Woman finds Dead Body while Using Pokemon Go, Robbers Using the Augmented Reality App to Lure Players

Pokémon Go was released last week, and it seems to have taken over the world. And not just the world, but people’s houses, bathrooms, and even the Westboro Baptist Church. Pokeman Go is an augmented reality app, in which Pokémons are inserted (or superimposed) into real world context on your phone, using both the GPS and the clock. But already bad guys are using it to rob people, and one poor woman unwittingly found a dead body along with her Pokémons.

Netflix Purity Commitment Ring Keeps Partners from Binge Watching without the Other

Apparently some folks in the UK have bigger problems than breaking up with the EU on their minds. UK ice cream maker Cornetto has come up with Netflix “commitment rings”, to keep partners from binge watching their favourite shows unless they are together, so that one can’t commit Netflix adultery on the other. Yes, really. Because, says Cornetto, “Love should last longer than one season.”

Break Bad Habits with Pavlok: The Habit Changing Device and App that does Pavlov Proud

The Pavlok wristband device is designed to help you break bad habits. It does this by creating a negative Pavlovian response (i.e. negative reinforcement) in the form of a shock on your wrist every time you do the thing that you’re trying to stop doing. From nail-biting, to smoking, to swearing, to Facebooking (what, that’s a bad habit?), to not waking up on time, the folks behind the Pavlock device would do Pavlov proud (not Pavlova, that’s a dessert – Ivan Pavlov, of conditioned response in dogs fame).

Smartphones + Mobile Apps + Adaptive Workforce = Gig Economy

Are you part of the new so-called ‘gig economy’? If you don’t know what the gig economy is, probably not, but even if not, you almost certainly know someone who is. According to recent statistics, 16% of the American workforce is working in the gig economy – that’s nearly 1 in 5 people. And at least one pundit factors smartphones and mobile apps into why the gig economy is growing.

Bluetooth Selfie Remote to Take Selfies

We recently had an opportunity to review this wireless bluetooth selfie remote for iPhone and Android, and its selfie remote app, and it’s a great addition to your selfie-taking bag of tricks! And it does so much more than just selfie remote shutter control – you can switch between front and back cameras, zoom in and out, turn the flash on and off, even switch between photo and video! Of course, a selfie stick also allows you to hold your phone, with the remote, you need to prop it up somewhere or use a tripod. The best combination is one of each!

Flight Delayed or Cancelled? $19 Gets You Rebooked with No Extra Ticket Cost, No Lines, and No Hassle!

Imagine traveling over the holidays to see friends or family, and your flight is delayed or, worse, cancelled. Or traveling to a business meeting, and because of a flight delay, you miss your connection. Now imagine a service that, for only $19, will alert you of the upcoming delay or cancellation, and that will automatically find you alternate flights, and book them for you at no extra cost to you, all from the privacy and hassle-free convenience of your smartphone. No standing in lines, no calling around to other airlines, no waiting on hold, no having to frantically surf travel sites. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not – it’s a service called Freebird.

Facebook Offers New Feature: Ditch Your Ex without Unfriending Them

Facebook is testing a new feature to make it less awkward when you break up with someone who is also on Facebook, allowing you to “see less of them” while not actually unfriending them. After all, as the song goes, breaking up is hard (enough) to do, without having to also unfriend your ex. So if you are not the sort who gets a perverse satisfaction out of hitting ‘unfriend’ so that your ex knows that you have unfriended them, read on.

Uber Offers Flu Shots and (RED) AIDS Fighting through UberHealth

Don’t have time to go out and get a flu shot? Now through Uber’s UberHealth service, you can have on-demand mobile flu shots come to you! During a one-day promotion last week, in select cities throughout the United States, from Atlanta to San Francisco, Uber Health would bring a nurse-administered flu shot right to your door. While this was a one-day offering, we’re sure that they’ll offer it again. (See below for a full list of cities in which Uber offered an Uber flushot.) And in the meantime, Uber has teamed up with AIDS-fighting program (RED) to raise money for the (RED) AIDS program.

The Best Free Online PDF to Text Converter

We often have occasion to need to OCR a PDF to convert it to text, and we believe that we have found the best online PDF to text converter out there. Whether you need an online PDF to Word converter, a PDF to doc or docx converter, or even a PDF to Excel converter, this online PDF converter will do it, and best of all, if your document is short, it’s free! And, they support 46 languages! Here’s our review.