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Matt Clarkson was going to end poverty by willing the leaders at the G8 summit to do so. According to his recent press release, Clarkson planned to ask visitors to his website to “take part in a meditation to psychically influence leaders of the G-8 summit to make poverty history.”

Said Clarkson’s press release, “The experiment has been designed to coincide with the G-8 summit being held at Gleneagles where poverty in Africa and the issue of global warming will top the agenda.

Visitors to the Web site www.ThinkAndMakePovertyHistory.com will be taken through a 15-minute guided meditation that involves the use of their emotions, their imagination and the focusing of their will and intent to apparently make real changes in the world.”

Of course, the G8 summit got horribly, horribly sidetracked, but still, the ending of poverty is a worth goal.

On a related story, there is apparently no truth to the rumors that Clarkson is about to unveil a follow-up website, www.IKnewYouWereGoingToPostThatAboutMe.com.

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