How to Cancel a Recurring Amazon Order

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Those Amazon Subscribe and Save options can be so useful! You order the item and set the recurring order once, and then the item arrives every so often without your having to do anything. But what if you want to cancel a recurring Amazon order? How do you do that?

There may be any number of reasons that you may want to cancel such an order, including that you no longer have a use for the item, or you have started using something else instead, or that you have run up against the Amazon purchase limit policy.

Before going into how to cancel the recurring order, it’s important to note that this is not how you cancel the recurring payment for premium Amazon Prime streaming channels that you may be paying for. To do that, see our tutorial How to Cancel CBS All Access and Other Amazon Streaming Prime Channels.

Still with us here? Ok, here’s how to cancel recurring Amazon orders for just one time (skipping the next scheduled delivery) or to cancel the recurring order completely.

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How to Cancel a Recurring Amazon Order (Subscribe and Save Order)

First, of course, log into your Amazon account.

Then, from the menu bar which is on every page of Amazon, click on ‘Account & Lists’.

This will open up a drop-down menu. Click on ‘Your Subscribe & Save Items’.

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Alternatively, if you are on your actual account page, you can scroll down the page with all of your account options, to the bottom of the page, and under ‘Memberships and subscriptions’ click on ‘Subscribe & Save’.

How to Cancel a Recurring Amazon Order from account

Whichever way you get there, you will end up at an Amazon account page that looks something like this:

how to cancel amazon subscribe and save

Hover over the item that you want to cancel to reveal the ‘Edit’ and ‘Skip’ buttons.

How to Cancel a Recurring Amazon Order edit item

If you only want to cancel it once (rather than completely cancelling it) click on ‘Skip’.

How to Cancel a Recurring Amazon Order skip-1

If you want to completely cancel the recurring Subscribe and Save order, click on ‘Edit’ to continue the process.

How to Cancel a Recurring Amazon Order ediit

Clicking on ‘Edit’ on a recurring shipment will open up the editing screen for that product, where you can, among other things, skip the next delivery, change the schedule on which it is shipped, change the quantity of the item that is shipped with each delivery, order a stat order, and even keep the schedule and amount, but switch to a different product altogether.

Oh yeah, and you can also cancel that recurring subscription shipment.

cancel amazon subscribe save recurring subscription order

Click on ‘Cancel subscription’, confirm it, and you’re done!

If you have a lot of Amazon Subscribe & Save subscriptions, you may want to bookmark this link which will take you to your Subscribe & Save items, assuming that you are already logged in to Amazon:

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How to Cancel a Recurring Amazon Order

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