How to Get Rid of Internet Cookies

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  • How to Get Rid of Internet Cookies

For some reason we have had a lot of searches this week asking how to get rid of Internet cookies. It’s really quite easy, but to make it even easier, we are going to cover it for you here.

The vast majority of web browsers allow you to a) delete any cookies which are already being stored by your browser, and b) either reject all future cookies, or reject cookies except for certain types of sites (such as those which you intentionally visit).

By way of example, to remove Internet cookies from Internet Explorer (IE):

a) Select “Tools”
b) Click on Internet Options
c) Select “Delete Files” from the “General” tab. It will delete any temporary Internet files. When it’s done doing that
d) Select “Delete Cookies”, and click on “OK” to delete all cookies which may be stored on your hard drive.

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How to Get Rid of Internet Cookies

To reject all cookies in Internet Explorer:


a) Select “Tools”
b) Select either “Privacy” or “Security” (depending on your version of IE)
c) Disable cookies.

Note that many website will not work correctly for you if you do not have cookies enabled. Some browsers offer a setting which allows you to accept cookies only from sites to which you navigate, but not from their advertisers or third parties.

For a more comprehensive list, see this post from our wayback machine entitled “Removing Cookies from Your System for All Browser Types.

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How to Get Rid of Internet Cookies

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  • How to Get Rid of Internet Cookies

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  1. A good program to run to keep your cookies (amongst other things)under control is Winpatrol. A wondrous piece of free kit, if ever there was. See

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