Is It Ok to Leave Your iPhone Screen On All the Time? Here’s the Answer

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You may be wondering “is it ok to leave my iPhone screen on all the time?” or “Will leaving my iPhone screen on damage it?”

For example, you may want to run one of the digital clock apps and use your iPhone as a bedside clock.

iphone screen burn in digital clock

The primary reason that this used to be much more of a concern than it is now is that many device screens used to be prone to “burn in”. Lifehacker describes burn-in as “permanent damage to a screen caused by showing the same image for a long period of time.”

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Is It Ok to Leave Your iPhone Screen On All the Time? Here’s the Answer

However, that was then, and this is now, and now the technology in devices with screens, such as monitors, televisions, and in particular tablets and cell phones, has evolved to a point where screens are rarely subject to burn in (and even if they were, your phone will almost certainly be replaced far before you could cause a screen to experience burn in.)


While Apple has not made any statement addressing the question of burn in for an iPhone screen, the general consensus is that there is no need for concern about burn in with iPhone screens. Indeed, the thinking goes, the fact that Apple allows apps in the app store that require the screen to be on constantly (such as a bedside clock) is tantamount to Apple tacitly implying that there is no problem with leaving your iPhone screen on all the time.

Perhaps more importantly, our research, at least, has revealed nobody ever having a problem with screen burn in on an iPhone, however, conversely, we have found lots and lots of users who leave their screens on all the time, with no ill effect.

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Is It Ok to Leave Your iPhone Screen On All the Time? Here’s the Answer

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