New Online Investment Scam Mimics Regulatory Agencies

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If you get email claiming to be from the Regulatory Compliance Commission, the International Compliance Commission, the International Regulatory Commission, the International Exchange Regulatory Commission, the International Shareholder Protection Division, or some similar sounding agency, offering you an investment opportunity, the best investment you can make is in the energy to hit ‘delete’.

This new scam making the rounds is claiming to originate with a fake regulatory agency (the above are some of the names which have appeared in the scam), linking to websites and vouching for certain “brokers” or otherwise offering to the recipient a deal on stock.

However, according to American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) president and New Jersey Securities Bureau chief Franklin Widmann, “These Web sites offer nothing more than fancy window-dressing to lure investors into buying worthless securities from unlicensed stockbrokers.”

“The U.S. securities markets are known around the world for being among the safest and most fair, due in no small part to the rigorous and efficient regulatory systems in place here. Con artists are trying to cash in on our good name abroad to lure unsuspecting investors into risky penny stocks and advance fee schemes,” explained Widmann.

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173 thoughts on “New Online Investment Scam Mimics Regulatory Agencies

  1. These guys are a huge scam. Stay clear. No Matter what they say and what they offer, it is a huge scam. They will even try to piggy back off of reputable companies and play it off as they are “working with them”. Scum of the earth they are.

    Overseas Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board
    780 Canton Rd. Unit 200, Marietta, GA 30060

    Mr. Robert Young
    Overseas Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board
    780 Canton Rd. Unit 200, Marietta, GA 30060
    Tel: 001 770 405 0282 Ext: 127
    Fax: 001 770 234 6889

  2. In reply to Barry, I have been approached by Arthur Balfour of Menden Hall Law Office, 1 Ashburton Place, Boston. This concerned the purchase of shares from many years ago. The firm does not appear to exist and the guy seemed in a bit of a rush…

  3. I have been approached by a Peter Miller who claims to be from a law firm Menden Hall Law Office
    He says he organising the liquidation of General Components Inc with a large distribution
    General Components is a share i mistakenly invested in years ago
    i am sure the scam is that he will want legal fees in advance
    Has anybody else been approached or heard of the person ?

  4. Do the International Equity Agency of Japan or Wakamy Libman Associates, Tokyo exist?

  5. DO NOT ACCEPT A JOB OFFER FROM KUUMS INVESTMENTS LTD!!!! First, they contacted me in February. I accepted the job but not before I put them through a ringer of questions and looked up the company. I could not find anything derogatory, but I did find great reviews about them. Well, after a month and a half I have received not a single dime of the 18.00 per hour that they promised. When I got skeptical and said what is going on why can’t you give me a straight answer about my pay after I have been working over a month, they basically disabled my log in without notice and it was like they disappeared into thin air. I tried contacting them in every way that I could but no reply from any contacts that I tried. This is a big fat scam. I think they struggled with my bank and when they could not get over then they dropped me. They tried to use one of my banks and said that the clients investments were not going through and then they said well most of our customers use Wells Fargo so if you open up an account through them then we should be good. So I put a minimal amount (25.00) into a new Wells Fargo account and the client deposited like 80 cents but then my “manager” Angela Burrell said that my pay would come and didn’t. There was supposed to be another allocation of money into my account but that never happened and neither did my pay then I never heard from them again.

  6. Hi I was also a victim of Kuums Investment Limited through Career Builder. Whatever you do don’t accept the job or proceed with the paper work. It’s a scam. It will affect your bank account were its restricted and won’t be able to use it. It’s a waste of time and not worth it at all. Lesson learned. I advice you not to reply back to Karene Andrews and report it to Career Builder as a scam. They make it sound like a real job at first but, its a scam because they use your personal account information to transfer a big amount of money and then ask you to wire transfer the funds to another account. It won’t go through because, the bank won’t recognize the sender. If you do become a victim like many of us of have, the best thing to do is have your bank return the funds to the sender and close your account and reopen a new one. I regret wasting my time on this stupid company. Hope my experience has helped you not to do what I did. Don’t give up and find a real job that will not take advantage of you.


  7. I have reported Kuums Investment to CareerBuilder. This is where this company or so called company is getting your info. CareerBuilder is advising yes it is a SCAM. Do not reply to Karene Andrews.

  8. I was contacted by Kuums Investment to work from home for $18 an hour. I decided to take the risk and try it out. It came out to be a total SCAM!! They wanted my bank information for payroll so i provided it. I literally was shocked to find out someone had deposited $5000 and something dollars into my account. That is when i was contacted by someone who works with Kuums and was told i had to withdraw that money and send it by money gram to someone in Ukraine. WTH!! But yet their website says they are based off in Nicaragua so why send money to Ukraine. The deal is i did what i was told because i did not want them to think i wanted to stay with the money. Tell me why after that day i was not able to log in any longer as if i never had access to the website anymore. It is a total scam, so if you are contacted by them or are in the process of doing paper work with them stop everything. Something very weird is going on with Kuums Investment so do not do business with them.

  9. Yes, I believe this is a scam. I went through all that was required by me. I was told I needed to use my bank account for the first 4 weeks as I was not allowed to use the company account for this time period. I finally sent a message yesterday that I am no longer interested in this as I am looking for a job that pays not uses the money I have!!! DO NOT ACCEPT A POSITION WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I have also sent a message to Careerbuilder about this company as well!

  10. I have been dealing with kuums also. I have filled out all forms except they want u to provide your bank info for “payroll and payment processing”, but i am hesitant to do this. U can find articles about them on google but nothing before last month and they are published from their website, no articles from outside sources.Very fishy

  11. Okay everyone, I have provided a direct link to Karene Andrews (HR Director) in an email that will send her directly to these questions. Hopefully, she can shed a little light on the concerns and questions that we have concerning Kuums Investment and its opportunity.

  12. I have as well been approached by Kuums Investment and it does sound way to good to be true. Karen Andrews is the HR Manager, as of now…I’m on the last stage of filling out the Employee’s Agreement Form and am not sure if I should waste my time any further. Question: Has anyone sent in this form or gone past this stage of the application process? Brian Collins called me at 9a.m. on 2/26/2014, he stated that he would be getting back to me but, never said how. As I do every morning while searching for a job, I logged into my email account and found to have received this agreement form. If anyone has further information regarding Kuums, please…help us all!

  13. I have been contacted by Kuums Investment Ltd. for an online Customer Service Specialist position paying 18.00. I looked up the company and saw they are based in Cyprus. This individual who contacted is listed there as the HR Manager. When I tried to call the US based office that number the first time I got “this is not a working number” then I got an automated service saying to leave a message. I feel that this is another SCAM, and this was a position I applied for thru Careerbuilders, so I think there should be some way for these type of companies to be screened to see if they are legimate businesses looking for employees.

  14. Hello I also just received an email from kuums Investment to work at home. I’ve been online researching, couldn’t find their name at all in the BBB, and paying $18 and hour sounds funny to me as well.

  15. I’ve been contacted by a company called KUUMS INVESTMENT LIMITED regarding a “work from home” customer service position. I’ve been doing a bit of research and I did find out that this is a “real company”; however, my gut tells me that something is wrong and unjust. This company has contacted me my email and telephone. This company claims to have received my resume from CAREER BUILDERS website. The customer service position pays $18.00 an hour. I really need to know if anyone has been approached by KUUMS INVESTMENT LIMITED and if so, is it a scam.

  16. Anyone know Vincent Garcia aka Santa Claus at as in Capital M&A 1745 Broadway, New York, New York, 10019 . Nice man wants to buy my TLAG shares for >$2. LOL

  17. davis Hunt has a number of websites registered . I fonud them when approached by their subname Intermarket Equity Exchange offering 50 to 100 % return on ‘dud worthless shares’ .. I couldnt find them in yellow pages, or searchs of financial companies..
    I DID find them listed here as Davis Hunt. enough said . Beware Intermarket Equity Exchange

  18. Yes, He approached me to buy my worthless Timberlake Solutions shares. I was to receive €151,000 but I would have to get the shares converted first. This was initially to cost €22,779 but took pity on me when I said I could not afford that. The cost was going to be covered by Jeff Cook as a special favour as long as I could raise €5000. I found Jeff Cook’s phone was never answered except by machine. Mark always used a withheld number and would not give me a direct line. I have not bitten.

  19. I have been approached by mark cavendish from the Law Office of Jeffrey Cooke saying he has a client who wants to buy my General Componants shares-Anybody else heard of him or been approached?

  20. Has anyone heard of Jason Phelan,ogf Peking Dragon who is offering to buy shares in General Components ?

  21. Anyone heard of Frank Pollard of International Financial Trading Commission/ Purports to be a government agency buying my shares in Pharma Holdings?

  22. I was groomed by a very well spoken british guy calling himself “Hilton Fox” from The Falon Group (back in 2009).He groomed me for about 3 months saying that there was a hostile take over of General Component Inc and that my 2000 shares in General Components (China Mobile Media) were valuable to the company aquiring GC but needed to pay 1800 euros to a stock transfer agency (based in Cyprus) to gain voting rights on them.He then proceeded to milk more money from me saying i could buy warrants and earn even more money from the aquisition. Another £10k later (with a supposed return of about £130k) it goes without saying the money wasnt transferred on the date specified and have never heard from them again (apparently their website was removed from the net and they were getting done for malpractice).I have recently been contacted(2-3 years on) by a company called Cantata Equity Management saying i need to speak to a Frank Pollard regarding the release of my money, apparently there was some US tax implications and for some reason there is a “red flag” against my name and i need to speak to him regarding the release of the money.i know in my heart this is another attempt to extract even more money from me and it is very hard to not make the call as i have already lost alot of money and need every penny i have just to live now.I probably will call him but i think we all know it is a continuation of the advance fee scam.(p.s. i obviously wont send them any more money)

  23. Is Internal Revenue Service, 10th St & Pennysylvannis NW Washington DC 20004 a recognised legal service? Been asked to forward money to update ‘non-resident of USA.

  24. is it worth sending a Mareva letter to a Canadian bank in relation to a fraud that occurred approx 5 years ago ?

  25. I got cold called in regards to units or positions that I owned for quite sometime in an investment fund. The con men claimed they were attorneys who would recover my investment, if I would pay them an advance Legal Fee and an advance Recovery Fee. I played along, and I got all of their details, below. What I don’t know is how they got my details. I’m invested in a small fund, which has paid nice dividends to me every month. Who are these hucksters, who pretend to be a government agency, and who attempt to commit Advance Fee Fraud? Here is what I know.

    They call themselves:

    Securities and Financial Commission (SECFC )
    735 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104-1802
    TEL: +1 206-801-3381
    FAX: +1 206-299-9494
    EMAIL: [email protected]


    Crest Trust Management, LLC
    721 2nd Avenue Seattle,WA 98104-1701, USA
    Tel +1 206 237 0051
    Fax: +1-206-299-9749
    Email: [email protected]

    This is one of the fraudsters “Stage-Names”:

    Richard Taylor
    Crest Trust Management, LLC
    721 2nd Avenue Seattle,WA 98104-1701, USA
    Tel: +1 206-237-0051; Fax: +1 206-299-9749

    Below is what I found.

    (1.) For the Fake Government Agency, I found

    For: (This is Not a “government” website)

    The sub-domain is “gov”

    The main-domain is merely a “.com” (“dot-com”, not “dot-gov”)

    The actual registered domain is “” – –

    James Cann
    23 Bishop St., Dublin 2
    Dublin, 1010 IE
    Phone: +1.00351377265982
    Email: [email protected]

    Registrar Name….:
    Registrar Whois…:
    Registrar Homepage:

    Domain Name:
    Created on…………..: 2010-12-06
    Expires on…………..: 2011-12-06

    Administrative Contact:
    James Cann
    23 Bishop St., Dublin 2
    Dublin, 1010 IE
    Phone: +1.00351377265982
    Email: [email protected]

    The physical address for the fake government agency is a Mailbox address – –
    SECFC Securities and Financial Commission
    735 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104-1802

    (2.) For Crest Trust Management, LLC, I found – –

    Registrant Contact:
    PRQ Inet KB
    Gottfrid Swartholm
    Box 1206, Stockholm, SE 114 79 SE
    Administrative Contact:
    PRQ Inet KB
    Gottfrid Swartholm ([email protected])
    Box 1206, Stockholm, SE 114 79 SE
    Technical Contact:
    PRQ Inet KB
    Gottfrid Swartholm ([email protected])
    Box 1206, Stockholm, SE 114 79 SE

    Creation date: 06 Jun 2011 23:28:03 ( Website just created ! !)
    Expiration date: 06 Jun 2012 23:28:00

    They don’t look much like the American SEC on a WhoIs Lookup.

  26. Cambridge Equity Corporation? Cold call offering to buy my shares in Knowledge Transfer systems. Now I have an IRS for late payment of tax exemption as a foreign nateional of America. $2000 upfront before my share bananza will be released. Too good to be true??? or whatWould like to know if this firm is a bone fide outfit or are they looking for my cash.

  27. in reply to Sue and any victims of the criminal thieves using names Oliver Bond ,hillcrest group ,Richmark trading ,Landace Limited ,Robinson Consultants . I contacted HSBC in Hong Kong by phone and email early february 2010 provided evidence and asked them to freeze the account ,they thanked me for this but would not give any further comment and did not reply to my own banks fraud dept for two months after eight requests and finally said contact. benificary direct ! as if you can no explanations given ,i am not finished with this matter ,police and all authorites have been informed ,all actions to late ! the bank is almost protecting these criminals and i believe aware of some matters without doing much about it .we have to get changes made and hunt down these people dont give up and keep me informed please

  28. We have had dealings with Oliver Bond, Malcolm Pearson in connetion with Richmark Trading, Bevington Allocations and Hillcrest associates. They are definately convertnig money fraudulently through the HSBC bank Hong Kong. Thev bank not interested but will now try the Mariva letter. Am currently dealing with the Hong Kong police more successfully.My advice is play along as long as you can, keep emails and get as much info as possible to hand on. They are ruthless and need stopping.

  29. Progress Advisors is supposedly registered with the US SEC. Does that make them ‘legal’?

  30. I just came across the website. Like Barry, I have been contacted by Progress Advisors LLC Miami saying that they want to buy over some of my worthless shares, and in exchange, they will give me some “blue chip” shares. Do you think they are for real?

    Also, has anyone been approached by Titan FInance in Prague to buy over China Mobile Media Tech shares (previously Hi-Tech)? Story they give seems consistent with what I’ve read here, but they always sound so convincing!

  31. This posting on this subject boiler rooms is crucial. The importance of this link (The International Bar Association article) cannot be overemphasized to all victims fallen prey to boiler rooms!…

    I urge everybody to read it. Essentially what it says is that whereas historically banks saw their duty of care was exclusively to their customers (i.e. account holders)it is now being accepted by the judiciary that banks have an equal duty of care to third parties (i.e. non-customers)that are either defrauded or potentially defrauded by a bank’s customer. The first sentence of this article expresses this very well:

    “Recent Canadian judicial decisions have established that a bank owes a duty of care to non-customers once it has actual knowledge of, or is willfully blind to, the use of its services for fraudulent purposes. In Ontario in particular, the possibility is still open that a bank may owe such a duty even where it does not have actual knowledge (or is not willfully blind or reckless to the existence) of a fraud”.

    It is indisputable that boiler rooms could not operate without bank accounts and thus it is clear that such fraud could be stopped almost overnight if banks took more care in checking out prospective new account applicants. And that is the key: If a bank fails to carry out proper checks and this failure results in non-customers being defrauded then the bank has failed in its duty of care to these non-customers and so has to accept some if not all responsibility for their losses.

    I would encourage all boiler room victims to at least communicate with the boiler room’s bank by writing a “Mareva Letter”. The article clearly describes what the letter should contain. The paperwork from the boiler room will always do the job as it ties the boiler room to the bank by naming the collecting agent (the beneficiary) who is of course a customer of the bank (i.e. an account holder). There is no way that a bank can dodge this and once it has received such a letter it has to do something. The point to seize on is the bank’s vetting procedures for new account applicants. Certainly from what I have seen the typical boiler room’s collecting agent should never have passed the first hurdle given today’s strict anti-money laundering regulations.

  32. I suspect I am being scammed by Greyson Consulting Group. Wall street address .Does anybody know if they are genuine?

  33. Yes, yet another scam company – I don’t think there are actually any legit companies that buy worthless shares…
    Best policy is to string them along for as long as possible, say you’ve sent the forms, money etc. – it really pees them off!!

  34. I have been approached by mark Stephens of Progress Advisors LLC from Miami claims he has US commpanies who can make use of my rubbish shares.I presume it is a scam-does anyone know of these people?

  35. Share Access or is a scam site disguising itself as a stock transfer agent in order to defraud customers out of millions of dollars. Share Access Manhattan Stock Transfer is not a valid stock transfer agent.

  36. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem announced today that he has issued a
    cease and desist order against Brighton Shale Group a Mergers and
    Acquisition company,and its principals, Jimmy Walker and Michael
    Portman, for alleged violations of NY consumer fraud law and failure
    to respond to a Civil Investigative Demand.
    Brighton Shale Group is engaged in the business of mergers and
    acquisitions, primarily in Burke, Divide, McKenzie, Mountrail, and
    Williams counties. Stenehjem has received hundreds of complaints
    that Brighton Shale Group entered into acquisition contracts with
    private investors in North Dakota and
    outside the US, subject to 30-day payment schedule, but subsequently
    refused to make payment on those contracts.Brighton Shale Group later
    claimed it had
    been unable to verify titles on shares,and offered excuses for the
    delay that do not appear to be
    true, and then requested 90-day extensions from the share holders.
    Stenehjem directed the Consumer Protection Division to conduct an
    investigation. “Our initial information suggests that Brighton Shale
    Group has misled private investors in its business activities,
    including misrepresenting the reasons for delay and nonpayment.
    Brighton Shale
    appears to be delaying title verification or simply withholding
    payment while it is engaged in speculation and looking for the
    opportunity to flip
    those shares before it has sufficient financial resources to honor
    its commitments to the share holders,” Stenehjem said. “I will take
    such legal action as necessary to protect these shareholders from
    abusive, questionable, or misleading practices.”
    According to Parrell Grossman, director of the Consumer Protection
    Division, the division has issued a Civil Investigative Demand to
    Brighton Shale Group, which failed to provide responses as required
    by law. “We are very concerned that North Dakota Share holders and
    share holders around the world and specifically in the Asia region
    are unwittingly agreeing to transactions in which Brighton Shale
    Group clouds title to the Share Holdings without any compensation to
    the owners.While these share holders are tied up with Brighton Shale
    Group, they may be losing other legitimate opportunities,” Grossman
    According to Stenehjem, if you get a call from Brighton Shale Group ,
    you should inform Attorney General’s Office immediately with any
    information and complaints in order to assist in the on going
    Share Holders or private investors with questions about Brighton Shale
    please email the Consumer
    Protection Division at [email protected]

  37. Was contacted by a company called Brighton-shale group asking to buy my shares. I was very suspicious especially and I did some research on google and I found a post about that company defrauding investors,

    It appears they are under investigation and they are a fraudulent company

  38. The following is a reply from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding Beijing Development etc etc :-

    Dear Mr. F:

    Thank you for your email to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the solicitation you received from Ben Goldstein of the U.S. Securities Bureau. Based on a search of our databases, neither BDC Shareholding, Ben Goldstein nor the U.S. Securities Bureau are registered with the SEC. Our online publication “Protect Your Money: Check out Brokers and investment Advisers,” available at, links to databases of U.S. registered brokerage firms and brokers as well as investment advisers.
    To find out whether the firm is registered in your home country, please check the list of international financial regulators and their contact information at

    An additional source of information about firms or entities that claim to be registered with the SEC is the SEC’s Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities (PAUSE), available at The list includes entities that have been the subject of investor complaints and for which SEC staff has determined that (i) there is no U.S. registered securities firm with this name, or (ii) there is a U.S. registered securities firm with the same (or a similar) name, but solicitations appear to have been made by persons who are not affiliated with the U.S. registered securities firm.

    One of the more common types of fraudulent schemes directed at non-U.S. investors by entities falsely claiming to be registered with the SEC involves requests that investors pay a fee in advance as a condition of closing a proposed transaction (referred to as “advance fee fraud”). After the investor pays the advance fee or similar fees as directed, the investment firm may break off contact. In the end, the proposed transaction does not take place, and the investor is never paid and never recovers the fees paid in advance. For more information on advance fee frauds and other types of scams, visit our webpage on Advance Fee Schemes, available at

    I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions, please contact me.


  39. I have an offer on my desk from Legg and Berman Acquisitions Management (, based in Chicago for $124,350.00 for my 5000 Ziasun shares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oriental accent, the lot. Beware, beware, beware. Last week I ended a discussion that had been going on for 3 weeks, also with the request to pay $3 500 into a Hong Kong bank so that the USA IRS can release a form that I require for the release of my shares.

    Thanks for this website – it is a good place to check things out.

  40. Have been contacted by Lance at Lincoln and Rutherford urging me to seel Gen Component shares at11 dollars per share. After reading this won’t be signing anything

  41. General components-Anyone heard of Charles Magintosh from Jagerneuen.He basically gave me the same story that Stewart had-got a client wanting to take control-I will not be parting with any money!

  42. General components I have been contacted by Ashley Field from S & S marketing.She says she has a client who wants to buy my shares.I said they could contact me.Has anyone else been approached?

  43. General Components (again!) Just hada phone call from “Philip Pearce” calling (so-say) from Lincoln & Rutherford, a major US firm, on behalf of a client who has taken control of GCI but who is obliged to make a cash offer to shareholders. Been here a couple of times before, the last lot were in Amsterdam. he calling back later in the week, very suave English voice but basically a mountain of waffle.
    Watch this space!!

  44. Similar experiences to postings 76 80 and 81 – re legal fees for 144 lifting and then buying warrants.
    Parted with $6000 before realising it was a scam. Firms involved and linked? – Paradigme, Bevington Allocations and Hillcrest Associates. Names include David Curtis, John Crawford, Oliver Bond and Malcolm Pearson.
    Tried reporting to Authorities in Seattle and FBI but don’t even get a reply.

  45. I changed my telephone no 2 months ago. Unfortunately, my son gave my new telephone no to some people who called my old number. Immediately, I got cold calls, again.
    This time a “American Taxation Inc.”,, called (with Philippines accent) and offered to buy my worthless shares – if I buy bank shares. He said it is for tax reduction…
    I would have to pay some money upfront, and then I would get the transfer done.
    It definitely sounds good – too good.

  46. I’ve been telephoned by a very well spoken English man,saying he is from PADDINGTON STEWART. He wants me to buy some shares which he says are a certainty to rise in value He must think I was born yesterday!!

  47. Please be aware of the following companies as they are working together offering shares on the Hang Seng stock exchange. I have lost money but maybe I can stop other doing the same.

  48. I purchased TLAG stock last year (Finacialsoultions, US) and was asked last month to trade them in a tax audit (Commodore Asset, Singapore) for MSFT stock by paying a 5% IRS compliance fee as capital injection via Adept Group Inc.(US, bank in Mauritius)which was regulated by United States Investment Dealers organisation. And wonder oh wonder these shares had warrants attached and I had only to pay 20% of their value to execute them, which luckiliy I declined. Commodore put the MSFT shares in my name and sold them, the funds held by International Allegiance Escrow Service (Cyprus). Now I’m to pay 16% upfront tax to receive the money…..
    People, don’t be as stupid as I was and if somebody of above mentioned companies call you tell them to go to hell before you drop the phone

  49. Regarding post 111


    Is this the same Co you were asking about/

  50. I was a victim of the criminals/thieves Equity transfer Management Prague and while they were waiting for me me to wire some more money i found out it was fraud and contacted the receiving bank H.S.B.C Hong Kong provided them with much proof of the fraud and asked them to freeze the account or catch them in the act ,my reply was thank you for bringing this to our attention ,no further comments were made to me ,although i asked my own bank Barclays in England there fraud dept tried nine times over nearly three months without getting a reply and then i got a letter saying contact beneficiary direct ,how can you when they are criminals who have gone ,they almost help them to get away with it and yes i went to the police and every one else but they arrive far to late ! check the IP location of some of these type of people and ask them some questions of where they are ,like who is your neighbours are you next to this street and shop etc ,dont except a reply half an hour later when they have looked on google earth they should know straight away when you speak to them

  51. I was contacted by an Aubert Wah, attorney for his client that has passed. He has 18,000,000USD to share. He is located in K.L. Malaysia.

  52. I guess these nasties set up a website to target a number of Marks the one that tried it with me was called Philip Equity Management(which dissapeared soon afterwards).As soon as what they are doing gets out there after the people who they succeeded in ripping off complain and report them to the authorities they take down the website and replace it with another one under a different name.Did Philip Equity Management became Equity Transfer Management which became Renco Associates? The latest name doing the rounds is Mitsui.The people who target you and try to BS you into doing a deal do so under assumed names.It would be interesting to see what exactly there is at one of those addresses they gave in Praque.Has anyone found out?This is how they seem to operate to me but i am guessing.

  53. my mother has been contacted by legg & Berman to buy her shares, they want to pay her £78000, dont want any money upfront and dont want her bank details, is this a scam

  54. Has anybody been contacted by Legg & Berman Acquisitions Management of Chicago offering to purchase shares in GENERAL COMPONENTS on behalf of a third party? They are offering a significant amount per share for a company which is now known as Hi-Tech Wealth.

  55. A family friend has been contacted by Paddington Stewart and suggested she might like to invest in Sol Power Green Energy. I advised her to steer well clear. On further investigation Paddington Stewart are based in Bahrain, and are as likely to steal your money as the many other foreign brokers that do so on a regular basis from unsuspecting people who think everybody tells the truth at all times

  56. Being hounded by a Ronald Atkins from Van Zandt in zurich to buy some selva recources shares @$4. He is only contactable on a 004…. no. given out by him! Told him i,ve got no money but very persistant to ‘help me find some’ Do you think i can trust him???

  57. I have been stalked by Wes Hopper from Bower Best Consultants from Belgium trying to by my shares in LaserLock Technologies. At a stage where I need to speak to their compliance officer before I suspect I get asked to transfer a sum of money to them. This money will be subsequently paid back to me with the money for my shares! Which agency is best to report them to, The FSA didn’t seem interested, just advised me that I would not be covered if I deal with them and it all goes wrong.

  58. I have had a call today from William Gilbert,Senior Vice President of Accounts at
    Mitsui Asset Management wishing to purchase my shares ( he tells me I own 10,000 (I have only ever purchased 1000 Pharmar Holdings inc,He tells me these are now Medgen inc and worth $65,000
    and as yet has not requested any cash up front.
    I am smelling a rat.

  59. anyone heard of richard brook Interaction Taxation Consultants wants to offer me blue chip shares for some of my crap old shares but I have to put money in-A con I take it

  60. I have been contacted by a Tony Scott from Matsui wanting to buy my 26772 shares in Bluegate (I owned 324!) and saying they would pay half the 30 cents per share that was needed to release the funds. I have kept him ringing me for over a month as whilst he is ringing me he will not have the time to ring someone else! I have told him it is a scam several times and has very logical answers to all my comments. The only one I haven’t told him yet is that I do not own 26772 so should be able to keep him on hold for a few more weeks, which is interesting as he told me at the first call it was time sensitive and i only had 14 days, funny how I have managed to spin it out for 6 weeks!

  61. Like many contributors I get a scammer every 3-4 weeks ringing me about my Advanced medical shares. When one is pretty upset at having bought them in the first place these guys do come up with pretty convincing stories on why you should pay to have restrictions lifted before receiving the vast sums of money ‘promised’! I have seen most of them off but now have a company called Smith Dalton (they have a reasonable website purporting to be very legit) contacting me offering 7$ a share to ‘validate’ my shares. Is anyone else getting similar calls from them?

  62. Mitsui Asset Management -Japan-want £8000 to buy my shares in Laserlock Tech (bought from Pacific Contintal) worth £70,000.They use [email protected] — EASTERN EQUITY DIVISION — as a regulatory authority. No way will I send a penny!

  63. intresting to see bp is offering a reward of £10000 to capture of the criminal calling himself Oliver Bond ,that might get someone to assist . In reply to Cray your localpoliceeventually would take up the case and liase with London police operation archway ,the level these people are at S.O.C.A should take it up but they sent me to operation archway ,worth telling the FSA ,I have reported it to the SEC and IRS in America go to the banks they use and tell them to freeze the accounts and provide them with what evidence you have ,i told them to also look at this site ,in my case H.S.B.C in Hong Kong acknowledged all my details while the bogus account was running and they expected furher payment to be sent ,so i told the bank you can catch them in the act if you are quick ,they did not even after eight attempts by my own bank over nearly two months give a comment ,then i got you will have to contact the beneficary direct !! AS IF YOU CAN the banks could do a lot more and half of them dont care including my own local branch of Barclays Keep pressuring whoever you speak to take there names and make them accountable or you will easily get pushed aside

  64. Hi CRAY yes its true the police cant be bothered or even tey to be bothered they just say oh well another scam hard luck attitude doesnt get these scum caught .I even asked the USA Embassy defence section to in london to help me .Why cant they get interpol on to it i was scammed by a scammer posing as a USA soldier ON A PAID DATING SITE this scammer stole his photos Id from military magazines other thats thier style . I just left a comment yet again .I have since being scammed helped and spoken to many women all over the world that have written to me thier experiences which are pritty sad . i dont know why the Ghana police dont raid thes cyber cafes or do anything .i guess the british police and the Ghana police cant be bothered .YES dont expect any help from the police NOT BOTHEERED should be their middle name motto .Anyway they cant even trace mobiles or landlines as you must know anyone can use a mobile that they carry around from thier own country it doesnt mean they are there wherever Also you can get your home number calls transfered to your mobile . I hope you catch the scum .

  65. Anyone out there beware the GHANA SCAMMERS are still filtering in on BADOO.COM and other sites posing as USA soldiers they dont get the message still using this soldier scam saying they are in iraq .they promising coming home to wherever and asking for money re money they found on raids etc .its all a scamm and they are all SCUM so all women please be aware and just a note they target men to other scamms like gold dust or diomonds .

  66. Hiya Cray – I can offer you £10000 reward for information leading to the arrest of this Oliver Bond guy.

  67. I have been called by oliver bond who should I call so he can be caught? No police agency I speak with can be bothered.

  68. reply to sue 11/6/10 and anyone else concerned Oliver Bond posing as an attorney of hillcrest group associates and it seems other companies also is a pleasant sounding well spoken thief well practised and convincing and i would say for sure has stolen an awfull lot of money from people ,i have several governing bodies including the police examining them ,but they all arrive to late to catch them in the act ! I also believe that these and some other similar scams are to do with people who worked for Pacific and Continental originaly anything to do with them is guaranteed to bring you bad news . If you can be bothered bait them play along and stall them whilst giving there details to authorities and lets try and have some of them caught they have gone on to long causing misery for people and would sell there own mother

  69. Oliver Bond seems to be connected with a large company Bevington Allocations. Very sophisticated even sent an IRS tax form to complete. I do own the shares but when restrictions lifted needed to purchase the warrants attached to them. Beware

  70. I have just been offered $2.00 per share for my Asante Networks shares but of course they want $17,000 for equity conversion.The company making the offer is Mitsui Asset Management of Japan. (Sebastian Laurie is the MD)Government bonded escrow account. I think it’s just another scam and will be refusing it.

  71. Some years ago I bought from Pacific Continental some shares in Laserlock.(Boiler room scam)When PC went bust I was compensated by the FSA. Great. A few weeks ago I was phoned by Atol Consultants in Prague saying they wanted to buy my Laserlock shares at $3.0, while Nasdaq were quoting $0.05, It was a considerable amount of money. It sounded too good to be true,so I refused. No mention at this stage of a payment to them. Did I do right?

  72. i have had a call from Bower Best Consultant in Antwerp are these people after accessing ones bank accounts to take money out, What is their is objective

  73. Yes, Bower Best seem to be very active at the moment. Jeremy Livingstone is repeatedly in touch with me about some shares in (worthless) Asante Networks, which I received as a replacement for (also worthless) Regal Technology shares. I only have to pay $8100 and I get a lovely windfall!

    Hmm, once bitten…

  74. International Exchange telephone call informing that Philip Equity Management has been taken over and uncompleted business will be taken over by them on payment of thousands of pounds of further payment. Am I right to be very of this latest Offer?

  75. Roderic Kenneth Bickerton,

    Do not part with any money, this is a SCAM believe me.

    Notify the Police of this if enough of us do then they might do something about it.

    Take care and good luck.

  76. I have also had an offwe from
    Jeremy Livingston
    Senior Vice President of Accounts
    Bower Best Consultants
    As discussed, please find attached Stock Purchase Agreement to be signed and returned to us either by email at….
    this is an offer for unregistered Sionex corperation at $8. originally purchased from pasific continental and currently may be worth $0.1 if i could trade them.

  77. THIS STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is entered into as of this May 17, 2010 by and between Bower Best
    Consultants, with its principal executive office at Antwerp Tower, De Keyserlei 5, Antwerp 2018 Belgium, (“Company”) and Mr.
    William Wilson, (the “Seller”).
    A. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, the “Seller” proposes to issue and sells to the Company,
    and the Company desires to purchase and acquire from the “Seller”, a total of 10000 shares of Allied Energy Corp..

    believe me this is another SCAM

  78. Just been contacted by Bower Best Consultants who wish to buy shares from me in Laserlock at a grossly inflated price and 10 times the number of shares that I thought I owned. Explained that as a 10 for 1 share split that I obviously didn’t receive notification of. Very tempted until I found this link which confirms my suspicions.

  79. Peter Bennet. If you are still on here i would love to talk to you regarding SAB about receiving your funds.

  80. I have been cintacted by Paddington Stewart today about shares in Sol power, an American company, which I was told are available at a preferential rate (20 cents instead of 23) for ex-holders of Boots shares but a minimum purchase of 15000 shares is required. Does anyone know anything about this?

  81. I have been contacted by:
    Brian Haye, Senior Vice President of Accounts
    Bower Best Consultants
    Phone: +32 3 808 2280
    Fax: +32 3 303 5389
    Email: brian.haye at bowerbestconsultants .com
    Website: www. bowerbestconsultants. com

    They are telling me that a company in Japan is trying to perform a hostile takeover of some stocks i was mis sold by Pacific Continental in 2003 – a company called laser lock technology – who are no longer trading – they are asking for $7800 payment and will refund this along with $110 000 for the shares. Sounds to good to be true! They also put me in touch with a Equities Management Bureau in Japan (contact details given below):

    Equities Management Bureau
    Intercity Tower A, Level 18, Shinagawa, 2-15-1 Konan,
    Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-6028 Japan
    Phone: +81-3-4520-9427
    Fax: +81-3-6385-7542
    [email protected]

    Any information who i need to report this scam to? Many thanks

  82. Anyone been contacted by Paddington Stewart Services, regarding Accupoll Holdings shares? The shares are worthless, but they claiming that a client is offering $2.85 per share. The catch (other than it being an obvious scam) – you need to invest $4,000 in some (undisclosed) shares to become one of their ‘corporate’ clients. Their contact number is 0808 234 9821.

  83. Re Atol Consultants & generic websites – see also Harvey Capital Partners, Calvin & Sanderson Associates, William Smith Partners, etc. All on the FSA unauthorised overseas firms as is Atol now. WB

  84. Hi, has anyone been contacted by hreurope with opportunity ot sell toxic assets for blue chip shares.

  85. Yes this is a scam – we have spoken to the solicitor that acted for the mis selling of shares by Pacific Continental Security. They advise that no shares would exist and it is definitely a scam. The ATOL consultant website looks generic and has no information of any real substance and was only registered in Feb.Do not send them any money!

  86. Being called these days from several “advisors”, a.o. Vantage Equity ( and Global International Trading (, I found some information at the VRI open discussion forum .
    It seems some of the agencies that were contacting me during the last several years are listed there, operated by the same people.

  87. Any one heard of Atol Consultants of Prague ?

    I had a phone call a couple of weeks ago about some shares I bought many moons ago from Pacific Continental, that according to the London Stock Exchange are worth 0.0022, but Atol say they can secure $7.95 per share.

    They want me to send them a payment for $8,336 and they’ll send me a payment of over $100,000.

    Too good to be true ??

    Roger W.

  88. steve:- I am still registered with several useless reg.S shares and get regular dubious phone calls offering to sell them for substantial profit (after sending a release fee). The latest being Mr russel duncan at renco associates who wants to buy my biophan shares. Any body heared of this crowd of chancers before?

  89. Every 3 months a new boiler tries to contact me…
    This time it is Vantage Equity ( They try to sell cheap shares which will surely get up because of a very good deal the company is going to get.
    A quick google search found quite a lot of suspicious entries, e.g., a warning by the Belgian CBFA, or Yahoo Answers, etc.
    They seem to be around since several years already.
    Nevertheless they urge you already at the first contact by phone to sign and pay.

  90. Some of the mentioned names are known and it might be useful to look up at for entry of shamethem ‘Possibly Fraud’


  91. Have posted before regarding the fraud ?scams of Equity Transfer Management ,Hillcrest Group Associates supposed law firm , Has anybody sent money to HSBC Kowloon Hong Kong after February 18th 2010 to any of these account names Dazzling SD Ltd, Landace Ltd ,Richmark Trading Ltd ,Avalon General trading , i may be able to give a little help depending on the dates ? do not send any money it will be stolen ,Please shout up if you have been a victim

  92. I have given the warning before that your money will be stolen if it is sent to Hillcrest Group Associates (Chicago) bogus law firm ,Robinsons Consultants (Seattle) , Mergers &Acquisitions Regulatary Board (Boston) bogas as well ! inc names Oliver Bond , Ruben Katz ,James lee Parker Nicole Miller . Also Equity Transfer Management (Prague) AND Equally as fake con the International Equity Regulation Department (Tokyo) Troy Lorenzo . Have Done a lot of investigating on these people to much to write details here but if anybody sent money to HSBC Kowloon after the 18th February 2010 could they let me know and assist in my on going investigations as these people have for sure done this to many people under there different names for quite some time . I see Billy Boy posts Equity Transfers web site has gone ,have to check ? still leaves Hillcrest Group Associates a supposed law firm specialising in stock /shares issues and helping you with any legal issue arising therefore appearing to give you some protection but in reality they are criminals to working with the other parties probaly in the same office ? look for .GOV on official stuff forget .ORG etc . Please shout up if any of the above or similar applies to you or money sent to accounts with the names Landace Ltd, Richmark Trading Ltd ,Avalon General Trading, Dazzling SD Ltd , depending on the dates i may be able to help

  93. It seems to me the Equity Transfer Management website has been taken down probably the same people behind it as Philip Equity Management also taken down.When they are found out they just change their name.I wonder what their next name will be?

  94. Andrew, just saw your question. They scammed my father in exactly the same way warrants, transfer fees, even asked for a copy of his passport for US Tax purposes, to the tune of $250,000, They sent false Tokyo Regulatory paperwork. All passed through his bank without them spotting a scam. Money transferred to Bank Mellon NY to Banco de Costa Rica!

  95. Look out for London Mcfee Investments (contacted by a Robert Knight). Also a scam as confirmed by the Dutch authorities

  96. WARNING- anybody been involved with Robinsons Consultants Seattle WA Ruben Katz with the backing of Hillcrest Group Associates Chicago Oliver bond and with the further backing of Mergers& Acquisitions Regulatory Board Boston Re Paradigm Advanced Technologies Inc all very official documents ,money to be paid for lifting restrictions and transfers and then for the warrants and options on the shares etc , again to late for me ! have been told by SEC and IRS verbally this is a SCAM and i have reported it to FSA a bit back without a reply yet and am on the case right now . PS if you or your friends have any involvement stop now and check with the proper Authorities and let me know

  97. I know of a case whereby these charlatans hit someone 3 times and took him for £34k.First time send the equity transfer fee 2nd time more money to get warrants attached to the shares removed 3rd time told him he had to pay taxes on the amont supposedly being paid for his worthless shares.After that they dissappeared.Andrew, Susan how did they get you guys?

  98. it may be to late for me watch out for Ms Amelie Petit or john parker of Equity Transfer Management Prague using the backing of International Equity Regulation dept Tokyo on Bluegate corp shares

  99. Yes, a phone call early this morning looks like they back trying to carry on where they left off.

  100. I am not sure but theres a possibility that Philip Equity Management has morphed into Equity Transfer Management again based in Prague and doing the very same thing i.e trying to con you out of an upfront equity transfer fee followed by more demands for even more of your hard earned dosh.We all know about this scam now and won’t be fooled.Scam me once shame on thee scam me twice shame on me.

  101. I have been also contacted by Darren Simpson of Asia pacific Group with same story-pay for blue chip stock at reduced value for worthless shares-it must be a scam although the trouble with them is that you can never be certain

  102. Been contacted by Ariel Rothman, Asia Pacific Group, has client who will use my worthless shares to reduce his tax bracket, and for me to receive shares in blue chip company. I would need to send $12500 though to gain these – is this definite scam?

  103. general components-I have done some digging and I think they actually changed their name to Hi Tech Wealth inc in July 07.So any approach has to be a fraud!

  104. tom o’neill london mcfee investments tried to scam my father in law. Sounded very plausable but wanted $7700.00 up front to pay u.s. tax. Meant to be totally refundable. After reading comments on this site this has confirmed my suspicions.

  105. General components-agin.I also received a call from “Tom O’Neill” of “London McFee Investments” asking of I wanted to dispose of my shareholding.Sounded very convincing but too good to be true.Paperwork and web site showed up as poor as did equity release charge.I must get a scam approach every 3 months!

  106. dont know of the falon group but there are some serious warnings on the web if you type their name into google

  107. Has anyone heard of The Falon Group, They offered me $18 a share for my holding in General Components Inc. I paid $2 a share, this sounds too good to be true. I have not been asked to pay any money though??? Anyone else heard of this company??

  108. we have been contacted by London Mcfee re eldorado exploration shares we unfortunately bought some time ago wants $11,000 up front to make $2 clear per share. Looks like a scam to me too but would like to know if anyone else has heard from this “investment” company

  109. General Components- again. Phone call from “Tom O’Neill” of “London McFee Investments” asking of I wanted to dispose of my shareholding. “A Japanese company is trying to establish a majority shareholding with a view to asset stripping to obtain the patents”. Fixed price $22/share but is “time sensitive” and as soon as majority shareholding is reached that’s it. It’s a “government bonded” deal. Says many he has spoken to rue the day they bought CG stock but this is a good offer so a fineescape route.
    All very plausible and a nice thought but a couple of minutes contemplation and the scheme is full of holes. London cFee Investments web site is a laugh, domaine registered 30.11.09 and site very amateurish. The paperwork they email through has the inevitable Equity Transfer Charge clause…..

  110. I have been called by an Ariel M. Rothman CRD#3111447 of Asia Pacific Group in Japan. They offer to buy my worthless shares for the price I paid for them, in exchange for expensive well known shares – with me paying a balance of 15,000 USD. They say someone can reduce his taxes that way.
    However, the deal sounds too good to be true.
    The company’s website is Is anything known about them?

  111. Yes Mr M Roseblatt of Asia Pacific Group and Mr M Menzies of Hansen Accounting Group are still active.Anew player would appear to be Mr A Macdonald of Equity Transfer Management,Prague.All players very convincing,lots of calls and e-mails but definite scam artistes,avoid at all costs.Equity Transfer Management website set up 2-3 weeks ago originating out of Brazil!Sadly no UK enforcement agency appears at all interested in doing anything about these type of people.Remember all that glitters is not gold,especially when you have a worthless USA stock and someone offers to purchase it from you ,with a (refundible !!) handling charge.

  112. Yes, hang up, or else get as much info as possible without committing yourself to anything, and then post the information on website ASAP. Report it to legal authority,also, if possible

  113. FINRA describes exactly the mechanism and labels it clearly as scam
    “The best way to avoid losing money in these scams is simply to hang up—the sooner the better.”

  114. Had a company called asia pacific group using hanson accounting group trying to swop my worthless pile of pink sheets (yes, i`ve been scammed before)for blue chips. A very nice chap called matthew rosenblatt who has directed me to a broker check (finra) #4892926 has requested i send a large amount of dollars for a margin payment that will be returned when the deal is done! fantastic service, do you think its genuine???

  115. I am not an American myself, but nothing proves that these crooks are Americans, even if they claim to be familiar with Wall street, of course.

  116. Dear David
    The experience I and others have had I suggest If they are Americans dont believe a word they say just look what they have done to their own people with regards to Financial Fraud, ie Bernie Maddoff and bus loads of others in smart suits and big houses gained from investors putting their trust in them. These people are no more than thieves in smart suits and it is still going without convictions as this is the American way,Fraud and total mistrust is the American way as now the world can see the result of decades of this disgusting way of Fraud.So if they say they are American that says it all.

    Regards Michael

  117. Just wondering if i should have any suspicions of a company called “Davis Hunt”. I have been told that they are an american company that operates from singapore. Could you respond to me by email please on any reasons why i should be suspicious of them. Thank you. David

  118. There are a couple of organisations clammering to purchase shares in City Networks Inc. One of them being “Penn Capital Management Ltd” in Osaka, Japan (No connection with Penn Capital Management Inc in the USA)and regulated by “The Financial Trading Commission” based in Tokyo. The Japan Embassy confirm that these are not genuine organisations.
    The other offer is from “Hansen Accounting Group LLC” in New York. Upon typing their web address, the name has been purchased from GoDaddy and is parked – No site has been created !!!

  119. I just received a call followed by an email from Hansen Accounting Group too (didn’t find any mention with a Google research). They offer to exchange dead Wealthcraft shares for blue chips. I must admit that they are very talented, the lady on the phone remained always very calm and very polite, sounding very professional. Unfortunately to good to be true, again.

  120. Just got a call from a company called Hasen Accounting Group wanting to buy some worthless shares we still own. The letter is signed M. Menzies. The email address appears in Daily and cost only $25 for the 1st year. Anyone heard of them before?

  121. Michael, thank you and I am so sorry about your mother. I will follow up all I can to bring some kind of justice. Meanwhile these scum will be driving around in their flash cars without a care in the world.

  122. Dear Susan Simon #48 my Mother has suffered the same as your Father and was the same age when this happened.At least your Father has the support of his family because I’m sure these SCUM don’t, as they would not have the honest character to tell their families how they made their money all the best with your Dad.
    Regards Michael. Australia

  123. Philip Equity have just defrauded my father of his life savings! These individuals are scum. He is 84 years old and words cannot express how we all feel,watch your backs guys.

  124. I’ve just been contacted by phone & fax, by a Mr Michael Woo of Capitol Acquisitions Management Inc saying that they have a client interested in buying my shares in Beijing Development Corp, and offering $27.75/share. This amounts to a tidy few grand, which is interesting of course, but they then ask you proof of your shares with a copy of your certificate, payment of original deal confirmation, agreement between you & the original investment Co. proof of ID and a valid form W-88EN. I told them straight in a reply fax, I was not interested in any deal other than through a 3rd party, but I certainly wouldn’t give them that amount of information since they would obviously be able to negotiate something tricky, stating that they were me

  125. Davis Hunt are registered on a blacklist of coldcallers. They are not lisenced to trade and just interested in a fake “refundable” de-ristriction fee…

  126. has anyone heard of davis hunt? they say they are a transfer agent in singapore they want to but my shares?

    c .elkins

  127. If any scamsters contact you looking to buy your worthless shares for a small fortune just ask them to guarantee there are no further charges to pay.This will scare them as its the basis of the scam and secondly and more importantly never send a dime by wire transfer to anyone you don’t know.Its amazing how anyone can fall victim to this.

  128. dont get sucked in by philip equity management they tried with me bad mistake , i will now post on twitter for everyone to see please talk to me through twitter parrotfish 986

  129. I am shocked at the unbelievable levels of stupidity. The reason criminals keep doing this is because it works. “I invested in a 5 day investment through” How dim can you be? You don’t deserve to get your money back. Eventually people will figure this out, but it will take many years of idiots telling their friends how they got burned before it finally sinks in.

  130. i have also been contacted by Philip Equity management with regards to shares in Laser lock technologies again asking for money to de regulate the shares for a fee of $7500 for shares that are worthless, again he referred me to the International exchange regulatory agency, its a very good scam and the money is tempting but the old adage applies if is sounds to good to be true it is.

  131. We have been contacted several time by Philip Equity Management wishing to buy shares we hold in General Components Inc for a Japanese company. Again we have been asked for money $6500 to clear US government regulations. So far both Donald Elliott and Ross Cattaneo have made contact over the past month. They are now will to offer names of satisfied customers who have already received payment and refund! Has anyone ever received a refund or payment.

  132. Hello, i’ve been contacted by Philip Equity Management as well. Ross Cataneo is his name and he even send me a copy of his passport! He tells he wants to buy shares of Advanced Medical Institute in behalf of a japanese company. He also gave me a number of the International Exchange Regulatory Compny and i’ve spoken there to Marc Foster. They send me a kind of share certificate showing i would have 20.000 shares and i only bought 4.000 some years ago. Shares value is something around nothing and they offer 5,75€. I also have to pay a Equity Transfer Charge (7,200 USD) in order to be able to sell the shares. This all seems very strange. Is there anybody having paid and received the promised money allready?
    Dany Schneider

  133. Thank you guys, don’t touch him with a bargepole. I have spoken to the UK Financial Srevices Authority and I am now convinced that this guy is a financial parasite. I am in the process of filling in a complaint to the FSA and to the City of London fraud squad (Operation Archway). Thank you again for your comfirmation.
    Bob Harris

  134. Yes. A company based in Prague called Philip Equity Management (PEM) is trying to buy my ATI Petroleum shares on behalf of a Japanese company. The name of the man who phoned and emailed me was Donald Elliott. He also claimed my holding was 10 times larger than it actually was. A phone number supposedly belonging to the International Exchange Regulatory Agency, based in Japan “confirmed” this inflated figure. PEM wanted me to pay an “Equity Transfer Charge” of $10,000 which was supposedly going to be refunded at a later date.

  135. i have been also contacted by Oscar Ayers looking to but shares from me in Inegen technologies at 2.50 when they are only worth 5cents. he also asks that I pay an equity transfer charge which would be refunded when the deal is done. this must be a scam but he is very convincing and gives all the guarantees that i asked for

  136. Has anyone knowledge of a Company based in Prague called Philip Equity Management. They are trying to buy AccessPoint shares from me on behalf of a Japanese Company. The guy’s name is Oscar Ayres and he wants up front money for Equity Transfer Charge. He’s given me the name of an International Exchange Regulatory Agency based in Tokyo. I’m extremely suspicious and would like to nail him.

  137. Yes I have had many calls from Anthony Ross and Peter
    Oxley from the so called IRFCI. When they face the music I will be there to tap them on the shoulder and some.

  138. Has anybody heard from an Anthont Ross from IRFCI. He has been in contact with me for over a year and a half but it has just gone quiet regarding beijing development.

  139. I have tried on several occasions to ring securities accreditation bureau but i can never get through. What telephone number have people used?

  140. SAB – Sally like to chat about this and talk to Peter Bennet. Strange he is the first person with positive feed back on SAB! Can we post tele nos or email addresses on this site?

  141. i have a very good securities lawyer friend in the U.S. and he advised me that the FSA and the SEC only oversee brokers and brokerage firms and they do not regulate mergers and acquisitions like the Securities Accreditation Bureau does. he also explained to me that the SEC and the FSA are 2 of the biggest waste of goverment funds that r out there. he says everyone in the brokerage bussiness are fully aware of their incompetence. so believe me i know how u feel . thnk god i had this type of information about the SEC and FSA because someone who knows nothing about shares or the market like myself would thnink that they would know . BUT THEY DONT

  142. i have been involved with the Securities Accreditation Bureau for over a year now and am VERY HAPPY to say that after all of the heartache and nightmare filled nights i followed everything they told me about dealing with and using major american banks that they oversee i have finally received my money and now i am waiting 90 days for my refund.

  143. Graham Re SAB have sent all details to our FSA they told us it is a scam and highly unlikely we get our money back.SAB Mobile Stream etc all un-registered companies (with FSA )They are investigating so will let you know.

  144. SAB – Sally I have sent info on SAB and linked this page to the SEC asking if it is a SCAM. They will know!I hope!

  145. SAB — Sally I am in UK and just had a call from SAB re default notice. Claimed the courts require 12-18 months to refund monies in case of default. I ask for the statute or court ref? They quoted the Patriot Act of 2002! Now researching but anyone know if SAB real? Sally can we ask ISPPP? Do they help?

  146. Mobile Stream .. we were approached by that company too. They were offering shares in Global Resources in return for Mobile Stream shares. I am in UK is anyone else from here affected by all of this?

  147. Has anyone been approached by a company in Arizona to sell shares in Global Resources Corporation (Mobile Stream)?

  148. Securities Accreditation Bureau. Graham….We too have been scammed they are asking for money for warrants in Mobile Stream. Beware Crawford Clarke they had cash up front for exchange then put us in contact with SAB. Same scenario as you no money for warrants… shares have no value and will taken then 12 to 18 months to refund monies already sent

  149. Securities Accreditation Bureau. Sally SAB say they are part of the Home Security Dept but I cannot find them except on the SAB website. They want cash up front to verify my shares before a sale! Then say if I default by not paying the shares will have no value. Beware! I think i have been scammed

  150. I foolisly invested in Accupoll whose shares are now worthless and have been contacted by a woman suposedly from Belgium who can get 75% of my money back if I invest in “Plaxbox Music solutions” has anyone else come accross this?

  151. Securities Accreditation Bureau, Scottsdale, Arizona Have also had contact from them with regard to Mobile Stream Oil Inc and Nanoforce. They want money for warrants etc would love to exchange information

  152. i have invested with a site called from dec and this was a 5 days investment and i have not heard anything from them all now and that was from dec4th they accept payments through which i have also made numerous complaints to informing them that they are doing business with a company that is scammimg people but they still continue

  153. Has any one heard of: Securities Accreditation Bureau, Scottsdale, Arizona. Maybe another “International Shareholders Regulatory Bureau in Houston” scam for share verification for a fee!

  154. Hi Has any one been contacted by a company asking to buy shares for Beijing Development Corporation and telling you that you need to file a B8 ben tax form and its going to cost $4,000 to do this to release your shares

  155. Has any one been contacted by a company from the USA asking to buy shares for Beijing Development Corporation and telling you that you need to file a B8 ben tax form and its going to cost $4,000 to do this to release your shares, and if you pay them they can get it filed quicker?

  156. I have been called today by Tony Francis saying I own shares in Mobil Oil Stream Incorporated, as same spiel as above. I also was approached by a share company by phone a year ago but felt it was all too dodgy. Mr Francis purports to be located in Salt Lake City, but sounds more like a timeshare scam salesman to me, which I why I googled the name of his company and found this site. I will be interested to speak to him when he calls back tomorrow (telephone number came up as international withheld)

  157. I was also contacted by Waldon McLean about a month ago, telling me the same story as the rest. The caller said he was based in Tokyo (British Accent) and even ended up sending me the address of the building he was allegedly working from. I am familiar with Tokyo and easily tried to verify his story. The said building housed the Jamaican Embassy whom I phoned and they informed me that the caller was not based in that building. The next call I got from Waldon McLean, I quized them as to who else was based in the same building. They could not answer correctly so I told him I thought it was a scam and I had no intention ‘doing business’ with them. No contact since. Be very careful especially when someone is asking you for money. I am in Australia and there is no way you have to pay money to verify share ownership here.

  158. I foolishly bought shares in safeguard technologies 4 years ago.I received my certificates,but dont seem to be able to contact the company.Last week I got a phone call from WALDON MCLEAN ASSOCIATES ofering to buy my shares at 5 dollars each.They say they are performing a hostile takeover of the company and gave me a number for the Stock Validation Bureau in the US.I rang them and thay confirmed i have shares in safeguard and the only company contracted to buy these shares is Waldon Mcclean.They also noted that there will be a share verification premium payable of 4000,which must be lodged in a USbank into an escrow account in my name.This is fully refundable.This i am told is law in the US.I would really appreciate any feedback.Thank You

  159. I was contacted by Daniel Merchant from Olsen, then spent half hour on phone with a guy from international shareholder comission…too good to be true

  160. i’ve just received a phone call from a Tony Francis from Olsen Acquisitions telling me that i have 15000 shares in Global Foods Inc…which is absolute nonsens..they want to give me $12 per share etc..the fact that i don’t own these shares doesn’t seem to matter to them (I have BDC & Sino Real Property shares)..they still faxed me the Exhibit A: US Equities Purchase Agreement which states that i need to pay $7500 to get the restrictions lifted, but i was assured i’ll get it refunded when the transaction is done. he also made it clear that their company can’t lift the restrictions but that only an appointed transfer agent can do it..fact is the transfer agents that was used by BDC are on the ‘Cold calling’ list of the International Registry Commission’s website. I wish these scammers get the biggest pain in their backsides that they won’t be able to walk any more…

  161. anyone who owns Beijing development shares been contacted by Olsen Aquisitions offering 12.50 a share – any cooments???????

  162. Has anybody who has Beijing development shares been contacted by Unified clearinghouse services. saying we have 72 hours to get rid of our shares or we loose them as a company is taking control of BDC?

  163. I too was approached by an acquisition company ith regard to shares in Beijing Development Corp.
    same old ploy offer over the top
    then they expect you toput $1. 03 per share to release reg. S 144 they must think all Brits are as thick as they are, I am determined
    to trace them to see whether they can run faster than a bullet!

  164. I’ve been also contacted (03/05/2007)by “Transatlantic Group Mergers and Acquisitionsâ€?, Mr Christopher Haywood, . We ha ve been negotiating for a few days. I was requested to pay USD 5500 to uplift the funds (FRFGOF)that I seems to ow since 4 years ago. They also came with the story of the “International Shareholders Regulatory Board” witch I swallowed and even called to that nummer to check. To make it more real they tell you that you have a security code that you have to use to get any information. It is clear that they identify this way the different victims and when we call they exactly know whom is the “bird”. They tell you that they are a government department. It is done in a very professional manner. congratulations!!! I was prepared to pay USD 2500 to see if it was not a scam. Then, I saw your comments and sent today (03/13/2007) an e-mail back with copy of what is said on the site. Since then they stopped calling me or sending messages. Many thanks for the advise.

  165. The website does exist but hosted by a “cheap” domain name company. It needs removing from the web!

  166. I got a call today (5th March) from A “Roger Moon” who also referred me to this fake “regulatory body” – Obviously not been traced yet?

  167. These share scams are getting even more sophisticated. I was contacted by a group from America wanting to buy some shares that it said I owned. I was offered them in a scam some years back but didn’t fall for it. I said I didn’t own any but they said they had me as a registered shareholder but would check. 24 hours later they phoned back and said I was definitely the registered shareholder of 12,000 shares in a company called Glogal Foods, and they wanted to buy the shares for a client and were offering $7.25 each. They said there had been some “wash trading” in the shares and it looked as though they had created an account for me in order to manipulate the share market. However, the shares were legally mine and they would like to buy them. There was slight problem in that there was a restriction on the shares and they would need to lift the restriction and verify the ownership and there would be a charge of $1.25 per share for doing that, but being a foreign investor it would be refundable (if you believe that you would believe anything!!)
    So they just wanted $15,000 from me to be put into a escrow account for security! They emailed me a stack of documents from their company “Transatlantic Group Mergers and Acquisitions” supposedly in Chicago.
    A quick check revealed the address they were using was the Unilever building in N. Michigan Ave. A check with the US Securities and Exchange Commission showed there was no such company registered in Chicage. The details were passed to the Fraud Investigation Unit but they think the whole operation is computer based from outside the USA. I reported the matter to the UK Police Fraud Investigation Unit and have been stalling the fraudsters for several weeks now to give time for them to be traced.
    The latest thing is that they phoned again and said that I could verify my shareholding and prove everything was above board by contacting the International Shareholders Regulatory Bureau in Houston, Texas and they gave me the number +1 713 589 7265 to call to check.
    A quick check on the ISRB turned up newspaper articles concerning a fraud of shares in the Beijing Development Corporation in which a buyback of $7.25 was offered and could be verified using this bogus bureau. As the telephone calls have no lag on them I believe they originate either from the UK or Europe and not the US as they try to make out. The matter has been reported to the UK Fraud Investigation Unit as well. Let us hope that these crooks are caught as they have taken a lot of money from other people and there is even a rumour that it is going into funding terrorism.

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