Facebook is Now Choosing Which Friends’ Feeds to Show You and Blocking the Rest! Here’s How to Get All of Your Facebook Friends’ Feeds Back

With recent changes to Facebook, it turns out that Facebook is now choosing which friends’ news feeds to show you in the live feed view, and, essentially, blocking all the rest! Meaning that all of your other friends are blocked from being shown in your live feed update! Here’s how to undo that and get all of your Facebook friends’ live feed news back.

Google Search Results for Your Name Reveal Your Facebook Friends Even If Your Facebook Privacy Settings Restrict Your Profile!

Now this is new! If you have a Facebook account, searching for your name in Google will turn up not only a link to your Facebook page, but includes a list of your friends, as well! And that’s even if your privacy settings on Facebook are set to disallow public access, such as the “only My Networks and Friends can see my profile and personal info” settings.