How to Set up Your Smartphone as a Webcam

How to set up your smartphone as a webcam
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You are ready to rock in your home office, but then you realize that you need a webcam to interact with your clients, colleagues, family and friends. Unfortunately, all the best webcams are out of stock because almost everyone is working from home and just like you, they suddenly realized that webcams are necessary devices. If this is your predicament, you do not have to fret anymore. As long as you have a decent smartphone with a back and front camera, you can turn it into a webcam. Here is how to set up your smartphone as a webcam:

Video chat apps
Today, there are many video chat apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Video chat apps such as Discord, Google Duo, Zoom, and Skype are not only great for video chatting, they are also free. Just download any of the apps, sign up, and get chatting from your phone.

Link your smartphone to your computer as a webcam
On the other hand, if you intend to use your phone as a computer webcam, you will need to use a different approach.

First, you need to download an app compatible with your phone that transmits signals through Wi-Fi to software on your pc. Androids and iPhones use different types of software, so make sure to download the right app.

DroidCam for Android phones-For phones running Android, consider using the DroidCam. The app has a free version that turns your Android phone into a webcam.

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Though the free version is good enough for most of your video chats, you can consider upgrading by paying $5 to get the DroidCamX. The paid version comes with 720p video, has no banner ads, and features a high frame option.

To set up your smartphone as a webcam, download the DroidCam app from Play Store. You also need to download Windows Client from Dev47Apps. When you download and install both apps, make sure that your PC and phone are using the same Wi-Fi. The DroidCam app comes with an IP address, this is what you enter in your computer to link both devices.

EpocCam for iPhones-Just like with Android phones, you start by downloading the EpocCam app to your iPhone. In addition, you need to download the drivers for MasOS or Windows on your PC.


After installing the drivers, restart your computer and launch the apps on your phone and pc. If the two apps are on the same Wi-Fi, you are good to go.

Finally, you may have to consider buying a phone tripod to avoid propping up your phone precariously on books or shoe boxes.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to set up your smartphone as a webcam.

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