Everything That You Need to Know About the New iPhone 5: Not Much

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5 and their new connector cable, Lightening. What Apple today called “the biggest things to happen for iPhone since iCloud,” eager Apple fans are calling, “meh.” Apple unveiled the official iPhone 5, which does not appear to be much different from the iPhone 4S. The phone was introduced as being, “designed and built to an exacting level of standard unlike anything we, or anyone in our industry, have made before.” Except the last iPhone, apparently.

Review: The Best Phone in the Dictation and Transcription Arena

As our readers know, we have always been a fully Android shop when it came to our phones. Now, recently, we had the opportunity to put the iPhone 4S to the test and, in fact, have been using the iPhone 4S ever since. Because I (Anne) do a lot of work while on the road, on my phone, this means that I do a lot of voice dictation, which in turn means that I have had the opportunity to put both versions of the software for dictation (the Android phone dictation software, and the iPhone speech dictation program) to the test. To be clear, we are talking about the free dictation apps that come native as software dictation services on each phone, not a separate dictation app.

ATT iPhone 4S versus Verizon iPhone 4S Smack Down, and the Surprising Winner

Ok, first, yes, I admit it. In the form of the newish iPhone 4S, the iPhone finally had enough chops to lure me to try one out, to even consider abandoning my beloved Android. The voice control and dictation features blow Android’s away, for both accuracy and usability. And Siri’s ability to create location-based reminders, and generally how powerful it is, were pretty compelling. But, now there was a new dilemma: which is better? The ATT iPhone or the Verizon iPhone? Which has the better iPhone service – ATT or Verizon? Fewer dropped calls? Faster network?

How is the iPhone 4S Different from the iPhone 4? Here’s How

As people lined up today to buy the brand new iPhone 4S, some people are wondering “Why?” Is it just for Siri, the “Personal Assistant” software (which Android users have had for ages with the “Genius Button”)? What is different about the iPhone 4S as compared to the iPhone 4 – after all, the number is the same. Is the iPhone 4S better than the iPhone 4? Should I upgrade to an iPhone 4S (or, if I don’t already have an iPhone, should I get an iPhone 4S?) Here’s what’s different, and what’s new.