New Scam: Mrs. Thorens ( Wants to Give Your Charity $2.5 Million

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A brand new SMS text message scam has hit smartphones. Coming from, it is an image of text, which reads “CONFIDENTIAL Mrs Thorens has assigned a rewarding charity project worth $2.5 Million USD to you. For full details, please contact her only at her private email address below.” The sample that we saw had an email address of, although it’s quite likely that as that email address gets shut down, the scammers will swap in a different email address.

The Scam Text Message from mrs. thorens charity scam



It’s important to note that the real is a legitimate organization, and almost certainly has nothing to do with this scam. They are likely just the unfortunate domain that the scammer decided to use as their ‘from’ address.

In fact, the website has been around for going on 18 years, and is run by the non-profit blood transfusion organization, Blood Systems, which has been around since 1943.

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As Blood Systems explains [Page no longer available – we have linked to the version instead], “Founded in 1943 as the Salt River Valley Blood Bank in Phoenix, Arizona, today Blood Systems is one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit transfusion medicine organizations. The Blood Centers Division, our largest, provides leadership, policy and shared services to its blood centers. It facilitates comprehensive blood service contracting for national and regional healthcare systems. Our blood centers provide blood, blood components and special services to patients in nearly 600 hospitals across the country.”

So what could the scammer behind, and, possibly hope to accomplish with this scam?

Well, we can assume a couple of things:

1. The scammer behind is likely hoping to either a) phish private personal information (PPI) from anyone who responds, including social security number, banking information, etc., or b) get whomever responds to cough up some advance-fee money (advance fee scams are as old as human civilization, and are also known as 419 scams), or c) both.

2. All the scammer needs is for a few people – maybe even only one person – to fall for this, to make it profitable for the scammer.

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Fortunately, you aren’t going to be one of them, right?

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New Scam: Mrs. Thorens ( Wants to Give Your Charity .5 Million" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1" />

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12 Replies to “New Scam: Mrs. Thorens ( Wants to Give Your Charity $2.5 Million”

  1. Be aware I receive a text message from charitable funds 3,198,745.00 USD from Lady June M Hillary Widow of Sir Edmund Hillary

  2. I got one from pcovert at Carmen-Ainsworth today. They said to email, because they have a big project for me. Um, I’m not even 16 yet. Not gonna happen.

  3. I just got the text message as well. This is definitely a scam.

    It just so happens that I used to be an employee at Blood Systems so I will contact them to let them know about kross’s email having been hacked si they can shut it down in the company server.

    I wish there were something that could be done to stop the people doing these scams. I het a lot if those as well as scam calls to lower my credit card debt, receive free grants from the government, etc even though I have both phones on the do not call list.

    I certainly am fed up of these polluting calls on my phone. If any lawyer picks these up as a class action lawsuit, please include me. I certainly want my peace back.

  4. They sent me a text message on cell phone say private Email please contact immediately contact on private Email

  5. Received text message as part of this scam, I usually do not get spam text messages. I am on the Do Not Call List.

    Content of text message:
    A Charity Project valued at $3M USD has been proposed by my employer and assigned to you. Please contact her immediately for details at her private email address below:

  6. I just got the same email from as in the article. I don’t know how they even got my number, especially since I’ve never been targeted before, not even by telemarketers, on this number.

  7. I just received the same text but from stating i need to contact for a $3M charity that was assigned to me. Not one text message but two. The first received around 7:20 and the second around 9:30 this morning.

  8. Just received this from

    Same picture and all. This is happening.

  9. I was sent this exact message today via text. Please also note that approximately 5 minutes before getting this unwanted text, I received a call (number that I did not recognize and no message, just hang up) from 213-358-7938 Maybe they are connected. So sick of all of these calls on my cell phone. I have been using TrapCall with some success

  10. Received same from
    Looks like they are scamming using a Texas school district’s domain also.

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