Studies Find Internet Web Use Makes People Rude

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Are you rude? Are you more rude online than you are in person?

According to analysis of studies conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, and, separately, the Synovate market research group, people are ruder online than off, and, generally speaking, technology seems to be a license to behave more poorly (witness those who conduct conversations, loudly, on their cell phones in public places).

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Studies Find Internet Web Use Makes People Rude

While this probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who spends any amount of time online (either as the giver or receiver of rudeness) it is a bit surprising to learn that people actually realize the levels of rudeness to which they have sunk (risen?)
Explains Steve Levine, Vice President of Synovate, “Poor tech etiquette is something most of us don’t really think about as we pick up our cellphones or send an email.”


In fact, the studies found that more than a third of all Internet users polled admitted that they used language or words online which they wouldn’t use in person.

Well fnck that.

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Studies Find Internet Web Use Makes People Rude

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3 Replies to “Studies Find Internet Web Use Makes People Rude”

  1. Here’s the thing; humans are basically rude and selfish by their very nature. In person, we have to worry about not only our reputation, but getting our teeth knocked out, which are both powerful incentives to be polite. On the internet, there are no such concerns, so many, many people (perhaps most people) behave much more rudely on the internet. I think it takes a lot of self control to be polite on the internet.

  2. Well they know that in real life that they will get there ass kicked for taking ****, so they do it online since they are protected behind there LCD/CRT monitors. Look at online gamming on Xbox live. Its like 50% of the people on there are rude in some way. There are many racist comments that fly around as well.

  3. Very true. I think many people use the Internet’s anonymity to behave badly in ways that few would dare do in person. It’s sad that this medium encourages that level of gutlessness.

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