4 thoughts on “How to Download Everything You’ve Ever Put on Facebook in One File

  1. It took several(more than 3)hours and when I downloaded the file it was corrupt. wouldn’t unzip.The next day I was gonna retrieve it to try again to unzip it and I couldn’t find it. I’m sorry but my accidental referring to Face Book as Farce Book still seems to be a true Sigmund slip.

  2. I tried it and it would not take me to my file, I got a message that the page had expired. I tried several times in different browsers and it wouldn’t work. Is it another trick by FB to gather more information for their own uses?

  3. Actually I did not get “everything” many things like “some” “Personal” notes sent (not “posted” on a wall) may not be found. Also comments on many posts were not downloaded. The “everything” is rather limited, but it’s somewhat better than nothing, not a lot better, but somewhat.

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