purchases. Simple! Just did it!

  4. Same problem, being charged, never subscribed, cant get onto them via phone. Complained to Oputs, they seem to have no problems talking to them. What to do: email them :
    [email protected]’ and ask for your money back! Optus was actually very helpful

  5. I have just received my mobile bill (Optus Australia), received content services from Data Mobile, never subscribed, never used, never heard of before. Rang their customer service line, no doubt that will be a hefy bill in itself. Spoke to gentleman via South Africa, just in itself is a scam. He said must have subscribed through an email which was never received to get a pin again not received. Asked to be unsubscribed which he said the company had already received on the 10th July 2011, again a lie as I never sent one. Received more on the 17th July and again on the 20th August 2011. He was totally uncooperative so had to deal with my telco which where aware of this scam so why not stop it altogether. If I could track down these people i would and as for a class action they are scamming all over the world with no consequences. My telco are going to credit previous charges to my phone and have asked to be removed from receiving premium sms again. Do not use phone for anything but phone calls, have no internet usage on phone ever. Still do not know how they got my number. As someone previous said this is the new spam mail, however making money easily.

  6. Oh and I’d like to add that as ‘difficult’ as it was for them to apparently receive my ‘stop’ message, it certainly was easy for them to receive my text to activate in the beginning. Again, how convenient. Just after I got off the phone to them, they sent me a text saying that I have been unsubscribed. Just what I wanted all along, but seemed so difficult to achieve. Geez, I could just go on an on…..

  7. They are a rip off! I do not how I subrscibed to this rubbish, but they are scammers….. I texted stop last month, but still got charged this month. When I phoned, they stated that no text had come through requesting stop. How convenient I said. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but again how convenient, there was not one there to talk to. I had to email. They will rip you off and take your money and deny everything. They should be banned from services all together.

  8. DADA are scammers for sure. The ring tone I tried to get (initially they said it would be free) was not the one I requested when I played the sample on line. The one they had was some other disgusting sounding piece of crap. I immediately sent “STOP” to the number I had made note of earlier (as I had been ripped off by a similar scam years before). I never even got a PIN, and when I sent the STOP request, I got a return message that said my number was not even on their records; so I assumed that was the end of it – until I got my phone bill today, with a charge from MBLOX Pty Ltd, which is DADA in disguise. Numbers I was given to contact them are: 1800 610 026, and 1300 794 705. Will call them to see what the go is with the charge.

  9. Man!! I hope they refund — I been charged $10.00 every 2 weeks 4 many (3 or 4 or more) months

  10. Dada Mobile also operates under the name Dada Motime (short code 32000), which is the name that appeared on my Verizon bill. I noticed the $10 charge on November’s bill, and after researching, found a $10 charge for October as well. Here’s what happened: On the evening of 10/12, my son was searching for song lyrics on the web and noticed a link to a “free” ring tone. He followed the link, provided his cell number, got the free ring tone, and didn’t think anymore about it. According to our phone records, a few hours later, on 10/13 at 1:11 AM, a $10 charge was posted to our Verizon account from Dada Motime. My son was unaware that he had just subscribed to a $10/month service to download wallpaper and ring tones, and that the cell number he provided was the method of payment! If, as the Dada spokesperson says (who is quoted above), my son was fully and completely aware that he was subscribing to a service, why didn’t my son subsequently download any wallpaper or ring tones, particularly if he knows he’s paying $10 a month? My Verizon bill, which details all text messages to and from that phone, has no record of any downloads from Dada Mobile. I called Dada Mobile (888-243-2308) to see if they could tell me when, if ever, my son used the service to which he “subscribed”. They could produce no records. The Dada representative parroted the spiel quoted above, about a two-step process, and that there can be no doubt that you are subscribing to a paid service. She said even if you initiate the process through a web page, the subscription PIN is always sent to the phone, so that someone must be in physical possession of the phone to receive the PIN and complete the process. I asked her for the specific date and time when Dada sent the subscription PIN to my son’s cell number. She produced a date and time, which didn’t match any text message detailed in my phone bill, not even close. Dada’s assertion about the two-step process is a wishful fancy, not a reality. The truth is, once Dada is in possession of your phone number, they can say whatever they want, and charge you whatever they want, and you have no recourse. And they don’t give refunds, even when you catch them in a lie. To finish the story, both Verizon’s records and Dada’s records agree that a month later, on 11/13, a text message was sent to my son’s cell phone, to “renew” the service for another month. Confused about why he would be getting the message, and not linking it in his mind to his “free” ring tone from the month before, but nevertheless not wanting any such service, he replied with the “cancel” option. Both Verizon and Dada records concur that the service was cancelled at this time. No one disputes these facts. Curious then, that 3 hours later, after the service had been “cancelled”, Dada posted another $10 charge on our Verizon account, for the next month’s service. This smacks of fraud, and it isn’t the first time for Dada. If Dada spokesperson were forthcoming, he would tell us that Dada was named in a 2009 class-action lawsuit, totalling $63 million. The lawsuit alleged that Dada, and others, were fraudulently charging people for services advertised as free. Sound familiar? The suit was settled with no admission of guilt on the part of Dada For Verizon customers, it is possible to login to your online Verizon account and block the Premium Messaging (SMS) service. This prevents any new SMS providers from getting you signed up for their “subscription”. However, for existing subscriptions, you must instead “opt-out”, which is a different process and involves sending some kind of keyword, such as “Stop”, directly from your cell phone to Dada (or whoever the provider is). A Verizon customer service rep can also help you opt-out of an existing subscription. We all understand the saying, “Let the buyer beware”, but sometimes it’s not clear that we’ve bought something.

  11. I have never signed up for anything on my mobile yet there they are – Mblox – who the hell are they and what do they do I ask myself – last month I had a charge of $49au I complained to my telephone company who helped me text “Stop” to this company – this month I had another charge of $37au what do I have to do to stop these people i dont even get any text msgs from them so how do I know to text “stop”, they are outright thieves!

  12. Total scam artists – we (I) have all been trained to ignore and not open any kind of spam on any devices. . . .so not opening their spam message entitles them to charge $9.99 a month on my cell phone bill??? Are you kidding me??? That is their logic??? What a bunch of thieves!!!!!

  13. Isn’t it amazing how the company sent the message about being such an honest company, willing to listen, and that it wasn’t their fault and yet these complaints have continued from 2006—to present day. I too am a victim of this scam—was charged last month and called–the “informed, courteous and responsive” person assured me that it would be cancelled. What do you know—the charge was on my next bill as well. Have to wait until morning to call again–these people need to be put out of business—scammers!

  14. had dada charge 30$ to my current bill for one phone #, they claim to only charge 10/month per phone. have never recieved a message from them before and have never subscribed. had to call my carrier to see who these charges were coming from. called them. they said i’d never subscribed, which is true… denied charging 30 to my bell bill for one of my phones in 1 month, even though that was the information given to me by bell canada. had to call them on their bulls*** and now i have tofax them my cellphone bill to make them send me a cheque… which will take 2-3 weeks. and i have to pay to fax them my bill. so i essentially spent 2 hours on the phone and then still have to pay to fax out paperwork to them just to get my money back they never should have been charged in the first place.

  15. Total scam. They have been charging my cell phone since January. Their offer was to discontinue the monthly charges – how very nice of them. I demanded a complete refund for all charges since they began billing me and they “claim” they will send me a check for $99 to reimburse me. We shall see BUT don’t accept anything less than a FULL REFUND OF ALL CHARGES!!!!

  16. I am in Australia and started receiving a $10 charge on my Telstra Bill, as my book keeper pays the account I never picked it up for about 12 mths. I rang Dadamobile and he said I subscribed by putting my mobile number on a website and ticking a agreement box to say I knew I was going to get charged $10 a week. I never did this and have no idea how I could have as I dont even know their website address. I have been scammed over $520 and they refuse to do anything about it. Not impressed!! bloody scammers!!

  17. DADA is a total scam–i spoke to four people at sprint, one of whom got taken by them!!! i mean they work for sprint for god’s sake, and even they got taken, another sprint rep said her mom and sister both got taken for their $$. What’s brilliant about this scam, is that they are charging you through your phone company, and if you have an unlimited plan, you don’t check your phone records often. also, they are charging for something so stupid, silly, and small that it should be free. Even a moron knows a free ipod is too good to be true, but a free ring tone sounds normal, reasonable…except it’s not free.

  18. I have been getting cell phone bills that are outrageous for several months. The problem is the carrier and the scam artists. My carrier is sprint (which sucks by the way)! If you want 500 dollar monthly bills go to sprint. They are the worst cell phone carriers around. I was with AT&T prior to and was with them for 6 years and never had a problem until I got a divorce and switched carriers. I have been trying to get out of the contract ever since. I tried to get out of it in the 4 week grace period and I was told “a contract is a contract” and was offered additional servics for an additional phone line and they in turn would adjust the bill. I entered the plan two days prior to the end of the billing cycle and the following week I received a 300 dollar cell phone bill. They credited me within the 4 weeks so I would stay long enough past that 4 week grace period and it has been hell ever since. I just got off the phone with them and they refused to assist with the additional charges which I was originally told that sprint has a way of blocking these other companies from billing for services not asked for which I am now being told by Sprint that they can’t block anything. What a bunch of liars. They lied to keep me in the plan long enough to get past that 4 week trial period. never the less I am stil trying to get charges taken off. good luck all of you sprint customers. SPRINT SUCKS!

  19. I am a sprint customer, and upon looking at my usage data on the net, I noticed a 9.99 charge for a premium service. I called sprint, and they stopped it and credited my phone. Granted I do have text messages coming in from other sources, but I thought they were free. And in the other cases they are like espn, but sprint gave me the number 63232, and i text stop to that carrier number just to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Even though sprint has blocked it I want them to stop as well. Upon searching I found this blog, and thank you guys very much.

  20. They are con artists. They advertise “free” ring tones; to sign up just enter the pin number they send you. When you send back the pin they bill you $120/year on your cell phone bill ($9.99/month). I never went to their web site and immediately called their 800 number to complain.

    I was transfered to New Delhi, India. They said they will mail me a check for $9.99 in 2-3 weeks (fat chance they will ever mail that check without me calling a few more times!), but they “cannot” credit my Verizon bill directly even though I never used their service, and never signed up for their service. Meanwhile all the other Verizon taxes and surcharges on the $9.99 still apply, so Verizon is getting paid off and therefore still participates in the scam as an accomplice.

    We should start a class action suit.

  21. It is shocking that this SCAM be allowed to continue. In Australia, my 14 y.o. son is with Pre-paid Telstra. I have been scolding him for months for using up his credit so quickly. ‘Who are you ringing?’ I ask. ‘No-one’ he replies.

    At long last the culprit is revealed: Dada and Mblox. Yes they have now responded to the text “STOP”, which was sent to 191200.

    But they are ripping off millions, and interfering with simple family life. My son needs his phone for health reasons and personal safety and these thieves ensure he can never call us for help. I sincerely hope we can get them into a court of law and charge them with stealing.

    At long last, I have come across the reason. He once asked for a kids ring tone. And obviously did not read the fine print.

  22. DADA NET ARE SCAMMERS, it’s as simple as that. Do not believe any of their lies, it appears their core business is ripping people’s mobile phone accounts off with unsolicited ringtones, after (in my case) I gave my number to receive a “free” ringtone (lesson now learnt). I got sent weekly ringtones I did not ask for and was charged $5 per massage for two messages per week. The messages went straight to the ringtone section of my phone and i could see no way to reply.
    They did stop the service after I sent “stop” to 191 200 after a lot of angst and working out what to do, by which time they had stolen $60 off me. They DO NOT send reminders about how unsubscribe. At no time did I agree to any of this “service”, it’s clearly a total scam. I am looking into things to get a full refund, but even if I succeed I am sure they have successfully stolen many thousands of dollars from hundreds of others. I doubt I’ll get anything back.

  23. This scam has extended to Australia. I neither provided my mobile number to them nor confirm them with their so called PIN. I was only aware of Dadamoble’s existance by notice of Vodafone when I found from my May bill that a total of $27.24 was deducted and raised this to Vodafone. I was told by Vodafone customer service that I have to contact Dadamobile with the number 1300794705 to lodge complaints. However, I tried many time but can never reach anyone via this number. I am uneable locate their business address in Australia. I wonder if anyone can initiate law suit against them. Please let me know. Also it seems that lots of people have alerted it as a scam since last year, how can Vodafone still let such charge happen?

  24. I’ve been billed by these people from Mblox for 9.99 a month for the past 4 months, and called ATT, who were able to refund me the charges for the past 2 months. They said they couldn’t refund all 4 months’ worth of charges, but it is better than nothing. I had no trouble with the ATT customer service rep to refund me the money, she had heard of this scam before. The phone on our family line that got charged with this scam was my younger brother’s, and he had never actively signed up for this so-called “service,” we think that maybe someone he knew who knows his # signed him up as a prank, or maybe this Mblox company is just a big scam!

  25. I don’t know how to text! These SOBs have been billing me $10 a month for 4 months now!! What should I do? I make less than $10 an hour.


  26. My god I’m with telstra and ive been getting these Dada service msgs.. they flash up and if im on a call or doing somthing on my mobile at the time it dissappears before i get to read it properly.. ive sent “STOP” in lower and upper case to all numbers attached and im still getting charged $5 for two items only minutes appart they appear as different names on my bill “Dada Mobile”,”splash mo”, “191200 MT DADA”.. i tried calling one of the contact numbers and no answer but guess what?.. it appeared on my bill as being in Georgia USA..and im in Sydney.. wankers.. get a real job!!! if anyone can help please do so… cheers

  27. I don’t know if anyone is putting any pressure on companies like but we must also remember that the telephone companies such as Verizon, etc. are billing for these scammers. Shouldn’t they be cupable as well? Phone companies must be getting something out of this. I have spent over 3 hours of my time since Jan. 08 trying to find a way to stop Dada from billing me $9.99 per month for a service I neither requested nor used. Hopefully, it ended today, but I won’t really know until my next phone bill. Don’t think it’s over if they don’t charge you for a month, they’ll just start the charges again the next month. Inexcusable!

  28. I have just been informed by my carrier Optus that I have to pay $400 for services which I neither requested nor received. All I know is I keep getting messages saying “Dada?” and I keep cancelling out of them. That is all. Then number in their article is not even an Australian phone number. And now they want me to pay all this money. Is that a scam or is that a scam?

  29. Eleven charges at $5 a time, for rubbish which was not asked for!! That means you bums have conned me and sucked $55 for the supply of useless stuff. You deserve to be hung, drawn and quartered.

  30. This is a scam!!! It said 10 free ringtones so all you need to do is enter your phone number with a pin they sent via email. Got the email which state “XXXXX is your password, enter it now to get your ringtones. 8 download for $9.99 a month charge to your phonebill. Renews monthly.� If you enter the pin you WONT RECEIVE 10 free ringtones, what you receive is an automatic subscription to their service and a charge of $9.99 to your phone bill. Where does it say by entering the pin you will be charge $9.99? The email wording is very vague and misleading. This company should be prosecuted for stealing!!!

  31. here is a letter I faxed to Fax number is 1-212-925-0269.
    March 25, 2008
    PO Box 667
    New York, N.Y. 10012

    As a parent, I am deeply disturbed by your company’s business practices. My minor child visited your web site and was under the impression that he could receive 10 free ringtones by entering his cell phone number and then entering the pin number that he was sent by text message. I looked at the site with him and did not see any language that would lead us to believe that we would then immediately be charged a fee of $9.99 for a service that we had no intention of subscribing to. I then immediately contacted your customer service department and explained the situation to them. The phone conversation I had with a supervisor/manager in your customer service department in India was surreal and by far the most disturbing phone conversation I have ever had with a customer service representative from any company that I have dealt with. First of all, I expect that if I contact a customer service representative, that I have the right to speak with someone who speaks English fluently and clearly. Secondly, when I was on the phone explaining to the representative that my minor child had been charged $9.99 and that I believed that your company was utilizing questionable business practices, I certainly did not feel that the customer service representative somehow then had the right to comment on my parenting and tell me that it was my responsibility to monitor my child’s phone use. The second that my child realized that he had incurred a charge, he asked me for help to try and solve the problem. I looked at the website and saw how easily he could have been confused and why he was under the impression that he was just registering for the opportunity to receive 10 free ringtones. Your customer service manager, “Larsonâ€? repeatedly told me that I had failed in my parenting responsibilities by not monitoring my child’s phone and internet use. I believe that it is your company’s responsibility to clearly state that the consumer is registering for your service and that the 10 free ring tones are not being offered independently of a paid subscription service. This needs to be clearly stated and not something that is found in the small print in a jumble of legal disclaimers in the user’s agreement. There are literally tens of thousands of complaints by other consumers regarding the false claims made by your company and it appears that very little has been done by your company to make this right.
    I have contacted our mobile phone carrier regarding your company and the charges made to our account and the customer service representative told me that they consider your business practices to be deceptive and that your operation is considered a “scamâ€? by the carrier. In addition, she immediately removed the charge from my account and instructed me on how to prevent your company from making any further contact to my child’s cell phone number. She also, on her own initiative, “blacklistedâ€? your company from our account. Clearly, your business practices are considered deceptive and unethical by the cellular community at large and need to be closely examined and corrected if you do indeed desire to be a well respected corporation as stated on your website.
    If you truly are reputable, you must make arrangements to immediately credit back and/or reverse charges that were made to cellular phone accounts when requested to do so by the consumer. I really don’t believe that your company does not possess the ability to do this currently. Your customer service representative stated that they could send us a check but that the charges could not be reversed. This seems like plain old poor business practice to me; doesn’t it cost your company more than $9.99 to process a refund check????
    Your response to literally thousands of complaints on an internet website states,
    We have improved our help-line services so that if you have a complaint about our services you will find an informed, courteous and responsive person on the other end of the line to try and help you. Call our customer service help-line at 888-214-0381 and you’ll see!
    If you prefer, try writing to us on our complaint form online:
    I certainly do not believe that your customer service manager was informed, courteous or responsive. How can you believe that someone who speaks English with such a heavy accent that they are nearly impossible to understand could be referred to as informed? It is deeply upsetting to me that your customer service manager felt entitled to use a condescending tone with me when I asked for him to repeat what he was saying because it was nearly impossible to understand him because of his heavy accent. At several points, I had to ask him to spell words because I had no idea what he was saying. Your customer service manager resorted to yelling at me on several occasions as if simply speaking louder would help me to understand him.
    In addition, a customer service manager making judgmental and inappropriate comments to me as a parent is certainly not acting courteously. The only responsive behavior on the part of your customer service manager was to repeat over and over his commentary on my parenting behavior. When I told your customer service representative that he had no right to comment on my parenting, he continued to chant like a mantra that it was my job to monitor my child’s phone use. I am incredulous and I cannot even begin to express to you how angry I am about this encounter and your customer service manager’s behavior.

    Your response on the above mentioned internet forum also states,
    But we hope it is clear that our business will grow when we have satisfied customers, so that’s our primary goal. And, by the way, we do have hundreds of thousands of customers who
    never complain. Can we do better? Always. Do we listen to you? Always.
    That’s why we’re here, in this forum.

    It is my sincere hope that you will address my complaint and that you will stop your deceptive business practices and make it clear on your internet site that the 10 free ring tones are part of a subscription package that cost $9.99 per month. It is also imperative that you instruct your customer service managers to refrain from making judgmental remarks to a parent who is trying to make right a situation involving a minor child that is the result of deceptive business practices on the part of your company! I took the initiative to address the issue immediately only to be treated with disrespect by a manager who barely speaks English. If you are really committed to doing better and listening, then you really need to examine what many feel to be deceptive business practices and to examine your practice of contracting out your customer service to a company that doesn’t make an effort to put people on the phone who speak English clearly or that are courteous. The deceptive business practices by your company, the comments made by your customer service manager and the frustration in not being able to understand what he was saying made me so angry I found myself in a shouting match with your customer service manager! When given the opportunity to apologize for making such rude remarks regarding my responsibilities as a parent, he simply repeated his comments more loudly. I am disgusted!

    My experience with your company has been a negative one and I cannot ever imagine myself doing business with your company. It certainly has never been my experience as a consumer, ever, to have a customer service representative believe that they have the right to tell me how to parent my child. I hope that you will address “Larson’sâ€? behavior and ensure that this does not happen again. In addition, it is my sincere hope that you will become a company that prides itself on fair and honest business practices and that you will reduce by one, the number of predatory companies out there that make us all wish that we could something to stop all of this nonsense!

  32. Thanks to everone who has commented for the great information and advice on how to deal with these fraudulent charges. I just got off the phone with a Verizon agent and I was able to calmly explain that I was spammed by a company called dadnet and I needed the charge taken off my bill and a block put on all premium text messages. The agent took off the charges with no complaint, added the block, and put a note on my account that I shouldn’t be charged in the future.

  33. After switching to Verizon, I was offered free trial of data service for 1 month. I received a message re free ringtones, which I opened, with the understanding that it was free. I never subscribed to anything for which I approved charges to my account. I did not receive free ringtones. Instead there was a $9.99 charge on my Verizon bill. Verizon refused to credit the unauthorized charges. They said I needed to contact for that. refused the credit, insisting that the service was subscribed to. (I did not find an informed, courteous and
    responsive person on the help line as promised.) I have had the same phone # with sprint and US Cellular, and never had this problem. It started when I switched to Verizon, which makes Verizon appear suspicious. I plan to follow up on the issue with Verizon,, and the Better Business Bureau, and cancelling my contract with Verizon if the matter doesn’t get resolved.

  34. reading this artlicle, you can feel the ignorance in the whole letter. “if you didn’t read this, and didn’t reply with pin, and did read the fine print,….this would not have happened.” visit these websites and see how deceiving they are. they will look at every possible way to make you input your numbers in there. on the other hand, i have unsubscribed myself from the service numerous times. yet, i still see charges on my account. now sprint is paying for it…they can chase dada. how professional is dada when you call the customer service noone pics up. this is not coinsidence; this is the reality. They know what they are doing and are using the whole legality thing as a backup. Crock of $%#@. The CEO/Owner/President or whoever is sitting large on 24″ collecting money from us petty fools.

  35. From the Privacy Policy on the enmob website –

    We don’t like junk e-mail or text messages anymore than you do. That’s why we are committed to maintaining your privacy. We will not sell you out to any other company.

    Who are they kidding?!

  36. You can ‘take issue’ all you want, you piece of crap, I and hundreds of others never received an opt-in message, I just started getting texts in the middle of the night from you that start ‘Need hot new content 4 UR mob?…’ Reads and sounds like spam. You people belong in prison.

  37. I think we need to direct our anger to our service providers for allowing third party companies to bill through them, It seems like their loyalty is with these shady businesses and not with their longtime customers. Boy I’m in the wrong business, I should have never listened to my parents, Crime does PAY.

  38. I just spoke to Hector at Sprint customer service about having the same problem with not signing up for anything and still getting this message and then replying with the word “stop” and still getting charged.

    He was the nicest person I have ever spoken with in CS and was more than glad to take the charge off for me.

    Now this is the second time I called back. I did ask to speak with a supervisor when I got Hector and he asked what the problem was and he was more than glad to help.

    Call and talk to Hector to get the charge removed!

  39. I got $9.99 Nevis 26706 charge on my Sprint. CS removed it and forward me to tech support to have it block. We need to file complaints with the FCC regarding the spams…

    Agree with Ed on class action….

  40. Same story here. It does appear that Sprint at least is getting the message. Without argument they refunded and blocked the line.

    According to the rep, the key point is that if you receive a number of these messages from one of these services they can AUTOMATICALLY start billing you if you don’t say STOP.

    Reminds me of email subscription BS from 10 years ago.

    Class action is in order.

  41. Almost every month I spend 45 minutes to an hour trying to have 9.99 charges from DadaMobile and MMTXTALRT reversed on my Verizon wireless bill. I have never subscribed to any of these services and Verizon is usually willing to credit some of the charges. I am tired of being scammed and would be willing to participate in a class action law suit.

  42. My wife has been having the same problem but we are with cell one in alaska.She has tried time and again to get them to stop but they won’t.I will look for a few lawyers myself.Darrell

  43. 26706 is Spam email site. If Reply “stop” & then send or typing in 26706 “stop” & then send will not work, call their phone # & leave voice mail threatening to sue them 1-888-648-9524 you can also use their “contact us” on their site to email them to tell them to stop. Worked for me in just a few moments.

  44. I have had exactly the same experience. Never signed up for ANYTHING. 3 text messages in a row. Texted back STOP to, but got 3 more the next day with a “you are resubscribed.” Called Sprint b/c I saw a PREMIUM SERVICE CHARGE on-line. They blocked messages from and gave me the NEVIS information to 888-648-9524. Same message as everyone else “higher than expected volume of calls.” I found this website, as well as this: and A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT site

    I’m very disheartened that there are scammers like this that put a drain on the system and people’s lives to just illegally make money on services NEVER requested. I hope they get shut down in a big way and get some REAL FINES such as Prison time.

  45. I am a reporter for WKRC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, OH
    I am doing a story on this problem of text spamming. Is there anyone out there in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky or Southeastern Indiana region who has encountered this problem, and is willing to do an interview with us. I have another email: [email protected] or [email protected] ( I had a typo in my email on my previous message)

  46. I am a reporter for WKRC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, OH
    I am doing a story on this problem of text spamming. Is there anyone out there in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky or Southeastern Indiana region who has encountered this problem, and is willing to do an interview with us. I have another email: [email protected]
    [email protected]

  47. This company sucks you in with an offer of free ringtones, if you don’t read their site carefully, including a huge terms of service page, it’s hard to see that you are agreeing to a $9.95/month subscription fee. This is unethical and they should be sued. The class action suit above is only against the phone companies, but suing them will only result in higher phone bills as the greedy attorneys take their share. Instead call your phone company and complain until they stop allowing these companies to rip you off.

  48. I received a text message with a pin code on 8/22 at 7:50pm. Of course I did not respond. At 7:51pm I receive my first movie text. Every time I tried to reply with ‘STOP’ my message was returned. I finally called Sprint today and EnMob has been charging me $10/mo for these stupid messages that I never signed up for. When I try to dial the phone number I get a voicemail. I seriously doubt anyone will be calling me. I can’t report them to the BBB because they don’t have an address listed on their website. How convenient–jerks!

  49. This is not spam. This is real YOUR COMPANY is a rip off. That is unfair for you to do that to working people. I didnt SIGN UP FOR THIS. I had to pay 10 for nothing. Take this off my phone NOW. I will warn everyone about this scam. STOP B

  50. Contact the following (takes only few minutes):
    1. FCC (Federal Communication Commission):
    2. BBB (Better Business Bureau):
    3. Call your phone company to block this company and remove “subscription” fee
    4. Call and write to this company:
    DadaMobile Inc
    1375 Broadway 3rd floor
    New York, NY 10018
    Email: [email protected]
    Cust Svc: 888-214-0381 (M-F 8a-6p)


  51. You can do the following to help resolve this:
    1. Contact your phone carrier to tell them you never subscribed, they will credit your account and block
    2. Write to the Better Business Bureau
    3. Send email to customer service: us.php
    4. Call their customer service dept (M-F 8a-6p) 1-888-214-0381.
    5. Keep calling and emailing them every day to make sure they understand this is unscrupulous spamming and unethical scamming fraud!

  52. I got scammed by dadamobile. Never requested any service by them, just got a rubish message that if i want to unsubscribe i should send “unsubscribe” or something. But i never asked to be subscribed! They can’t assume that i want to be subscribed if i dont ask for that. They are obviusly the biggest scammers stealing peoples money. I have reported them to the Office of Fair Trading and requested all my money back. Oh, and i am in Sydney.

  53. I just got 4 messages from 26207 (enmob) today. I responded STOP to one, but quickly second guessed myself. I then researched online and found several forums just like this so I called AT&T and told them my situation and explained exactly what happened. I just paid my bill for last month today and nothing was on it yet. However, the lady I talked to said that there was a new charge on this upcoming bill. She had it removed within a minute or two and then put a block on my account so no outside purchases can be added to the bill without a PIN code. AT&T had the whole thing taken care of in about 8-10 minutes (I hope so at least-I guess will see when I get the next bill). I asked if they’ve seen a lot of this recently and she said yes and that AT&T was working to solve the problem.

    I’m sorry for the other people that had a bad experience with AT&T/Cingular. I’m in customer service and I think a helpful experience is just a matter of what rep you get when you call.

    The ironic thing about the whole issue is that I was in Nevis, W.I. last summer and the people in Charlestown could not have been nicer and more accomodating. I guess there are bad apples everywhere though.

  54. This company sucks. We HAVE NEVER recieved any messages from them at all, never, and then we see a charge from them and all of a sudden we find out we’ve been getting billed for this and get this, we didn’t even have the numbers when they started charging us……bastards, I will not let this go…they will be out of bussiness before I am done….

  55. Hi all

    I’ve worked in the mobile industry for a few years now in the UK (and spent some time in the US and know all the companies mentioned)- trust me if you think it is bad in the US it is a lot worse in the UK whereby you just have to send a text in once (no double opt-in) and then you can get hit with a subscription.

    The short term answer is to use the STOP to shortcode text. If this doesn’t work then it is a scam. Generally speaking i would expect the content providers (dada’s etc) to sharpen up now with the number of complaints. At least dada are listening and writing so they should process this.

    If they don’t take more care the same thing will happen in the US that happened in the UK – you cripple the subscription market as too many end users are scared.

    Long term – well we are only just getting there here in the UK – which is that the carriers have all agreed to a set of rules called Pay For It – this kicks in end of the year so fingers crossed. Subscriptions don’t work so well now as the market is more mobile internet driven and end users are terrified of anything that looks like subscription

    The key thing is don’t send the second opt in message (on web or by texting yes) – then you can’t get subscribed. If you do then from a legal point of view you are left with very little room to move…

    Good luck :-)

  56. If you were charged on your cell phone bill for ringtones or other mobile content that you never authorized, you might want to get in touch with some class action attorneys.

    These guys are investigating unauthorized cell phone charges and wireless SMS spam and might be able to help you fight back:

  57. I had the same exact thing happen to me, I randomly got this text message about some movie alert thing and I knew I didn’t sign up for it because it was a scam so I send the stop text to the number and was sent one back saying that I had been taken off the list and wouldn’t get any more messages. When I got my bill I saw a $9.99 charge for a message; After I figured out what had happened I called Sprint and they would not cooperate at all. I got a CSR on the phone who didn’t know what was going on and put me on hold forever while she figured out what was wrong with her computer. Then she put me on hold again to find out what the charge was for and when she came back on she told me what I had already known. When I was on hold for the third time I found this site and after getting in an argument with the supervisor and eventually hanging up on her I called the number connected with Nevis mobile. I was on the phone with them just long enough to tell them the situation and give them some info and the guy said it would be taken care of within 3 business days. Yea we’ll see about that, my luck I’ll end up getting another spam message and have to go through this whole thing all over again.

  58. Dadamobile charged us $9.99 a month for three months before we could get them to stop billing us, and we NEVER signed up for anything on their site. We had to get the BBB involved and in contact with them to get a refund.

  59. Dont you just love it Dadamobile say you will get a “you will find an informed, courteous and
    responsive person on the other end of the line to try and help you.” They told me “Dear customer,

    We are sorry but this is all we have to say regarding this matter.” when I demanded proof that I had subscribed with them. How come they are getting away with it. This is so obviously illegal. My phone company Orange are collaborating with crime and I will do as the previous message says!

  60. #130, my suggestion is that you read some of the other posters on this site,including the ones that I have posted. It happened to me as well and my cell phone provider took the charges off and I have never had a problem since. They were already aware of the problem and I think it is a scam between Dadamobile (and other similar companies) and cell phone providers since there are more than one cell phone provider affected. Just call them and tell them (your cell phone provider) to take the charges off your bill and to see that any account that they have with you is closed.

  61. I had my service suspended while I am deployed to Afghanistan. My June bill had this charge on it with a start date when I was still in Afghanistan and my service was suspended!
    Please explain to me how I subscribe, reply, or whatever when my phone service is suspended, the phone is turned off, and I am in a foreign country!

  62. Hi, I KNOW this has to be a scam, because I was charged the 9.99 on a sprint data card, which can not send or recieve text messages. I contacted sprint and they did take it off my bill, and set my account to not accept anything like that again.. and I asked to be transferred to fraud. I expected to file a complaint that would go unanswered (the norm for sprint) but I have been contacted back twice from their fraud dept. so I think they’re actually on the ball on this SCAM. I’ve even contacted nevis by phone, and they HUNG UP! I then contacted them by e-mail, but I don’t expect anything back. These companies think because they’re in another country, they can get away with things like this.. but you can help stop it by contacting your cell provider and having them put a block on this type of service.. I forget exactly what they call it, but if you explain, they will know what you’re talking about.

  63. It is easy to have this taken off by your cell phone company – at least from sprint.

    Call – speak to the rep that answers the phone. If they will not credit all charges. Ask for their supervisor. If they will not credit it. Ask to speak with Account Cancellation Specialist. When they answer be very nice…. these people are actually in place at the companies to help keep you from leaving. So they will help as much as they can. This person should be able to credit all the charges. They will also be able to block Premium Services & Text messaging from your phone. Which means the company should not be able to get through. Make sure they make a note stating that it was credited & that future issues should be credited by your carrier. Sadly this means no one will be able to text you at all & you will not be able to text anyone. Write down the name & time of the person you spoke with.


  64. HAHAHAHAHAHA! God, I’m in stitches after reading Dadamobile’s sad, sad tale of woe. A sincere thank you to The Internet Patrol for keeping these message boards up. You’ve even given Dadamobile it’s own article in which to post its response. Wow. Nonetheless, your diligence is going to ultimately help people get their money back and you’re doing so many people a great service.

    That said, here’s what I just posted on the ‘old’ Dadamobile board. It bears repeating here.

    Wow. Just the fact that Dadamobile’s Customer “Serviceâ€? has posted so many comments on a forum/message board NOT owned by them, is evidence enough that this company is not conducting themselves properly. What legitimate company searches the internet and posts on message boards and forums such as this?! None. The legitimate ones don’t have to!!

    All the explanations about recycled phone numbers and two part sign-ups is a crock. When you have 9+ out of 10 people crying foul, you have the basis of a class action lawsuit. The only people that have supported Dadamobile, likely signed up for the service (on purpose!).

    There is no question in my mind that Dadamobile is guilty of fraud, fraud in the inducement, intrinsic and constructive fraud, deceptive and fraudulent ‘sales’ practices, lack of full disclosure and they’re in clear violation of the Fair Business Practices Act as well as the Federal Trade Commission Act. The company has NOT acted in good faith; there is much evidence to support the fact that the manner in which they have conducted their business, is criminal.

    I would encourage each and every one of you who has a complaint with this company, to enter the above phrases into a legal search engine and find the state codes and US codes which apply. There have been State and Federal laws broken by this company and you CAN get your money back (I did!!), or you have legal recourse, and can sue for it in court. Stop being a victim and become proactive. Hound the company and do not stop until you’ve received your refund. It only took me about a week or so before they caved in.

    Print out this entire webpage and include it in your evidence if you plan to go to court.

    Regardless of how you proceed, you WILL win and you WILL get your money back if you are persistent and professional. Do your homework. Feel free to copy and paste the above legal terms into your correspondence with the company. You may get a quicker response. Again, I GOT A REFUND from Dadamobile and you can, too!

  65. I received my bill over the weekend and there WAS a charge for $9.99. I just got off the phone with Sprint … they were GREAT! They credited my account – instructed me to send “stop” again as the company would keep billing even though I had requested a stop before.

    I still believe everyone should contact their state’s attorney general’s office — this is theft!

    Good luck, everyone!!

  66. I also got scammed by this company. I will be filing a lawsuit immediately & contacting the better business bureau. I was thinking that if we all filed suit together, we would have a better chance to win. I will be filing for a lot more than just the $30.00 dollars they charged me. I will do whatever I have to, in order to get the point across to them. If any of you are interested please call me @ 703.867.6586 asap. Don’t let this company keep our money or do this to other customers. We as a group would be able to retain a lawyer & demand that this company pay our legal fees. Or, we could retain a lawyer that get nothing unless we win, I have done that before. I hope to hear from you guys soon.
    Melanie Lowe

  67. I’m ready for a fight! Damn Datamobile-Zapster-Tonetown!!! My Verizon bill had an extra $30.00 on it for this crap that I did not even subscribe to. Let’s take the bums to court! “PAYBACK IS HELL!”

  68. A couple days ago I received a text message from enmob (at midnight – how rude)! While I responded with “stop”, I’m worried that I will be billed for something I never ordered. If I see a charge on my next bill, I will contact my state’s Attorney General’s office. This is fraud!!

    Don’t stop with the BBB or the FCC! Report this crime to the Attorney General’s office!

  69. All that have complaints about the bad practices of dadmobile please, Please log a complaint with the Better Business Buraeu.


    I believe it is illegal to mis lead customers. I never even saw any Tems and conditions and I looked everywhere. I also never got any downloads as my phone wasn’t capable of them… and I still got charged for just testing to see… They are definately scammers and need to be stopped

  70. Does anyone out there know if the cell phone companies are charging enmob a fee to bill/collect the $9.99 monthly charge? Does anyone have an idea why our cell phone companies are allowing this when they know it is fraud? They certainly know what is going on.

  71. I just received the same text messages x3 from today- completely unsolicited. I contacted verizon right away and complained of this unsolicited texting service. I was told a notation was made in the computer and I will be credited the money to my account in the event that it is billed. I was also told to text back 26707 with STOP to discontinue the service.
    I will file a complaint with FCC.

  72. A PS to my comment above. I called Verizon’s Fraud Department and got the following response, “Verizon does not investigate text message fraud nor take reports concering text message fruad, only voice fraud.” This makes no sense. Why would Verizon not investigate text messaging fraud UNLESS they are profiting from it? Did I mention that VERIZON SUCKS!!

  73. I also got hit with this enmob scam, “Tonight’s movis is . . . I also followed all the suggestions, websites, 888, 800 numbers etc. Even got “John” calling me DAILY with a VERY HIGH PITCH background noise that made communication impossible. This noise was on every call!! Just another part of the scam. I also wonder why the cell phone companies allow this when they know it is a scam. Well, here’s one idea. The cellphone companies are charging a “billing fee” and each time they charge us, they get a cut of the action. If I am right, then why would they want to stop putting money in thier own pockets? This is nothing but orgainized crime! VERIZON SUCKS!!

  74. Hi Alexis. Good for you for turning them in to BBB. But, just call your carrier/cell provider and tell them to take the charge off. The providers are aware of this problem and if you ask, they will do it. Just demand it. They will cave. See all of my previous posts, and especially #94.

  75. Let’s do a class action. Seems this company has many phone #’s not working and locations. They hit my minor’s phone which is illegal. Turned into BBB

  76. I just realized that has been billing me since AUGUST. My phone bill is expensive enough. I just assumed that I made a few directory assistance calls or something…I had no idea that I was being billed for a service that I did not authorize. When I asked that they refund me the money since I NEVER used any of the services that I NEVER subscribed for, they refused and said that it wasn’t their policy give refunds after 24 hours of the subscription. In other words….If you are ‘signed up’ for this great service by some dubious method and you are not made aware of the extortion until you receive your bill (assuming you actually read every line of your 14 page cell phone bill) , you WILL NOT receive a refund since more than 24 hours has passed since the initiation of your subscription. EVEN if you NEVER used the service! This company is simply fraudulent. To make matters worse, does not actually provide a real service, they just spam your with text message advertisements. I had no idea that I was PAYING for the aggravation!

  77. I just got my bill from Spring and found the strange 9.99 charge and immediately called them. The first person I spoke to was COMLETELY unhelpful. He just kept saying it was a service I subscribed to and to unsubscribe I needed to contact them. I tried telling him I didn’t subscribe so I didn’t know who to contact to unsubscribe and he would just repeat that I subscribed on X day etc. etc. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he asked me to hold. I was promptly disconnected. I called back and got a VERY HELPFUL person who quickly determined what the problem was (replying in ANY way, including “stop” subscribes you to their service) and just as quickly offered to take off the charge and block all unsolicited calls of that kind from both our phones. Just goes to show, if you don’t like what the first person says, hang up and call back!

  78. i was charged by mobile dada net for something i did’nt order numerous times, to my cell phone for something i did’nt order, and i would like a full refund for it.

  79. Linda at #109, what does Sprint say? Just tell them you aren’t paying it, that it is a scam/slam and illegal.

  80. I was scammed out of 10.00 and don’t even know how. All I know is I recieved text message from a compaNY THAT I DID NOT!! subscribe to and opted out once i read the messages and was still charged 10.00. How can you get away with this.I don’t even know how you got my phone number.

  81. I had this happen to me also and now I don’t even have my sprint phone activated and they are still charging my sprint account so how do I stop it??? please help!!!!!!!!!

  82. Good for you #107. If you need plaintiffs, let me know. My cell phone company (Cingular) has refunded my money and contacted the spammer for me though. See if that will help you.

  83. I got the enmob scam and I never signed up for anything, I never text anything, I don’t even use the text feature nor do I know how to use it. Beside that I don’t like music, movies or any other thing they have to offer. When my phone rings I don’t want music or any other junk all I want is a noise so that I know my phone rang. A plain old standard ring is sufficient.

    I haven’t been billed yet, but when I do and if I am charged for that crap I am calling the Attorney General and If that doesn’t end this crap I am going to file a class action law suit.

    Edit/Delete Message

  84. I got hit also. I got this message shortly after I sent a text message to a tracfone user on 2 seperate occasions on 2 different numbers. Tracfone appers to be selling non tracfone numbers to these people.

  85. I find it interesting how many different companies are coming up under this. I experienced this on one of my phone lines, and just ignored the msgs for awhile, then I finally sent a stop msg. The very next day my other line started receiving the same texts, I looked them up on line and it said, tried to email them to stop, they didn’t, tried calling the 800 number, just a recording, finally I sent a text to stop, lo and behold I have 2 9.99 charges on my bill. And those charges show up from Nevis mobile. I think they charge when you text them to stop. Luckily the nice ppl @ SPRINT were kind enough to remove both charges.

  86. I just contacted 20/20 about these scam artists. Hopefully something will be done. I have also saved all the messages they sent me and I sent back saying STOP. Still billed but Sprint took off the charges and blocked all Premium Services.

  87. I’ve changed my phone service number and still had these crazy dada ringtones offer sent to my cell illegally. Therefore I am going to do all that’s w/in my power stop it, then I’ll have to contact the proper authorties.

  88. I think the dada is a joke and have very unfair business practices..I was unable to access any ringtones download to the phone and I explained this to a supervisor at and I was still charged.. DADAMOBILE is a RIPP-OFF!!!!!


  90. Well, I am with Sprint and got hit with this about a month ago. I thought at first it was some free service; that I didn’t want. I do remember receiving some text message about signing up for something and I “exited” out of it. Never hit reply or acknowledged I wanted the service….well, I looked at my bill w/Sprint and guess what….a $9.99 charge. I am so pissed. I guess it is off to Sprint I go to get this resolved.

  91. For #s 95, 96, 97 – read my posts. Access the network, call your cell provider. I have not gotten any new text messages since I did. And, my cell phone carrier is going to take care of the $9.99 initial charge and tell this spammer to cancel my acct. I also contacted them online myself. Whatever has helped, it is over for me.

  92. I would like my money back & no more sms mesages or 191200 numbers thankyou.

  93. So, what’s up with the class action suits, and other modes of justice folks have threatened?

    Anything happening yet?

  94. This site is so enlightening. I got hit with the b.s. charge on March 17, while in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico with the phone off! Verizon has been most unhelpful – two phone reps and two internet reps later I still don’t have a credit for the $9.99. I know that slamming by long distance companies was outlawed – so why isn’t htis illegal? Oh, BTW, the messages did stop when I sent the STOP text to 26706.

  95. This is to Chris S. I also have Cingular Wireless….hmmmm…. You can tell them for me that they refunded my initial charge of $9.99 and have told Nevis to cancel my account. I have not received any new text messages since. Interesting!?

  96. I just got off the phone with Cingular over everything stated here. The 26706 messages, Nevis Mobile, etc. The lady did some research and after 10 minutes of not knowing what to do, I got fed up and asked “Don’t you deal with this on a daily basis?” She said, “You’re the first one who called about it” BULL!!!!!! After a while, I managed to get refunded 2 months worth of these crap charges, ‘that will show up in the next 1 or 2 billing cycles because we have to chase the company for the money.’ This does not give me a lot of confidence. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I imagine the phone companies are in on this. Regardless, something needs to be done. I’m sending this link to Cingular ASAP so they can read about how this shady operation works.

  97. Hello Dadamobile, I have just had this problem – charged $9.99 for the service and keep getting text messages. I have NEVER ORDERED THIS SERVICE NOR HAS ANYONE HAD POSSESSION OF MY PHONE. I LIVE ALONE AND HAVE NEVER EVER SUBSCRIBED TO THIS SERVICE!!!!!!! I am not stupid – I think you guys are slamming cell phones. You can’t kid me but I have reported this problem to my cell phone company and they are going to take it from here. They didn’t say, but evidently they have had this problem occur before because I was never asked if I had subscribed to the service, but I was just reinbursed. YOU ARE DOING THIS ILLEGALLY. EVERYONE TAKE NOTE! HOW CAN YOU ASSUME THAT WE ARE ALL DUMB! At least this will be published online where everyone will see it.

  98. I saw messages on this site and hopefully have discovered some information to fix the text message problem from 26706. When I was paying my bill this month, I noticed a charge of $9.99 from nevis mobile. This is the company who is sending the text messages from 26706. I called my cell carrier and they have removed the $9.99 charge. I then emailed (text alerts) and told them to STOP SENDING TEXT MESSAGES TO MY CELL PHONE. Hopefully, this will be the end of it. or Nevis Mobile.ent by Carly — 12/1/2006 @ 11:45 am

  99. Just got off the phone with Sprint.

    While viewing my bill online, I found that I too have been hit with this scam.
    I called Sprint customer service to inquire what the charge was for.
    The CS rep took a very long time to inform me that:
    1. It was a premium service
    2. It was from code 26706
    3. The company is Nevis Mobile Alt
    4. I had subscribed to it by filling out something online or entering a code in reply to a text msg.

    By this time I had already found this web page and read enough to know all that she had just told me.
    In addition I knew I did not subscribe to this Movie txt crap.
    I informed her that I did not subscribe to this service and asked how do I get it off my bill.
    The CS rep told me I had to reply STOP to the 26706 number and it would stop.
    I let her know I was reading through this web page and replying STOP does not STOP anything.
    I asked the CS rep if she could remove the charge from my bill AND block this service from my line.
    She was confused as to which one I wanted done… remove the charge OR block the service.
    I told her BOTH.
    She then put me on hold (again) to see if her supervisor would ALLOW her to remove the charge.
    When the CS rep returned, she informed me she had removed the charge, but insisted I need to reply STOP to the service.
    It took a while to get it through to her that I am (currently) reading a web page where many people have replied STOP but the service still continued, so a STOP reply would do no good.
    I then asked her (again) if she could block the service from my phone.
    Again, after a few attempt to get her to block the service, she put me on hold (again) to see if her supervisor would ALLOW her to block the service.
    Upon returning, the CS rep informed me that she had put a block on the service, BUT it will take TWO BILLING CYCLES TO ACTIVATE.
    Confused, I asked “Two billing cycles to DE-ACTIVATE the service?�
    She said “No, two billing cycles to activate the block�
    Dumbfounded, I asked “Isn’t that two months?â€?
    She replied Yes.
    I asked, “So this charge will be on my next bill as well?�
    AGAIN she told me I had to reply to 26706 with STOP.
    So I asked “Didn’t you just block this service from my line?â€?
    Again she replied “Yes, but it takes two billing cycles to activate�
    I asked “you entered the block in a computer?�
    She said “Yes, it’s in the system and it will take two billing cycles to activateâ€?
    I asked “Why… why two months?�
    Her only reply was… “that’s how the system worksâ€?
    I then asked for her name, which she gave me (first name only).
    I then asked for the name of her supervisor.
    I heard a long silence.
    She said “one moment please� then put me on hold again.
    When she came back, she gave me her supervisor’s name.
    I asked for a direct phone number to her supervisor.
    Again with the pause… “one moment please�… and hold
    She comes back and tells me her supervisor does not have a direct line; I can call the customer service line and ask specifically for either of them. (yeah right)
    So I asked for her supervisor’s manager… pause… “one moment pleaseâ€?… hold.
    This time she comes back and tells me I can go to Sprints web site and get everyone’s name including the CEO. (she did give me the CEO’s name)
    I asked for their location, she told me Charlotte N.C.

    This customer service call took almost an hour.
    Mr. Long-Time Customer, I’ll be borrowing your letter template, and contacting Miss Ginger Kelliher… thank you.

  100. Sprint is very aware of this issue and can take quick steps to put a stop to it. Your phone service provider should be able to do the same.

    Ginger Kelliher from Sprint was able to help me out with this issue very quickly. If you are a Sprint Mobile customer see below:

    Mr. [Customer]:

    My apologies for any service billed to your Sprint PCS invoice without your authorization.

    Per your request:

    1. I have submitted a request to our customer CARE organization to initiate a refund of $9.99 on your next invoice.

    2. I have submitted a text message on your behalf to short code 26706 requesting the messaging to stop. You may receive a confirmation message delivered to your handset.

    3. I have established a block of all premium text messaging services (via short codes) on your telephone # [deleted for privacy].

    4. I have advised the content provider of your complaint.

    Sprint provides this service on behalf of 3rd party content providers and bill on their behalf.

    Again, please accept my sincere apology.

    Ginger Kelliher

    Wireless Data Products – Off-Portal/PSMS

    This was how I worded my request:

    I would like to request your assistance in the matter of a $9.99 charge to my Sprint cell phone bill. My phone number is [deleted] and my name is [Mr. Long-time Customer]. The charge in question was billed through my Sprint cell phone billing with a date of 02/20/2007. This is the first time such Premium type charges have appeared on my bill from Sprint.

    After a little research online, I have discovered that I am a victim of a company named Enmob or Nevis Mobile that uses the US Common Short Code of 26706. I did not request their service, nor did I authorize this company to bill me for any service through my Sprint cell phone.

    Please authorize a credit to my cell phone account in the amount of $9.99 plus any other charges that may have been incurred as a result of billing from EnMob or Nevis Mobile. I refuse to pay for a service I did not order.

    I would also like a complete block of any “Premium Service Charges” that may be charged to my cell phone in the future.

    If you have any questions, please contact me directly


    Mr. Long-time Customer (with a contract about to end in a month.)

  101. This happened to me last night. Called Cingular – got an instant credit and now my plan is set up with an administrative pin that will block any future third party charges from any phone on my plan (without entering that pin).

  102. The Dada Mobile Text Message charge just showed up on my Verizon cell phone bill I received Saturday 3/10/07. I called Dada Mobile (1-888-214-0381)today (3/12/07)and was told that the only way I subscribed to their service was by logging onto their web page, typing in my cell phone no., then they sent a password to my cell phone no. which I HAD to enter in along with my cell phone no. on their webpage on a computer. No one in my house did such activity. I sent an email to Dada Mobile today after being charged for two months service (no proration) before I “cancelled” the service WHICH I NEVER ORDERED. I demanded a full refund which I will probably never get. I just now sent a complaint to the BBB which I found by doing a web search. Here is Dada Mobile’s address as it is helpful when filing a complaint. Dada Mobile Incorporated, 1375 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10118. Email address is [email protected] Here is the email address to file a complaint with the FCC: [email protected] I think we need as many people to file complaints as possible to stop these scam artists. When I called Verizon about this bill, they were not even able to give me a phone no. or address for Dada Mobile but told me to do a web search. This is now what I know as “3rd Party Billing” and is unfair.

  103. I startd reeiving text messages from the number 26706 and I also tried to sent the word stop to the number and they kept on sending this texts messages stop my phone. I called cingular this morning and they cancelled my subscription to them and they stoppped. When i tried to contact them all I received was a answering service. I would like a credit to make account as soon as possible. I will be contactingthe BBB about this situation as soon as possible.

  104. Hi all, my texts have finally stopped! Please excuse the lengthy e-mail, but I thought posting my e-mail chain might be helpful to you. It also includes an e-mail address of someone who responds, however unsympathetically.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and we can assure you that you will not receive any more messages from us.


    On 3/4/07, [deleted] wrote:


    This response contains neither of my requests: an apology, and a promise the harassment will not happen again. Therefore, it is unsatisfactory. I plan to continue my efforts, as described in my earlier e-mail below.


    —–Original Message—–
    From: [email protected]
    To: [deleted]
    Sent: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 5:17 PM
    Subject: Re:

    The last message you were sent was on February 27, noting that you had successfully unsubscribed. We hope this is satisfactory.


    On 3/1/07, [deleted] wrote:


    Despite what you think “IP address” confirmed on my behalf, the messages were unsolicited. I did not request them in any way, shape, or form, and resent you claiming otherwise. I would highly recommend you perform an internet search on your service, as I did in my exasperation to rid myself of your harassment. There are countless numbers of complaints posted on internet blogs, and Cingular informed me they have had a difficult time assisting their customers with the problems you have caused on their accounts as well. I have already contacted the FCC, Better Business Bureau, Cingular’s corporate headquarters, the Fox Five Problem Solvers and 7 on Your Side to make them aware of this problem and request their assistance in helping me investigate this harassment. Your company took an unfairly long time to cease and desist from messages given the countless requests I made directly to you and through Cingular, who’s customer service is outstanding, by the way. Through my research, I see others have taken similar actions as I have, and are also apparently considering a class action lawsuit.

    I have not yet seen the message your e-mail states I should have received (and by the way, in case I have not made it clear- NO, I did not enjoy the service). However, I will also add that I did not receive a horoscope today. If, in fact, the messages have stopped, I will consider dropping my pursuit with the media, as my time is valuable and can be put to better use, believe it or not! You asked how your company can be of further assistance, so here is how: An appropriate apology on behalf of your company is requested, along with a promise in writing that this will not happen again.

    Awaiting your reply,

    —–Original Message—–
    From: [email protected]
    To: [deleted]
    Sent: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 1:38 PM
    Subject: Re:

    Hello. We received your request yesterday to stop the subscription, and you should have received the following message:

    “You have successfully unsubscribed from Taurus. For more info call 18886489524. We hope you enjoyed the service.”

    You will not receive any more messages.

    However, these messages were not sent unsolicited. On February 18, your number was entered on our website, and we sent you a confirmation message. That message was confirmed on your phone – from IP address and the mobile phone browser was a Nokia6102i/2.0 (04.63) Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 UP.Link/

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


    On 2/27/07, [deleted] wrote:

    EnMob Contact Form
    Last Name:
    MSN: [deleted]

    You have been sending me unsolicited text messages on a daily basis in the form of horoscopes. I have contacted cingular to cancell the subscription, put a block on my phone line and the account, enacted parental controls to block the subscription, filled out an online form to stop, text messaged 26706 saying “stop” and left a voicemail at your customer service number. I am still receiving messages. I plan two next steps: filing a complaint with the FCC, and utilizing my media contacts to publicize this harassment. STOP.

  105. Yeah, as I said a couple months ago, I got the 26706 scam, called sprint, had it blocked and credited. Then out of the blue I got 3 more text messages from them within 2 minutes! I am so pist off!

  106. Dadamobile are scamming f*gs. I got billed for something I NEVER subsribed for. I got a text message from 63232 about downloading music. I don’t get music online, so I deleted the message. THEN, I get more similar messages from the same number. And when the bill comes, I get billed 40 f**king dollars – in just a matter of 10 minutes worth of text messages. This is BS that I get this stupid s*** on my bill. WHY THE F*** DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I NEVER SUBCRIBED FOR!?

  107. Well, like everyone else, I am getting these and tried everything. The question really is, has anyone had any successful attempts of stopping it without changing their number or stop text messaging in general?

  108. I got these same text messages from enmob in December, and I had the charges on my cell phone bill from m-qube. The blood-sucking scammers billed me twice ($19.98) That just pissed me off. Cingular credited the charges and gave me the token number to call. You know the result of that call. I had Cingular put a block on text messaging, since I never use it. In January, my wife started getting the same messages, and the same charges, even though I texted STOP back to them on her phone. After contacting Cingular again and having those charges (another $19.98) credited, I contacted the Attorney Generals office for our state. I hope enmob gets their t** in a ringer.

  109. Ok this is getting rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sprint does not want to help anyone with this issue anymore. (too many calls I assume). I am tired of this 267-06 B S and I am tired of spending countless hours of my time on the phone with unhelpful customer bs agents at my provider who won’t do anything but blame me for suscribing to this fake crap. “It’s all your fault you subscribed….you did it, not us so why should we credit you”. Someone please set up a class action lawsuit against these pricks and show them who is in charge in America and let us all know so we can make them pay for our time and suffering to just try to get the stupid charge removed!!!!

  110. I just discovered that Dada’s charges have been being buried in my cell bill for 12 months now. Their bandaid besides turning it off was to give me 1 month’s worth of my money back – not 12. This is modern day highway robbery and the very reason why so many people won’t do anything online!! And it makes me want to NOT trust doing anything online. All I did was TRY to get a free ringtone and was never even able to get that – called and TOLD THEM I didn’t want their service and was STILL charged for it. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  111. Same deal here- just googled and found you guys. I have gone to the media :-). Has anyone else tried that yet? Cross your fingers.

  112. Same issue, bogus charges from Nevis. I am still working with Cingular to correct this. I am still receiving messages from 26706. I even tried sending STOP to 26706 and the message would never go through.

  113. This is what happened to me: I have Cingular’s media net on my phone. About a month ago I purchased Bejeweled on my phone through cingular’s media net. Today I got a few text messages from Enmob thanking me for my $9.99 subscription. I had no clue who they were and did not sign up for any thing like that. Turns out, after hours of research, by purchasing Bejeweled from Cingular’s media net it enrolled me in the service. After speaking with a representative from Cingular she told me that the games on media net are from outside vendors and cingular has no clue what they can sign you up for. My advice, if you want a game, by a Xbox 360 and never purchase a cell phone game. Anyways, the cingular rep took the charge off of my account and I had her disable buying games on my account along with third party offers. Good luck, I hope this helps :)

  114. I have been charged on my cell phone bill by some nevis mobile provider. they never answer their phone or the 26706 nevis mobile number. this is illegal that they can charge something to your phone and do not answer their phone so they don’t have to cancel or refund your money for their illegal charges they add to your cell phone bill. I am refusing to pay, but need help on how to contact the nevis mobile provider. The Consumer Report need to investigate the nevis mobile provider.

  115. update: a new response via email from enmob claiming i need to give them my address so they can issue me a refund.. my lawyer is going to have a field day with them.

  116. I had enmob do their thing on my phone today, knew it was a scam right away, did a whois on them, and the phone number is a recording that they aren’t in the office. The phone bumber (888 number) on their site is not in service. I called Sprintpcs, and they said I had to contact the company. I then called my attorney who sent them an email, and got a reply of ‘we can’t find the number’, he then found a phone number to call and got through, verified he was an attorney ready to file suit, and they magically found my number in their database.

    Their service is nothign more then enter a phone number on their website (or any cell number, even if it’s not yours), and that number is automatically added.

    I never use text messaging, if i need to talk to someone, I call them. I Logged into the sprintpcs site and changed the settings in text messaging to block and only allow those on the list, and left the list blank. For those with sprint and don’t knnow where to find this setting, it’s under MY TOOLS, then go to SEND TEXT MESSAGE, and you’ll see a link for SETTNGS AND OPTIONS.

    A class action suit agaisnt enmob and it’s parent company is definately in order

  117. I’ve been getting these messages from 26706 (aka enmob) for the past few weeks. I’ve called Cingular several times trying to get them to block text messages from the number. I’ve never used my phone for text messaging, and I never will. I don’t have a text message subscription or whatever, so I can’t reply back and say “STOP”. I don’t know how they got my phone number, and I certainly did NOT approve them sending me these stupid-ass movie updates or whatever the hell they are.

    The last time I called Cingular, the girl said she had blocked absolutely everything that could possibly be blocked coming to my cell phone (except their ultra-elite “pay your bill” messages I guess). She said all it is now is a telephone plain and simple. Guess what, I’ve received TWO MORE MESSAGES SINCE THEN. I wish I knew who was responsible so I could talk to them personally.

    I’ve asked Cingular why, being the huge powerful conglomerate corporation that they are, can’t do something as simple as keep these messages from coming to my phone. They had no good answer. The best she could do is put a note on my account that if I wanted to change my number to avoid getting these messages, then I wouldn’t be charged the fee to do so.

    Yeah I’ll join in on a class-action lawsuit against them.

  118. Wow, something really needs to be done about this. I ahve spent the better part of this afternoon dealing with all of this of which I never authorized. I got the same 9.99 charge, never even received an original text message and then when I called Verizon to take off they tried to convince me I signed up for something and then forgot or better yet that someone used my phone and did it. Like that happens everyday that I would lone my phone to someone and they would order some premium text service…Its proposterous. There really needs to be some sort of lawsuit because there must be thousands being scammed. I spent some time calling various numbers of course got no answer and trying to find info online but so far all roads have lead no where. I hope someone has the knowledge to find these people and hold them accountable.

  119. I got hit with this bullcrap $9.99 charge. I received the text message, that I did NOT request, so I deleted it since I had no idea what it was for, certainly something I did not request. Just got off the phone with a guy from Sprint tech support who was very understanding of the problem and he implemented a change to my account so that this crap never gets to my phone again. He said they have seperate gateway servers for regular text messaging and another for ‘premium messaging’ like this. He blocked all messages to my phone on the premium gateway so I should never get this again. Once a message like this goies through the gateway, regardless if you asked for it, your gonna be charged. He agreed that this should not be possible and until the FTC or someone does something it’s going to continue. Just wanted to pass this along…

    I’d love to be part of a class action lawsuit against these dirty operators!

  120. Whitney…according to Verizon there was not a record of a reply text message. And yes…Verizon told me the number was 26706

  121. Got the same crap from nevis mobile and the crap site I looked up the whois information and here is the gmail, address and a phone number to the offices. Not sure if it’s correct or not. All I got was an answering machine and no replay to my e-mail but maybe someone smarter than me can use this info better than I……

    Nevis Mobile
    [email protected]
    Edith Solomon Building
    P.O. Box 636
    Charlestown, Nevis 99999
    Phone: 869-469-0224

  122. Hey M did you happen to ask Verizon if there is record of her sending a text message back? Sprint informed me that there is record of my phone sending a message back, which I did not do. Also, was the number 26706 or did Verizon mention whether the number was from Nevis Mobile, or that is the one that scammed me. Please let me know – [email protected]

  123. My youngest daughter’s phone was hit with a $9.99 charge last month. Here is proof that Nevis Mobile is scamming everyone. My daughter’s phone is a Motorola Miga. The Miga is a phone for younger kids that parents are able to pre-program up to five numbers with password protect. There is not a numeric pad or qwerty keyboard on the phone so it would be impossible for her to text back the “necessary pin” in order to activate this so-called premium service. That fact has been verified by Verizon Wireless. I also do not buy the claim that recycled phone numbers are to blame. If someone previously had the phone number my daughter currently uses…why did it take 13 months for the first charge to hit the number.

    This company is so full of shit…they stink.

    I will watch this site for mention of a bona fide class action suit against Nevis. By the way I have read that a class action suit was filed against M-qube today.

  124. Me too. In case it helps, it happened on my daughter’s phone. The enmob site says “Members under 16 years of age require parents’ permission.”. My daughter is not that old. I’m thinking that’s a problem.
    So why do the cell carriers allow this to happen? They could easily block 26706. Why don’t they? I assume it’s because they get bucks from enmob and/or m-qube. True?

  125. I agree, I also have been mysteriously added to the list. I have no problem suing these scam artists.

  126. I think any lawyer would. Whatever needs to be done to get this taken care of I am all for it! Put these A-Holes out of business!!!

  127. I contacted my class action lawyer out of St. Louis, Missouri yesterday. He is working on contacting the Attorney General and getting more information on what can be done. Let’s just put it this way…he is very interested in this case.

  128. I just discovered the same charges on my daughters phone bill. one from Mqube and one from Mblox. I called Cingular and they cancelled the subscriptions and issued a refund of the charges, no questions asked. I was very surprised at how easy it was to get this taken care and now that I have read some of the posts here I am totally floored. It took me less than 5 minutes and the CSR was very polite and helpful.

  129. Lets see, I just got off the phone with sprint and from what they said is that there is no law against them subscribing you with out your approval. If you receive the first message and dont respond then they can subscribe you and bill you. I say we need to fight to make a law against this. This is just going to show how fucked up corporate America has become. To scam people out of there money. I guess as the saying goes “How the rich get richer!” I say we figure out a way to petition or fight back at this crap. If anyone is up for trying to actually take legal action or make a law so this stops happening email me at [email protected] If anyone with experience in knowing who to contact or what not that would be great. I am going to right a letter to my congress man to see what can be done. Good luck everyone with your refunds. Hopefully I will get mine cleared up as well. Peace

  130. Sprint blocked the phone number, after about two minutes. refunded the money — Thanks Sprint!

  131. I also am a victim of and Nevis Mobile. What these so called companies are doing is illegal. They cannot automatically subscribe someone to a service or subscription without their consent and then blackmail that person into responding “STOP” only to accrue more texting charges onto their account. I never entered a PIN number and did NOT agree to a subscription. I had never heard of this company before. Low and behold I was charged 9.99 for a Premium Service purchase plus additional text message charges because I do not have unlimited texting capability. I called my wireless provider (Sprint) and they sent me on a wild goose chase, giving me another number to call. I therefore called that number and they gave me another number aka Nevis Mobile. This number 888-648-9524 only led to a deadend and a falsified “Busy” operator message. I called several times at various points throughout the day and night and still got the same message. This is a scam. Period. Any company doing business as, Nevis Mobile or as a partner may want to be prepared for a class action lawsuit. It may only be 9.99 a person, but if there are several hundred or several thousand victims these charges can accrue quite rapidly. Venue for this class action is so vast that this case could be filed from anywhere in the country! As of today, I am currently working on contacting a lawyer who specializes in class action lawsuits. Trust me, justice will prevail in this case!

  132. Call your cellular service and explain to them that you WILL NOT PAY this fraudulent charge – that there was no offer and acceptance, as the offer was partially concealed, and the charges were misrepresented.

    These people are going to JAIL!

  133. The vendor misrepresents his service as a free set of ten ringtones, and then asks you to enter numbers without explaining that there is a charge.

    This is fraud.

  134. I left comments yesterday and finally have made headway after searching and researching…… this is the email address that you need [email protected] David is who I dealt with and I they are getting me a refund check out. He said there was some security issues and there are more than just us…. I got no whre on the phone with this number or that number but this email took care of it. I emailed them yesterday and I have coresponded with them 2 times since then and I just chescked again and the refund check is to be emailed out today. In looking at other sites….. once you finally get someone and they say the check is coming it does come. Best of luck to everyone. I’ll let you know if and when the check comes but for now maybe this email adress will help some!

  135. don’t forget that all cell phone companies have the capability of blocking “Premium Text Messaging” from your phone… be sure to have this done!!

  136. I got the same texts that you all are talking about right around christmas and the new year. I had no idea what it was. I very seldom use my phone to text, if at all. I started getting the messages and ignored them. I looked at my Sprint bill, which I never pay attention to and saw a charge from Nevis Mobile. I called Sprint, they removed it this time but advised I would have to contact 1-866-626-2823 to request the billing be terminated. The CSR I spoke to also indicated this is something I must have agreed to when I was browsing via my phone. I don’t think so. When I dialed the number, I was instructed to go to a website to request billing stopped or email [email protected] I did both. I will check my bill next month and pray that I am not charged another $9.99. This is BS, there has to be some way to stop this!

  137. This just happened to me as well. At 6:04pm I received the “Enter PIN code…” msg from 26706. At 6:04pm I received the “Movie Today…”. At 6:05pm I received the “Enjoy your EnMob subscription…”. I do not have text msg capabilities on my phone (or so I thought) as I have made numerous phone calls to Cingular to be SURE that the internet and text abilities were turned off on all 4 of the phones on my acct.

    Knowing this, I immediately called Cingular to inquire as to how I would have received these 3 text msgs since I am only supposed to get ‘administrative’ text msgs from Cingular. The rep there told me the pay-per-use text msg ability was turned on for my phone on 12/03/06. I advised the rep that this was not possible. The rep then looked deeper into the change made and found out….GET THIS….that it was Cingular who put the text ability back onto my phone! I was furious. I told the rep that I had all phones blocked and did not want them unblocked. The best the rep could come up with is that when they turned off the other phones, my phone must not have gotten the correct block. Without the correct block, Cingular thought they would be doing me a favor by adding the text ability back to my phone.

    I google’d EnMob, found info on Nevis and called the phone number listed on EnMob website. As stated numerous times above, there is nobody available to answer the call ‘due to higher than expected call volume’ (I wonder why their call volume is so high. Are they actually talking about the number of calls they are getting or the loudness with which people tell them to go fly a kite — probably BOTH!) Anyway, left a not so nice msg on that answering machine but did NOT leave my cell phone number (nor did I call from my cell phone). Then after reading some of the info on this site, I call M-Qube. This is not my first go-round with this company either! What a joke. Told them what I thought as well. Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice but to give them your cell phone number at some point along the way.

    The guy at M-Qube told me that someone with my phone had to sign me up. I literally came unglued. I had the cell phone in my hand when the text messages arrived! How dare he tell me I must have given my phone to someone else? Not to mention that I had been on the phone with Cingular, then tried to call EnMob twice and then called M-Qube all in less than 1 hour from the 1st text message I received. Who are these people and who do they think they are?

    Class action lawsuit – I may not have a monetary claim as of yet, but you can bet if I do, I’ll find a way to get them! They think we won’t fight over a measly 9.99, they’ve got another thing coming!

  138. I just received one of the EnMob scams… I’ve never used text messaging on this phone before, nor have I ever posted the number in a public place. The only people that have this number are my wife, my boss, and Cingular. I know I can trust the first two…

    Anyway, after calling Cingular service, they were very understanding. They saw that there was a $9.99 charge on the account, reversed it immediately, and also reversed the charges for the text messages themselves. All in all, a good experience with Cingular (except, where did EnMob get my number…), but this is definitely the new SPAM.

  139. Oh, Alltel does nothing for you other than tell you who the charge is from, the date it was done, and they give you a phone number to call who then gets your email adress to send you the company contact information of the compnay that the charges came from…. We don’t even have txt messaging on our phone so it’s not like we can text the word STOP to them so I don’t know if I’m unsubscribed or not…. I know as of right now the one human I have talked to said it would be cancelled but as far as a refund that would be up to and I’m not even sure who or what they were until all this started but I’m trying to make progress…. If I get anywhere… I’ll be sure to let you a ll know! This has to stop!…

  140. Well, I am a Allttel customer and I recieved a bill. Now this is the kicker… I have never recieved a text message of any sort from these people and to boot we were at the inlaws for the holidays and they saw I subscribed on Dec. 30 guess what…. the inlaws have no internet acess. now can someone please explain that! This is utterly ridiculous! I am sick and tired of leaving one message after another and nothing is being done! The only thing I get is recording after recording from the numbers…. will this ever end!

  141. Get this: I emailed dadamobile and they claim not to be the one’s text messaging people and I should try this other site. Here’s the text she emailed me:

    Because you mentioned the 9.99 charge I just assumed you were
    subscribed to our services. However I have had an engineer comb our database and
    your number is not found. Please reply with the short code in the from
    field of the messages you are receiving so I may help you. If the code
    is 26706, this is a company called Nevis Mobile. I don’t know much
    about them, but from googling them I have found that you may contact their
    billing agent m-Qube at (866) 626-2823.They also have a customer
    service page at

    I contacted them too so we’ll see what happens. I have Sprint and had them block these premium messages with no problem. I had them take off the charges as well. They claimed I must have activated it but I didn’t reply to them and I rarely get text messages – I don’t use the service at all!

  142. P.S. I posted the above because Mblox told me they are not Nevis, just a billing agent for them and would not put me directly in touch with them… sounds like a scam to me!

  143. hey. has anyone found a website or customer service for Nevis Mobile? I have googled them to no end and all i can find is sites that they partner with. If you have a charge/receiving messages from the code 26706, tell your carrier it is Nevis Mobile and see if they can put you in touch with them to stop these charges. If anyone finds out how to contact them, please post it here so we can all contact them and complain!

  144. I received this $10 charge which I did not authorize, did not reply with said “special PIN number”. I am annoyed that I had to take half an hour out of my day to deal w/ my cell phone carrier to get the charge taken off. I have had my carrier block such premium messages. That is ridiculous. What a scam!

  145. This is the absolute strangest thing I’ve ever encountered. My husband and I were sitting in our living room watching football when all of a sudden, my phone begins ringing for my text messages like crazy. Since my husband is the one who t/m’s me 99.9% of the time, we were both looking at each other like, “who the…?”

    I look at these t/m’s and they’re the ones you’ve all described above. So, being the good little geek that I am, I went online and Googled the company and number and found various pissed off people ranting about the same situation that we’ve now found ourselves.

    Now, my husband and I are totally cheap and don’t EVER call those stupid things for ringtones, contests, TV show voting things, etc. So I have NO idea how they got my phone number or in any way that we could have accidentally been signed up without someone committing just outright fraud.

    After reading a few things, I texted “STOP” back to the 26706 number and then proceeded to call Sprint and tell them what was going on. Man, I wish I’d had the phone number that was posted on this page above for Sprint. It took me three attempts before being able to get a hold of someone I could even remotely understand. I was finally able to talk with someone in the billing department who assured me that I hadn’t yet been billed for anything, but to keep an eye on my bill for next month and to make sure and call if it was there. (Gee…thanks.)

    I then asked about putting a block on my phone to prevent any premium t/m’ing services, since we don’t use them anyway. I was transferred to their technical group and they did their magic on both of our phones so we shouldn’t have this issue in the future. When I asked the techie guy how often they saw this, he said that they get at least one customer per shift calling about it. And he commented that people put their numbers into just about any website and how dumb it was. (No shit, Einstein…) When I assured him that neither myself nor my husband ever do this, (like we have time, muchless the inclination), he kind of dismissed it. Eh, whatever. So long as it doesn’t happen again and I’m not billed ad nauseum for something I didn’t sign up for, I’ll be fine.

    But, I’m still filing a complaint with

  146. I’ve already complained to the FCC about this company after talking to several people who found themselves suddenly “subscribed” to something they never knew existed.

    Someone clicked onto a “free ringtone” in the attempt to send it to my cell. I discovered within minutes when text messages began appearing.

    I called the “OPT OUT” number and was told by a recording that I would receive a confirmation text to show that I’m not subscribed. Although the goofy messages from someone called “Foxy Brown” began appearing within seconds of the web page being clicked on, I’ve yet to receive any message that I have been successfully unsubscribed from this scam.

    I’ll change my cell number and sue before I’ll pay this.

    – J

  147. Thanks, Tim, for the number and web site. Two days ago I opened my Sprint bill to find a $9.99 charge from Nevis. My daughter wss barraged one day in December with text messages from them, saying something like if you do not want to be subscribed and want the messages to stop, then text the word “stop” back to them. She did. Sprint has removed the charge but said they will only do this once. They said they still have to pay Nevis. They told me to text the words “unsubscribe all” to 26706 and that I’d get a message back to confirm. I have sent the text message 3 times and have not received any confirmation. So I called Sprint back, and another person told me just to save the outgoing message as proof. If I get another Nevis charge, I have to take the phone to a Sprint store to prove that the unsubscribe message was sent! I have to PROVE that I am not subscribed! Sprint also told me that they do block these companies as they discover them, but there are many new ones cropping up all the time (perhaps the same ones with different names as well). Totally unscrupulous, in my opinion. I intend to write my congress-person. The FCC regulations (which require the cell phone companies to pay these charges just because the scammers say so) need to be looked at and changed to prevent us from having to deal with these scams!

  148. 26706 Nevis Mobile was making these same charges to my account, but to a number associated with an AirCard (try using a ringtone on one of those). Sprint provided me with the following information: to contact Nevis Mobile customer service, call (866) 626-2823. This actually goes to a company called m-Qube, but it’s apparently the same outfit. They also have a customer service page at . I called and they said they would take care of it. I was on the phone less than 3 minutes. I hope this works for some of you, as well.

  149. Anon and Tom, I am sorry to hear that Sprint refused to help you, the number to the fraud hotline for sprint is: 888-788-0788. I have yet to call about this, but I plan on pursuing the issue. You should both call Sprint back, use this number: 877-851-1832, which will get you through directly to english speaking reps. who are typically more helpful than the *2 people, or the other 800 number they give to customers… the number above is supposed to be for employees only, however being a former employee, i use it all the time! Please contact me at: [email protected] with any more information that you have, or if you need my help getting recredited… I’m pretty experienced at it being a former employee!

  150. I just had these charges from dada show up on my bill. Sprint refused to block premium services. Basically said I had to do it with the billing company.

    Very silly when you consider that I was billed without having subscribed.

  151. Just called Sprint regarding these recurring charges for services I never requested or authorised. They told me there was NOTHING they could do for the service I had requested. EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? I explained that I have NEVER sent or replied to a text message. They promptly gave me a date and time where I had… Obviously they are cooperating in this ongoing criminal activity. Tomorrow the state’s attourney general will get a call…

    Does anyone know a good lawyer that may be interested in a class action suit worth millions? The actions of the cell companies make them liable even if the “billing” companies have already vanished.

  152. the same thing happened to me, and I had my cell phone company block all commercial text from my phone. This should prevent this from happening again, but will still allow mobile to mobile texting.

  153. Whoa Peter… I can tell you, from experience that Cingular is the most difficult companies to work with… I realized that almost 2 years ago when I switched to Sprint, which is much more easy-going. I used to work for Sprint, and can tell you that with any cellular company, you have to be patient with them on the phone… If you are owed a credit, (obviously you are) then you just need to be as nice and patient as possible, and they will be more than willing to help you. If you aren’t helped the first time, just try try again…. it all depends on who you talk to… Also remember that they note on your account, and will tell future reps to not be helpful… so even though this situation sucks, and none of us asked for this, we need to remain calm, and it should get taken care of…
    If this doesn’t work, then ask to speak to a supervisor, and so on and so fourth, get to the highest ranking person, give them the address to this site, let them see that it is a scam, and you are not the only one.
    If worse comes to worst… switch to Sprint… they have the best customer service out of all the major providers…

  154. These guys are ripoffs. As has been stated many times before. If the message goes unanswered, then you don’t get billed or have anymore messages sent to you. That is the ETHICAL way they should be doing business. If I had any of these fuckers within reach I’d beat the living crap out of them.

    I had them spamming me two days after I had a new phone number. Was in the hospital for major surgery one week afterwards, noticed 20 suggestive messages on the phone and called my cingular agent about them. I work for a company that sells Cingular phones and support. She got those credited and says she got the text messaging canceled. Well, the past two bills, more messages and charges that never reached my phone because the text messaging was turned off, some $40 worth. My agent is pissed and so am I at Cingular. The bill comes through Cingular, they are RESPONSIBLE! They want me to pay my bill so they can go after Mblox to get the credit? FUCK THEM! I’ll cancel first and perhaps be much more happier about it anyways.

    send only what you would normally be charged and fuck them if they try to bill you for service charges due to underpayment.
    2. Everyone do this, they will get the idea.

    What they are doing is UNETHICAL and we better shove that in their faces because WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS! NOT THEM!

  155. Having the same issue. Received the $9.99 movie offer from EnMob the other day. Wrote it off as junk mail, but after getting 3 daily “movie updates” from the same number, figured it was time to take action before I am charged any money.

    Tried to call the phone number which sent me directly to voice mail. So, I sent a complaint through their website. Within seconds of hitting the “Send” button, I received a text saying I had unsubscribed. Gotta love those automated support systems.

    If you poke around on their web site, you’ll see they are a total scam. To sign up, all you have to do is enter a phone number, tick the “I agree to terms and conditions” box, and you’re ready to be spammed. Their “Terms & Conditions” say you’ll only have to pay if you text the pin number back to them, but judging from the messages on this board, that policy is B.S.

    Heck, if I wanted to be a jerk, I could sign up all my friends for this wonderful service.

  156. I also had the same problem as mentioned above – I was sent messages from that 26706 number that I DID NOT respond to, and was billed $9.99. I called my provider (Sprint, which seems to be the common provider for this scam for some reason..?) and they were able to refund me and also block any messages from this number. I also sent “[email protected]” an email, saying that I would not hesitate to take further legal action if I found that they billed me once again.

    Like others have said – if there’s a law suit filed, let me know.

  157. Just wanted to let you know that if you choose, you could file an online complaint with This would allow hundreds-of-thousands of people to see your complaint and possibly help others before they lose money.

  158. Kevin, I would try calling Cingular back, it all depends on who you talk to, make sure you stay calm, they’ll be more likely and willing to help you. Keep trying, back, evenutally you will get credited… Cingular is the most difficult Cust. Service to deal with, but you can do it

  159. I also just had this happen to me. I have the Cingular 8125 Pocket PC and have had if for almost a year with the unlimited data plan. I utilize it a ton and have NEVER had this happen. I sent the STOP message back and called Cingular immediately. Customer service explained to me that they could not take off the charge even though I know I’ve never done anything to cause this. They told me I’d have to call the “third party” to get it resolved. I’m fuming over this. You try to keep stuff clean and this crap happens and you feel so helpless.

  160. I just started getting these the last few days. I never signed up on their site and have only ever visited it to find out who the hell they were and why they were texting me. This is a classic class action lawsuit. was no help as it will not allow you to block numbers such as 26706.

    I called the number they provide and left a message for them not to charge me for their service i never signed up for and that if they do, their would be legal consequences. Also told them that people are aware of their scam and that Verizon has been notified.

    Let’s get these fuckers.

  161. If you guys file a lawsuit, let me know, i’d like to partake in shutting these scams down!

  162. Same thing happened to me. I was billed $9.99 on my Verizon statement for “premium text messaging” from Nevis. I had been receiving annoying daily text messages that I did not want and could not block. I most definitely did not visit a website to sign up for this junk and I never received an option to stop delivery. I have sent a complaint to Verizon. If they will not resolve satisfactorily or if the problem continues, I intend to contact my state attorney general. This seems like a potential class action lawsuit.

  163. Got same thing, verizon took off charges, and told me to go to You can put in numbers/websites that you want blocked from your phone on that site. Hope that helps you out. The charges are crap though, never been to the site, and didn’t enter the pin and got charged.

  164. 2 days ago, I received 2 text messages from 26706. I did not open the messages, I deleted them thinking nothing of them, because I know I haven’t given my Cell Phone number out. Today, I received another one, I opened the text and realized that I was receiving premium text messages. Being a former employee of a Sprint Affiliate, I knew something was wrong, because i know it’s something I didn’t sign up for. I called sprint (877-851-1832 – a back number that gets you to native ENGLISH speaking reps.) and talked to them for over 45 minutes about the situation. I learned that the company name is Nevis Mobile, their website is and that supposively I sent a text message to them the same day that I received their messages. I KNOW that i DID NOT send any text messages back to the number, which greatly concerns me that their might be a phone virus associated with this. For Sprint customers, call the number I mentioned above and have them block that number from sending you texts to avoid these problems. I also would recommend that you bring your phone into a Sprint Store and have your phone checked by a technician to assure that there is no virus/spyware on your cell phone. any questions/concerns/more info please contact me at [email protected]

  165. I received a charge for $9.99 from Nevis Mobile on my Sprint invoice. I called Sprint to dispute the charge and they gave me a credit for $9.99 and put a block on Nevis for all of the phones on our account. That takes care of that. Customer service with Sprint has always been friendly and easy to use. Sprint Rocks!!

  166. The shortcode 26706 is for some company called Nevis mobile not Dada mobile. Does anyone have a customer service number or email for Nevis? I cannot find one. Help!

  167. Ok so I got that $9.99 charge on my cell bill from Sprint. I remember getting the text message about the service and I cancelled it right away. Still the next day I got a text message about some movies. I again responded with stop to 26706. I still got the charge for the service. I think they are a scam. I never entered any pin. No one has access to my phone, but my husband and my 5yr old son, who doesn’t know how to read yet. Sprint refused to refund my acct. I attempted to contact the text site and all I get is an answering machine. I know if I receive another charge on my bill I’m going to cancell my Sprint acct and also get that text site into lots of problems.

  168. Similar situation with the Nevis movie service (26706) showing up, unsolicited, on my mother-in-law’s telephone – a shared line on a family plan. The phone shows never having sent an outgoing text message and they don’t have internet server. More evidence that phones are being slammed with this service since there was no way for them to request the service.

    I worked with Verizon’s technical support, who were surprisingly helpful in crediting back the charges (both message and recurring). Ask your provider if they are able to block premium text messaging services similar to blocking 900 and 976 phone numbers. Verizon’s customer service exceeded my expectations on resolving this matter, credited the charges without argument and put a block on the phone.

  169. this is a disgrace these bad people are robbers they lie to
    you and then steal your money.i was recieving txt msg for
    6 months and never knew they were charging me a fortune
    every msg in the end i unsubcibed…i spent alot of money…
    be careful never give your mobile number over the net with
    reading the small print.

  170. I had the same exact thing just happen to me as happened to Richard Campbell. I did get a “refund approved” through the , but we will see how it turns out. I’m not gonna waste the holiday playing games with a scammer. I will deal with it later this week. I did call the 888 number they provided in the SMS, but of course got the answer service. I did, however, leave my HOME PHONE and name. I doubt the rats will call back though.


  172. It just happened to about two hours ago. At 8:49 PM I received a text message that said “Enter PIN code [email protected] to begin movie. 9.99/month. To stop text back STOP or call 888-648-9524”. I did not enter the PIN code.

    Immediately I received another text message also at 8:49
    which reads “Movie: Paul Giamatti will be switching from PIONOT to Boston Tea Parties as John Adams in Tom Hank’s upcoming John Adams biopic. Will go for Nyquil.”

    Then one more, also at 8:49 which reads “Enjoy your enmob subscription daily alerts billed at 9.99/month. To quit send STOP to
    26706. For more info visit”.

    After finding this thread, I went to and there was a charge for 9.99 from M-Qube inc. I called Cingular customer service but they closed at 9:00. I hope to clear it up tomorrow.

    This type of snake-oil business dealing should be illegal and Cingular/Verison/Sprint are just providing the vaseline. You would think that we, the customer base, would be too valuable a cash cow for them to treat us like this. Sure they can and probably will remove the charges tomorrow but why should I have to deal with it in the first place?

  173. I received the same charges on my Verizon bill. I had been receiving text messages about the movies that I chose to ignore until too many were coming at once. They told me to send the message STOP to 26706, which I did. I then had TWO charges show up on my Verizon bill from the company. It took a lot of time on the phone with Verizon, but when it finally got escalated to a supervisor, they removed the charges. I don’t care what Dada Mobile says in their letter, they are lying. I never visited the Web site or heard of the company until they started spamming me. I can only imagine how much money they’ve already accrued from people who don’t notice the charges. I am calling the Attorney General first thing tomorrow.

  174. Same thing ( sending movie updates) happened to me unsolicited. Called Sprint – they gave me a number to Nevis and stated that would be the company to offer the refund. Ridiculous to say the least. Shouldn’t our providers have our side on this issue…probably not, I’m sure they are getting a cut on the deal.

  175. I had the text message from nevis mobile. I called cingular and they were very helpfull in removing the charge, however, they could not tell me it would not happen again. My stance was, if nevis says I owe them money, let nevis send me a bill. If they did I would have the opportunity to not pay it, but if it is included on the cingular bill you may not allways notice it. Anyway, cingular did tell me there was a way to unsubsribe yourself from these and check to see if you are subscribed. Use the link it takes you to a link for direct billing and shows andy 3rd party billing being done on your account (you will need to log in using your cingular credentials).
    Hope this helps anyone with Cingular and this problem. It may not make the problem go away, but at least gives you a way to check and make sure it is not happening to you. I was actually able to have the charge removed by Cingular before I was actually billed for it.

  176. I just got billed from 26706 Nevis Mobile for $9.99!!! I sent a text message STOP to them and I got a response that I was never subscribed! So why did they bill me. If I’m not subscribed how can I stop them from billing me every month??? Please help

  177. P.S. Don’t hesitate any longer to contact authorities, and start with the BBB. The co-conspirators in an obvious and unlawful scam are your cell provider and DADAmobile.

  178. My Verizon Support supervisor finally agreed to call and convey my disgust and demand that the charges be removed from my bill. She made the call while I stayed on the line, and then told me that the charge would be removed and that DADAmobile would never again make contact or charge me in any way. This cooperation was difficult to obtain; Verizon earlier had simply denied any connection to DADAmobile, and did NOT volunteer any help until I forced the issue via repeated calls. Verizon’s stance is ludicrous in that they are invoiced by the offending outfit and ARE therefore “connected.” Further, I checked DADAmobile’s website, and it seems to originate in Italy. Perhaps the letters “mob” in “DADAmobile” is significant in this situation. In any event, persistence sometimes pays off. Good luck all.

  179. This is a scam!!! It said 10 free ringtones so all you need to do is enter your phone number with a pin they sent via email. Got the email which state “XXXXX is your password, enter it now to get your ringtones. 8 download for $9.99 a month charge to your phonebill. Renews monthly.” If you enter the pin you wont receive 10 free ringtones, what you receive is an automatic subscription to their service and a charge of $9.99 to your phone bill. Where does it say by entering the pin you will be charge $9.99? The email wording is very vague and misleading. This company should be prosecuted for stealing!!!

  180. Got billed for something I don’t even know existed. Credit my account for non use of 26706 and qit sending these messages. It is causing arguments with my wife. Or mail refund to Adam Powell 1809 S. James Downey Road Independence MO 64057. $9.99 and 6.00 for text messages.

  181. I got the same text about a month ago. I even sent back a STOP text & still got billed. Where do they get our cell phone numbers? I thought they were unpublished? Are the carriers in on this scam? This is the 4th time that I have received a message similiar to this one. I called my carrier T -Mobile & they removed the charges billed from Nevis MObile, but today they said they will not remove it again if it shows up on my bill. I asked them to put a block where I cannot get these type texts but of course they are unable. I tell you these people are SCAM ARTISTS I will sue if they continue to send these texts to me.

  182. I got the same message and charge from Honestly guys these people are spammers and it’s a scam. I am going to go to Verizon Wireless tomorrow and see what they say. I can’t believe these ppl think they can just subscribe ppl without our consent. Who the hell is going to pay $10 for some stupid text messages about movies. it’s retarded! I am really really really pissed… I am sure we aren’t the only ones that got screwed

    We need to setup something to show our carriers that they scammed all of us!!!

  183. This Dadmobile person is kidding themselves if they think they shouldn’t be to blame for angry customers. I am currently try to figure out how I got charged for something I did not sign up for from or Nevis Mobile. I received a text message saying something about daily movie text messages, saying if i wanted to subscribe to enter my pin number. And if I wanted to unsubscribe send STOP to 26706. Well, being that I never heard of this company, have no interest in daily texts from any company, especially about movies, and didn’t know this 26706 number, I didn’t respond. I continued to get text messages thinking surely they were just trying to tease me into subscribing. Well, lo and behold, I get charged 9.99 from this company. Funny how, even never subscribing for this service, I am charged for it. I don’t let anyone use my phone, so how did this pin number magically enter itself into Maybe this Dadamobile rep is a liar, like most scam artists, and you don’t have to subscribe, or enter a pin number. They just take the liberty to charge you.
    Oh, and when I try and call Nevis’ customer service, no one is available to take my call *shock face*. Then, after trying to call back again and again, the number I’m calling from gets a busy signal. I switch phones and get the save no one is available crap. I will call my phone service, although I doubt it will do much good, but believe you me, if this Nevis number ever picks up, someone will be getting an earfull. And I don’t want to make empty threats, but I am going to try and contact the better business bureau and see if that does any good. This is bogus BS and I think the scam artists need to toughen their skin and expect many upset ‘customers’. That’s what happens when you’re a jerk.

  184. I believe these guys to be a scam operation. A $10 charge showed up on my daughter’s cell bill that I didn’t understand. A call to the cell carrier pointed to dadamobile. I called them to cancel the service and the person on the phone indicated that the service had been cancelled 2 minutes after subscribed to. We were billed anyway. He further stated that they had no capacity to credit back through the cell carrier but would apply to have a refund check sent to me. However, this would require me providing my home address. I was unwilling to do this as I felt that would just give them further information to steal my identity. I’m going to alert the cell carrier that they should review their practice of doing business with this company. I would also encourage anyone else who is as hesitant as I am to ask their cell company to question whether this is a company that they want to be associated with.

  185. *** To cancel Mblox crap text SMS the word “Stop” to 63232. ***

    This is from their “agreement”:
    “If you wish to terminate your registration as a Subscriber, you may do so effective at the end of any calendar month upon at least 10 days’ advance notice, subject to any remaining obligations that apply to you and payment of all amounts unpaid and outstanding or which become due as a result of obligations previously agreed to by you. You can do this by (i) sending a text message with the text “ENDâ€?, “STOPâ€?, “QUITâ€?, “CANCELâ€?, UNSUBSCRIBEâ€? from your registered wireless or mobile device via SMS to our short number, 63232 (or such other short number as we designate on our Website) or (ii) call our customer service representatives at 1-888-214-0381 or (iii) send us an email at [email protected]

    I tried using the words “Cancel” and then “Quit”, neither one worked. Finally a third SMS message with the word “Stop” got a reply saying my service was ended and they would no longer bill me.

  186. (3) unless you respond to the text message with
    a confirmation or you enter the PIN code on the website, you won’t get

    I am not a customer, however it seems to me if the confirmation required message is not responded to then there should be no billing and the matter should be closed. In other words, if the cell phone owner thought this was spam, they would ignore it and no billing charged.

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