T-Mobile Offers Unlimited Wifi Phone “HotSpot @Home” for Only $20 per Month

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T-Mobile has announced the debut of their unlimited wifi phone (think VOIP) service, called “Hotspot @Home”. For only $20.00 per month, you can make unlimited Hotspot @ Home calls from, well, your Hotspot at home, as well as from any Tmobile Hotspot location (such as the bazillions of Starbucks around the country).

T-Mobile is also selling two new handsets designed to work seamlessly with the service through their The Only Phone You Need website at http://www.TheOnlyPhoneYouNeed.com.

In order to access the service at home, you have to get a special home router from Tmobile, for which they will charge you but then rebate back the entire amount.

While it is unclear whether other wifi enabled phones will work with the HotSpot @Home home router, there seems to be no reason that they shouldn’t work with the other T-Mobile hotspots.

The service is currently only available in Seattle, but T-Mobile has pledged to add other areas soon, and you can sign up to be notified when your area comes online at the http://www.theonlyphoneyouneed.com site.

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5 thoughts on “T-Mobile Offers Unlimited Wifi Phone “HotSpot @Home” for Only $20 per Month

  1. question? how do i get better reception, more signal at my house is there a trick that i can do or buy something that will give me better service no one can seem to help me not tmobile not sprint not best buy, the only thing anyone can say that might help is a little circut board strip that you put behind your battery can anyone please help

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