Internet Voting Becomes Reality

If you have ever thought “Gee, I wish that we could vote by Internet,” well, your wish has just come true. This year, Internet voting has become a reality, as the very first voting by Internet system for a U.S. general election goes online. Unlike other electronic voting machines, the electronic voting machines used for Internet voting are basically just stripped-down, secured, laptops. Assuming it works as planned, it will be perfect for, for example, absentee voting.

Internet Rushes to Find Real “Joe the Plumber”

Following the presidential debates this week, with the introduction of “Joe the Plumber” as a sort of everyman (or straw man, depending on to whom you listen), the Internet is abuzz with people searching to find information about Joe the Plumber – to understand just who is Joe the Plummer. Unfortunately (or fortunately, again depending on how you look at it), those searches are leading to several Joe the Plumbers who have real websites for their real plumbing companies, but who are not the Joe the Plumber for whom everyone is looking. That Joe the Plumber is Joe Wurzelbacher from Toledo, Ohio.

Find Out Who Obama’s VP Running Mate Will Be by Text Message

Regardless of one’s politics, or political party affiliation, one can’t deny that Barack Obama has done a pretty good job of using the Internet. Barack Obama’s website and other Internet fund raising efforts have raised him more than $200 million – again, that’s just Internet-raised donations! Now, amid heightening speculation that threatens to reach fever pitch, Obama is signing people up in droves to be able to receive a text message announcing his choice for his vice-presidential running mate, with his “First to Know” Internet campaign.

What Your Email Address Says About You

Researchers in Germany have come out with a very interesting study about what your choice of email address says about you. We’ve already talked about what the domain of your email address says about you (such as do you send from,,, etc.), but this new study looks specifically at the username side of your email address. Such as, are you “onehottie@”, “buttoneddown@”, or “uptight@”? In fact, the title subject is (that is the German arm of Hotmail).

Russia Accused of Openly Conducting Cyberattacks Against Georgia Along with Military Attacks

While the world watched in fascination and horror as Russia and Georgia fought over the region of South Ossetia this week, it is alleged that Russia was also waging its war on another, less carefully-watched front: the Internet. If true, this marks the first time that a nation has publicly added to its arsenal of war strategies the taking out of an enemy’s national computer infrastructure.

Anthrax Documents Available Online! Download and Read the Anthrax Papers Here!

The papers which underpinned the investigation into the anthrax scare and incidents of 2001 which included the death of five people, and which ultimately lead to the suicide of lead suspect Bruce Ivins last week, have not only been unsealed, but in record time they have been put on the Internet and made available to the public on the Department of Justice (DOJ) website.

Superdelegates Seek Voting Advice on YouTube

Here’s your chance to tell a super delegate how to vote! Super delegates Lauren Wolfe and Awais Khaleel have posted a video on YouTube, asking for opinions on how they should vote. Once you’ve joined the almost 15,000 people who have watched the video you can leave them text or video feedback on YouTube, or you can find them on MySpace and Facebook, and leave your comment there.