What You Read on Wikipedia is Often Written by the Subject Themselves, Wikipedia Scanner Reveals

A new Wikipedia scanning program written by Virgil Griffith has revealed that organizations who have entries in Wikipedia are editing their entries themselves, removing unflattering facts and commentary in order to show themselves in a more flattering light. This of course means that relying on a Wikipedia entry for unbiased fact reporting on a subject can be like relying on a press release from the organization themselves.

Self Professed Pedophile Jack McClellan’s Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love Stegle.org Website Declared Legal but Knocked Offline by Internet Ire

Self-professed pedophile Jack McClellan ran his Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love website at stegl.org openly and, by all accounts from legal authorities, legally. You see, Jack McClellan has no criminal record, and as best as anyone can tell (and of course he claims) McClellan has never actually molested or illegally touched a minor. He just loves them. But his website – which we recreate here – was knocked offline by an outraged public.

Is Virtual Rape Crying Virtual Wolf?

I read an article this week about “virtual rape”. Yes, really. That would be virtual sexual assault on your virtual online character or persona. This is all coming out now because, I kid you not, someone from Second Life reported a virtual rape to the police in Brussels. And they are investigating it. Oh for pete’s sake, give me a break! How tenous a grasp on reality do these people have? And how the heck can there be “forced online sexual activity”? Isn’t that nearly an oxymoron?