Study Reveals that as Many as 16% of All Visits to Websites are from Bots, and 26% of All Traffic is “Aberrant”

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Bots generate at least 10% of all online traffic, according to data released today by Solve Media, a company that provides security authentication solutions through CAPTCHA-based advertising technology. Solve Media indicates that they have seen a 400% increase in what they term ‘aberrant’ traffic across web-based services such as commenting, voting, registration, contact and commenting.

Bots are automated software applications that, among other things, create bogus user accounts which post spam comments on various blogs and websites, steal content, and take over a user’s computer without the user even knowing it. The problem is that money is also wasted advertising to these bots, or fake users.

Solve Media found that from all of the 5,000 publishers reviewed between 2011 and 2012, most of the bot traffic is based in Singapore, Taiwan and the US. Says Solve Media CEO, Ari Jacoby, “Security is a paramount concern for publishers and advertisers, as they continue to be victimized by bots. Publishers need rock-solid solutions to stop massive, global bot attacks that can happen at any time. Solve Media engineered its technology from the ground up with security at its core. No other ad technology company has the capabilities, experience and commitment we have to solving this problem.”

Solve Media advises that one of the things you can do to safeguard your company and its ad campaigns against bots is to integrate cost-per-engagement, or CPE, media options that require comprehensive skills only humans possess. This will ensure that a) you are only paying when a user engages with your ad unit and, b) the user is an actual person. Further, they recommend that you verity the effectiveness of your ads through third-party attitudinal research, as well as that your company affiliates itself with publishers that implement anti-bot solutions.

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