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Now, would you really want to go on a date with someone who advertised themselves as “Plenty Offish”? I mean, really, come on, being stand-offish is hardly something of which to be proud. What’s next, “Snobs R’ Us Singles”?

But no, bills itself as the largest free online dating site in the world (we thought that distinction belonged to [whaddaya mean that’s not a dating site?]), and also claims that it has destroyed the “existing online dating business model” (our friends over at are going to be surprised to hear that!).

Still’s Mr. Vest would surely applaud the truth in advertising in’s name.

Said Markus Frind, CEO and founder of, “Originally we wanted to develop an online community based on the concept of free dating. That it would take off in such leaps and bounds with minimal effort was not anticipated!”

Especially with all of your users being so snooty!

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The Internet Patrol is and always has been free. We don't hide our articles behind a paywall, or restrict the number of articles you can read in a month if you don't give us money. That said, it does cost us money to run the site, so if something you read here was helpful or useful, won't you consider donating something to help keep the Internet Patrol free?
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143 thoughts on “Winner of “Most Poorly Named Online Dating Site” –

  1. What do you mean by a different breed? seems like people still meet but not for the original purpose. I remember when online dating started, it was mostly geeky introverts looking for marriage. Now it seems to be people looking for sex (especially married) and people looking to catfish others.

  2. All I’ll say is– it was quite good when it first started around 10 years ago. I met several nice women. It was before YouTube, and before Facebook branded this format and called it “Social Networking”. But those days are long gone I’m afraid. Back then it was new, and people tried to use it for what it was designed for- to meet other people, and more importantly, TO GO OUT with others. But they’re in the minority now. It isn’t so much the website, as it is the people who use it. There’s NO quality control. The people using it now are a different breed.

  3. I realize now POF is not a place for decent dating. True, I did meet a decent guy on there (no chemistry)but the majority are loser and will always be trash. I’m an educated attractive woman who doesn’t do online anymore and if I do will be better sites.

    Oh and Miss Allison is a troll. That tells you the trash POF wants.

  4. Oh Boy.. I skimmed through these old postings from several years ago. I have to admit my long, rage-filled tirades were quite tiresome to read (and cringe-worthy for the most part). I had personal/family problems at that point in time, and I was lashing out. But that still isn’t an excuse to go ON and ON like I did. YES, THIS REALLY IS THE SAME “COOL MINT”. I certainly DO NOT wish any illness or violence on Miss Allison- that was WAY too much (to say the very least).

    Nowadays I wouldn’t pay attention to someone like her. I actually feel sorry for people like her. And I certainly wouldn’t let someone like that get to me. I think my best so-called ‘revenge’ would be just to leave her to her own devices. She is stuck being Miss Allison, even still. I did a quick search on POF, and she’s STILL on there with the SAME exact demands (unrealistic), same profile and same persona. And this is SEVEN years later. She’ll NEVER change, and that’s too bad for her. Because I have, and now I’m moving on. Good-Luck

  5. “The site itself is a cess pool of unemployed bums with internet access. Not much fun, unless you’re into time wasting experiences, or enjoy obese,ugly, and or angry women.”

    Same thing with the men. I am not any of those things but the men have all been most of them like the women. I would get repulsed by the men who would contact me, like the one guy with 5 kids by 3 different women and open to having more.

  6. That’s interesting. I thought Miss Allison would have passed away by now from her self induced misery.
    That moose just rubs people the wrong way.

    The site itself is a cess pool of unemployed bums with internet access. Not much fun, unless you’re into time wasting experiences, or enjoy obese,ugly, and or angry women.

  7. I happened to find this site while searching for POF bannings. I have been banned twice for basically the same thing. In my profile I stated I am not open to dating men who have kids and in the first case several men reported my profile for that. In the second case I stated that again and in the forums told a woman to get a job instead of looking for a mate (she had two kids and a third on the way, all by different men)and got banned again. It was by that psycho Miss Allison who then threatened to kill me.

  8. Wow, you search miss_allison and people have been stating how much they’ve been screwed over for over 6 years now. I think we need to create a forum dedicated just to her.

  9. I wouldn’t call it a poor name.

    The name itself is a bit of a joke. The name implies that there are ‘plenty of fish in the sea’. So why not try one out, toss it back and then try another.

    The name of the site doesn’t exactly instill a sense of seriousness to dating. No, to me it means have fun and then move along.

    Considering how much of a useless time sink that site is (unless of course you like crazy people), plentyoffish or plentyofcrap is an appropriate name.

    Women to Men: 1:100? Perhaps, not sure. All I know is that the odds are not in a guy’s favour. You end up working triple time just to get a response.
    From the women’s perspective, she get’s inundated by countless emails, so sorting the genuine from booty-call oriented,gets tedious. Women end up with a false sense of self and an over inflated ego, due to being inundated with email.
    If you don’t move fast, you lose the opportunity. That’s the way it goes online. Not for me.
    What I’m trying to say is that it in no way represents a genuine dating atmosphere.

    Who knew setting up a simple date online would be like pulling teeth from a non-sedated tiger.

  10. I have to admit, dating online is almost always accompanied by looking at fake profiles, scammers, etc. with plentyoffish, is even more reasonable to expect that since it’s a free website and no one is being paid to monitor the site. I think that services such a eharmony are the best since no one can search the database and attempt to scam everyone one member at a time. When you’re given only access to people who are potential matches, the site does all the work for you.

  11. I met a horrible german player on plentyoffish. His profile is andy12345a. He was cheap, selfish and a liar. He told me he was only interested in me but always went on that dating site looking for women even months after I met him. He never wanted to go out on a date and tried to get me to have sex very soon. I think he might have been married too because he always called with his phone number blocked from showing and gave me a german cell number for contact that was always shut off, even though he said he lived in the same state I live in. I think plentyoffish and many of these dating sites make it easy for men to be lazy and become players.

  12. Best thing you can do with on-line dating ,, is throw the computer out the window.. nothing but a load of rubbish

  13. This sites a waste of time, yes there are a very small amount of females that are worth dating but the site is just swamped in scammers, fake profiles, women just playing around etc it takes a VERY long time to find one. If you’re willing to spend years looking for the right one then go ahead, but if you would rather not waste your time i recommend you go and find a date in the real world or even try sites like facebook or myyearbook – they still have their problems but they are far better than any dating site, especially plentyoffish.

    Overall I give plentyoffish 2/10 – if you like looking at pictures its good.

  14. chemical,
    very good, and it should put paid to this thread that has gone on too long, but it likely won’t.

  15. You get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, you might actually get nothing.

    I’ve used Plentyoffish and it sucks despite having a large membership database. Most of the people I’ve met were flaky, confused and immature.

    Plentyoffish is not a very good site at all, just like 99.9% of all free dating websites. The people you would meet on these sites will waste your time, and are flakes since most people attracted to free sites are not serious enough to pay for a real dating website. They either join it out of boredom, curiosity or to mess around. If you aren’t serious enough to pay for a service, then you most likely aren’t very serious about using that service either.

    You get what you pay for and this is very true in the online dating world.

    The point of these sites is to be a service of convenience, to aid in finding someone to date. They are suppose to aid in helping you meet someone other than wasting your time trolling bars, bookstores, etc.
    These free sites keep forgetting that they are providing a DATING SERVICE of convenience which is suppose to save you time and energy. They don’t really care about their member, website quality as much as they care about ad impressions and click through rates. In turn all these free sites or any sites which allows free profiles or limited free contact and has the word “free” anywhere on their website is going to be a degraded, cut down version of a real service.

    Think about this, would you go to a mechanic who is very cheap, but uses badly beaten up, used cheap parts and child slave labor to keep costs down in order to lure people to their shop or actually go to a real mechanic who you pay to get to the point, fix your car and who uses new parts?

    My advice is to only use 100% pay to enter websites which are much safer from flaky people, time wasters, and minors posing as legal adults, scam artists and players. The process of having to enter a credit card and address makes it easier to deter, catch scam artists, or spam. This adds a layer of protection to protect you from most of the stuff which runs wild on a free site.

    Don’t even think about using a partially free site, like singlesnet etc. Even if you use a partially free website, (sites that all some partial contact with other members, free sign up profiles) and pay for a membership on that service, you are still getting a cut down version of a service and are probably worse off than actually being on a free site since you will be paying and 90% of the members are free members, so basically you are paying for a degraded service.

    The founder of Plenty of fish claims to have ruined the online dating business model, but that is like claiming that cheap hole in the wall restaurants or hotels, ruined the business model for fancy hotels and fancy restaurants.

    In end, avoid all free dating sites if you value your time.

  16. pof i would like to know how messages can be sent to people you hsve been talking to that you did not write, 3rd party messages sent to other people, i would be talking to lets say barb and joanne gets all the things i have said to barb lmfao
    then my account got deleted after i got a message from someone with the attchment of what i typed lol that i didnt lol
    how the hell can they do that????

  17. PlentyOfFish.Com is a slightly riskier place for shallow women ( the average POF female user) to use to find a date. On that site are an undisclosed number of male profiles whose sole intent to to make “incredible waste of their time”.

    Please do not kill the messenger, this is strictly in retaliation for the POF Gestapo MODS for trying to silence my cause.

    Dr “Revenge is Mine” Morlenheim

  18. I overheard a rumour that Markus has a random ban policy, it boosts his ego because he’s an ugly shite and often falls foul to jealous rages when he spots men better endowed than himself, that’s most according to a reliable source called Granny Two Lips.

    This motivation also applies to the collective MOD garbage that police the forum by competing to be the largest mangina.

    Overall the site is fairly crappy, still stuck in 2004 design wise and allegedly many of the users are fake. The free aspect makes it essentially a recycling plant for misfits and exhibitionists. You have been warned!

  19. POF ban you with a little known secret by placing cookies in your Adobe Flash Player Website Storage Settings panel. This panel is accessed online through Adobe – just google it as I don’t want to copy and paste and have my comment deleted. This can’t be legal by Adobe but that’s how they do it. Just deny all access and delete them and then delete your usual PC’s cookies, rotate your IP (if you are on a dynamic IP) and you’ll be clear to go again !

  20. There’s a new place to vent if you are one of POF’s dissatisfied members. The forums have turned out to be entertaining.

    This site isn’t so choked up with rules that they have sucked all the fun out of posting….take a look.

  21. SO just a suggestion.. if everyone is so upset over the discrimination, find you a lawyer that is one of those we don’t get paid unless you get a settlement types and make a class action suit, that way all who want to be can be involved..The end problem solved, then either POF gets in trouble for the shit mods or at least made aware and maybe you get some money for distress and damages… Hell email me if you do I’ll sign it.

  22. trappedonbaystreet, that bloke is a complete and utter knob head, he banned me for 3 days for a post that i didn’t even make, he is the moderator of the UK forums despite being american and has no concept of british humour.

    He makes sarcastic remakars in his ban text and anybody who partakes in any sort of joke or flirting gets banned by him.

    I’ve spoke to various people who have received threats of bans via private message and i know of loads of people who have recieved 3 day bans for simple stuff, i.e. one guy said “i agree with what xxxx said, plus she’s cute”, he received a 3 day ban for “flirting”.

    The guy is a complete and utter tool, if I ever saw him in real life i’d clump him one. He winds me up that much.

    Markus (the site owner) has worked hard and achieved someone amazing, it’s such a shame that it has mods who are abusing their power.

  23. ye gods and little fishes!, is this still going on? i’d forgotten all about it until an online display avert for “plentyoffish” caught my eye a couple of days ago. (no, i didn’t click on it) as i said back in august of last year, its long past time to give this a decent burial and drive on.

  24. The dating site: Plenty Of Fish passively encourages cyber bullying because it allows it members to block other members profiles, even if they have not exchanged messages, only viewed their profiles.

    Once a member has a certain number of blocks against their name, their profile is removed from the site.

    This means if someone does not like you because of age, race, religion, gender or disability reasons, you can be removed.

    There is no room for discussion or arbitration, you do not have to have done something wrong.

    In my case, I was seeking extra marital liaisons, but the site has a dating category for this and I never initiated contact with one single member. I did receive a very rude and insulting message from some moral objector to which I never replied but I did report. The next thing I knew, my profile was gone?

    There is no paid membership on this site, but at the last report, it was suggested that they receive over $10,000 revenue per day in Google Click Ads. How would advertisers feel about a site that did nothing to combat such discrimination against any individual or group someone took a particular dislike to?

  25. The dating site: Plenty Of Fish: passively encourages cyber bullying because it allows it members to block other members profiles, even if they have not exchanged messages, only viewed their profiles.

    Once a member has a certain number of blocks against their name, their profile is removed from the site.

    This means if someone does not like you because of age, race, religion, gender or disability reasons, you can be removed.

    There is no room for discussion or arbitration, you do not have to have done something wrong.

    In my case, I was seeking extra marital liaisons, but the site has a dating category for this and I never initiated contact with one single member. I did receive a very rude and insulting message from some moral objector to which I never replied but I did report. The next thing I knew, my profile was gone?

    There is no paid membership on this site, but at the last report, it was suggested that they receive over $10,000 revenue per day in Google Click Ads. How would advertisers feel about a site that did nothing to combat such discrimination against any individual or group someone took a particular dislike to?

  26. The site worked for abouut 3 days and then I couldn’t get back on without getting the sign-on screen time and again. Can’t possibly see that I broke any rule- I just figured the site is so poorly set up they don’t watch how anything works or care either. I tried another “FREE” site and then they wanted $ to let you write to someone. Is that the way this place is too? There’s NOTHING free- I shoulda already known this. One more thing- after I signed up a got a ton of spam-BIG TIME- There’s the catch……GOTCHA!

  27. I posted a legit question about my sistuation in the forums. Many read, many replied, and not a single woman bashed me, so it was deleted 4 days later.
    Goes tp show you the bitterness. The loser cu nt moderators want male bashing, as it keeps them alive.
    Anytime a man wins, they delete.

  28. right in one “crackerjack”, its just not worth the bother, “f.i.d.o.”

  29. The moral of the story is:

    Associate with those that you have a good time with, ignore the rest.

    Did you associate with people such as miss_allison in high school or university? I think not. They were complete idiots then; now they’re just an older version. Do yourself a favor and ignore the forums altogether. These losers have a united front within the forums, it is their turf. So be it, let them have it.

  30. My god, this is a flame war three years in the making. Simply brilliant. I’m loathe to think that if I’m 30 and desperate that I might end up this way. (I’m just desperate, for now.)

    My only personal experience with POF is with a certain user who was in fact banned, asking me (a technician) to unban her. It speaks volumes as to the supposed vindictiveness of the administration, as well as the craziness of some its userbase.

    But I digress. This is the first time that a flame war has held my interest all the way to completion (and to think, I just got here via Wikipedia – how does that work?)

    After all, I have to leave my hugbox sometime and realize that out in the wild, wild internets, love is truly SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  31. (1) Paddymurphy is another Miss_allison supporter. I put him in the same class as the garbage I take out each week.

    (2)Miss_allison is at it again people. Do a forum search by ‘username’ miss_allison and you will see her condescending attitude in action. She insults people any chance she gets, as if she’s still playing the role of a moderator. She also kisses the asses of any current moderators likely in the hope of becoming one again. The reason why she freely insults others in the forums is: (1) She’s a fat cow (2) She can and will get away with whatever insults she can muster up thanks to the other wanker moderators on Pof that support her fat all.

  32. OK, that was interesting. A few things.
    1)POF can work. I have been there a year and met some wonderful ladies. I have also met some whacked ones. It happens every where. I am also a paying member on aff. Same story there. the trick is taking the time to figure out profiles.

    As to this train wreck of a thread. I was not there for the incident that started this(I don’t go to the forums on pof). However, based on what I have seen here all I can say is cool mint grow up. Guess what? It is a free site. If you don’t like it leave. Getting your panties in a twist is juvenile. Having a screaming cussing tirade about something this trivial makes you look like an ass(note I did not say you are one just your actions make you look like one). It also makes rational people far less inclined to take you seriously. I mean you goes on a screaming tirade over a free site? So, my recomendation is get some anger management classes, learn how to communicate like an adult instead of a 12 year old having a temper tantrum, learn how to run a website and start your own. Problem solved.

  33. this has gotten beyond boring, i have no connection with “plentyoffish”, “cool mint”, “miss allison” or any “dating/social networking” site and could care less. i suggest its high time to terminate this thread with extreme prejudice and move on.

  34. Good idea, we should all tell Miss_Allison exactly what we think of her to her face. She has moved her fat and ugly carcus over to Connecting Singles. For someone who is supposedly having so much success in dating, she sure is posting on a lot of sites.

  35. Hello Not Miss Allison [post 106]:

    I have earned the right to call Miss Allison a bitch and will continue to do so at my leisure.
    As stated by many before, this bitch would ban profiles for no good reason whatsoever. I repeat, for no good reason.
    She is very one-sided and takes great offense to anyone holding an opposing view to a simple forum discussion.
    For Miss Allison [hereto known as ‘The Bitch’, ‘The Cunt’, ‘A Waste of Space’], banning people is her way of grasping onto the final shred of control she has left in her pitiful life.
    To put it in simple terms so that even a Miss Allison supporter like you can understand; Miss Allison is nothing more than a steaming pile of dog shit.
    I look forward to your attempt at a witty reply. Feel free to pass along the good word to Miss Allison a.k.a…’Steaming Pile of Dog Shit’ that her chunky fat ass is not worshiped by many aside from yourself. Or should I call you Miss Allison?
    Oh by the way, I circumvented the Pof banning process; I wasn’t about to let ‘The Bitch’ ruin my fun in the sun. Have a nice day fucknut.

  36. No, actually SHE would be the one who runs and hides…. She would probably end up calling the police over the first confrontation. Now FUCK OFF TROLL!

  37. Boy some people have no life if all they have to do is bash people. Umm grow up and grow some balls and maybe meet her in person. Unlike cowards like you all she at least comes out and tells you to your face when you piss her off… I should know. BUT SHE DOESN’T HIDE on a pissant little board like this to do it.

    I challenge all you cowards to show up and meet Miss Allison in person. Then you will have earned the right to make comments on her.

  38. Hey #63, You don’t know the reasons as to why any of these people were booted? Do you? Oh and if you do I am sure they are STUPID REASONS. I’d like to see what you and your POF buddies do when you encounter a REAL problem in REAL life….You know, where you can’t just “click delete”. Must be real hard to deal with huh?

  39. Makes me think of the quotation …

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.”
    Brendan Behan

    I have to think Markus is laughing all the way to the bank!

  40. Haha hey Bart, amd there she is giving a Testimonial about/for herself? WOW, what a fucking tool she is lol. Seriously though, she’s a Mod or something? HAHA!

  41. Hi Guys,

    Wow, I joined pof a few weeks ago and have found it an interesting place. So far I’ve met a couple nice girls for fun in the sun but no dating potential. That’s fine with me, after all it’s free. There’s alot of talk about some user called miss_allison. I couldn’t figure out why there was so much hostility, so I decided to check out her postings. Unbelievable, she not only posts every day or close to it in multiple threads, but I see she’s extremely opinionated and flat out rude to people that ask non-threatening questions. She is the one who should be banned permanently from pof for provoking arguments and in accordance with pof rule #1, generally unfit to date.
    Anyway, what kind of person spends their time posting every single day in a forum? Isn’t that a bit odd, flat out freaky?
    Also, she goes on in various postings about her sexual likes and dislikes. Are you freaking kidding me? Have you seen her pictures? Who in their right frame of mind would ever sleep with such an unattractive morbidly obese woman. The close up pictures of her face are really quite scary. There must be 5 or 6 pics essentially all the same. If someone could use a face lift, it would definitely be her. She also claims to be a photographer, of what, besides her nasty mug shots. Reminds me of Chucky’s Bride. If there are any guys reading this that have slept with her, I really feel sorry for you man. You’d be better off humping a fire hydrant.
    The good news is there are fun times to be had if you do a quick search within a few clicks of your zip code. Not much effort required, time spent efficiently. Have fun.

  42. Seriously, what is wrong with Is it ran by a bunch of complete idiots? I’ve been banned/deleted like 3 times. Not where I try to make another profile and it is deleted immediately either….Anyways, is a business, or a joke? Damn they would never get paying customers!!! Not even for a dime a month! No wonder it is free for fuck sakes

  43. Thats funny. I came across this site and decided to join plentyoffish. See what you guys are bitching about.

    You’re right dudes…miss allison is a complete loser. I found her profile. What a bore, not to mention butt ugly even with the blue eyes/blonde hair. So this is what fat ugly lonely chicks do with their time. I found the forums too…what a load of boring nonsense. You can also search forums by user so I tried miss_allison. Wow, either she is handicapped and tied to her chair all day long or she really has no life. Posting after posting after posting….pretty sad really.

    That dude Marcus should really just let her go…he’s not doing his website any favors.

  44. I agree with the above 4,285 posts regarding miss_allison. She has to be the most annoying bag of shit that ever graced London, Ontario.

    Go ahead and join Pof if you’d like, just for shits/giggles. You will be hard pressed to find a site with more trailer trash, uneducated, unattractive hobos.

  45. Here’s some other forums I found as to how much plentyoffish sucks the big weenie. Theres plenty of dissent on here!:

    I agree with most, if not all of the criticism intended. I also checked miss_allison again. And the anon poster was right, what a nasty little pig she is! GET A LIFE you stupid, self righteous DOUCHE BAG! check this out. what a waste of skin! That idiot loves to argue!

  46. Comment by UnzippedPassion — 6/2/2008 @ 8:14 pm

    “I think the most important thing everyone needs to remember is…you’re a GUEST on someone elses site and he has the right to make up any rules he feels are necessary. ”

    This is where you are absolutely wrong.

    #1 – Markus is a businessman, and people are just making him rich clicking on any ads. He has a job to provide a quality service, instead of laughing his way to the bank promoting the ‘delusion’ of there is always something better out there.

    #2 – Markus does not have a psychology background to determine who is or isnt unfit to date. If you’ve seen his profile, he is quite a stuck up snob himself, and a disgrace to the Catholic faith he had listed as his spiritual background awhile ago anyway…

    #3 – sure people don’t have to register if they dont want to. But who isn’t going to give a “FREE” site a try? That’s a cop out of an excuse you made.

    #4 There are a TON of married and or multiple dating ‘players’ on there, simply because the service is free.

    I’m preferring to stay with a pay site, it keeps the riff raff and non-serious people away.

    I think the site is great for people 18-25 and really just want to see what is out there.

    The problem is, many DO lie on there and may DO waste their time writing up notes to send.
    The forums are also a joke, lotta haters and bashers on there.

  47. Plenty of Fish has to be the most snobbish dating site I have ever seen.

    Any site bearing the slogan ‘we delete people unfit to date’ is definitely a site I will still clear of.

    I don’t quite understand where people get off judging who is or is not fit to date. Especially considering they do allow people to look for ‘friends’ and ‘intimate encounters’.

    The problem with plenty of fish is that its members have abused it as a free service- It has turned into the idea of a myspace or craigslist dating community, leaving people in a delusion that there is always something better out there.

    Granted, there are/were some out there who are not utterly selfish, but in my area- there was perhaps 1 down to earth person for every 10 that were already dating someone or overly set to a ‘shopping list’.

    When people learn to work together and not be selfish, is when more people will have meaningful relationships.

    I’ve since went back to eharmony, and have had a better experience there.

    Beware POF – don’t waste your time and money on the players. You’re better off looking for friends and intimate encounters there, than a meaninful relationship IMHO…

  48. I am not sure why my comments keep disappearing. Unfortunately, I don’t see an image with numbers so I can’t post the numbers to validate the comment. I will happily respond if you send a validation e-mail to my address. I will try again.

    Plenty of Fish is by far the worst dating site. It is a classic example of “you get what you pay for”. The members are stand OFFISH and quite snobbish. Never have I seen a site with so many read deleted and unread deleted messages. It’s as if people are looking for perfection and feel that they are too good to respond to e-mails.

    Another problem with the site is the high number of people looking for sex. There are also way too many married members for what is supposed to be a singles dating site. Perhaps the owners are trying to inflate the number of members to attract advertizers.

    Confused, if so many people are making negative comments about one individual, there must be a good reason for it. The fat and ugly cow Miss_Allison is one of the most obnoxious people people you’ll ever encounter on-line. A close second is Leanne, another fat and ugly cow. They are rude, abrasive and condescending. Miss_Allison claims that she dates a lot and Leanne claims that she is married. They spend a lot of time at the site snooping around, causing problems and putting down others so I don’t know how this could be true. I also don’t know how they get away with it when, as we have seen from the comments posted here, many others have been banned for far less.

  49. I agree. Plenty of Fish is by far the worst dating site. It’s the classic case of “you get what you pay for”. It’s a very snooty bunch of people who think WAY too much of themselves.

    There are a lot of people on their just looking to be laid. It’s also shocking how many married people are on a dating site that is supposed to be for singles. Perhaps it is the sites way of padding their numbers to attact more advertizers.

    Confused, if people are making comments about certain individuals, it’s because they deserve it. I agree 100% with the comments about that fat and ugly cow Miss_Allison. She is one of the most obnoxious people you’ll ever encounter on line. She keeps talking about all the dates she’s getting. What a joke! She is on their all the time snooping around and reporting people so you KNOW she’s not dating.

    A close second is another fat cow, Leanne, a truly condescending individual.

  50. You can’t do a search on matchdoctor. It looks like you have to sign up to do that. So forget about it! These dating sites all bite the proverbial big weenie now. the novelty it was a few years ago has now faded. Yahoo, Myspace, Plentyofshit, Matchdoctor now– hopefully not facebook or anytime soon. Im not looking for sex anyway. Just hooking up with friends from the past. Maybe go out and do it the old school way, at a nice patio bar, restaraunt, or corner strip club. LOL

  51. had to laugh at jim jones view of matchdoctor… that “dating” site is pathetic!!! only couples I’ve seen are angry, nasty, ugly and post their every frekken move online… we don’t care about your spats!!! more fake profiles than real ones with fat bullies, really old nutcases and paranoid pigs scaring away anyone fun or cute!!! matchdoctor should give out prescriptions for itself, it is the sickest place i have ever seen online!!!

  52. Holy shit! This is one crazy thread. I can’t find Meic cymry or Mr. Mike or mr. mint (or what the hell ever he calls himself)online but I found miss allison’s (or miss_allison) profile on plentyofbullshit. From the impression (and its an overwhelming one) of reading her online profile, she obviously doesn’t have a job or a social life OR BOTH! Something of substance is definately missing from this woman’s life. Maybe she should get laid more often (or once even), so she wouldn’t be wasting her time arguing with people all damn day! Jeez what an ANGRY person she is! i checked her blogging in the pof forums (that’s a whole other kettle of fish. no pun intended). She’s a nice looking woman but with her crazy blue doe eyes, This person is obviously in trouble- mentally speaking. With all the pettiness and sarcasm and endless blogging. You know its always a bad sign when the only person to leave a positive review of your profile is THE PERSON WHO’S PROFILE IT BELONGS TO! That alone speak volumes.

    And Minty Mike, you should really move on like the others have said. Because you’ve stated your case enough– and then some, and then some! While your at it, maybe run around the track a few hundred times or pound a slab of cold meat dude to work off some of that aggression! Shit you can bust a major artery with that kind of raging anger. The problem with the photo theft sounds fucked up though and thats bullshit and i’m not justifying that. And miss allsion seems to enjoy fanning the flames with some kind of sadistic glee.With some patience and a cooler head you will eventually see that an idiot like miss allison is to be pitied and left alone. Plentyoffish has very little standards anymore. I went on it for two months got bored and bailed out. Pretty simple really. Facebook is alot better for social interaction if thats what your looking for

  53. Most online dating sites are pathetic with the members being the bottom of the barrel. But the worst by far is – not the adult version – even though I’m sure that is really lame too. The chatroom is a bunch of losers that have known each other for years, got kicked off another site (the site decided to institute a pay policy of use of their chatroom so they all went to MD for free chat). Most of the females are sleezy, skanky, mouthy, filthy pigs that get used once a year for the whores they are – some are 40 and pregnant by men that never wanted anything more than a 1 hour screw. The men are mostly impotent, try to talk about sex but chase any nice women away so they are left with the trashy pigs once again. You have never seen so many losers on one site – if you like idiots, you will love MD. If not, stay the heck away!

  54. Wow..LMAO….what a negative story about a free site that no one has to join unless they want to.

    I started off reading comments that seemed to be posted by either people paid to do so or by those who sourly got banned for breaking one of the site rules. It then turned into a personal bash of a member those people must have had a run in with…which was obvious.

    To those of you who have nothing better to do with your time than to bash a free site I say..if you think it’s that easy, start your own darn site!!! I give credit where credit is due and Markus came up with a wonderful strategy for a new dating site that I wish I had thought of first.

    As for comparing POF to ANY site out there…there is no comparison. I’ve been a member on all the major sites for a long time, kept charts and can tell you which sites the most snobs are members on along with those playing games, hiding behind pics of yesteryear…and which one offers the most available members yielding the most meets and dates. I have profiles on Yahoo Personals, American Singles, True, and Match to name a few and there’s no way they can touch this site. It’s not only the dating but the forums as well and let’s not forget the money one is saving when on POF as compared to those sites. Yes, there are also sites like MatchDoctor and Webdate who offer free membership but the number of members can’t even come close to offering the same exposure to potential people in your area to date and let’s not forget that people are people and just as I’m on several sites, so are many others. You’ll find good and bad everywhere.

    As for the forums, you don’t have to take part in them. If you do though…as long as you know how to play by the rules which are set up to keep order and to keep people safe, then you’ll truly enjoy them.

    I think the most important thing everyone needs to remember is…you’re a GUEST on someone elses site and he has the right to make up any rules he feels are necessary. If it were your site, your house, your whatever, you’d understand and feel the same way. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be there but you’ll certainly miss out because that’s where the most online singles are who are actually REAL people and willing to meet you face to face.

    I’ll also give credit to the fact that he even has a suggestion forum which shows he cares about what people think and how they feel the site can be improved. What other large site do you know where the owner/admin actually cares about that or takes the time to respond to emails and posts. NONE!!

    The choice is yours…….and I’m logging back on to talk with the hundreds of friends I’ve made there over time.

  55. POF is pretty bad. You have to learn to separate the good from the bad. 20% are good. POF population isn’t a representative sample of geeral population by all means. In one forum there was a woman offering relationship advice to everyone, in many posts/threads. However in one thread she admitted to being in 3 abusive relationships herself. AND SHE’S out there on the web.

    The forums are harshly enforced to protect the number of women on the site … women equals money.

    For those having problems profiles being deleted and stuff, the POF enforcement here is trivial to bypass. I have no idea why you can’t get past it. Different email/username is required. IP addr maybe in some cases but most people are on dhcp so just reset your dsl/cable modem … different ip. POF enforcement by IP can’t really be done since IP reuse is common.

    YEP, POF has issues.

  56. OMG … How did comments about a dating site turn into a rant against one person?

    I’ll admit I don’t know the situation and that there may be valid issues that need addressing.

    However, wishing death upon another person? I do think that is way out of line. I am amazed such flaming has been allowed to continue.

  57. ^^^^^
    Agreed 100%

    I don’t know who you are but I appreciate your stance on the matter. Personally I have always found that users that need to threaten & harrass users online only do so because of thier own lack of self esteem and would never have the courage to do so in real life (hence why they hide behind bogus names, are cyber bullies, etc). Sad but true. Throughout this entire event, I have remained level headed and calm. Regardless of the insults and implied threats, I have opted not to lash back.

    As for this thread, yes, I agree its a waste a time. Its clear that some people just don’t get it and I suspect they never will. It also has been though an excellent example though of why some users get banned for life. Sad that people can not own their own behaviour and blame everything that happens on someone else, but oh well thats life I guess. Bottom line we are all responsible for our own behaviour and no one can claim “someone else made me do it”.

    In closing, to those that are having trouble on POF, there are proceedures to follow, and if you have trouble, just ask a moderator for help. For the mostpart they are there to help you and will do so if you treat them with respect. Just be forewarned that if you choose to take justice in your own hands and pull a “rambo” your account will be short lived as our dear cool mints was.

    That being said, I wish you peace in your life as I step away from this thread now. As the above user pointed out, its not worth any of our efforts to try to change a leopards spots. Best of luck and wish you clarity of thought in all your choices. May others treat you as you treat them.

  58. Hi Miss Allison,

    Let it be. This is not a pissing match with Witchy Woman, and Mike has been banned from the forums, this is true. Witchy Woman only knows part of the story – a very small part, and is operating on that and continues to do so because being on the losing end of a debate is never a good thing. There are a few people who are aware of Mike’s (Cool Mint/Meic Cymry/etc) behavior online and behind the scenes. There are those of us who have seen the emails. Further, there are many more who can take a look at his profile and see the instability within.

    Let it end here. Don’t waste any more of your time on this obsessed and disturbed individual. Yes, the right people know it is he that has been obsessed with libelling and slandering you at every chance. Should it escalate, you have us, and you have the evidence that you have been holding onto for a while now to back you up. It is disturbing that someone making such comments as Mike has is being excused and even justified, but then again, this is the internet and anything goes. My guess is that your writing style pissed off Witchy Woman as well and somehow your writing style transferred into provocation for such spewing hatred on the ‘net. I don’t know, Miss Allison. But, don’t bother yourself any longer with him or this. You know what you need to know and have the storyline in evidence to back you up should it ever escalate. I have saved screen shots as well of this page and others. You know who I am and feel free to contact me for these screen shots if you ever need them. I won’t revisit here because it’s a waste of my time now. I honestly think, knowing you, that it’s a terrible waste of your time as well. I think the message intended has been conveyed. It’s time for Mike to get a life, and for you to continue on with yours.

  59. I am confused by all the personal attacks on one person. I thought this was a thread about the pros and cons of on-line dating. Obviously these replies only point out why on-line dating gets such a bad reputation.

    So besides this site has anyone had any other “luck” with any on-line dating sites? Or do you just throw you money away and have better luck in a bar?

    Serious replies please.

    Thank you.

  60. It’s becoming perfectly obvious who the obsessive one is here.
    Let it go allison. Let the police take care of it, if indeed they have been contacted.

    You seem to be the one that refuses to stop the negative momentum, but that’s always your MO. Don’t you have some newbie to harangue?

    Frankly, you should be reported for hijacking this entire site to conduct your own personal mini-war.

    Drop it already. You have become beyond boring.

  61. Only on the internet would you see someone blindly defending someones right to post messages wishing someone a painful death. (as if there could possibly be any justification for it)

    Thankfully the whole world isn’t like that and clearly there are plenty of human beings that stand up when they see something they think is wrong. (regardless of their personal opinions of people)

    Seriously, some of these posts are almost comical. Seriously, is there really any justification for his actions? Although theres always going to be people that dont like others, I can not imagine a single thing a person could say on the internet to get me so worked up in a frenzy that I’d be posting all over the internet that I wanted them to be killed in a home invasion.

    Bottom line you can call me as many names as you want but seriously, put the blame where it belongs. Yes, I commented on how he was breaking the rules by posting an accusation in the forums. You can believe it was to be nasty but it was not. I realize my posts tend to be blunt but they are what they are. Even if I was trying to be a jerk, it still wouldn’t even come close to justifying his actions (be it on POF or here). Bottom line I’ve seen too many people get banned over posting messages like he did and I didnt want that to happen to him. Yet moments after I posted my message I was attacked. Yes, I get the fact that he misunderstood my intentions but to have a meltdown and send messages name calling is uncalled for. To continue it for a year is well, just unbalanced. Of course all the moderators received screenprints of his messages, links to his new profiles (so he can be rebanned) and of course the link to this thread(and the other threads online in which hes ranting).

    Of course I have called the police and I’m just waiting for cool mint to continue to escalate. In regards to the accusation that I renewed this thread – that is also untrue. Cool mint has been steady following me on the internet since this incident. His followings of me has been never ending. Seriously, I’m gonna start beliving he wuvs me if he keeps it up. By continually adding to this thread he only further proves my point. Can you say OBSESSION?

    Additionally, “witchy woman”, instead of hiding behind some made up name, why not pony up and call me names to my face, instead of hiding. If you’re going to have these opinions, you might as well own them. I welcome you to message me and tell me what you really think (or are you only so bold when hiding behind a bogus name – isnt that how bullies operate)

    In closing, I have a challenge for Cool Mint. As you claim you’ve never been banned, prove it, post one little message in the POF forums. You’ll find you’re unable to as you’re banned for life. Note to users, you won’t see anything… unless I’m full of it. So take me up on it. Prove me a liar.

  62. This is not an issue of touting a person’s behavior, but rather bringing home the point that we need to be aware of the consequences of our behaviors, the only ones we can control.
    When dealing with people online, I presume that they are on the edge, and let them prove me wrong.

    What I do note is that the death wish was spouted last September. Were the authorities called? I assume not, because Allison was back 2 months later to get the topic going again. Were the authorities called then?
    Again in March of this year, a pof moderator no less, regurgitates the message with the death wish…….dial 911 this time? I guess not. Why would that be?

    If you are so concerned about the safety of an individual here, or anywhere, why would you not have taken the steps to stop it? Why does he still have an active profile on pof ?
    Surely if he was that dangerous to one of the members admin would have banned him a thousand times over. You know she has all the messages saved. She has the evidence….why no action to stop him?

    Sigh…..I must come to the conclusion that she, in fact, get some distorted pleasure from all the drama that she creates around herself. Some people like to disturb the shit and then cry ‘victim’ when they don’t like the outcome. Yes, his reaction was OTT, but she is hardly innocent in this.

    Perhaps she will learn that if she is posting in the Help forum, then she should endeavor to at least be helpful since the people posting questions there are already frustrated.
    It’s either that, STFU, or suck it up and realize that sometimes the bear bites back.

    Now, I’m sure we have all had more than our stomachs’ full of this particular operetta. Perhaps some of you can open a dedicated site to continue, but the rest of us would like to vary the topic.

    My new topic……Is the dating aspect of POF on a downward spiral? I say yes.
    If the forums are a barometer of what is happening on the site, it may have peaked
    as a site used for serious dating. JMO

  63. It’s unbelievable that one person’s behaviour is being touted as another person’s “excuse” to go off like a psychopath. Sorry Witchy Woman, but the reasoning you provide falls flat. WE are 100% in control of what we do, not another person’s response to us. That is what differentiates us from animals, and that is also what keeps most people free, and others behind bars. I can appreciate that you and the psycho above may not have appreciated her messages, but from your own words this is the internet – why not shrug it off? It’s a real cause for concern when someone, referred to as a “bear” no less, is so offended by internet correspondence that they behave in a manner that would sully their own reputation both on and off the ‘net. And Witchy? I am another person who has seen the off-forum material – and while I do know what transpired beforehand in the forums, what transpired afterward is absolutely inexusable from someone who asserts himself as sane, benevolent, safe, and mature. I can absolutely promise Cool Mint that there will be no trouble between he and Miss Allison. Because if he continues this campaign against her online as he has, there are remedies that can be undertaken – and WILL BE undertaken. There are a few of us who are concerned enough to see that this “bear” be tranquilized. Harassing other people on the ‘net, libelling and cyber stalking ARE causes to bring to ISPs. That is how far this maniacal, rabid “bear”, as you like to call him, has gone. Now, I certainly understand and do have respect for you sticking up for what you have seen, I really can’t blame you for that because I am doing the same. However, I am going to caution you to keep at arm’s length with this one for your own safety. I cannot believe for one moment that someone would condone or understand the mental workings of another who wishes death upon another human being – and for an internet exchange no less. Imagine the poor soul who cuts him off in traffic!!!

    Cheers, Witchy Woman. I do wish you well.

  64. No….as you can see from what I wrote, what I am 100% aware of is the initial thread, and her snarly response.

    What she didn’t count on is that the recipient of her unsolicited venom was someone who would blow !It’s the internet people, there is no way to guage or guarantee the sanity of the people on it.
    Does she think that she is somehow above the pof rules? That she is allowed to post banal unrelated attacks on people in the forums and she is protected?
    She should think before she pokes the bear. In this case the bear that she decided to poke, turned crazy-nasty. Well, lesson learned to all.

    I don’t really care what their hate-athon is about now, but I can say with certainty, that had she not responded in a caustic and completely unhelpful manner, this situation would not exist.

    That I do know.

  65. So witchy, are you saying you are 100% aware of the emails? that you have been copied them? That you are aware of the behind-the-scenes issues?

    I see you have no problems calling Miss Allison a Cvnt….and I wonder if you have no problems that the psycho you are defending actually wished death on her?

    Is this something you would condone as well?

  66. You can call bullshit if it makes you feel better coockoo, but the fact remains that I was there.
    miss allison jumped into that thread right at the beginning, without waiting for a moderator to reply. Rather than direct him to the ‘report user’ link, she went at him like a rabbid cvnt.
    Maybe she was in a foul mood that day…..who knows. She should have kept her snout out of it and it never would have gone further. She instigated, and is responsible for what would then evolve into some sort of
    behind-the-scenes reparte, and this is the fruit bourne of her inability to STFU.

    Wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last…’s in her nature to attack.

    I’m very active in the forums, and have been for many moons. I know what I saw. Sad really, except for the occasional train wreck her posts induce….which can have entertainment value.

  67. LOL, there is nothing here to be legally “busted” about unless Mikey wishes to imply further threats. I call BULLSHIT on the poster saying they were there on the day or event in which this issue between the freak show Cool Mint and Miss Allison took place. This goes far beyond that and into PRIVATE EMAIL where, if you would read, you would see that he took what was supposed to be helpful information and completely attacked her. He then proceeded to continue to attack her online. And that is where others have now stepped in. Your profile is creepy Mike; your online messages are creepy; and you have behaved like a spoiled little child trying to bully another online because of a perceived infraction against your sensibilities. Get over yourself, boy.

  68. Let me just say that I have not either chatted or messaged, nor do I know miss allison or cool mint personally, but I was present in the forums and the thread the day the incident happened, and frankly it was obvious to all and sundry that miss allison really was a cvnt about his complaint.

    Not to take sides, cause it makes no difference to me either way, but she does waddle about the forums as some self-imposed hall moniter. A moderator groupie is the term we all use behind the scenes.

    She really is out of line with many of her replies to people. There seems to be some deep seated anger issues there….almost a napoleon complex.

    Whatever her problems are, let’s have cooler heads prevail cool mint. She is what she is, and reasoning with the unreasonable is an excercise in futility

    Be the bigger man cool mint, neither she , nor that silly site have any true value or impact on your life.

  69. Hi “You Are *All* Busted”.. Thanks for your concern, but feel as if I don’t have anything to conceal.. And probably most people know where I live and what I look like. As we’ve seen in the last message, the Anonymous coward seems to know my name too. How courageous of him/her..

    I’d also like to think that we still live in a time that one can openly express an opinion, whether its an angry one or not. Notice how I’ve addressed accusation toward me, and the trolls on here have evaded every issue I’ve raised (some rather important ones at that). If only they can offer me the same courtesy..

  70. Hello Anonymous Coward.. I don’t know who you are; So FUCK YOU very much. I didn’t threaten ANYONE with violence.. I guess people just read what they want to and discard the rest. This is the only message board I’ve really aired my complaints about Miss Allison.. And what about Miss Allison? Since you seem to have an opinion about the way I defend myself– Do you have an opinion about Miss Allison’s conduct toward me on Plentyoffish? What about issues of PHOTO and IDENTITY theft and the way Miss Allison handled my request for help? Hmmmmm? NO? I don’t expect you DO or EVER WILL..

    With all the condescending rhetoric about you and others being “concerned” for me– Why would you be? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! If calling me a ‘dickhead’ and ‘psycho’ is your expression of “concern”– I’ll take a pass. Thank-You.

    Now I’ve answered most of your questions.. Can you answer at least one of mine? Its nice to see you equate my self-defense with “harassment”… This is a perfect example of the sort of arbitrary use of authority that is present in the POF forums.. The kind of authoritarianism that one CANNOT address on POF for fear of ban or censure.. So that’s why people come here. I’m glad I’m not the ONLY one as you would like to think I am.

  71. Guys, you do all realize that every single IP address for every comment is probably being logged here (that’s normal for all sites), and so that in any legal action you would all be outed, right? Public forums are *not* safe places to carry out vendettas, on either side.

  72. Whoah Nellie– One at a time… The ONLY person who knew the correlation between “Cool Mintâ€? and “Meic Cymryâ€? was YOU Miss Allison (aka “PsychoBusterâ€? post #59 here).. OK, now you’ve just been BUSTED..

    Uh, no, Mike, there are a few people who know because quite a few people are now involved in Miss Allison’s best interest. you see, when you threaten or wish another dead, and generally act like a dickhead like you have on many message boards, the old addage of “it’s a small world” really holds true. It would be so comfortable for you to believe, or if it were to be true, that Miss Allison was behind all of these messages. The truth that there are many people who care about Miss Allison, and who are genuinely concerned about you, the psycho. You need psychological help of the psychiatric kind. And…there are those of us who will no longer allow you to harass Miss Allison as you have. We will return the favour by reporting you. Your behaviour has become so worrisome that we have taken measures to ensure that your cyber harassment is recorded, noted, and comes to the attention of the appropriate individuals. So give it up. The only person in this drama that has been busted is YOU.

  73. And “Psycho Mintâ€?—Ooooh! Another creative handle.. I don’t know who you are. And I’m curious how you saw my profile since its set to “Privateâ€?. But I “attackedâ€? one woman’s profile in my own profile because I thought it was silly and not offensive. The other 4 women in my profile I actually praised and thought their profiles were quite humorous (I mentioned it, but you seemed to have overlooked that).. They are on my FAV list, and I’m on the FAV list of two of them. Oh yeah…

    If you don’t like my profile photos or what I write in my profile—that’s up to you. It’s a matter of taste. Some people think my profile is funny, and some people don’t. What can I say? C’est la vie..

    You find my “Matrix/Bathroomâ€? photos frightening? Oh goodie.. There was a couple of interesting scenes in “The Matrixâ€? that took place in a bathroom (the Morpheus vs. Agent Smith fight for example).. Uh Huuuh… Now that’s SCARY!

    Yes— Most if not ALL the folks on Plentyoffish are “socially challengedâ€? as you say.. I don’t think they be on there if they weren’t. If you work and take care of family members like I do, it whittles your time for outside socializing close to nil..

    The ONLY good thing that POF has going for it is that it’s FREE (and its THERE– its convenient).. And that’s about it now. It was REALLY good when it first started a few years ago. But its been on a downward trajectory ever since. How’s that?

    Why do you feel the need to warn other women about me? I’m not in jail, I’m not Jeffrey Dahmer (and don’t plan to be), I have no warrants for my arrest… And most curiously of ALL— I’ve managed to stay on POF without getting booted! YIPPEE!! I’m going to leave voluntarily soon (as I said I would).. If I was a “stalkerâ€? or “psychoâ€? or whatever funny epithet you want to brand me with—wouldn’t POF have seen that by now?..

    Hmmmm.. Alot of accusation, speculation– and NO evidence. I hope you’re never called for jury duty.

    Go away fly!— SHOO!!

  74. Whoah Nellie– One at a time… The ONLY person who knew the correlation between “Cool Mint” and “Meic Cymry” was YOU Miss Allison (aka “PsychoBusterâ€? post #59 here).. OK, now you’ve just been BUSTED.. And the ONLY reason you have flared up this situation again is because I give your crappy video that you posted on POF a low rating. Why don’t you just admit it? If you don’t want your video rated (or viewed publicly), then perhaps you shouldn’t make it public domain. Its pretty simple, even a child would know better.. I was doing a general search and your profile appeared at the top of the screen. Please, I have a LIFE—unlike you; I have better things to do than trail you around.

    If I was banned from the forums the first time around– its NEWS to me. I only went to the forums ONCE; And the ONLY reason I went to the forums was to ask for advice and to draw attention to the fact that my profile photos have been STOLEN. The person who stole them was also making fake profiles with my photos and posting obnoxious captions with the photos. I followed the proper procedures first and emailed a lady moderator (who’s name escapes me now) from Ontario. She said she was going to look into it. I also emailed Markus Frind.. But the fake profile was up there for about two days, and I wasn’t getting much feed-back—so out of desperation, I went to the HELP Forum for assistance… Which, as this entire thread points out, is a BIG mistake.

    I don’t know about you, but PHOTO and IDENTITY THEFT takes precedence with me rather than hair-splitting over your petty, farty little forum rules of your nerd fiefdom..
    You HAVE NOT addressed that serious issue here- as you DID NOT address that issue in the POF forum. And I don’t expect you to EVER address it.. Just skirt-around and evade the issue. Why did that person get a free pass (her profile is still on POF by the way).. Is that NOT breaking the precious “Rulesâ€? even more so?

    You have a habit of calling me rude and crazy, etc. But the FIRST and ONLY response I received from you that day was that I was provoking that woman to steal my photos by mentioning her POF alias in the forums.. You asked me what did I expect(?).. Which is CRAZINESS right off the top! I mean really, WTF?! She stole my photos FIRST, and THEN I asked for help in the forums after.. That’s how that works.. Is that the way you usually respond to someone asking for help? You continued to say that I will get BANNED from the forums if I continue with the thread I started..

    I’m curious as to how she would respond if the photo-thief was a guy and the victim was a woman? Hmmmmm…

    Ironically, it was a couple from Australia that offered me advice on how to proceed and WHO I should be emailing if I wanted assistance—NOT Miss Allison. As a matter of fact, I was honestly COMPLETELY shocked by the lack of sympathy Miss Allison exhibited and turning the blame onto me—saying that I DESERVED my photos to be stolen because the woman’s handle I made mention of in my plea for help. I was amazed at her response considering it was the first time I’ve ever encountered her, and it was the first time I posted in the forums.. I thought to myself, “What kind of person would say such things to a stranger?â€? I emailed Miss Allison asking her what her fucking problem was? I mean—WHO WOULDNâ€?T?

    It wasn’t very “nastyâ€? at all—How can it be with all the language filters on there? You can’t even write the word “MySpaceâ€? on POF without it being filtered-out. Of course, like the coward she is, she blocked my profile and didn’t offer ANY response at all… The thread was erased about 15 mins after I posted it. But if I was banned, I’d be curious to know as to WHY?– Since it was my first and only posting? I would also be interested to know WHY I would be banned this time around on the POF forums too? I thought you said you weren’t a moderator and didn’t have that kind of power anymore? You really should get your self-serving lies in order.. I’ve never attempted to use to use the forums this time.. I have NO interest in going to the forums. And again, the point of this entire thread is that people are saying it’s the FORUMS and idiot control-freaks like YOU that are ruining the reputation of Plentyoffish..

    Ideally, if POF didn’t have ANY forums at all, it would be a vast improvement.. But as I said—I’m going to leave POF soon anyway. I just went on there to talk to two women I’ve known from my past. I also happened to meet 3 other interesting ladies in the process. So I’m not really concerned anymore, and this argument has run its course..

    Since you took the liberty of posting my profile addie, here’s Miss Allison’s address:

    If you want to see a perfect example of passive-aggressive hostility (since you enjoy psychoanalyzing me) and repressed anger—read Miss Allison’s forum postings, they’re quite revealing. Most passive-aggressives are cowards by nature, and have to distance themselves from the people they attack. Since they have very little control over their own relationships and life situations, they have to do it from a safe distance in order to maintain control (or their illusion of control). I think that’s pretty evident with ALL the forum mods on POF.. Honey, everyone is a bit “crazyâ€?—and those who don’t think they are—ARE CRAZIER THAN MOST!

  75. Thank you for the link, Miss Allison. I had a look at his profile where he proceeds to attack others for profiles he finds personally offensive. There would be no way that I would ever consider such a person as an addition to my life. Too much anger. Too much self righteousness. Too much “Matrix” style in-the-bathroom posing. He, quite frankly, is frightening. I also notice in one of his prior postings above that he mentions that the only reason he joined was because of some people he knew from school. There is Facebook for that.

    The truth is, the guy is socially challenged. It’s evident in his profile, and certainly proven beyond any reasonable doubt in his correspondence here. BIG RED FLAG ladies. Stay away from this one.

  76. I too joined POF only yesterday, but was deleted after a few hours so rejoined 3 times only to be deleted each time.I did not break any rules, I am pretty lol……(maybe that’s the problem) Anyway, after reading all this about POF there’s only one thing left to do & that is to stay away from foul smelling fish as plentyoffish told me in the beginning, IT REAKS OF BAD TASTE

  77. Oh my… as I’m still the center of Mr Cool Mints attentions? I thought I would clear up some of his accusations.

    First of all, I am no longer a moderator. In fact at the time of this indicident I was not a moderator. I had stepped down a while before. Secondly, this user was banned from the forums. It was a result of his behaviour which was pretty similar to his postings here. Although he was banned from the forums, his profile was still enabled.

    As for what really happened, heres the skinny. The user Cool Mint went to the help/suggestion forum and asked for help but in his post he openly named another user and posted an accusation, which is against the rules. I posted a note in response saying how naming names was against the rules. I felt for him and didnt want him to get accidentally banned for breaking the rules. From there he emailed me directly with some nasty vulgarity. My response to him was that it was no wonder someone was harrassing him if the way he was conducting himself was an example of his typical behaviour. Afterall, look at the way he posts here. Is it really any wonder? Imagine if someone was emailing you directly saying smack like that. His posts here were written in a very similar manner as the email I got from him. After the abusive email I did report his conduct, and his posts were deleted and his posting ability revoked. I went from someone wanting to help him to someone not wanting to take his abuse. I also blocked him from emailing me directly.

    From there after he was banned from the forums, he deleted his profile “Cool Mint” and returned with another name, Meic Cymry. This is another huge no no but its something trolls are known for. They dump their profiles to get around bans.

    All that being said, I see someone outed his new name in messge 59. I tried to do a new search on it the other day to only discover hes changed the spelling of his username to CymruMeic. The good news though is that we saved the link to his profile. Its an interesting read thats for sure. He also has been rebanned from the forums. You won’t be seeing this guy post on POF anytime in the near future.

    So he can change the name as much as he wants, and yes, hes even hidden it (so make sure you’re logged in to your account to view it)but here it is.

    In closing, is it really any wonder he got banned. Seriously, some people like me, some people hate me but when people start posting in open forums that they wish someone would be murdered, that crosses the line for the majority of society and indicates, at least to me that the offender has some serious issues. The fact that its a year later and hes still ranting about this, following me around on other sites, etc only further this point.

    The best thing I can say is, best of luck Cool Mint and please consider getting yourself some help. This type of rage can’t be healty for anyone.

  78. Good Evening, I wasn’t kicked off of POF.. End of (your) argument.

    Go back and READ what I ACTUALLY wrote.. And NOT what you want to distort into!– Save the Straw Man bullshit for the POF forums.. That hypocritical garbage seems to be tolerated and encouraged by the mods and admins there!

    WHO PROTECTS THE USERS FROM HOSTILE MODERATORS? It’s obvious that “miss_allison”, who is a POF mod, has recently prompted these little anonymous trolls to do her work here.. OR its the work of miss-allison itself?.. At any rate, I’ve NEVER violated ANY rules while I’ve been a member on POF. I’ve never stalked or bullied ANY member.. And I’ve certainly NEVER been kicked off of POF.

    But for some reason theft of my photos (by another female member) and saying I DESERVED it (by miss_allison) when I asked for help in the forums– goes unaddressed and unanswered– WHY?

    What “clan” are you speaking about?

    Its nice to see a clone leave some homophobic remarks previous to “Lame Mint” (woo!– good one! great handle!)..

    I doubt ANY of my questions I raised previously about unprovoked photo theft, unprovoked attacks by a moderator in the forums, and the recent homophobic shit in this forum will EVER be answered by the anonymous, blackmailing, cowardly, hypocrites worming their way out of the woodwork..

  79. And here lies, another of the vociferous lamers who’ve been booted off POF crying their boohoos because they simply refuse to comprehend how things work. Your mastery of vulgarity is only exceeded by your lameness.

    If you had a shred of self awareness, an inkling of something resembling more than the IQ of a mop you wouldn’t be here nor in your ridiculous predicament preaching to your clan.

    Five million members, and a fraction of an infinitesimally small group who have the same shard of brilliance – well done cool mint ! sharp as a sack of wet mice.

  80. I like to take it up the bum.
    I like to take it up the bum.
    I like to take it up the bum.

  81. I went back on because I saw two women I went to school with when I was glancing through the photos one day (which one can do without joining the site). One I actually dated.. Don’t worry, when the Spring is up– I’ll leave it (the quality control is still very poor on there). Why am I a nutjob? And why would women have to be warned about me? Just curious.. I’ve never committed any crimes, and I’ve never been arrested. Do you have an answer? Probably not– There’s lots of accusations and speculation, but no evidence. That’s wonderful.. Like the real psycho *princess* Miss Allison..

    Go back to your fucking pathetic, shitty little cyber-patrols Miss Allison or “TheApostle” or “PsychoBuster” or whatever fucking handle of the day you use.. My anger in previous postings was justified when a woman STOLE my photos on POF and then was told I DESERVED what I got by Miss Allison (who I never met prior to that).. Who’s the psycho now?

    I went to the forums one day asking for help– and that was the response I received. So fuck her– AND FUCK YOU!!

    Don’t be a COWARD and try to EXTORT me ANONYMOUSLY online– OK asshole? Fuck yourself!

  82. Hey “Cool Mint” from Hamilton, Ontario. You’re a nutjob, dude. If you hate the place so much, then why are you back on there under the nym “Meic Cymry”? Dayum, women need to be warned of psychopaths like you. You sound like you are quite capable of hurting someone.

  83. My goodness,Barbara. You, or the Barbara “handle”, is spreading this absolute lie across the net. Moderators cannot access your email. The administration (the owner) has the right to do so and has only done so to aid in criminal investigations where he was specifically asked by the authorities to do so.

    POF may not be the greatest site, and it definitely needs a forum overhaul, but they are not invading your email to read. Emails are censored, and I know this because on the occasion I have dropped a swear word in my email, it has been blanked out. The site is not a democratic site (as most sites), it states such right there for all to read, and you abide by their rules. True, the forum rules have become ridiculous. I won’t participate on them. I lurk instead and if I like what a person has to say I will message them. The moderators need to be replaced by professional, paid moderators. That is where the owner of the site needs to open his wallet.

  84. Plentyoffish? It should be PlentyofFreaks! I went there for about a month. Good god too many freaks in the forums. There is too much negativity in the forums. I honestly think up to 30% of the profiles are fakes.
    There is no way Pof can have 600 million users and run one server in an apartment. That is a total lie.
    The site is poor it has bugs they still won’t fix. They are hardly organized, they don’t have FAQ section or bugs sections page. You have to cry in the forums for help. I highly doubt a person can run a big site only 2 hours a day. I have read plenty get banned from the site and tried to go back but why???? Too many negative screwed up in the head people. You stay there for a few years and you’ll be depressive manic that dispise the opposite sex. It’s funny these people can’t go out to get a date since many of them see to have time to type a lot in the forums.

    People want to get back there you can use the Tor network and get a new email. They can’t track your ip if you’re using a proxy, just make sure to use tor whenever you log on or they will ban you again.

  85. “Moderators remove them because they are unbalanced, threatening to other members, stalking/harassing other members, disrupting the forums, and posting inappropriate profiles.”

    Well..Baby…I respectfully, disagree with the above comment…perhaps on occasion..BUT I have seen and also experienced a quite different scenario. I was banned for questioning a MOD’s deletion of a thread….I have friends on POF who didn’t even go THAT far and were banned.
    MY mistake was NOT reading ALL those damnable rules.
    “I” have NEVER threatened any poster, personally flamed them, stalked anyone, had a fake profile, hijacked a thread, blahblah.
    I made the cardinal mistake of posting an INQUIRY thread referring to the deletion of a VERY popular and helpful thread…forgot to read the “rules”.
    I was banned for YEARS and never an email (apparently was MY sin …no private email) to me personally…
    I don’t know what society YOU come from, but in my world that is detestable, pathetic censorship..something none of us needs in these times…JMHO.

  86. POF MODs have serious “issues”…esp the “Metro-sexual, “closeted” Narcissist MOD “Trapped-in-a-man’s-body”…LOL!
    Seriously tho, have never observed in any other Forum, even local newspapers, such extremes in censorship.
    And the Dating Site part is a laugh if you are a guy(or female) over 40-45.Almost across the board lack of responses to emails, or insults instead. Hundreds of (non-deleted!!!?!) threads by guys who write, and never hear anything back.
    Least on the PAYING date sites DATES actually happen…..

    But…I digress…back to the Forums….a lot of folks mention a few posters seem exempt from deletion, but the MODs will delete a thread AND a poster for lame reasons…IF the poster ever figures out WHY? They usually do not.
    It is ridiculous. Childish forum monitoring.
    MSN Yahoo etc are far more mature and open minded. POF is clearly run by, and monitored by, a few childish immature kids whos lives are empowered by a freaking website!Sad.

  87. LOL! See “Cool Mints” comment above from September. Then ask yourself “Why would any moderator remove such a fine specimen of control from the gene pool?”.

    And you have your answer. Moderators remove them because they are unbalanced, threatening to other members, stalking/harassing other members, disrupting the forums, and posting inappropriate profiles.

    Thank you, Cool Mist, for being the shining example for all. LOL

  88. I don’t think this is any different than any other site. There are crazy people everywhere, but there are great people everywhere, too. Just like in the physical world, on the internet you have to learn to be discriminating. I don’t think people are snobbish at all on POF. They just know what they want and like myself, don’t raise anyone’s hopes falsely. I am always polite to men who contact me and honest with them. I have paid for dating sites and gotten nothing but bad results. E-harmony was terrible and expensive. I decided not to join. this is fun and free. What more can you ask?

  89. this is the link to pictures of the car belonging to the worst moderators on PoF, trappedonbayst

  90. So true Jason, plus the thid group: Chicks posting pics of how they looked at 18 and oh boy what a difference…

  91. has only two kinds of women on it:
    (1) fat, ugly chicks with kids
    (2) snobby bitches that are midly to good looking that think their future boyfriends/husbands already owe them something

  92. Plentyoffish is moderated by Nazi’s just read the rules definitely right wing slanted big time not a fun place for the creative

  93. New PoF welcome screen with this line:

    1. We banish anyone who is extremely rude, has anger management issues, uploads fake pictures or is otherwise unfit to date.

    Ummmm, perhaps it’s the owners that have anger management issues???

  94. I have had many good experiences on plenty of fish. However, the moderators are bullies and outrageous. I was recently banned from using forums after I was flamed by one of the sites moderators. I thankfully still have my profile, but jeez this guy was hostile and when I defended myself my forums privileges were revoked for three years.

    So POF is great because I have met lots of people. However POF needs to give some of their “volunteer” moderators the BOOT.

  95. Sweet Jeebus! I’m not sure if I’m not in a scholyard at times… I mean, fair enough, a lot of you got screwed by POF, but do act like grownups. I’ve also had my share of crap there… Threats, bans, deleted profiles.. even had one girl throw a rock at me on our first meeting because I was/looked exactly as my profile said (hurts the ego!).

    Fair enough, venting rage makes us feel better, but doen’t sove anything. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just walk away? You got shit there, fine, move to better stuff. Flamming or physical violence won’t bring that profile back. Although, I’d like to see a computer get a kimura or a triangle choke.:) Keep the jiu for the mat or the crazies on dates.

    Now, how long until someone invokes the Godwin law?

  96. The forums are moderated unfairly. I’ll explain below.
    I’ve been around for more than a year.
    Posting away like normal.
    A few weeks ago someone posted a ridiculous generalization of “all women”. I responded with sarcasm on topic. I was banned for 3 days and the post continued with the next posters continuing the ridicule the OP with no consequence. Time goes on. Once again, a poster made a topic that told people they shouldn’t be doing something because they don’t(the op). I mentioned that people will do what they like and you can’t force your views. No less than 5 posters attacked me personally, even my profile picture. I reported the thread for the personal insults. The thread was removed and I was reprimanded in my report posts and told that the next time I post off-topic I would be up for suspension. WTF??? I emailed the moderator asking them why if I argued with the people I would’ve been banned and now I’m being threatened when I report issues too? They did not respond. Today I login and I am on a 10 day ban because of comments I made a good week ago defending myself from a poster that took every comment I made and posted a smart alleck comment behind it who was one of the 5 that attacked my profile in the previous thread. They allow people to chase you and no matter how you react, you are wrong. I’m not sure if the person got banned this time. But I promise that if I see them posting in the next 10 days I will be canceling my account, this favoritism is not cool or the way moderators should perform.

  97. So basically, with my experiences on Yahoo, MySpace, and Plentyoffish– it’s ONLY Plentyoffish where I have consistently made the most HATEFUL enemies. Unlike MySpace, I’ve walked away from Plentyoffish without making ANY friends! Even with all the sewer-skanks, whitetrash, and inbred genetic accidents on Yahoo– I’ve only had ONE major run-in with a local guy in one of the Yahell Groups out of the five years I’ve interacted on Yahoo (on and off of course). But my advice to anyone would simply be to STAY AWAY FROM PLENTYOFFISH! YOU WOULD BE WASTING YOUR TIME! You get your money’s worth with Plentyoffish that’s for sure! lol..

    I would love, love, LOVE to challenge ANYONE of the cowardly, cheapshot-from-a-safe-distance, lowlife, spineless, cocksucking, yellow-belly, motherfucking MODERATORS of Plentyoffish to A CHARITY FIGHT!! I would donate my prize to a worthy charity (like for Autistic learning, Stem Cell research, Sick Children’s Hospital, the United Way, or whatever else) if I get the COMPLETE SATISFACTION of beating the UNHOLY SHIT out of either Markus Frind, Xander/Ticketoride, or trappedonbayst. These motherfuckers have it long overdue.. I prefer to take care of business face to face than from behind the shadows like these cyber-snipers do! I’m fucking 6’1″ and 230 lbs of muscle. I know jiu-jitsu and boxing.. So these fucking adult nerdy shitwipes should fucking think twice before they piss-off any more people with their obnoxious brand of online “justice”… Those fucking bullying megalomaniac pieces of shit! They need to be knocked down a couple of notches so they don’t forget their fucking place in the real world!

    And if “miss_allison” also happens to take notice of this article, I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE a very LONG and PAINFUL DEATH in an extremely VIOLENT car accident or are beaten to death in a home invasion or something you fucking VILE, cunting waste of space! You never did answer my question WHY you verbally attacked me the way you did and said I deserved to be stalked and harassed by the woman who stole my photos!.. That’s because you DON’T HAVE AN ANSWER– do you?! You misandrist, authoritarian little sow!– FUCK-YOU!! I pray that some day I can say that to your fucking fake simpering piglet face.

    I was going to say I WISH you die of a disease– but you and your ilk ARE a disease! A SOCIAL DISEASE!! So I guess you would be pretty much immune to that!

  98. Continuing from my last comment, seeing I was in a no-win situation (you CANNOT WIN ON PLENTYOFFISH WITH THE MODERATORS!), I left this following entry in my profile– and was kicked-off of POF an hour later (I think it was well written)..

    “Just adding my two cents here– because it seems that [Anything and EVERYTHING in the FORUMS is erased two minutes after it’s posted! Violating all the little “rules & regulations” seems to be very easy to do; Maybe it’s TOO EASY TO DO! It seems that the Forums are run and moderated by EXTREMELY socially inept forum-NAZIS. They’re usually angry Adult NERDS who are angry at the world and have very little control over their own EMPTY lives, so now they have to create their own rigid little police-state and control anyone who attempts to enter it.. IT’S A PRETTY SAD THING TO WITNESS. Most of these people were probably nerds in high-school as well– and couldn’t find a date on Friday night or get LAID! So now they have to control, delete, censor, and block anyone who challenges their petty “Authority”. They can’t debate these things openly and publicly because they’re AFRAID to be challenged and exposed publicly for being wrong, or for what they truly are– COWARDS!!

    It’s interesting to note that most despots and Right-Wing Authoritarians are the most repressed and nerdy lot of the bunch! LOL!– But don’t get me wrong, I actually LIKE Plentyoffish VERY MUCH!– and I love searching the different profiles from all over the world! There’s ALOT of HOT women on here (quite a few fake profiles though)… But the forums should only be used for certain things like event announcements, local social gatherings, and PARTIES– THAT’S IT! Don’t give these pathetic, socially crippled Adult NERDS a haven to project their adolescent hostilities onto the world!! Don’t worry, I won’t be visiting the Forums again, but I just wanted to share my experience with others. Thank-You.. Cool Mint”


    I was on Plentyoffish this time around for exactly 5 days before being kicked-off…

  99. Wow, even I’m surprised at the backlash Plentyoffish is receiving here.. But I’m glad to see people are HONEST about their feelings, and are expressing themselves OPENLY (unlike one is able to do on Plentyoffish). I don’t go on these social networking sites anymore. I must admit some of my best experiences with these sites was on MySpace (I’m in my thirties by the way). I must admit I met alot of interested special interest groups, and WOMEN on MySpace– But there is also a fair share of wackos to offset the good ones. That’s why I left MySpace after several months (I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon). Curiously the term “MySpace” is filtered off of Plentyoffish because the weak-kneed and wimpy owner Markus Frind sees it as a threat. What a censoring, cowardly, groveling little fuck that asshole is!– Hahaha! He wears his insecurities so shamelessly that most people would be embarrassed! What an overgrown man/child..

    I have been on and off Plentyoffish for the past couple of years. I usually go on POF two months out of the year. It’s usually at high time in the summer, or low time around February and March. It would get boring for me to hang around POF for more than two months (seeing the same old faces); So I’ve usually deleted my own account and wait for a few months when they get a fresh crop of new members…

    Anyways, I’ve met a few ladies on there when I first started with it in 2004; And my several encounters have been from casual friendship and dating to hook-ups and sexual intercourse. But the quality of the the people (in my case, WOMEN) have steadily declined over the past couple of years. So much so that I believe the amount of fake and FRAUDULENT profiles far exceeds the ones on there that are genuine. The amount of women who only go on there to appease their own narcissism and for ATTENTION-SEEKING purposes is jaw-droppingly staggering! There’s simply no real quality control to weed out the disingenuous ones from the ones that are sincere (like mine). But I would say close to 100% of the women’s profiles who say they are seeking “Intimate Encounters” in the Hamilton/GTA are fraudulent. Recently I had a “lady” who goes by the alias “Queen of Riddles !” (go to POF and do a ‘User Search’) who actually admitted she is an independent researcher for advertising companies.. I told her to basically “Fuck-Off”. She then stole my personal photo, and USED IT IN HER PROFILE as the MAIN PHOTO and was soliciting her other male friends to threaten and harass me by email! She too kept send me harassing emails as well (assuring me I was ugly, and she wasn’t attracted to me whatsoever), but I ignored these messages (but kept them for evidence). Her caption is her profile is “This Guy Is A Looser” (nice spelling for a “researcher”).. Needless to say NO GUY ever emailed me.

    I filled out 4 Abuse Reports on her. One for Spamming, one for Harassing Emails, one for Photo Theft, and one for rally others to Harass Me. Out of desperation, I MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE ON PLENTYOFFISH!– I WENT TO THE FORUMS TO ASK FOR ADVICE!

    I went to the Plentyoffish “Help” section of the Forums and basically relayed the problem I was facing and the steps I took to resolve the problem (filing Abuse reports).. It was interesting that the couple of sympathetic and helpful responses I did receive were from British members.. But they basically said I took all the right steps. And then I received an UNBELIEVABLY obnoxious and cowardly response from a Forum-NAZI whore called “miss_allison” (you can do a ‘User Search’ on her too). She said that I deserved whatever treatment I was getting from my assailant because I was provoking her (I regret not copying & pasting her response). Miss_Allison also went on to tell me she was going to get me BANNED from the Forums because I used my assailant’s alias in my plea for help. She TOTALLY turned my argument around and blamed me for the harassment I was getting! She said I should basically sit down and shut-up if I already filled out Abuse Reports! I was really, REALLY shocked and offended by this HATEFUL response by someone I’ve never met before! I NEVER go to the “Forums”– so I don’t know all their piddly-fiddly fucking little “Rules & Regulations”!

    So delightful miss_allison reported my Forum entry, and it was erased within five minutes!– BUT MY STOLEN PHOTO STILL REMAINED IN MY ASSAILANT’S PROFILE (with her rallying remarks for other guys to harass me!).. I started another thread asking WHY is my photo theft being tolerated? And that too was erased promptly! I sent a private message to miss_allison asking WHY she said these cruel things and defended my assailant by saying my photo theft (and harassment) was justifiable?– But of course this chickenshit, cowardly CUNT (I don’t give a shit if she is a woman!) BANNED ME from emailing her again!

  100. as far as Iam concerned pof really stands for plenty of fuckwits Marckus is a pathetic back stabbing prick , they never answer you questions they just delete you for no reason , they make up the rules as they go along , and when you do the right thing you are victimised for it , I had made some great friends , the pricks at POF deleted all my pics and threated me , my pics complied well within the rules , then the cock suckers deleted my profile and when i tired to contact them , yep you guessed it no answer , I realise iam not all that polite right now but my emails have been to them well not any more I think all the hackers should unite and murder this site out of its shitful existance , they have a thing called customer care , yeah well thats bullshit as well , the only thing they care about is fucking you over and over and over sad sad sad oh so sad that such small minds cannot maintain there sad site , they could not even maintain a garbage bin let alone earn the trust of the public , they are just a pack of pretenders , wannbes it really is a sad service thats not worth a pinch of shit well it really is Plenty of FUCKWITS

  101. Ok, I feel better now!! I totally thought it was something personal.. But obviously it’s not just me. It’s just that “Plenty of Fish” is a HUGE waste of time!!

    I was on the site, put a lot of work into my profile… Was having so much fun meeting new people.. And then one day, BAM, I was deleted for NO apparent reason!! *sigh* I made another profile, thinking it must have been a mistake. Went through all that again, just to be deleted again. I finally tried a friends computer to test it, and so far so good. But why does whomever seem t randomly select people to delete and ban???? Does he think this is good business sense? I have put the word out about this site – previously I had been telling everyone what a “great” site it was, and had links on my website, yahoo, etc… No more. I never did anything against the rules… So I wondered “why me”, now I know it’s not just me. Thanks all!!

  102. The site worked for abouut 3 days and then I couldn’t get back on without getting the sign-on screen time and again. Can’t possibly see that I broke any rule- I just figured the site is so poorly set up they don’t watch how anything works or care either. I tried another “FREE” site and then they wanted $ to let you write to someone. Is that the way this place is too? There’s NOTHING free- I shoulda already known this. One more thing- after I signed up a got a ton of spam-BIG TIME- There’s the catch……GOTCHA!

  103. Try this…if you are on XP, create a new user, then switch users and go to hotmail or yahoo and create a new email address…then go to the fish pond and create a new account….DO NOT USE THE SAME NAME OR SAME PICTURES…

  104. Does anyone know why I keep getting kicked out of Plentyoffish? I was fine for several months and now everytime I create a new profile I get deleted, I swear I’m not a scammer/spammer, I think the site’s moderators are pretty cool. (until now)

  105. How ever, I know from my own site, it’d very hard to keep the data-basa clean from fake, scam and spam… Some times I delete profiles that just smelling like fake, it’s better when to manny freaks on the site.

  106. OK, I defeated the system…I created a new user in my XP box, logged on as the new user, which had a clean cookie and history slate…I created a new hotmail addy, then went to the fishmarket, created a new user, and it’s been up for 3 days….
    By the way, as a single dude, I wouln’d mind having dinner with that attractive lady pictured in the top right corner of this page LOL

  107. I tried opening up new accounts…I cleared my cookies folder, I even used another computer in the house, after resetting my ISP IP to a different number each time.
    No way no how, each account gets deleted immediately. This is weird and bizzarre.
    Personally, I think that this Marcus isn’t what he claims to be. There is some evil lurking here. Too much spite and anger. Example, why should he care that after deleting ones account, you open another one when things dont work out.

  108. I for one would like to meet one woman who wont run to the printers to get wedding invitations engraved after the first date…sheesh, we’re all nearly 50, been there, done that, not going there again…back off ladies….easier and cheaper to masturbate….plenty of fish…plenty of desparate housewives.

  109. Plenty of Fish is notorious for deleting profiles for no reason what so ever! If you send more than one complaint about a member YOUR profile will be deleted not theirs.

    If you bring up the topic in the forums a moderator will post links to a whole bunch of other people asking why they got deleted. Then they send you this list of the “rules” . if you post a question about this on their forum the moderators will close it as “redundant”.

    If you read all these threads they send you, you will notice a hell of alot of people are being deleted without reason “just becuase” POF can clear this type of confusion up if they just stop and read what people are writing….I did not break any rules and was deleted and when i tried to put up another profile i was deleted within minutes.

    THIS SITE IS POORLY RUN!! I dont care if its run by one person, they have a shit load of moderators who are working as well. I guess they figure that since we dont have to pay that they dont have to provide any type of customer service!!

  110. POF is a horrible, horrible site – more high school than My Space. ITs becomming so big brother over there – but not for the loosers that are friends with the moderators. I have friends on there that are constantly harrassed in the forums, and in emails – but nothing happens to the people doing it – but when she responds – she gets a ‘time out’ for two weeks. Then, you go on the mods favs list – and you find the same jerks. I agree with everything stated on here, except that its a great dating site. Too many liars, players, and ‘children’. And too many whackos with their conspiracy theories in the forums. If you want to get stalked, harrassed, date a looser or a liar – I suggest you sign up to plenty of fish. I have more fun on my space, and even though I am just there because my friends are, I am meeting many new people – and most of my friends that were on pof are now on there. At least you have more freedoms on my space. Plenty of fish is run by an idiot, and controlled by idiots.

  111. How can a site with absolutely no respect to individual can still be online? I’m a good willing honest funny person and I get kicked by mods for reasons my 128iq can’t figure out! You try to help and you get a mod spitting in your face! This place is so frustrating… For respect our society deserve, please HighJackers, sink this boat.

  112. trappedonbaystreet is a guy who kisses his reflection in the mirror every morning, and thinks he is gods gift to women…..yeah, one of those

  113. OMG trappedonbaystreet – that is one of the mods that is in a group of power hungry people! I was just banned from the forums for a while – because I was insulted by some trollup, but because I said something back to her – I was gone – she isn’t.

  114. I have been on for 1 year – all i am finding are guppies and pirannahs – and a bunch of bitter broads that do nothing but go into the forums and harrass people. The one guy I did date, liked about his job, that he was dating others, and might have been married. But you get what you pay for. And the mods are horrible sometimes – and it seems they are in little cliques as well. The site is way too high school for me. And to make it worse, I now found out on the net, that they might be reading your personal emails that you send through your account on there (isnt that illegal?). As far as your sister getting banned – they do, like I said – have their cliques – maybe she ticked someone off in the forums, who is a friend of a mod – and she was gone. There is a person on there – who constantly harrasses people – has 4 accounts, and has been reported, but they keep her on.
    again, you get what you pay for.

  115. Same freaks as everywhere else. I see no difference between the paid sites, the free sites, or the bar. Its unfortunate, but true.

  116. P.O.F is the worst. The site
    is very poorly designed and
    notorious for banning people even
    YEARS later.

    My sister got banned for apparently
    nothing and wanted ME to figure
    out how to get her back in.

    We used a different IP address, different
    email address, different handle,
    different text, different zipcode, different city. After you log
    out… your account is deleted.

    She emailed NO one. Had no one
    listed on her ‘contacts’.

    How are they still banning her?

  117. All the above comments about PoF, true, especially the admins and mods being power hungry idiots.
    One in particular, trappedonbayst also works on other websites, banning users.
    Women there are hostile and bitchy and whiny, blaming every man for their divorce. The men are weak and afraid, and side with the bitchy women just to get laid.

  118. P.O.F. is a great dating site. I highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of paying through the nose on other sites.



    Let me give you some information about Markus Frind of He also list his address in Nova Scotia, PO Box 841, C/O, Yarmouth, NS B5A 4K5 CA and his email address there is [email protected] Oh yes and let’s not forget his website

    Now lets get down to the creeps bad side, he is nothing less than a lame excuse for a man and he’s one of those tough guys that likes to have a few pints at the pub and then to prove he’s stronger than a woman he gives her a few slaps here and there if you laughed at his winky. Other women have told me he struts around like he’s the only Banty Rooster in the henhouse and when he puts on his little leather outfits beware I’ve been told he’s into serious painful S&M & B&D. Girls, don’t let this two-legged rat fool you he uses PlentyOfFish.Com to find his dates as he likes to call them. Hopefully when gets caught playing rough in the USA they will lock him behind bars. As of now he should be prevented from entering our country because he likes to supply his friends who own other blogs and forums with our private info in addition he sells our information to other creeps just like him.

    No matter what anyone says Markus is a creep who gives Canadians a bad reputation. Markus slams Americans for fun; he thinks it’s a joke to stiff American waiters and waitresses for their tips. Then again when he laughs at our women and men in Iraq fighting terrorists calling them typical idiot Americans fighting a war you cannot win than someone should take the wimp behind the wood shed and teach him some old fashioned “American Respectâ€?.

    Long Tall Sally


  120. late I’ll bet your chomping at the bit to hit a delete button somewhere here huh? waa waa…

  121. These are a direct cut and paste of the pof rules , remember this is a forums board where one may be able to answer or interject a one line all encompassing phrase to make ones point. as you see below.. IT IS AGAINST THE RULES. but i submit that no one could completely and utterly abide by the rule 100% of the time it’s just not based in reality [that one was for you late] I question a person who touts himself an “intellectâ€? but finds no irony in the more than ridiculous and unrealistic “ruleâ€? he so ardently polices. has he ever once given a thought to how ludicrous the actual “ruleâ€? is? sorry but the facts speak very clearly to me that this man is not functioning on all 8 cylinders. can anyone really be THAT inept? guess the answer is an obvious one.. you know I heard Charles Manson was an intellect of sorts I guess there really IS no correlation between high IQ and common sense, further one could sum it up very simply in the proverb “a psycho is as a psycho doesâ€? what I find chilling is that last statement or summation wouldn’t be allowed on the very forums we are speaking about ….coincidence?

    In the end we are talking about a forums board, nothing more! have these eh’ moderators no life at all? I hate when I’m reduced to asking for answers to obvious questions. if any of the sub human mods would like to joust me on these points I think you’ll find me both a willing and able adversary, I warn, you had best bring a razor sharp sword because it looks to me that over 90% of those posting here just don’t see your point. have a super day…

    read the rules, they make for better than average comedy..


    Joined: 1/9/2005
    Msg: 2
    view profile

    Message to short
    Posted: 11/16/2006 2:51:08 PM
    Those who tend to be chatty will find that their minimum text allowed will go up proportionate to their “one linersâ€? on the forum, those who post substantively and avoid chat won’t notice a thing.

    if so are members going to be made aware of the minimum amount of letters to be used to be able to post?

    Nope, that’s proprietary, and dynamic.

    Those who try to bypass this will be dealt with too.

    Posting patterns that cause text limits to be applied:

    Chat posts

    Or, participating in chat threads

    Off-topic posts (including; patterns of dropping “one-liner� joke posts in threads, posting opinions of other thread contributors as opposed to the topic, off-topic “soap-boxing�, etc.)

    Or, participating in hijacking thread topics

    Troll posts

    Or, habitually responding to them

    Flame posts

    Or, habitually responding to them

    Those who participate predominently in “problematic� local forum “problems�.

    Rule breaking in general.

    In short, if someone posts in threads where there are problems, and they’re contributing to the problems; this is a way to curtail – the problems.

    If they’ve been suspended for:



    Thread- Jacking

    It’s also likely that they will also have a permanent minimum text limit applied as a pro-active measure, if that doesn’t work? There are other more permanent ways of dealing with this.

  122. derek if you really want to log back on to pof [though I would question you as to why] just go to a friend or relatives house get on their pc open a new email account completely seperate from the one you have now [make sure you don’t even give your old address as proof for the new email] once you have opened a clean email account you can go ahead and register a new account….they will not find you! and yes once you open an account from someone elses computer you can log in at home…they trace through email only…. NOT IP ADDRESS!!!

    personally i wouldn’t waste my time, the site is loaded with head case moderators who wouldn’t know what a life was if one hit them in the forehead…

  123. for Derek: you were banned that’s how they ban you. no notice, no warning, no excuses, blink your gone for life.
    they will let you sign up take the time to fill in your profile search for people but as soon as you try to contact anyone…time to start all over you’ve been wiped. I think the keep track of your contacts, or something because I’ve tried signing on through proxies, IP spoofers, and neibourhood wireless IPs and they catch me everytime.
    Any suggestions? they must be tracking my actions looking for patterns?

  124. I was having fun until one of the MODs became seriously disturbing.. The guy is a freak who seems to get his kicks pushing the big button.. ( for no apparent reason) Why would they put a guy who clearly has trouble acting like a Grown up in as a Moderator..
    How dare he think he can literally spit on people for kicks simply because he is hiding behind a computer screen.. I was appauled to say the least.. and quit after realizing the moderators can monitor your email.. Stay away.. not nice people in there..

  125. Well, at least some of you got ON the site. I set up my profile seven times and their server lost me every time despite having sent me acknowledgements of my signing up. Keeps defaulting to have my re-enter my password. Their help screen only states to permit cookies. Well, that does not work for me and I’m a rather savvy computer user. Don’t waste your time.

  126. plenty of fish could be a descent site but as it stands it just isn’t, while the clientele isn’t the site owners fault [full of whining sour and i do mean SOUR divorced women] the forum moderators can be blamed on the site owner, this lot is power hungry! one slip of the tongue and the cord will be yanked on your profile and you will be banned, I would suggest they need to clean house of the moderators now employed and put more liberal moderators in their place. it’s kind of ridiculous to have your profile and ip address banned for 2 to 20 years for as little as a word slip or partaking in harmless reverie, but they do all day long. my advice…..don’t bother signing on…very frustrating all the way around from sour grapes women who never read what you write them let alone respond, to moderators who don’t let you complain in the forums about such treatment. one could assume the moderators endorse the non answering of emails by virtue of their actions. plenty offish? could be!

  127. Plentyoffish is not a Good site. But, perhaps it depends what you are looking for…if you just want a WAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM then it’s perfect. If your looking for a friendship with potential of romantic then you should go to, E-harmoney or one of the more Well-known dating sites where members must pay to be on. I have found when members must pay a certain fee it kinda’ gets rid of the “player types” well most of them…


  129. i have 3 years online dating experience and pity anyone signing up with plenty of hit the nail direstly on the head, SNOBS,HOES, and Nimrods biggest collection ever made.

  130. this is typical of free sites, full of freaks and not very useful. should be relegated to the dusty tombs of free chat sites where there are only pedophiles talking to cops, and the occaisional pathetic loser sitting in front of his computer hoping for a miracle he doesn’t deserve. for dating, go meet real people in the real world.

  131. Hmmm. Sounds like you had a bad experience on Plenty of Fish. I think this site is the future of online dating by the way.

  132. This site was started in Canada, and that is where most of it’s members are located. Lots of phoney profiles. A very annoying Forum that is large but poorly moderated. For entertainment purposes only, and not that much of that. Not a serious dating site.

  133. I enjoyed the reference to “plenty of fish in the sea” and am a big fan of the site . I find your critique small minded and overly critical

  134. How are you actually going to go on the site, actually quote the CEO and STILL get the name wrong? That’s pittyful.

  135. I’m just gonna assume your tongue was planted firmly in cheek when you wrote this, and not that you missed the obvious reference to what one might find in the sea… “Plenty of fish”.

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