How to Connect Your Computer to the Internet Using Your Cell Phone as a Wireless Internet Connection or Tethered Modem

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Using your cell phone as a modem is perhaps the most overlooked of all Internet connection options. But a mobile phone Internet connection, whether as a tethered modem or, using bluetooth, a wireless cell phone Internet connection, is easy to set up, and with a laptop and cellphone you can check email and surf the web from anywhere, any time, with the Internet in your pocket!

Here are the basic instructions for creating a mobile phone Internet connection. The instructions are for a cell phone with bluetooth (which most cell phones these days have), but if your cell phone doesn’t have bluetooth you can buy a cable to connect your laptop to your phone from any cell phone accessory provider. Conversely, if your cell phone has bluetooth but your laptop does not, you can buy a small USB device which will enable bluetooth on your computer.

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Ok, ready?

The first thing you need to do is to go to Ross Barkman’s excellent GPRS Info Page and make a note of the “username” and “password” for your cell provider and service. Even though they are called “usernames” and “passwords”, you aren’t getting information from someone else’s account – this is the information which your cell phone provider uses to make a connection between your cell phone and their data network.

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After making sure that your computer is all set, you should check and see whether your cell phone service provider offers a high speed wireless (GPRS) access option – if so you will want to sign up for it, and be sure to sign up for the “unlimited” option. My carrier, for example, is Cingular, and they offer their high speed “MediaNet” access in an unlimited package for $24.95 per month. The Verizon cell phone Internet connection runs on their 10x network, which I’m told is blazing fast. Alternatively, if your carrier doesn’t offer a GPRS high speed Internet access package, or if you just don’t want to take advantage of it, then sign up for whatever data transfer plan your carrier offers. Just be sure to sign up for the unlimited option, or you will have to monitor the time you are uploading and downloading email and otherwise connected to the Internet very closely.

Ok, now that you are all ready and capable, here’s how to connect your laptop to the Internet any time, any where, using your cell phone. These directions are based on the settings for a Mac laptop, but Windows laptops will have similar settings.

If you haven’t yet paired your bluetooth cell phone with your computer, now is the time to do so. First, make sure to set your phone to “discoverable”. Then, go into system preferences, and to the bluetooth section. Check “support non-conforming phones”, and turn bluetooth on for your computer if it isn’t already turned on.

Next run your bluetooth device set-up (on the Mac it’s called “Bluetooth Setup Assistant”), and follow it through to the end, adding your cell phone as a paired device. If your cell phone is already paired, and after you go through the set-up steps you can’t connect your computer to the Internet with your phone, try unpairing and re-pairing your phone using these directions.

Next, go back to your computer’s system set-up (on the Mac it is “System Preferences”), and go to the Network panel. Select “Bluetooth” from the “Show” drop-down menu.

Click on “TCP/IP” and make sure that the “Configure IPv4” drop-down is set to “Using PPP”.

Now click over to the “PPP” tab, and fill in the “Service Provider” blank with the name of your service provider. Some of this information may already be filled in for you from when you did the Bluetooth Setup Assistant.

Then add in the account name, password, and telephone number required by your provider. The “username” which you got from Ross’ site goes in the “Account Name” field, and the “password” goes in the “Password” field.

For telephone numbers try the following:

For Cingular/AT&T it will usually be either *99***2# or *99# (try both).
For Verizon, try #777
Sprint is also #777
For T-Mobile, I’m told that the same settings at for Cingular will work.

If these phone numbers don’t work, try doing a Google search for “(name/model of your cellphone) bluetooth modem settings” and you should turn up plenty of leads.

In my case, with my provider being Cingular, and my Sony Walkman phone, my settings look like this:

Service Provider: Cingular Wireless
Password: CINGULAR1
Telephone Number: *99#

(When I used my old Sony t616, the telephone number *99***2# worked.)

Now, while you are there, take a look at the options under “PPP Options”. You will probably want to leave the advanced options alone, although some recommend unchecking “Send PPP echo packets” and “Use TCP header compression”. Play with it if you like.

But under Session Options, which is the top half of that window, I like to check “Connect automatically when needed”. What this does is it causes your computer to automatically reconnect if you lose the signal while connected through your cellphone.

However, what it also does is it tries to connect you through your phone automatically whenever you open your laptop. I personally find this less of a hassle and worth not having to manually reconnect if my connection gets dropped during a session.

Finally, go to the “Bluetooth Modem” section, and select whichever modem seems closest to your phone. When I was using my Sony Ericsson t616, it was the Ericsson Infrared modem script, despite the fact that I was actually using bluetooth. And in fact for my new Nokia 6620, I use the Nokia Infrared script. If you get no results from any of them, check out Ross Barkman’s Modem Scripts and see what he has for you. I’ve never had a problem with the phones I’ve tried and the modem scripts provided by Apple.

Also uncheck “Enable error correction and compression in modem”, and “Wait for dial tone before dialing”.

One last thing which you may want to do is to go to the “Show” drop-down, and select “Network Port Configurations”. This is where you tell your computer which Internet access method to try first, second, and third, and so on. I have mine set to try my built-in wifi first, then my bluetooth connection.

That’s it! You’re all done with the set up – be sure to check “Apply now” or “Save” before closing system preferences!

Now, it could well be that at this point your set-up will just work), so go ahead and try it. It could also be that you will need to add a few settings on your phone. In the case of my t616, I had to add the same settings from the PPP preferences pane (username, password, etc.) into the data connection information on my phone. With my Nokia, it just worked without my putting anything in the phone.

Once you have this up and working, just carry your laptop with you (you do that already, don’t you?) and enjoy accessing the Internet from anywhere, with the Internet in your pocket.

(And don’t forget that if you are looking for a great phone for this, Amazon has that incredible sale on the very phone we use.)

So, where is the most interesting place you’ve been while being connected and using the Internet?

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155 thoughts on “How to Connect Your Computer to the Internet Using Your Cell Phone as a Wireless Internet Connection or Tethered Modem

  1. Plis help me get connected to internet using my huawei phoneCE01680 through my laptop.

  2. im wondering if i use my cell phone an iphone 5 to hook up to dial up internet will my phone carrier want to charge me a additional fee for doing so or since i have unlimited phone use will it be included in that

  3. I have a windows 7 computer and verizon 3g commando phone with data cable.
    Where and what software do I need to use my cell phone as a phone line for my dial up connection instead of a landline?

  4. I have VZaccess from Verizon. It is a USB plug in. Works in my lap top or desk top.
    I have unlimited access to the internet, very fast, but very pricey.$60 per month.
    If you’re in the “Boonies” like me it is the only way to go.

  5. If I purchase the Samsung S4 will I be able to use it as the modem for my old (2008) Gateway laptop with Vista?

  6. i want to know that how to connect internet through pc to android phones ……..????????????//

  7. I’m getting ready to be a over the road driver ,called T-Mobil about hot spot – Reason ? taking online course. 1 yr , tech said 2 1/2 class will drag there 4g to 2g and will lose site , would this happen hooking phone to pc ? .. Thank U …

  8. Sir,
    I have a WiFi modem attached with my PC for broadband net connection. I want to access such internet on my spice mobile (M-5262) also . Pls guide me with full procedure. Thanks

  9. i use karbonn k1818 cell phone i have got internet connection inthe cell i would like to connect it with my pc which is not connected with internet can you tell me the way to connect it

  10. baranidharan:-

    You need cable or bluetooth connection with your mobile phone, which can be connected to the PC using a synchronising software which is termed as PC suite mostly.. Its a software which contains the nec. drivers and other goodies. when you are connected by the cable , pc suite helps you connect your phone to the pc and the connection is created..
    Now go to the pc suite.. acknowledge the correct device (mobile) from the list (Samsung galaxy) and go to connect to internet icon(its a globe like icon)..
    now enter the settings manually of your network, or you can choose from the list provided as defaults..

    New Delhi

  11. hii
    i have samsung mobile with model no GT-S5380K(wave y) and PC with Windows XP.Please tell me what are the various options to connect to the internet from mobile to PC. and please send the details each and every step. what are required items.

  12. hii
    i have samsung mobile with model no GT-S5830(Galaxy Ace) and PC with Windows XP.Please tell me what are the various options to connect to the internet from mobile to PC.

  13. I have Sony ericsson mobile model W-395 with airtel prepaid internet and PC with windows xp. Please help me how to connect internet mobile to PC.

  14. yes Nivedita its possible to do that…

    but your phone must be advanced s60 mobile or more advanced than s60 for that.. or should have wifi access..

    its not possible to do this with mobiles like Nokia 3110c or Nokia supernova 7210..

    all you need is to have a phone with wifi.. theres a soft on google you can search about it or ask me (ma+il2sc(@) ) for this..

  15. you are running on a 2g network. Thers nothing you can do. Wait for 3g services to be launched in the area or switch isp. Your phone isp has limitations. Older models of isp might have better speeds.

    Correct me if im wrong ppl


  16. pls help me guys i have connect to internet through phone modem but it is very slow if u know any tricks pls pls help me

  17. got that. i think i can do this. not sure if it will work but will give it a shot & update thanks a great deal buddy

  18. i guess you should copy the .jad file and paste it on your computer..

    than transfer on your phone as an app(if xperia supports j2me)…

    otherwise, you can use wifi but before using it please be sure that you have your wifi enough secure or someone else will take advantage of it.. security is a major concernt with that..

  19. thanks for the info. but i cudnt install the jad file on my phone. i got an xperia arc & when i try to open the file it does not install but asks to “open as”

  20. Can we do it the other way around? I mean my phone would have to use the internet connection on my pc to update itself & download stuff. I dont mind connecting the phone to my laptop via usb

  21. I have read all the reading on here and still cannot get to first base with all this.Still trying to connect my ACER laptop to my cell phone , unlimited tracfone, Samsung Straigh Talk which has unlimited internet on it.

  22. i have xperia 8 and i have an internet access in my x8 already but i want my lap top D610 can access internet also from x8 by not using USB cable connection. how can i do? if you have any suggestion please help me by sending to my email address

  23. sir can u plz tell me the procedure how can i connect my mobile (iball gracia) internet from my laptop ….

  24. Hey guyzzz help me… I want to connect to internet using wifi of my mobile (Nokia 5800 XPressmusic) to my computer…. As my computer doesnt has wifi in it…..

    How to do that pls email me

  25. pls i hav nokia 5800 that i use to browse and i also hav a laptop both of which have the wi-fi enabled.whenever i put on d laptop,d two used to detect WLAN nd it’ll read connected from both the phone and d laptop.pls hw can i access internet thru d laptop when connected 2 my phone?

  26. trying to connect my walmart straighttalk as a modem my phone is a nokia e5-00. HELP HELP

  27. my problem is that -how can i connect my pc to internet by using mobile.
    1.By Bluetooth data cable
    by both method we can connect to internet .
    for bluetooth a new OS install on pc then connect your bluetooth doungle on pc then it will be install hardware on pc and create a dial up conection.then net is connect to internet and use your net.
    my problem is that
    after it delete your dial up connection and crate your new connection then a problem create PPP. solve it and please give me answer in detail and step by step- please.

  28. @chandramahesh

    yes with micromax q 5 possible..

    download drivers on computer.. dial up in networking and you are done..

  29. I’m trying to connect my desk top to the internet using my mytouch 4g. Is this even possible?

  30. i have computer and mobile also i want to connect mobile internet to computer how
    my mobile model micromax q5 fb

  31. @Tariq

    hard to understand your question but i think you are trying to do gsm data….

    i think its oldest method called CSD.. bsnl and all network providers dont support them now, or you need to ask bsnl for the settings…

    2. try using edge in place of dial up data…

  32. I an using my nokia 5130 xm phone to connect to internet on laptop but as soon as i try to access internet through pc suite it shows dail up connection (*99#) but when i dail that on my mobile it shows unknown application i use B S N L network card in my mob. Plz help.

  33. gfive mobile coudnt be used as a modem.. its a chinese mobile handset..

    try with a s40 nokia or above…

  34. sir i am using gfivemobile model is w520 by connecting bluetooth process it is connected how to connect the bluetooth please give me your valuable suggestions

  35. I wanna download a pc suite for my redd mobile. plz help me (by giving the link to download it)

  36. Please excuse me but i am using a motorola L6 device.I need brief describtions on how to set my pc desktop for free interne;our proxy is 196.
    202.236.195 ;application is mtnwap;passwor is mtnuser and we use a GPRS system…..thanks;my email is

  37. I m using the redd r5233 and wanna connect to internet using my cell phone (BSNL).Can you help me?

  38. I am succesfully using nktel a200 china mobile’s internet on my pc . using tata docomo sim

  39. recently i take cell c connection, I don’t know how to connect internet cell c mobile to laptop

  40. how can i connect internet by my samsung E2152i? its support latest kies but there are no any internet conection option,ist very strange..any one help me how can i conect via direct from modem, m using bsnl network..

  41. yes obvi suite will work as your old pc suite…. actually its not very different just some additional stuffs..

  42. Please can nokia OVI SUIT stand as a PC SUIT to connect my X2 phone with laptop for browsing using cable

  43. the best way to connect to internet by mobile is as follows:
    1. connect your mobile to pc9using cable provided)
    2. let the computer install the drivers of the mobile on the pc(t o recognise your mobile’s inbuilt modem- you may also try loading the pc suite which has the necessary drivers)
    3. go to the modem(inside device manager>>hardwares)
    4. put this code +CGDCONT=,,”your_access_point” in advanced>>extra initialization command (accesspoint could be internet but you must check google for the accesspint with your network provider)
    5. now from network centre .. setup a new modem dial up.. when you get the list of modems, check which is your mobile’s and you click connect..

    7. fastest way is to connect using pc suite..

  44. Hi There
    How can I connect to the internet on my PC via my nokia 5230 cell phon, using a usb cable.

  45. i have micromax q5 how can i connect internet with my laptop i have internat with bsnl sim card i want connect laptop by bluetooth with bsnl sim card

  46. What u have described is very thorough but i require just the opposite. I have a high speed broadband in my pc & i want to use it on my mobile. Please help me out.

  47. @ Vijay Rao comment: “I have Nokia 3110c. I access Internet through it…. “. You will need a software that connects mobile to PC. Procedures here:

  48. Looking at most of the comments here, i Guess this form of accessing internet is very popular in India (more than any other country).. bad or good, but i also find it very inexpensive and best to connect and to be online when you are in tough conditions..

    people can use their cable, or unlocked usb data cards which now support 3G networks and you are done.. just little more than 200 bucks and you are having 5-10 gb of data depending upon your personal needs. bsnl India gave unlimited data for just Rs. 274/- per month which stands around 5 $ for 2mbps connection.. but they have withdrawn it with 200-512kbps speed and limited data capacity.. but still its best for breakless browsing..

    even on 2G networks the speed has improved as because more and more people have changed from 2G to 3G, and the speeds are most of the times average if not good.. just like a good copper line would be.. but what else do you need to chat with your friends, emaling and little downloads + youtube videos(with buffers)… a common student like me will definitely choose the best for his pocket and not go into the speedy net.

    because at last what really important is your being online, than unnecessary downloads..

  49. how can i connect samsung gt-e 2120 having internet to my computer so i can operate computer through internet.

  50. how can i connect my nokia 5230 internet connection to my pc where it has no bluetooth , infrared ,

  51. i am using samsung mobile GT-B7722.. for the same how can i start internet on my pc by using mobile as modem. how can i recognise the mobile as modem.

  52. i have free internet wifi acsess to internet but do not have laptop or wifi device to connect to desktop computer. i have wifi facility on my nokia n86 mobile. So therefore i want to know how to connect to internet from my mobile.

  53. i have the latest samsung t mobile phone,i need the code to configure and get internet to chat

  54. i have the latest samsung t mobile phone,so i need the code to configure and get internet.i have gone to M T N,but it says only t mobile can configure the phone

  55. hi,i have sonyericsson S302 and I did evry thing you said bout it wasn’t worked with my phone please help me.

  56. Ihave sony ericsson phone model c510 and vodaphone net connection I want use on computer please help

  57. I have Nokia 3110c. I access Internet through it. How can I connect It to acer(TravelMate 2312NLCi-L) notebook to access Internet?

  58. i have t mobile g1 his system hase been restored plz send me communicating with the google servers & open my mobail i am wating for you,,,,,,,,imran

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  60. I have Nokia 7210 with BSNL connection.
    how can I connect internet with bluetooth connection.

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  62. thanks 4 da information Am using nokia6303 classic mobile can u plz tell me how can I activate it

  63. Thank you so much for your up date to us and am very greatful to this, and also having nokia 7230 how can i activate this?

  64. hi..i have Nokia 7230 and i want to cannet internet from mobile to Desktop PC…plase help me how to do ds…

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  66. i used micromax g4. how i connect mobile to pc with datacable. i used sim airtel

  67. i do hv laptop nd i wanna use my phone as a modem , what procedure i should follow in order to use my phone as a modem , and im using vodacom and my mobile phone is samsung corby

  68. how can i connect my mobile phone with my computer to the internet? pls i need all the necessary step in the connection

  69. Thank you, very much for this great info! You did a pretty good job by providing that long list of GPRS networks and excellent examples, since is hadr for some to understand!

  70. i hve sony ericsson w830i mobile, and i have connect my mobile to pc, i have use internet in my mobile , but i wanna connect my internet to my pc, plz help me, how to connect mobile to pc, to use internet in pc

  71. how can i connect my mobile phone with my computer to the internet? pls i need all the necessary step in the connection.

  72. at first i was using operamini to browse for free using mtn service but now i can’t except i rechang my sim card.hermano from cameroon

  73. Will this work with the cheapest phone with Metro PCS?
    Waint for the answer, thx very much!!!

  74. 54.How to get interntet from sony ericsson T715 mobile to PC through blue tooth (Steps)

  75. Can I do this with a TracPhone (Straight Talk). They now have a unlimited plan for 45/month. Also, I want to connect my phone to my Kyocera portable router (KR-2db). So I can use multiple computers on the network.

  76. A buddy has this for use with his cell it uses minutes and must have data package not internet pack like text and pic pack. Uses cell as modem so not fast but works so depending on phone will be speed. Datapilot is the product.

  77. I have US Cellular as a provider, Samsung U340 tri mode cell phone, No info on ross Barkman site. any help?

  78. Please! Please!! Please!!!
    Th steps on how to connet internet on the computer to use the computer’s internet access, so you don’t have to pay for cingular’s web service

  79. i live in topock,az. 86436 hepl? getting internet here I-40 at colorado river, AZ.Calif. hepl!!!

  80. i use my mobile for mobile responsible for internet speed in pc.i hav nokia 7210.can i increase my internet speed by using other phone.plz mail me at

  81. I’m really confused. I have unlimited AT&T data. I connected to internet using bluetooth. Would that cost extra?

  82. have htc g1 need to run internet on toshage device can toshiba laptop phone keeps teeling me to turn off storage device but it wont configue help

  83. i have a phone modem internet but its not free so can you help me to get free internet by the way i’m using nokia e66 and my server is UAE DU isp

  84. I want to use my rumor 2 to conect my pc to the internet. i purchased the usb cable and am awre of setting the phone to use as modem, the phone then promts me to make a dialup connection on the pc. i dont know how to do this. can you please help?

  85. Can somebody help me out in internet connection i want to connect my spice s-940 which is connect with internet to enable me have access with inetrnet through my spice s-940 phone to my desktop computer at home. will that be possible? If it is how will i do it.pls send me a massege on my mail.

  86. can some body help me out in internet connection i want to connect my spice s-940 which is connect with iwant to browse with my pc.if anybody have some solution pls send at my email id.if it is how ido it.thanks

  87. I’m using pdanet and have a Mac.

    Getting the computer to get internet is straight forward using pdanet but sharing the connection with my router was an issue.

    I followed these setups for the Mac to share the connection:

    I’m sharing the internet connection using my ethernet port to my router’s WAN port.

    In the router I picked “automatic configuration DHCP” for the WAN. Router IP I used

    So now all my devices (ps3, bluray player, and etc) connect to the router via wireless (you could also use the LAN except for the mac sharing the ethernet port).

    The mac that is sharing the internet connection is connected to the router using the wireless to connect to the internet so the router is an extra security barrier ;)

  88. Can somebody help me out in internet connection with my pc, i want to connect my nokia E71 which is connect with internet.

  89. how am i supposed to get connected to the internet using my n96 mobile and i-phone?is there any system i have to install for me to get connected?i ask for configuration setting and gprs setting to the operator but still connection failed and some system is unsupported..please help me…make a responce in my email address..thank u and more power…u have a very wonderful column…

    sincerely yours,
    Leima of kuwait

  90. i want to add to the info…
    nowadays inbuilt modem is very cheaper.. for ex. nokia 1680 which can connect to laptop net via bluetooth costs around INR 2400 as per 12.2009…

    costs may vary from place to place…

    42INR =1 $ (2009.12)

  91. bravo men it works but the speed is too slow.why isn’t any way to slove the speed plz?
    tnx lol

  92. i don’t know how this can be done but can help me how i can connect my pc with my cell phone and use free internect(dial up)?

  93. can you connect your bpl sim mobile phone to pc for the internet.
    i connect but page not open.
    plzgive me saggestion

  94. I want to know if i am going to pay using internet via my cell phone and having an account on google?

  95. i just want you to help me with how to connect my mobile web to my desktop computer

  96. Can somebody help me out in internet connection i want to connect my nokia 3110c which is connect with internet to enable me have access with inetrnet through my nokia 3110c phone to my desktop computer at home. will that be possible? If it is how will i do it.

  97. Will any model cell phone that can access the internet work, I heard only certain phones work.

  98. Thanks! I knew there was a way to get Internet access from my phone, but I wasn’t privy to the details. I live in LA and have Time-Warner, so this is a life-saver! My Internet has been out for three whole days! Gonna try it out tomorrow.

  99. i have N100 PDA China phone..and i want to use it as a modem in my computer..can u help me with this?..tnx…

  100. can you connect more than one laptop at a time, like myself and a roommate, using the cellphone as the modem?

  101. Does anyone know some ONE in Thailand that could help me??

    We have great Cell connection but the Internet is bad.

    Thanks. ;-)

  102. Any suggestions on where to find the “telephone numbers” for my T-Mobile BlackBerry modem to dial when I’m overseas? Looking for France right now, but other countries as well.

  103. — —

    You can try “gnubox”. Not sure if your model supports that. Try this URL –
    If not working, try google’s cache of the same.

  104. It’s worth understanding that the 2 in “*99***2#” is selecting the 2nd data account in the phone. I have a Sony Ericsson with up to 9 data accounts, and it’s essential to select an Internet account rather than a WAP account, or you cannot do anything after connection other than DNS calls. As the Internet data account in my case had an external id of 3, I had o use *99***3#

  105. I cannot find any info on connecting to the internet using a Palm Centro and Sprint. I tried downloading the software from Sprint but it will not connect. Can anyone help me out? Thank you.

  106. Internet Data Connect – use your cell phone as a wireless modem for internet connection s70 maximus phone

  107. What speed will the connection be like? Could I play any games that require high speed internet?

  108. Is it possible to do the reverse? Connecting your cell phone to the computer to use the computer’s internet access, so you don’t have to pay for cingular’s web service?

  109. I live off grid. Thus my PC has never been connected to the net. I bought a Blackjack from Cingular & got the “unlimited PDA Connect plan – $29.99 per month.
    I found the necessary info to use my cell phone as a modem on Cingular User Forums, & got my desktop PC online on the 1st try!
    Upon careful review of the TOS I found that “unlimited” does not really mean UNLIMITED!
    Soo… Being a law abiding citizen, I upgraded my data plan to “unlimited tethering” – $69. a month.
    The connection speed is 230kbps in my area (EDGE network)

  110. When using this method, will the internet charges be allocated in the phone bill, and if so, how much does this method cost? – Is it expensive compared to other internet-connection options?

  111. When using this method, will the internet charges be allocated in the phone bill, and if so, how much does this method cost? – Is it expensive compare to other internet-connection options?

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