How to See All Your Friends Posts on Facebook Instead of Posts You Haven’t Seen

More people are seeing Facebook showing them ‘posts you haven’t seen’ on their friends’ timelines, instead of all of the posts – and they don’t like it one little bit. Once your account has been marked as having ‘seen’ something your friend posts (even if on your Facebook home page), if you go to their profile to find that post again, it has vanished, as Facebook shows you their ‘posts you haven’t seen’. Fortunately getting those missing posts back and seeing all of your friends’ posts again is easy – here’s how.

Why Spam Seems to be Coming from Your Friends or Even Yourself

If you are getting spam from your friends, or your friends are getting spam from you – or you are getting spam from yourself – or at least it seems that way – you may be wondering how the spam appears to be coming from you or your friends. A likely reason is that someone you know’s address book was compromised. Here’s one way to tell, and how they do it.

Paypal Starts Charging for Sending Money from Paypal to Friends and Family

Paypal has quietly started charging for sending Paypal to Paypal Friends and Family transactions. While it still says on the Paypal site, in at least two different places, that “It’s always free to send money to friends and family when you use your PayPal balance or bank account,” as you can clearly see from the screen shot below, that is suddenly not true, at least for certain transactions.

Facebook ‘Profiles for Couples’ Initiative Believes Couples Should Have Shared Facebook Profiles

The new Facebook “Profiles for Couples” movement is quietly growing on Facebook. If you feel that your shared Snuggie or email address does not make you and your significant other enough of an amorphous couple blob, never fear, there is a group of co-dependant couples aiming to create shared Facebook pages. Because nothing says “healthy relationship” quite as much as a lack of personal identity.

Facebook Teams Up with Samaritans to Allow Users to Report Friends Suicide Threats and Suicidal-Sounding Posts

Facebook has teamed up with the Samaritans confidential emotional health service to allow Facebook users to report, through Facebook, if they are concerned that one of their Facebook friends is exhibiting suicidal tendancies, or threatening suicide. If a Facebook user reports (at the link included below) that they are concerned about a Facebook friend’s suicidal thoughts or talk of suicide, the Samaritans will reach out to that friend.

Facebook Reveals All of Your Applications to Your Friends

There is a meme going around this week, concerning Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and how he supposedly said that concerns over Facebook privacy were “overblown”. In fact, nearly 1,000 sites, including the Telegraph, the Latest Business Report, and SFGate, are reporting that, and we quote, “Facebook privacy concerns overblown, suggests Mark Zuckerberg.” However, in the actual interview on which these sites are reporting – an interview that Zuckerberg did with the New Yorker’s Jose Antonio Vargas – Zuckerberg never actually says that the concerns are overblown – in fact he doesn’t use the term “overblown” at all. Good thing too, because we just discovered that with a single click, Facebook is now revealing all of the applications that you use to your friends, and vice versa. (See screen shot below.)