WiT Reading Lamp – The First Internet Reading Lamp for Screen Reading and eReading?

WiT ereading lamp
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BenQ’s WiT Internet reading light claims to be the first intelligent reading lamp, specifically designed for Internet screen reading, meaning that the BenQ light bulb is specifically designed for lighting while you read a screen, whether you are surfing the Internet, or sitting reading an eReader such as a Kindle, Nook, or other electronic book reader.

WiT stands for Wide, Intelligent, and Tailor-made, even though, inexplicably, it is pronounced “Weet”, as in “eentelligent.” Of course, a company that says that their lamp provides “pure bliss for your eyes’ delight” (see video below), or that uses the term “intelligent design” in their press (“The intelligent design ambient light sensor detects ambient brightness from other light sources and balances illumination”) clearly has little problem taking liberties with the language.

WiT ereading lamp

So, what’s different about BenQ lighting and the BenQ lightbulb? It is, says BenQ, the combination of LED technology, fully adjustable “light temperature”, and a unique curve to the lamp, which BenQ calls the WiT “smile curve”.

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The WiT Smile Curve
wit intelligent reading lamp

The curvature of the lamp is designed to make sure that your entire screen is illuminated, while the ability to adjust the lamp’s color temperature is unique.

Explains BenQ, “Color temperature is easily managed via the WiT’s convenient rotary knob to suit the time of day or task at hand. With a simple turn, color temperature and brightness can be adjusted from 2,700k for warm white light to 5,700k cool white light, depending on users’ reading preferences.”

(SeeSmartLED.com has a great explanation of LED color temperature.)

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The WiT is supposed to alleviate, if not eliminate, eye strain brought on by staring at a monitor or other screen. It does this, they say, by combining “advanced illumination technology with total eye comfort, embodying the evolution of lighting solutions,” including “Intelligent control to detect illuminance of environment and deliver the best light to balance contrast glare” which is “Tailor-made to your own brightness and color temperature for different scenarios to suit your needs.”

Meaning, basically, that it detects the ambient light in the room, and adjusts accordingly, along with allowing you to adjust the color temperature.

You can read more about the WiT Internet reading lamp here [Page no longer available – we have linked to the archive.org version instead], or watch the video below.

And if you have tried one of these lamps, let us know!

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