Facebook Graph Search Reveals Who Likes the Ku Klux Klan, and Who Likes Some Good Old Fashioned Raping

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Warning: This article contains strong language and content.

Facebook’s new graph search feature is proving that it is good for so much more than just finding which of your friends watches The Walking Dead. You can also find out who on Facebook likes sexism, or young women with large breasts.

How? Well, since you can search for just about anything, you can dig up some pretty interesting “likes” of Facebook users around the globe. Gizmodo did a search of some choice phrases recently, pointing out that they didn’t even have to think up a lot of this stuff on their own since Facebook’s search function offers autocomplete.

Some of the search terms provided results that we are sure will make some regret their public Facebook declarations. Such as:

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These girls (we’re sure their parents are proud)

This kid (we’re wishing him luck with his college application process)

This guy (we’re sure that his employer, Luxa Construction, will be thrilled with this)

This guy (ironic that he both loves the KKK and is in fire college – to control his own cross burns?)

It should be noted that these profiles were not previously private (not that it would matter, as everything has been made searchable now), they’re now just more easily searchable.


Thanks graph search!

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Graph Search Reveals Who Likes the Ku Klux Klan, and Who Likes Some Good Old Fashioned Raping

  1. I hope you will blur out their names, so that when they correct this bad judgment your post isn’t part of their, um, permanent record.

  2. Now if someone can explain how to get to and use graph search, we can out all these people!

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