Major Piracy, Phishing Arrests Around the World

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Argentine authorites have arrested fifteen people in a multinational phishing scam, and, separately, the U.S. FBI has arrested 8 people in a global online piracy investigation, spokespersons for the agencies have said.

In the phishing scam, which was truly international, police arrested suspects from Argentina, Spain, Italy and Romania who had scammed millions of dollars from as many as 150< --!more--> bank accounts, using computer servers in Argentina, Russia, Canada, and Thailand.

In the piracy case, the FBI arrested and charged eight people with pirating software, games, music, and movies, in a piracy ring spanning Denmark, France, Portugal, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Belgium, Hungary, Israel, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, the UK and the US

Said the ironically named Acting Assistant Attorney General John C. Richter “[The] charges strike at the top of the copyright piracy supply chain. Cases like these are part of the Justice Department’s coordinated strategy to protect copyright owners from the online thieves who steal and then sell the products they work so hard to produce.”

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One thought on “Major Piracy, Phishing Arrests Around the World

  1. I find an even dozen phishing and scam e-mails this morning. There is still a long way to go to clean this up.

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