What to Do if You’ve Lost Your Cell Phone or If Your Cell Phone is Stolen or Missing

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Every day, dozens of people realize “Oh no, I’ve lost my cell phone!” A lost cell phone or a missing or stolen cell phone can be more than just an inconvience. Particularly these days, with email, text messages, and more on one’s cell phone, losing a cell phone can be a big security issue.

Here is a list of things that you should do if you’ve lost your cell phone (Note: If your phone was stolen, you should read this article too):

1. Calm down, take a deep breath, and take a few minutes to think about where you last remember having it. Retrace your steps. Often you will find your phone just by taking this time to relax and reflect.

2. Use another phone to call your cell phone so that you can hear it ring. If you don’t have another phone handy, ask a friend to make the call for you. It’s important to do this shortly after you realize that your cell phone is missing, before it runs out of battery.

*Bonus: If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it to find your phone! Just tap on the “find my phone” button and it will cause your phone to make a loud ping noise so that you can track it down!

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apple watch ping find phone iphone

3. If you don’t find your cell phone after calling it, contact every place you’ve been between the time you last had your cell phone and the time that you realized that your cell phone was lost. It doesn’t matter whether or not you actually used your cell phone there; it may have fallen out of your pocket, or you may have placed it on the table or counter during a meeting or a meal.

4. If you don’t locate your lost cell phone within a few hours, call your cell phone provider and have them turn off all services to your cell phone! This is the most critical step. Be sure to do this. Whether it was lost or stolen, if your cell phone falls into the hands of the wrong person a great deal of your information can be gleaned and used to steal your identity. In addition, it can be used to compromise your friends and colleagues, especially if you have email and text messages on your phone, but even if you don’t.

UNLESS you want to track down your stolen cell phone, and you are very confident that you know what you are doing.

After having them turn off all your services, go into your carrier’s local store, pick up a new cell phone, and have everything restored to your new phone. Depending on what kind of cell phone you have, and who your carrier is, you may be able to have everything restored and back up and running within a matter of minutes. But even if not, the hassle of having to set up a new phone is nothing compared to the hassle of having someone pretend to be you and drain your bank accounts, harrass your friends, post your pictures on the Internet, and more.

By the way, there are now programs for some smart phones which will turn your ringer on remotely for you, so that you can try to find your cell phone by calling it even if it was set to mute when you lost it. They do this by having you text a PIN to your cell phone, which tells the phone to set the ringer to high. One such program is PinTail.

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150 thoughts on “What to Do if You’ve Lost Your Cell Phone or If Your Cell Phone is Stolen or Missing

  1. Model- Samsung GT-i9082 imei-355886055796778 & 355887055796776
    Place -Dombivli Last Used Number -8898605562, please contact on

  2. I have lost my Nokia C3-00 cell phone IMEI NO 351984041868191 if found plz confirm via my mail id rajeevsena@yahoo.com

  3. My phone has been stonen in Mumbai Local (between Ghatkopar and Vikroli) in a Local that goes to Asangoan at around 4:30 PM

    plz help me to trace it as a lot of confidential data is stored in . The details are-

    IMEI- 3537 5904 0163 366

    Phone Number 09820229323

    Please let me know on 09930914109, plz do help me… I am ready to pay some amount.. but i want my phone back.


  4. Please find the detail information of my lost mobile

    Your name:Raji Subramanian
    Address:Old No 2, New No 3, 13 West Cross Road, M.K.B.Nagar, Vysarapadi, Chennai-600039. Tamil Nadu. India
    Phone model: Nokia C7 – Silver Color
    Make: Nokia C7 – Silver Color
    Last used No.: 7299151520
    E-mail for communication: mail2raji@hotmail.com
    Missed date: 25 August 2011
    IMEI No.:358261040119022

    Please contact @ 7299151520 or email me @ mail2raji@hotmail.com if you can help me on the same

  5. i hv lost my phone 6700 slide emie no cotain-353390042475556 if someone found call me 9711860616

  6. I had lost my nokia X3-02 phone at date 31/07/2011
    IMEI no 356981042675570
    Nokia 5030
    IMEI no352708045361245

    plz if u have any information about that call me at

  7. i have lost my Nokia 5233 yesterday but i dont know IMEI number of it.
    am i able get my cel back?

  8. i have lost my phone so pls track my phone and tell me my phone no;is 9962224858 it was in 5130c-2Red which i have lost my IMEI:352003044750139(please contact me on 9444905375)

  9. I have lost my Nokia – E65 cell Phone, the IMEI code is IMEI – 351502041756107

  10. I lost my LG KP500
    MOB no 9633124479
    IMEI NO:9598580377214400
    IMSI 404950099921374
    at Shanthi nagar Bangalore while traveling from Shanti nagar to Shivaji nagar by BMTC BUS.

    PLease inform me if its tracable or can be black list.

  11. I have lost my Nokia with E63 No.CE0434 and marking no.002N2T1 and 438158095762. I lost while driving a bike and the finder immediately on receiving my call from another phone, disconnected and removed the sim.

  12. STOLEN iPAD – IMEI num. 012436009837495

    please contact if you find it thanks, and expect modest reward!
    +381 60 59 555 83 Mr. Lazar K.

    Phone model: NOKIA 5530,
    Last used No.:9966998242
    IMEI : 351540048568794


  14. Dear SIR,
    In my case i have lost my Nokia N97 today. It was pick pocketed when i was entering into a mutiplex.
    I have not submitted complaint at the Police station , pls suggest me what should i do.
    I have not insured my phone. Is there any way to block the mobile using IMEI number? Is there any way to track the mobile phone location?can i get my phone back, IMEI NO. IS 358226036787959. Pls help me iwd be highly thankful 2 u.
    my no. is+91-9580019119,+91-9839183286

  15. dear sir,
    i lost my mobile nokia n8 in my shop”s counter pls help me get it back, its very important for me, emi.no. is 352684047686089, this is my contact no 9989657657

  16. i ve lost so many phones.. i wish there arises a new facility thru which i can just find my mobile even if my sim is not inserted to it….!!

  17. Respected sir/madam

    I am saravanan i lost my mobile phone on 15th july 2011 at 2.30pm in 45B bus while travel from saidapet to kalyani hospital……
    please identify and give as soon as possible.

    mobile details :
    videocon 1608 model {triple sim mobile}
    mobile no:9444552634,9445762577

    please inform if identified 044-24326364

  18. pls trace my mobile location and inform as it’s em1 number is *35365641968803*

  19. I have lost my Nokia5310 Mobile on 8/7/2011 around 8.20 PM in RK Puram, New Delhi.My no. is 9868732956. Please get the phone locked. M. Govind

  20. My Nokia 2323c-2 black (CE0434) has been stolen on 07/07/2011 between 2.00 to 3.00 pm. I want to destroy the phone so that the person you won’t use it again. My information and everything in the phone i don’t want him to have access to it. This is my phone Nokia 2323c-2 black (CE0434) IMEI:357980037458371

  21. i hv lost ma mobile x2 which was taken before 1month back and i hv lost it can u trace it please .!!!number =8792420225 and imei number =356996044918810.

  22. Sir pls help me my nokia 7210c handset is lost. Imei. No. 356930034113504 pls chek my lost mobile and contect my no. 9509522772

  23. My Nokia c3 has been stolen on 21/06/2011 some few minutes to 6am. I want to destroy the phone so that the person you won’t use it again. My informations and evrything in the phone i don’t want him to have access to it. This is my phone Nokia c3 serial number: IMEI:354318047765878

  24. i lost my nokia n97 no 11/6/2011 in kuwait IMEI359374031955590 please help me MY NUMBER +96599342557

  25. Please help me for traking my phone Nasaki m900 Music Edition please help me IMEI 359233039715793 please..

  26. hi iam divya kanniappan i have lost my mobile.i love my mobile a lot.
    identification of the mobile:
    its nokia 5233
    address of mines:
    no:11,arumugam street arnipalayam arni
    its a very big request pls any body try to find my cellphone

  27. Lost/stolen iPhone 4. IMEI 012657006944204. Anyone help me? Contact number 9496671691, cell phone number of the lost device 9092624470.

  28. i have lost my mobile samsung galaxy 5 but dont have imei number,when i call its ringing

  29. my nokia c1-01was stolen with thwe imei no 357392040894933 please help me and destroy it.

  30. am Favour Nwaneri from Nigeria.i lost my noika. Nokia Model c1-01.IMEI No 357392040894933
    Lost Date: May 17, 2011
    Lost Place: Nigeria, Network: MTN

  31. my nokia c1-01 was stolen.imei no 357392040894933.please destroy the phone.

  32. please, am favour, a Nigerian, my nokia c1-01 with the imei no 35739204089433 was stolen. please help me destroy.this is my phone no 08034090310

  33. i lost a nokia 5230 just a day before the IMEI is 355396043809204 please tell me how to trace it !! please!!!


  35. hello,someone stole ma mob while i was travelin in a bus can u plz help me out in finding out plz1!!!itz ma dads gift!!!!!!its samsung wave 533wid d number 353926040228875 nd phone number 8121182184!!!atleast sugest me hw can i trace it!!!!thank you!!

  36. sir iam frmo a poor familybut anyhow i have collected rs.4500 to buy a second hand nokia 5233..somebody stolen it..pls hlp me.. i will never forget ur kind help
    emi no;355527043418048
    my present fon no.9410064866

  37. i have lost my nokia 5220Xpress Music IEMI no:356840021610356 plz help
    cell no:03333623618

  38. Your name:Prathik
    saleem nagar colony,
    Phone model:samsung i5801 (galaxy 3)
    Last used No.:8143836963
    E-mail for communication:prathik.p1@gmail.com
    Missed date:27/1/11 time:7:00am
    IMEI No.:355275040080458

  39. i ‘ve lost my cell on 16 Jan 2011 at about 1940 hrs in vellore institute of technology next to the basket ball court
    Make : Sony Erricson
    Model : XPERIA X10mini
    IMEI No : 012312002331770
    Service provider : Airtel
    cell no : +919566159465
    Email for communication : rmalik456@hotmail.com

  40. My mobile was lost in mohali Near Chandigarh.

    Details as Follows:

    Your name: Rupinder Kaur

    Address: #1675, Phase -5 , Mohali, -160059

    Phone model: Moto ZN200

    Make: Motorola

    E-mail for communication: mailrupinder@yahoo.com

    Missed date: October 13, 2010
    IMEI No.: 356431020495039

  41. Please help me to find my LG GW300 model phone.
    mail me anindyacsejgec@gmail.com

  42. I havae a t-mobie G1 phone and i lost it. but i have this lookout antivirus security app on it and it transmits the location of the phone.how do i track it

  43. PLEASE! help me im begging you , I lost my phone (i think cause i looked EVERYWHERE for it) i might left it on a taxi. I dont know how to tell my parents cause this is my second. im so scared. do you have websites that tracks phone , the one thats COMPLETELY free and the one that REALLY works. Please

  44. Sir i lost my mobile nokia5130(red)on 19 july 2010 details are

    Phone model: NOKIA 5130 (RED)
    Last used No.:9755409274
    E-mail for communication:PRIYANKA.SHIVHARE@YMAIL.COM
    Missed date:19 JULY 2010
    IMEI No.: 356040039068362
    plz help me to track the phone..

  45. i feel for all of you … my n97 mini was stolen just two weeks after buying it :(((

  46. Dear sir I have lost my cell phone, Nokia 5130. dated on 04.07.2010. so plz help me to get my cell phone.IMEI NO.358276035310220(C)

  47. I have lost lost my mobile phone
    Phone model: 3600
    Make: Nokia
    IMEI No.: 359306021544919

  48. i have lost my cell phone in the auto.Can any1 help me.i shall be highly thankful 2 him/her for whole life…..

  49. I lost my cell phone on May 28th,2010) in my compound.my phone model is nokia 2700 classic. plz somebody should tract and burn it for me
    my IMEI number is : 358241038518971
    plz contact :08032268149

  50. I lost my phone on 28th day of May, 2010. and up till now i have not found it. This is the IMEI Number: 358241038518971. Please I want it to be burnt. Thanks

  51. my cell phone was thefted yesterday(june 3rd,2010) in a crowded bus.my phone model is nokia 5310 xpress music edition (BLACK). plz somebody do the neeedful to track my cell phone, i m lost without my cell phone
    my IMEI number is : 352072028402793
    plz contact :9972232232

  52. Hi! I went on a trip today with my class at school, and i had brought my phone to school. I put it in my bag, and forgot about it, till just now!…….. And it isnt there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( im soooooooooo worried right now because all my personal messages and phone numbers are on it!!!!! :( ! So someone has looked into my bag and took my phone out! Who would do such a thing??? Im 11! For cryin out loud! An ELEVEN year old stealin?!!!

  53. my nokia 5310 xpress music
    imei no-356919039249199
    is theft please hepl me track my mobile and contact me
    contact no-9755212566

  54. MY SONY ERICSSON’S IMEI IS 353832-02-770990-5

  55. My Sony erricsion j105i Twas stolen . i asked my headmaster but he just said to get a new phone, I really need your help to find my mobile
    IMEI is:356813033284353
    contact me by email or mobile no.9825215529
    please I had really important files on that mobile, and it is a matter of life and death if i don’t get these files back
    Thanks this means the universe to me

  56. this is my imei number just want to destroy the phone someone pls do it for me. 356592031329291

  57. i have lost my NOKIa N70 cell..plz help me to get it back.. i dont know the imei number.plz contact me as soon as possibl. how to get imei number of lost phone? my contact no is:(+91)9925555570

  58. 80.plz help me track my mobile BlackBerry curv 8520 imei number 359428032603367 nd the lost mobile no is +96899199344 . plz help

  59. plz help me track my mobile samsung corby plus imei number358575038359385 nd the lost mobile no is 9780126762 . plz help

  60. plz help me track my mobile samsung corby plus imei number358575038359385 . plz help me

  61. my sony ericson phone is lost my no. is 9646729467 plz help me…..saalimkhan18@yahoo.in

  62. i have a nokia e71 mobile no and IMEI Number is :354855025091330 plz find and now what is user mobile no and location plz give me and lock phone

  63. omg today i left my iphone in the bathroom and wen i came back to check if it was still there it was gone!!! i need it back, i hope tht who ever has it loses something and they dnt get it back so they can see how it feels!!!!!!!!

  64. my name is shankar,studying engineerin in vizag.I WENT TO VIJAYAWADA TI SEE MY BROTHER. i lost my new mobile nokoia 5233 in vijayawada on 07-03-2010. my IMEI no. is 358321032366674 CAN I GET MY CELL BACK. I JUST BOUGHT IT 15 DAYS BACK.PLS HELP ME.WT SHOULD I HAV TO DO NOW.

  65. sir i have lost my v bling mobile on 27th february 2010
    which has MEID:A10000051AD2174
    FCCID:QISC3308A will u please getmy mobile back

  66. My Samsung S5230 Toco Lite was stolen from me at school i asked my headmaster nut he just said to get a new phone, I really need your help to find my mobile
    IMEI is:356712035191196
    contact me by email or mobile no:07950 748 2422
    please I had really important files on that mobile, and it is a matter of life and death if i don’t get these files back
    Thanks this means the universe to me

  67. i have lost my mobile SAMSUNG STAR SERIES. The IMEI Number is :355180030706916. Please track the mobile. Lost date 17.02.2010

  68. sir please help me sir
    i am lost my mobile nokia N73 model,
    IMEI NO:355718029319462
    Last used No.: +919948822075

  69. Dear Sir,
    I have lost my Nokia 6300 Mobile on dated 12.02.2010 at 1300 O’Clock from Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
    My Details as following:
    Name Vinod Kumar
    Address Vill-Mangali, Dhani Jatan, Teh. & Distt.- Hisar, Haryana.
    Phone Model Nokia 6300 B.Silver
    Last Used No. 9996590895
    E-mail: nkrajputhr@yahoo.co.in
    Missed Date 12.02.2010
    IMEI 358647017654324

    Please revert me back with a favour of best co-operation.
    I will be thankful to you.
    Thaks & Regards
    Vinod Kumar
    Contact no. 08010014604

  70. sir please help me sir
    i am lost my mobile nokia 6300 model,i dont know the IMEI no, but i know the mobile no Airtel UP West no:+919897465283
    please help me

  71. I have lost my mobile on dated 4/02/2010 and the details of the same are mentioned below..
    IMEI No..358256038532053
    Make…Nokia 6303 MBlack
    Date of purchase..22/12/2009
    Kindly tell me what to do now

  72. Guys,

    this is an article with simple tips on what to do if you lost your phone, not some mysterious service to help you finding your phone by posting your data.

    As was said in one of the earlier comments: Your IMEI number is helpful only if before you posted it to some web service AND the finder of your phone looks it up at the same. Very unlikely.

  73. i have lost my cell phone intex in 3060 b its dual sim mobile no is 9478654966(bsnl) plese help me

  74. i lost my mobile phone pls help me. info here
    phone model: nokia 5800 xpressmusic
    imei no:354182026135218
    Last used No.: +919462804774

  75. i have lost my nokia 5220 music express . please help me to find the same. imei no. is 356840021109664

  76. hi sir,
    i lost my o2 ice cel today and IMEI no is 352063010516443.plz trace my cel and reply me to dis num 9985763274.its urgent

  77. phone model: nokia 6233
    Make: nokia
    Last used No.: +919885845261
    E-mail for communication: mstnreddy@gmail.com
    Missed date: 02-02-2010
    IMEI No.:354827021942667

    iam loss my mobile please help me……………

  78. sir please help me sir
    i am loss my mobile nokia 6233 model,i dnt know the IMEI no,but i know the mobile no vodafone net no:+919885845261.
    please help me

  79. my nokia 5130 xpres music has been stolen ay 25jan.which is of blue color & it’s IMEI NO. is 354179032151916.pls infom me at my cell no.9754600554 or send me a mail at swapnil5990@gmail.com

  80. Please I need to destroy my stolen phone, kindly assist.

    Phone Model
    Samsung E1080T

    Date of Purchase : 01 / 2010

    Serial Number : RUBSA16312P Mobile Phone Number : 08061288181 Mobile Operator : MTN

  81. i lost my SAMSUNG mobile its imei no. is 358040/03/066752/5
    model no. SAMSUNG CORBY
    date on which it is lost 19.01.2010
    my other no. is 9897875361
    plz help ME SOME IMPORTANT NO.& DETAIL IN this mobile pls find this set location

  82. Hi my phone Nokia supernove -7610 has been stolen , please help what to do.
    IMEI no-351962031961192

  83. i lost my mobile no. its imei no. is 3523420300446101
    model no. m2710
    date on which it is lost 19.01.2010
    my other no. is 9354308090
    plz help

  84. My nokia 7210 (supernova) have been stolen and its imei no. is 359310023485337 you can help me than plz contact at +919810668835
    or or send me a mail at king.of.human.race@gmail.com.

  85. wow. i wish i can help all of you. i lost my phone 3 times in a row. i know how you feel…

  86. I lost My Nokia 6070 Mobile with IMIE NO.353235012701699/ Vodafone
    and Sony Ericssion with IMIE No.357977017221407 on 01/01/2010. FIR has been lodged.Duplicate SIM also has been taken. How to trace lost cell Phones.

  87. I have lost my phone nokia 5130c-2red IMEI no358006039532416 mobile no9440407956 If you got any information on that phone please inform to me

  88. sir,
    i lost my mobile on 4thjan 2010.my mobile no is 8109912446 its a docomo sim .n its EMEIno is 355722023596703.
    n sir sometimes d phone were on .tell mee wat i hav to do .

  89. iam nokia customer
    i lost my phone 3110c in auto on 11 dec 2009 and its imei number iis 353081028280116 if you please help me out in tracing it i will be thank full foryou my numer is 9004340671

  90. my mobile was stolen yesterday evening at around 07:15 pm having mobile no 9960333485 MEI:351937030882276 is stolen by any person. FIR is also done in Lonkinand police station can you help me

  91. My son lost his mobile, IMEI number 359319020680824, I have file FIR with Kothrud Police station and they know person who has stolen is in Solapur as they caught his friend’s cell from thief in Pune, but they are not able to locate another person

  92. Sir
    i am very frustate because my nokia 7610 imei no 354813014801284 is stolen by any person.
    Please help me on my no.I have no email id.
    in which no are active with my cellphone.
    Plzzzz clue me.

  93. Sir,my cellphone nokia 7610 black-red imei no.354813014801284 is stolen by any person on 26.12.2009 at 5.45pm.Which no.And area is working with my cellphone.
    I am very frustate please help me on contact no.09889348567 or SMS
    i regard you.

  94. hi,i lost my nokia e 71 on 26 of december 2009.my imei is 358240030951024 plsssssss help me to find it or to block it it cost me 300 € thx verry much

  95. I have lost my phone nokia 7610-supernova.
    IMEI no:359331026811675
    mobile no:9994571088
    If you got any information on that phone please inform to me

  96. I lost my two cellphones at the same time three days back, plz help me to trace them as a lot of confidential data is stored in them. the details are-

    Nokia 7210 supernova IMEI-359310021456454
    last number used-9098243787
    Nokia 3310 IMEI-356418021193119
    last number used-8109591927
    My new contact no.09200005777, plz do help me
    Indrajeet Dixit

  97. My new nokia 5130c- 2 red mobile is stolen my IMEI:358229037737791 pl. find it & contact me on mobile no.9320570747

  98. Hi,
    Please note that my mobile was stolen yesterday evening at around 07:15 pm. I have given its details below. Please, trace my mobile as it is very expensive and has stored very old and important number which I may never found again.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    UBISOFT Entertainment India,
    2nd, floor, Sharada Arcade,
    Pune-Satara Road,
    Pune 411037
    Phone Model : Nokia 7210 Supernova
    Make: NOKIA
    Last Used Number: 9923375405
    Email: arshad.hussain@ubisoft.com, Hussain.arshad4u@hotmail.com
    Missed Date: 13th December, 2009
    IMEI No. : 356930031785916

  99. im allan and i lost my phone today on 10 th december 09 .. in my campus
    model no is bleu 476x
    imei no is 355869020090865
    colour black
    im from mumbai
    for further details plz contact on my email id
    albyallanbh at yahoo.com
    help plz urgent

  100. my nokia E71 was stolen on 05.12.2009 and the imei no is 358240032805673 pls i want it found or destroyed

  101. i lost my nokia n73 (White Panel) mobile phone
    i want to find it again.
    my phone,IMEI# is 356425023107039

    if u have any information about it please contact me, my num is 9741377655..

  102. My mobile phone nokia 6233 stolen on 1st december 09 i want to track my phone,IMEI no is-352915021050987 please help me to trace it out. my contact is 9986664402

  103. My mobile phone nokia 6233 stolen on 24th nov 09 , I want to track my mobile phone ,
    Imei is – 354827021293335
    if u have any information about it please send it to me ,
    my contact is 9966045871.plz help me it is my heart.

  104. Please help me to get my mobile
    Nokia 1209 Silver Grey
    IMEI: 356072033323873
    i love my mobile very much and request you to help me pls.

  105. Please help me to get my mobile
    Nokia 5130 Express Music
    IMEI: 356908031650439
    i love my mobile very much and request you to help me pls.

  106. Hi This is Bharath from Hyderabad.Today morning(November 09,2009) i have lost my Nokia 2600 Handset mobile while travelling in Bus.My mobile was 09949027226.
    Can you please track the same and do the needful.Let me know if you have queries

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks and Regards,

  107. My bb storm IMEI no. 352109039074995 was stolen, let me know what you can do. I’d pay to have the phone thieves caught!!

  108. my mobile was stolen with cell no. 9433119373 and handset imei 358973017999620(nokia N73).how can i get my mobile handset back?

  109. i lost my cellphone lost date 5/10/2009.please help me.model n72 d-plum.iemi no 356295015941301.my contect no 9415481518 ,05122525882 address 21/24 newidgah colony kanpur

  110. Hi i m very sade my Mobile N73 Music Edition lost..

    please help me IMEI 353548022236542

    please help me..

  111. i lost my cellphone last weekend and it was lying on the bed!! any good places where u might think it is ???? i need it or my dad wqill flip out!!!

  112. Please i wont to help me to track my Stolen Cell Phone
    Nokia 5130 Express Music 2
    IMEI: 354223030368237

  113. My mobile phone nokia N73 stolen 15th sep 09 , I want to track my mobile phone ,
    Imei is – 355718028409025
    if u have any information about it please send it to me ,
    my contact is 9507110212

  114. My Samsung SGH-L760 IMEI:353329/02/2058628/8 was stolen yesterday, 25/08/2009. Please, help me destroy it.

  115. i have lost my china cell phone i.e.,dual sim cell phone on thursday evening 20/08/09,but i dont’t know my IMEI number in that cell phone two numbers r working 9490969345 and another number is 9030531938.plz tell me how to find

  116. i lost my Samsung A737 and I din’t remember where it is, none of my friends remember either. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!?1?!?!??!?! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  117. i lost my phone i want the phone numbers back my life is in that phone numbers please help me…..

  118. i lost my nokia n95 mobile plz make help for me i am very deppressed my mobile imei number:352026024720947

  119. my cellphone was stolen yesterday and i dont know the mobile imei no please help me

  120. pls am michael and my nokia 6630 was stolen .pls can u help destroy it. my imei number is 35567700316.thank u

  121. dear sir/mam,
    my nokia mobile n73 has lost on 30/05/08 in mumbai. my mobile imei no is352916026118209. purchasing date is 02/04/08. i have also lost my luke mobile sim with mobile thats number is 9773513442 … i have also fir in police station. but no any information of my mobie plz help me… plz mail me on my email address nafees.bhai at gmail.com….

  122. i had lost my phone yesterday my imei no is 356900-01-144804-1 please lock my phone

  123. We bought our son a new iPhone for Christmas, and it was stolen while he was at school. I hope Karma hits whoever stole it.

  124. Please help me for traking my phone N73 Music Edition please help me IMEI 353546021310284 please..email tariq_repairman at hotmail.com

  125. Hi i m very sade my Mobile N73 Music Edition lost..

    please help me IMEI 353546021310284

    please help me..

  126. WIMPit.com is an interesting idea to register your IMEI number, so that if someone finds your cell phone, they can go to WIMPit.com and look up your IMEI – but *who* would ever *think* to look at the IMEI, and then *how* would they know to go to WIMPit.com to find the owner?

  127. BEFORE you lose your phone, register it on WimpIt dot com

    This is strictly a cell phone retrieval website, easy to use, and a great idea. I registered immediately when finding it. There’s much more info on the website.

    WIMP is an acronym – Where Is My Phone

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