How to Opt Out of Interest Based Ads and Behavioral Advertising

Behavioral advertising, also known as behavioral targeting or behavioral marketing, is when an advertiser or advertising server hooks into the data that is stored by your browser or app, to serve you interested based ads. These things tell the advertisers and networks things such as what searches you recently conducted, what sites you visited, etc.. Behavioral advertising is increasingly being used by advertisers and their publishers (Facebook just announced they are using behavioral advertising), and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned for their privacy. So how can you opt-out of behavioral advertising?

Receive, Read and Send SMS Text Messages on Your Mac Computer and iPad!

Getting SMS text messages on your Mac or iPad may just be the holy grail for many Macbook and iMac users, but until now iMessage has not worked with messages sent from Android phones. If the person with whom you are messaging has an iPhone, then you can message them from your Mac with iMessage, but that has not been the case for texting with Android and other non-iOS phones.

New Socially Conscious ‘Buycott’ App Helps You Avoid Monsanto, Koch Brothers, and Other Brands You Want to Avoid

Hate Monsanto? Sick of how Koch Industries’ brothers David Koch and Charle Koch have their fingers in everything? Wish there were a way to know before you buy which things have their taint, or their genetically modified (GMO) ingredients? Now, with the Buycott app, you can! Scan barcodes right in the store, and Buycott will trace the product through layers of subsidiaries to show you who is really behind the brand.

All About the New “Facebook Home” Facebook Phone – The Hype, The Reality, and the ‘Why Bother’

People were waiting on tenterhooks for today’s anticipated announcement of a Facebook phone (or at least a Facebook Android platform, code named “Mobile First”, but now called “Facebook Home”, with its ‘cover feed’). Dubbed by some as the “FacePhone” or “Face Phone”, many are wondering what it will bring to the mobile device world. Facebook chat heads are cute, but will the Facebook mobile phone be a game changer? Is it worth switching? Or, why bother? But, if you really want it, we also tell you how to get Facebook Home. Yes, this means that any Android phone can be a Facebook phone. There is no dedicated hardware.

New Android Lookout App Emails Photo of Thief to Owners of Stolen Android Phones and Tablets

An Android app that helps you catch your smartphone or tablet thief is an idea whose time has come! If you are the owner of one of these phones, a stolen phone is one of the worst fates that can fall upon your phone, behind being left behind or falling in a toilet. Well now Android users can rest assured that they now have a way to increase the chances of recovering their phones; with the Lock Cam app, by Lookout Mobile Security service.

SOPA Activist and RSS Author Aaron Swartz Kills Himself While Under Threat of Federal Prosecution

SOPA Activist and RSS author Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit, has been found dead in his Brooklyn, NY apartment, from a hanging suicide. The 26 year-old was facing Federal prosecution for allegedly stealing 4.8 million documents from MIT’s computer networks, as well as from JSTOR, or Journal Storage, a nonprofit organization that offers journals and scholarly books to subsidized institutions. The death came as a shock to Swartz’s parents and girlfriend, who never expected him to hang himself, and they contend that the suicide was as a result of a “criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach.”

Waterproof Cell Phone Using HZO Technology Available Soon

How has the world lived without a waterproof cell phone for this long? Water is the kryptonite of cell phones and for all of the money we pay for them, it seems that they should be a bit more resilient. Well, we can all rejoice and start using our phones around toilets, showers and pools with reckless abandon because technology company HzO has developed a new nanofilm waterproof coating, WaterBlock, that will protect your phone should it come into contact with water. And the first water proof cellphone is due out shortly – with Sony, Samsung and, reportedly, Apple, all planning to bring out a waterproof phone this year.

Flexible Smartphones Due Out This Year – Includes Video of Flexible Phone and Flexible Tablet

It won’t be long before we see flexible smartphones and flexible tablets on the market! The likes of Sony, Nokia, LG, Philips and Sharp are all fervently working on technology to bring foldable phones to consumers in the very near future. Prototypes of the flexible phones are already creating a buzz at trade and gadget shows, with news that the foldable phone can be bent, folded and rolled. The excitement of the flexible smartphone and flexible tablet is growing as the possibilities of rolling it up to stick it in a pocket or handbag are wildly appealing to users on the go. Not to mention that a flexible phone is quite the conversation starter.

Lenovo is First to Announce the new ‘Table PC’ Concept – a Touch Screen Table

PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd. has introduced the table PC, a 27-inch table computer that allows users to play boardgames, with the screen responding to up to ten fingers at the same time. Users can stick the 27-inch screen device on top of any table, or create a touch screen table with the optional coffee table that fits the device, and features sliding glass panels to cover the device when you are through playing board games.

The Best Must-Have Apps for 2013

We brought you some of our favorite apps for 2012, and here is our list of top must-have for 2013! These apps are designed to make your life better, faster, more efficient and happier. Ok, we cannot promise that they will make you happier, but they certainly are handy little helpers.