WordPress for iPad – Blog from Anywhere, Easily

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  • WordPress for iPad – Blog from Anywhere, Easily

Bloggers considering the Apple iPad tablet will be thrilled by the WordPress for iPad app. The WordPress app for the iPad makes posting to your WordPress site (or your WordPress blog on the WordPress.com site) a snap.

While you can of course post to your WordPress site through the iPad’s native browser, Safari, it does have some limitations. For example, you can’t always scroll through a long list of categories to select the right categories under which to list your post.

But with the WordPress app for iPad you get full WordPress functionality that is optimized to allow you to do everything you need on the iPad.

Plus, there are some really cool features, such as being able to include a picture that is on your iPad. Pair that with the ability to take a screenshot (hold down the home button and the power key at the same time) and you get something like this (this is a screenshot of our writing this very article on the iPad right now):

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WordPress for iPad – Blog from Anywhere, Easily

WordPress for iPad – Blog from Anywhere, Easily


In fact, about the only thing that we found that we could fault the iPad WordPress app for is that you can’t select, cut, or paste in it. (By the way, to move the cursor down below the bottom of your editing box, hold your finger on the screen until the little magnifying lens appears and then drag it to the bottom and it will scroll down towards (and to) the bottom of your text box.

For the price (free!) it’s a great app.

You can get the WordPress for iPad app here.

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WordPress for iPad – Blog from Anywhere, Easily

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  • WordPress for iPad – Blog from Anywhere, Easily

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  1. Nice review! Check mine at the below link..

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    Like so many other Apple users I’m enamored with each deliciously-designed product that they release. But I understand what they are doing to us – they are changing the way we think, compute, consume and buy. As a futurist and early-adopter of most technology I’m ok with these changes. But Apple seems to be single-handedly launching us into new markets long before the public knows what to do with them. On one hand it’s the entrepreneur’s dream to have a new wild-west to conquer. But as consumers we are easily tricked into putting money back into Apple, AT&T and so many other companies’ products to feel like we are on the cutting edge of technology in this brave new age of computing. My first impressions of the iPad are exactly these thoughts. It’s not a matter of is it cool (it totally is) or do I want one (couldn’t wait.) It does everything I wanted and more. It’s got a few limitations I find frustrating. But once I got my hands on it I was drinking Apple’s kool aid once again and didn’t put it down for about 14 hours. Below is a brief review of the product and some initial impressions of the philosophy behind the technology, some questions about productivity and some excitement about the possibilities.

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